Foes of casino smoking vow to keep fi...

Foes of casino smoking vow to keep fighting

There are 27 comments on the Newsday story from Feb 11, 2007, titled Foes of casino smoking vow to keep fighting. In it, Newsday reports that:

Little girls cried. A cancer patient asked City Council members to carry his coffin.

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Daytona Beach, FL

#22 Feb 14, 2007
I always laugh at these prosmokers who are so upset that a company (in this case a pharmaceutical company) is making money. Um, the last time I checked we lived in a capitalist society. Further, what do these prosmokers think Big Tobacco has been doing for years? Yes, making money.

What's the difference between Big Pharma making money (with its nicotine delivery devices) and Big Tobacco making money (with its nicotine delivery device--a cigarette)? Nothing.

So, why doesn't Big Tobacco get into the production of other forms of nicotine delivery? Is it absurd for RJ Reynolds to produce nicotine patches or inhalers? Of course not.

Will we ever see nicotine addicts park their cars in the fire zones of convenience stores, engine running, telling their children to run into those convenience stores to get their parents "a pack of Marlboro patches"? We just might.

Of course, when the addict is finished with the patch or inhaler and tosses it out of his car window at least a forest fire won't be the result.

Since: Dec 06

Reston, VA

#23 Feb 15, 2007
Catalyst,Well my kids never did without or my bills never went unpaid to buy a pack of smokes. And I said I respect others who do NOT smoke, I do don't go to bars to begin with, but still and always will go to resturants where you can NOT smoke. And I don't know what your age is, but I have never seen a marriage split up because of a smoker. And I am almost 50. But I have seen many marriages destroyed over drinking and gambling, they are the ones who take the household money and go drink or gamble. And the drunks are the ones who drive and kill or destroy peoples lives. So like I said, they need to charge a huge cover charge to get into the casino's (I don't gamble either)STOP giving free drinks in the casinos, charge $20.00 per drink. Yes some fires are started by someone falling asleep with a cigarette, but more fires are caused by unattended cooking, by electric, too many extension cords over heated, space heaters, but most are started by candles left unattended!! I know I am an EMT and Volunteer firefighter, and come from a long line of firefighters and my hubby is one also. And I have been smoking for 32 years and still only smoke one pack a day. And yes I know it is wrong, but it is my choice, All's I said was that they need to start taxing the other "FAULTS" INSTEAD OF JUST PICKING ON SMOKERS.
If you don't like the taxes associated with cigarettes, you don't have to buy cigarettes. You have a choice. It's that simple.
No smoking is being kicked out of any place. All smokers are welcome in nonsmoking bars--they just can't smoke in them.
You may think that drinkers destroy marriages, but smokers do the same thing--by leaving their cigarettes unattended and burning down their homes, and also by forcing one or both parents, depending on who smokes, to spend anywhere between $2,000 and $6,000 a year on cigarettes, for 2 packs per day. If the mortgage is due (or if the children need food and clothing) and one spouse wants cigarettes, where do you think the money is going to go to?
"Perhaps they will get smart and start taxing each beer and drink $5.00 plus the normal cost of your drink, to start paying for all the law suits for the drunks killing and injuring so many people."
Then I'll exercise my choice not to buy beer.
"And then the casino's will start charging large cover charges to enter their buildings. I think they should charge $50.00 to get in the doors."
Then I'll exercise my choice not to go into that casino.

Since: Jan 07


#24 Feb 19, 2007
non smoker wrote:
<quoted text>
How about naming the 50 chemicals that are greater than a picogram? Suprisingly that's the number of chemicals that cause cancer. Coincidence?
Well tell us what they are, their size/strength and details!

Since: Jan 07


#25 Feb 26, 2007
1. Here's some words that don't get read. They get overlooked. Per below, I have to ask, what happened about 40 - 45 years ago [ca 1967-1972]?

"One of the fastest-growing groups of lung-cancer patients are individuals in their early 40s who are non-smokers," according to Karen Giammicchio, R.N., Oncology Genetics/High Risk Coordinator at The Cancer Institute at Alexian Brothers Medical Center in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

The likely [that is LIKELY, as in ASSUMED, NOT PROVEN] culprit for lung cancer in these cases is exposure to an environmental risk factor, such as second hand smoke, Giammicchio says. "We know that all cancer is genetic ....

If one reads the above slowly and then thinks about it, does all said today make sense? NO. Why would SHS mainly be affecting those in their early 40's and not 50's or 60's or more - or smokers themselves that have smoked for 50 or 60 years? Again, what happened about 40 to 45 years ago mainly TO that age group?

2. An article in a 2006 issue of JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), reporting on the recent Surgeon General's review of the health effects of secondhand smoke, brings to the forefront the controversy over whether the Surgeon General misrepresented the science in his public communications surrounding the report's release (see: Kuehn BM. Report reviews secondhand smoke risks: some scientists question risk level. JAMA 2006; 296:922-923).

The controversy stems from the press release and other ancillary materials released by the Surgeon General to accompany the report itself.

3. There has never been a scientific study that proved that secondhand smoke causes cancer. The EPA put out a flawed study in 1993 which was thrown out by a federal court in 1998 because it manipulated data and ignored scientific standards. The only other study was by the World Health Organization, also in 1998, which stated that there was no statistically significant association between secondhand smoke and cancer.
Worcester (MA) Telegram & Gazette, 2006 Apr 14.

4. School of Public Health, University of California, Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA, Department of Preventive Medicine, State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY 11794, USA
The results do not support a causal relation between environmental tobacco smoke and tobacco related mortality, although they do not rule out a small effect. The association between exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and coronary heart disease and lung cancer may be considerably weaker than generally believed.

