dominicans dont play gang 3333

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big daddy

Baltimore, MD

#1 Dec 29, 2009
yo this o.g big daddy from the dominicans dont
play gang here in baltimore look son we dominicans
do give a dam what these baltimore gangsters say
we dominicans dont play are killers to son
we roll hard in cherry hill brooklyn east baltimore
dunbar broadway neighbohood see we from
the washighton heights on 155t street we also
come from the fordham area of the bronx hunts point
areas and the queens area of jackson heights and
corona queens areas we d.d.p dominicans started
back home in new york city way back in the mid 90s
now we have d.d.p dominicans dont play in
cherry hill brooklyn lansdowne randallestown woodlawn towson rosedale maryland east baltimore
dunbar broadway see more new york city dominican
familyies are living down here in baltimore and
washighton dc metro areas now baltimore has 15,000
dominicans we fight with purple city some bloods
from south baltimore we wear the blue red and
white colors the dominican flag see dominicans we
live in upper fells point highlandtown patterson
park m.t washighton gywnn oaks west baltimore sandtown and we dominicans are over in p.g county
landover suitland lanham oxon hill greenbelt
forestville forest heights captiol heights
and columbia heights in north west dc
see we d.d.p dominicans dont play gang membbers
have sets of d.d.p gang in atlanta dallas houston
memphis miami orlando boston phiadephia out side
of chicago cleveland cincinnati see because back
home in new york we dominicans dont play gangsters
we have lost a lot of dogs on the streets some
to police and some to other gangs and like i said
more of us dominicans are leaving new york for
other states look we fight bloods crips
but we are cool with blacks back in new york
we party with each other are woman date black
brothers we dominican men date african american
woman but when it comes to the drug game its is
the young Y.G GANGSTERS THAT gets shit started
with bloods crips and others like if you come
to are hood and try to sale drugs in suitland
on are block or in lanham any where we are
like my set we are in woodlawn maryland and if
you try to sale some shit on are block or housing
area you will get cut up or get a good beat down
now put that shit on hood up east coast son

Riderwood, MD

#2 Jan 3, 2010
this athony we ddp dominicans dont play 3333
gang has been here in baltimore a lttle time
look man we dominicans are no differnt from any
one eles we are cool if you are cool bro we like
money nice cars homes and fine looking women
look homes we dominicans have sets in randallestown
woodlawn east baltimore dunbar broadway area
cherry hill in south baltimore we dominicans
we kick ass we do not need ten brothers to fight
most of us d.d.p go one on one any way but if
some cats come from park heights or sandtown
area or any where its on like if like elm street
bloods fuck with us man its going to get nasty
real talk man we have home boys in towson that
are in college middle river essex parksville and
fullerton area see we work with each d.d.p set
d.d.p we are in washighton dc areas of suitland
lanham landover hills greenbelt oxon hill forestville forest heights captiol heights and
columbia heights in dc metro are gang started
back in the mid 90s back home in the washighton
heights area on 155th street 165th street 168th street 181 street and the bronx neighborhoods
the fordham parkchester high brigh area corona queens far rockaway queens red hook brooklyn area
east new york area of brooklyn we cover those
neighbohoods look are dominican population is
small but is at 15,000 now are dominicans live in
other neighbohoods with other latinos like upper
fells point highlandtown patterson park brooklyn
brooklyn park lansdowne howard county maryland
gywnn oarks area we have the dominican flag
blue red and white dominicans dont play amor de 3333

Miami, FL

#5 Feb 26, 2010
alright this is machatero talking from Miami we Dominicans don't play we don't like to play around we kill if we want to no one should mess with us

