The Ugliest Women In The Country live...

The Ugliest Women In The Country live In Minnesota

There are 52 comments on the story from Jun 11, 2009, titled The Ugliest Women In The Country live In Minnesota. In it, reports that:

Anyone noticed? Minnesota is home to the ugliest, fattest, homliest, smart-mouthed, leather-faced women that have ever walked the face of this nation. Why is that? Inbreeding? Genetics? I mean, seriously folks, what the hell is going on here? Even the in-bred Mormon women in Utah have some features that are easy to look at. Please, you Medusa women out there...stay home. Don't go to public places and for God's sake..wear clothes that cover you up. Ever heard of Gastric Bypass? Make-up? Facial reconstruction? Holy cows....

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Willmar, MN

#1 Jun 15, 2009
Boy, is that the truth. Must be in-breeding. But I also actually think they enjoy being fat in this state.

United States

#2 Jun 21, 2009
Hello, John. I may need to pay you a visit. I'd like to meet whoever the forknuts made this stupid site up. What the hell!? What were you thinking? We are gorgeous. Everyone knows this. You're all just jealous. And, uh, Mr. Underground Eagle, you're a dumbass. Seriously. This makes me laugh how you've also based a stereotype upon Minnesota women being ugly. Wait, let me re-do that. I need to fully pronounce it, use the tongue. UGLY. See? Just doesn't sound right. Anyone who agrees with this needs to pay me a visit. Morons. Not only is this completely absurd, but it makes no sense. So, uh scuhrew. Uh yew. <33

Saint Cloud, MN

#3 Jun 21, 2009
Sorry Emily, John's right. I've traveled all around this country and yes, women from Minnesota are the ugliest I have ever seen. These leather-faced tubbys bring shame to womenhood. What I want to know is, what kind of man hooks up with these tubs of two-legged fat and a face that looks like a pig? What does that say about the men from this state anyway. No wonder all the good ones are leaving. Are you fat and ugly Emily? You must be one of those fat and ugly women who are just stupid enough to think men see "beyond" that. Better wake up girl.

United States

#4 Jun 24, 2009
I would have to ask where you have been. Minnesota women are just as beautiful and in shape as anywhere else in the country. For the men on this post I would like to see you. It is you that are ugly and out of shape. I work out and weigh 115 lbs. Most of the men here are pot bellied and with no muscle tone what so ever. So maybe take a look at yourself. Ugly attracts ugly.

Morris, MN

#5 Jun 25, 2009
Sorry ladies, they're right. As an RN I know for a fact there's seriously something wrong with the female gene pool here. Most of the women look like pigs and act cocky like they are beautiful, like ugly people do in order to cover up their looks. Not sure why, but it is very obvious. That's why none of the handsome guys stay. Why should they? I mean, look at all the down syndrome kids we have here. Certainly, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. What, you think its that way all over? nope. I love when I see a venue like this thats honest and open. Freedom of speech is a good thing. Thank you Mr. Eagle.

Morris, MN

#6 Jun 29, 2009
Yes. It's sad, but true. Most men won't say it but they all know it. What happened to our state anyway, huh? The last 6 or 7 generations of women all looked "okay" until they reached their twenties or so, then just went to hell, like aliens or something. Homely pigs..the lot. Too bad.
Cold Spring Fan---Not

Memphis, TN

#7 Sep 29, 2009
I understand freedom of speech, but really? Only Cold Spring has this kind of column. Your complaints, especially with vulgar languages should go on craigslist. Police officers are not the problem, society having people like you speak their minds without thinking resulting in a town like Cold Spring. Good job guys.

Since: Oct 09

Wyoming, MN

#8 Oct 10, 2009
if u want to get technical minnesota isn't even on the top ten list of the most obese/fat states...we would have to go to the top 30 ten list before where even on it...and even then where #30...and out 0f 50 states thats not that bad.

Since: Oct 09

Wyoming, MN

#9 Oct 10, 2009
and im from cold spring

Since: Oct 09

Wyoming, MN

#10 Oct 10, 2009
and isnt cold spring...were just close

Las Vegas, NV

#11 Oct 10, 2009
i have met very pretty blond women w/ blue eyes from minnesota. they have swedish decent. i thought the women in seattle were unattractive.

United States

#12 Oct 23, 2009
I would have to partially concur with the guys. I have traveled the world in the service and seen many body types related to traditional foods and genetics. I would have to say that MN are very narrow minded with regards to who they breed with. They take pride in their heritage and if they had their way they would kick all the non-scanies out and inbreed like the Amish.

However, they make very cute kids and very ugly adults. The women can't deny this because they need simply to look at the over 18 crowd to see the XL women in their size M clothing and the cropped hair and librarian look of their peers.

Guys here obsess over the booby bars and Maxim magazine for a reason. Oh and the guys are sloppy also. They drink too much beer and hate Vegetables and exercise is taboo.