Since: Jan 07


#27 Feb 26, 2007
History Buff wrote:
Smoke contains 4,000 chemicals, but 3,950 of them are measurable only in nanograms and picograms.
Know how big a picogram is?
A single grain of salt weighs 100 MILLION picograms.
A lot of those smoke "chemicals" are present as only a few SINGLE picograms or less.
Our diet subjected to the same level of analysis yields TEN thousand chemicals!
Secondhand smoke IS worse than firsthand smoke, but ONLY if you snort it through a straw right from the burning end of a cigarette.
A non-smoker in a decently ventilated area with smokers will usually inhale far less than 1/100th or even 1/1000th of a cigarette per hour.
The Class A carcinogen alcohol as evaporated vapor from drinks is over 500 times as concentrated in an average bar as Class A smoke carcinogens.
Learn the Facts and Defend Your Freedoms!
There's a giant foundation that grants funds for research, that is with the goal to show the results they want. Funds come in from pharmacutical companies for funding as they have their goals. There's good in nicotine and they want it for prescriptions. ...
Meanwhile, over 30 years ago, fudged reports began coming out from main stream organizations to slowly manuver the population into believing tobacco was bad. Those reports are funded thru the foundation that has population agendas and tobacco is far from the only subject.
Follow the money (who makes it with the no-smoking products to who would gain if nicotine went into prescriptions, who owns the big blocks of pharma stocks, who is funded by who with political donations, ect) and you'll uncover more than you can dream of concerning deceit to we the people. ...
Next it will be alcohol and it appears it's already begun when you consider the current closings of bars in this country.
There is evidence on the web but it has to be searched for.
Some facts:
We ALL have been duped for a long time. Stop the bans now because you are opening the legal door to more than you can conceive at this time.
Some added information.

A standard paperclip (not the big ones) weighs about 1 gram.
Straighten that paperclip into a line, for better image.

A milligram would be if you take that straightened paperclip and divided it into 1000 pieces. Each of those pieces is a single milligram.

For a nanogram, take that straightened paperclip and divide it into 1,000,000,000 (one billion) pieces.

For a picogram, divide the paperclip into 1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) pieces.

Here is 1 MILLION dots on one page:

Sparta, NJ

#28 Feb 27, 2007
AC to TOTALLY Ban Smoking????

I read all the news about the new hearing on AC smoking ban and found it to be totally full of misinformation.

#1 the clean air people compared it to Delaware casinos coming back after they stoped smoking. First of all Delaware does NOT have Full Casinos they have 3 Slot palors at their race tracks. They did lose over 20% of income right after the law but came back after the state let them put in MORE slots. Atlatic City has alot more than just slot palors and do NOT have the option of adding more slots according to the laws that say they are only permitted so many square feet of casino compared to so many hotel rooms ( they would have to add more rooms first). The clean air statement is like comparing apples to Lemons.

#2 the clean air people claim putting all the smokers in one room will only make things worse and the air can NOT be cleaned. If you believe this you better close all our hospitals, factories, and medical labs that do it all the time, filtering and exhasting air to keep germs out of the rest of the building. You could put in so many exhaust fans in the room it would be like a wind tunnel.

#3 Atlantic City is the SECOND largest gambling meca in the USA, second ONLY to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is one of the Largest tourist destinations in the USA, filled with smokers and non smokers. Some of the Casinos have gone totally non smoking and others (Ballys) have seporate buildings for smokers. And everyone seams to be happy the people keep coming back for more. THIS is Atlantic Citys Compition NOT some local states with slot palors or single casinos on an indian resorvation. YES they do take business from AC, But AC has much much MORE to offer than any of them.

As far as the health of the casino workers go, Make it voluntary to go into the smoking area, if NO voluntaries then NO Smoking area. I gaurantee you there will be plenty of voluntaries, I am sure some of the workers are also smokers.

My guess it that AC will lose MORE than the 20% perdicted, thousands of jobs, and Millions in tax dollars to the state. Maybe you are ready to make up for the tax loss but I am NOT. Let the industry Choose, All ready one casino said they will go totally NON SMOKING, if they become the biggest money maker in AC I gaurantee ALL the others will follow in less than a year.
Kims place

Mendham, NJ

#29 Mar 1, 2007
I would like to thank the state of New Jersey for totally distroying our lives. My husband have owned and run a Tavern in North Jersey for over 20 years. It had been in his family for 3 generations. The smoking ban has forced us out of business. It started slow but sure in June as soon as the ban went into effect. but by this fall the smokers stoped showing up at all, guess it got too cold outside. Then the Non-smokers stoped showing up since non of their friends were here anymore. Everyone told us things would get better when the non smokers started filling up the place BULL SH^^. And it is much the same at every other bar in our area.

Now we loose our income, soon the house since the mortgage is 5 months behind now. and we will have to take our 2 kids out of college.

Our Tavern had turned into a local social club with allot of the town folk just showing up to pass the time and see old friends and have a drink and a smoke. Probably about 70% of our coustomers were smokers and so are my husband and I. We had a pretty good size group of senior citizens who would come in 3-4 times a week and sit there playing rummy and drinking bear and having a smoke Now they have no place to go. I told grandpa Jones age 88 that smoking that pipe was going to cause an early death.

My husband and I are in our early 50's and this is the only thing we did for a living. Finding a job we qualify for is next to impossible. We will probably end up on welfare or something like that. I hope you all enjoy paying for our welfare. and I hope the town and state enjoy not getting all the money we had been paying in taxes.

I HOPE ALL OF YOU "DO GOODERS" WHO FOUGHT FOR THIS ROTT IN HELL!!! There would have been a problem if the law allowed for some bars to be smoking and some bars to be non smoking and you GO into the one you want or work in the one you want????????? YES smoking causes but NOT being able to earn a living, also leads to a SLOW DEATH.

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