Riderwood, MD

#7 Mar 3, 2010
hi my name is jim i work for the washighton dc
gang unit here in 2010 i have been with dc police
dep for 22 years now i live in northern va
look washighton dc has never had a major gang problem we have had just neighborhood crews
thats it and we still have them but over the last
five years bloods crips have been moving it to
the city of washighton dc in the north east area
and south east areas where a lot of neighborhood
crews have ran for many years and they do not play
with people coming in from other parts of the
united states cominig in with that blood and crip
thing so it has benn a lot of beef with neighborhood crews and with bloods and crips fighting for the drug trade but now are city is
having young men that used to be with crews are
now bloods and crips look most of these crips
and bloods are in p g county towns and some parts
of montgomery county towns and even in few areas
of northern va but we are working hard to stop it
crips and bloods from pg county come in to dc and
fight with neighborhood crews some times but now
with some blood sets and crip sets in north east dc
and south east its like blood sets and crip sets
from the city are cool with crip and blood members
from p g county but by large dc is still ran by
the drug neighborhood crews oh and latino gangs
like ms13 is the biggest latino gang here in washighton dc metro area but latin kings vatos locos dominicans dont play and trinitarios are in
the columbia heights and seat pleasnt areas but
by large they are outside of the city in p g county
latin kings ms13 18th trinitarios and dominicans
dont play these gangs are not as big as ms13 but
they do have guns drugs and money and are fighting
for the drug trade look we are working with the
united states F B I to work hard on putting these
bad people away for good in the city of dc
are police are strong in the neighborhoods of south
east north east areas of the city and neighborhoods
are working with us as well see we have young gangsters from new york city that are latin kings
and dominicans dont play gang members that haved
moved down here to the dc metro areas and we do
have crip and blood members from losangeles and
some are even from the mid west cities of denver
stlouis areas we have 18th street members from
texas southern ca and mexico as well as from right
here in washighton ms13 gang members are mostly from central america and southern ca that live here
but see ms13 gang members by large used to be
in northern va but now they are in montgomery co
and p g county and some are even going to baltimore
so we have a lot of work to do but with hard work
we will get these sorry people out of here for good
my name is gabriell

Bronx, NY

#8 Mar 8, 2010
Dominican dont play iight palomo

Riderwood, MD

#11 Mar 26, 2010
yo whats up son we ddp dominicans dont play gang
333 blue white and red the dominican flag here in
baltimore is new more of us ddp dominicans are
getting stronger here in baltimore fuck baltimore
police kid real talk they are not shit just a bunch
of sick ass white cops trying to be hard and shit
thats it we from phiadelphia pa making money
we are from north phia down here in baltimore
but are colors down here are white and gray but
wear that dominican flag on are necks backs arms
we are in baltimore county woodlawn maryland
lwansdowne maryland parkville maryland rosedale
maryland fullerton maryland ddp dominicans dont play 3333 amor de

Riderwood, MD

#13 Apr 14, 2010
here in bodymore land killer baltimore we live
and woodlawn west baltimore bro we fight for
what we down for bro we are small but we do
not take any shit from bloods B G F FAMILY
denver lanes look we are cool with people that
are not in gangs but if you are down with bloods
BECAUSE to many people be talking shit and we do
not just talk look ddp dominicans dont play
sub set bones gang is part of ddp dominicans
we are down here from new york washighton heights
155th street its called dominican heights homie
look baltimore is mostly central american and
mexican but more of us dominicans are living out
side of baltimore essex maryland rosedale towson
gywnn oarks woodlawn lansdowne brooklyn area of
baltimore look baltimore B P D FUCK YOU HOMIE
SON YOU COPS DOWN HERE IN b more do not have shit
on cops up in the n y c we have guns to we will
fight you dum shit you cant mess with us
we dominicans live in patterson park upper fells
point some of us live in cherry hill to
mt washighton rolandpark area

