Why should we be surprised on Memorial Day when The Commander in Chief is SUPPOSE to be laying the wreath at the tomb of The Unknowns, OUR commander will be on VACATION, but he WILL make it back in time for a Paul Mcartney dedication concert?! Let me get this straight he KNOWS his 1st duty is to protect the CITIZENS of The United States and act as 1st commander to the military. He takes an OATH saying just that. Yet he schedules a vaction on the very day he is SUPPPOSE to be at Alington, but makes sure he's back in time to honor a BRITISH citizen?! I say good for him! Keep up the good work! WE WILL BE SURE TO REMEMBER COME NOVEMBER! First we'll take it out on those in the house and senate at the midterms, and return power to the RIGHT, then AGAIN IN 2012 for the cou de gras! He just keeps digging deeper and deeper! Dig baby dig!