No I didn't spell check :P

Burnsville, MN

#13 Nov 5, 2009
I actually Googled the topic "Minnesota Women Are Ugly" and am glad to find that this issue is being brought to light. I thought I was alone in recognizing this. I'm a nuclear physicist, a geneticist, a multi-millionaire and someone with multiple business jets, including a new G650 on order. I have traveled the world and am heading to New Zealand for a week, then Australia, Singapore, Japan, Washington State, Idaho and back to Minnnesota. I have homes in a few different states and have lived on the East Coast, Pacific North West, West Coast and other places. I travel frequently. I married a woman who was born in Minnesota yet living in Wisconsin at the time and I must say, she was hot. Smoking Hot. However, she was so darn liberal and so anti-business that it became impossible to live with. Way to many of the physically attractive women in Minnesota are too liberal and out to lunch to be worth-while. For instance, If I have a smoking hot babe, I want to drive a Ferrari. How many Ferrarris do you see in Minnesota? Two per year if you are lucky.

Objectively speaking, I'd say about 60% of the women in Minnesota are physically unattractive. Of the 40% who are attractive, about 70% are ugly on the inside. All said, I have learned by experience that to find a beautiful, stable woman who wants to have a home and family and does not believe that mercury filled fluorescent light bulbs are better for the environment, one needs to go somewhere else. It's sad. It's sad because when I'm in California I day dream about coming back to Minnesota and meeting a gorgeous Scandinavian woman. After all, Minnesota was settled by Scandinavians. However, I am hard-pressed to find any. It's so depressing. I guess I just need to go to the Netherlands or Sweden, which is fine.

Saint Cloud, MN

#14 Dec 20, 2009
Dear Floyd- Do you expect anyone to believe you??
If you're sooo smart, what are you doing looking up ugly women on the internet?
In fact, really, you're all pathetic.
Men who write about ugly women are not well educated and far from prefect themselves, I'm sure.

United States

#15 Dec 21, 2009
I must admit I am not PREFECT. I was wondering why women here tending not to care about their health. So few workout. When they do they walk rather than run. They tend to think that once they have children it's all over and they chop their hair and join some womens group. My wife and I both see it. She is frustrated because she can't find peers that she can relate to. Everyone is so focused on drinking and eating themsleves into their next pant size. I am a teacher and MN kids are not ugly but the adults here dont care to keep themselves up and after these kids leave HS they blow up like ticks and the women hope to find some guy before they are 30 to take care of them.
WHY to al the above?

Hamel, MN

#16 Jan 13, 2010
Marie, I agree with you about Floyd. Why would a man with so much going for himself even CARE? When men like Floyd open their mouths, I stop listening, mainly because they have to take at least fiftenn minutes to tell you how not-horrible they are, to make up for the first impression they leave on sight. Also, yes, though I am a woman in MN, I do not agree that we are all ugly. Some, yes, more so in the outstate areas, yes, uglier inside too. Again, the men are proportionately less attractive here as well. So what. I am not ugly, but not willing to give up my time helping others and spending time with my kids to go under the knife and botox to look 20 again either. Maybe it is about priorities. FLOYD.

Hamel, MN

#17 Jan 13, 2010
[really, Jonny, ALL moms get butch haircuts and gain weight? Would you and your wife like to come and meet me? I could bring Dr. records that demonstrate I actually am 10lbs. lighter than I was before kids and am still at a healthy BCS, without much trouble. I also have long hair and do not belong to a woman's group. I own a booming business, help others daily in more ways than you might be able to count (take your shoes off, we will talk). Interestingly, if I have now met your wife's criteria for someone to relate to, I will tell you that I would not want to spend a moment with her. Maybe that is why she is lonely.

Hamel, MN

#18 Jan 13, 2010
Yanni: It is interesting to find a man who has lived for 7 generations or more and can still type, access the internet, spell, breathe, etc. You speak with such authority, I ahve to believe your data is based on personal experience. I could respond with factual information about your perceptions about women in MN, but I will refrain because you are obviously missing out on wee bits of reality.

United States

#19 Jan 25, 2010
All, is an exageration. I have seen these people everywere. Men and women alike. Men seem to state this more freely than women. Active parents who stay healthy both mentally and physically are rare. I have spoken to women who say that cutting their hair makes them seem more professional.

Minneapolis, MN

#21 Aug 29, 2010
The women here are only cute until they reach 16 and then in the next three years they undergo a complete metamorphosis into these ghastly blobs of animated gelatinous blubber and suet.

These things that waddle around here are ugly to the bone. They have incredibly high expectations of others and believe they are the ideal woman for all men to worship and grovel at their feet. Who are they fooling? They'd be equal, in a trade, for a bucket of rotten fish guts. Most of them are also rather, them that are worth being intimate with in terms of their appearance are incompetent and inept as lovers and leave you having to finish off on your own after they go.

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