Baltimore, MD

#14 Apr 21, 2010
we dominicans are in mostly baltimore county
and porto ricans are mostly in the county as well
rosedale maryland parkville maryland few in towson
essex maryland middle river dundalk harford county
towns and randallestown woodlawn and city areas
of hihlandtown patterson park gywnn oaks
rollin park baltimore the mt washighton area of
baltimore and the brooklyn area of south west baltimore bro we ddp dominicans dont play are in
all of these areas just like the almighty latin
kings we fight with each other back in brooklyn
some times because kings be talking to much shit
son ddp we started back in new york in the eary
90s now we are in new jersy towns out side of phiadelphia we are in york pa allentown pa harirsbugh pa hartfod ct boston ma springfled maprovidence ri miami fl orland fl tampa fl atlanta ga
detroit mi milaukee w cleveland ohio and montgomery co maryland see so we dominicans are growing all over most of us come from the nwe york new jery area but are familyies or gangsters have moved to other place to set up shop and make money bro ddp dominicans dont play 333 amor de
ddpkilla 2

Palm Bay, FL

#20 Jul 14, 2010
yo nice one y sabes que si ustedes son tan malo porque yo y los primos mio te dan pelas con cojones listen carefully DDP is a fuck!ng joke

Jensen Beach, FL

#21 Jul 14, 2010
im dominican and i wouldn't rep a dominican click the majority of yall well us is soft ass baby shit except ur boy i bust ks all day and if u want drama well go find ur momma suuuuu wuuuu da best gang there is bloods bitch 305 dade county

Jensen Beach, FL

#22 Jul 14, 2010
yes they do play dumb ass bruh wat would u do if i put my rap 4 ak 2 ur head if it was me al tell them kill me shit i aint gne pie out cuz a gun is in my face

United States

#24 Jul 15, 2010
its odee because im dominican and i moved to baltimore 3 years ago and i live in the woodlawn area ... to set things straight you really dont see dominicans around there so i dont kno if people googling parts of baltimore to get info but u NEVER see more then 4 dominicans and they old or girls or lil kids .,..... yall is really making us look bad .. get a life and a job
El Motoconcho

Fort Lee, NJ

#25 Jul 26, 2010
nigha fxck all dat shxt I seen wat DDP does to people, nd if I were yu nighas I would shut the fxck up nd get up to BK nd Washington Heights, see the reall shxt, real talk sonn . I ain't DDP but I seen these nighas dey ruthless nd dont give a shxt, dey lyk a whole different breed of dominicans dey aint lyk the happy smiling ones yu seen before, these nighas are hardened nd will fxck up whoever. Ima join up soon. El CIbao lol

Minneapolis, MN

#27 Aug 9, 2010
El Motoconcho wrote:
nigha fxck all dat shxt I seen wat DDP does to people, nd if I were yu nighas I would shut the fxck up nd get up to BK nd Washington Heights, see the reall shxt, real talk sonn . I ain't DDP but I seen these nighas dey ruthless nd dont give a shxt, dey lyk a whole different breed of dominicans dey aint lyk the happy smiling ones yu seen before, these nighas are hardened nd will fxck up whoever. Ima join up soon. El CIbao lol
stop kissing there azz they
kill ur azz to l0l da real talk stop

Jensen Beach, FL

#28 Aug 12, 2010
um fck ddp fck trini and am dominican sayin dis come c me in hollywood FL the gun shine state u gne c me wit a rap 4 ak boii dnt play advice to dominicans get yall sum black friends o if u aint bangin red u aint nobody

Jensen Beach, FL

#29 Aug 12, 2010
gab dominicans do play am dominican and the only reason am tough cuz i grew up around black people dominicans are humble they aint known 4 violence

Ashburn, VA

#30 Aug 14, 2010
ya fake azz of a gang, out in NY ya ain't runnin nothing, la familia and zulu's are poping of son, ya need to take ya platano azzez back to da isla

Redmond, WA

#33 Sep 1, 2010
Yooooo ad3 manito tu save klok nosotro somos rabia 7vpatriakilla ddp all day and if u have a problem smd ad3 is taking over D.T.C ^

Louisville, KY

#34 Sep 4, 2010
Tell you stinking dominicans what, you can lick my a-hole and spit out your grannies remains you bunch of damn goofballs !!

Glen Cove, NY

#35 Sep 14, 2010
Yooo klo333 ddp all day patria killa klk fortham family all day saludo pa to Los manitos all over the world ad333 all day 4 4 16

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