Dog Man

Columbia, SC

#1 Nov 29, 2014

Great song. Title says it all, but it's good listening.

Keep it simple. Explain to your own children why we have the police. Good guys and bad guys.
Start when they're little.
The same theme should be prevalent throughout their education.K-12
Make sure they understand how LE works, and how the courts work. Teach them about the Constitution. All the education in the world is of little use if they can't function in society.
Dog Man

Columbia, SC

#2 Dec 1, 2014
Cops good robbers bad, RIGHT, Mr. President? Right? RIGHT?

Cops good robbers bad Right, Mr. Holder? RIGHT? RIGHT?

I can't HEAR you. Don't MUMBLE at me.
Dog Man

Columbia, SC

#3 Dec 2, 2014

Dog Man

Columbia, SC

#4 Dec 4, 2014
Dog Man

Columbia, SC

#6 Dec 22, 2014
Are you happy now, Sharpton? You PHONY.
Are you happy now, Holder? You CRIMINAL. Is that JUSTICE?
How about you, POTUS? Is that what you wanted? Something like that? Did we do good? Are we your BOYS now? Is it enough? Will that DO?

OK so what what happens now? What's next?

Hockessin, DE

#7 Dec 22, 2014
Sharpton loves the attention. "I am the elder civil rights leader. Please listen to what I say in a respectful manner. Quiet you in the back. MLK, JR would approve of me and what I'm doing. Are you getting my good side? Silly me. It's all good. Time for me to pontificate... "

These idiots stirring up anti-police hatred with their "Dead Cops" chants need to be muzzled.
Dog Man

Columbia, SC

#8 Dec 24, 2014
OK here's the deal. Obviously Obama has an anti-police agenda. He is a professional community organizer. so he's doing what he does.

Starting with the Cambridge incident, then Orlando, then Ferguson, and then NYC he has inserted himself into law enforcement activities with emotionally-charged racial overtones. They all turn out to be something other than what they would have you believe.

Now they are trying to turn the whole country upside down over lies. And they know it's all lies and they don't care.

It serves his purposes to foment an anti-police sentiment in the country because he wants to create a new security force within the country with the same capabilities as the military to replace what we now know as Police Departments. They will enforce the laws of the land and the rules of civic morality. The Muslim Brotherhood and Nation of Islam will be in charge of the Department of Education and will administer all schools and training facilities.

Then the new security force will begin going house to house to house inventorying and "sanitizing" the homes of anything shady.
Med checks for everybody. Anyone with communicable diseases or conditions will be removed from the population to care facilities.
Overweight people will be placed in weight loss facilities where they will be treated and cured.
Illicit drug use will be medically identified and "patients" will go to treatment centers until cured. All guns and weapons will be removed.
Smoking ANYTHING will be illegal.
Pornography will be outlawed. All media not rated G or PG will be contraband.
All marriages must be approved.
Cohabitation sans marriage will be forbidden.
Sexual activity outside of marriage will be punishable as a crime.
All pregnancies outside of marriage will be terminated immediately upon discovery
Prostitution will be punishable by death.
Lewd behavior will be forbidden.
Women will dress appropriately in public.
All communications can be monitored by the authorities.
Fuel will be rationed. No one will be permitted to have more than 1/2 tank of gas in their vehicle.
All travel will be monitored by GPS.

This new security force will patrol the neighborhoods and get to know the citizens they serve. They will visit all parties and gatherings to pay respects, meet all the guests, and will take an interest in all activities in the community. There will always be an officer nearby.

They will be there to serve and protect, and no disrespect will be tolerated.
Anyone behaving with antagonism towards law enforcement will be compelled to attend civics academies where they can be taught how to act properly in any situation.

Anyone resisting arrest will be subdued and do a mandatory 5 years in prison.
Anyone assaulting a law enforcement official will do life in prison.
Anyone who kills a law enforcement official will be killed upon capture.

After serving as president, Obama will be attorney general for life.
Dog Man

Myrtle Beach, SC

#9 Jun 1, 2015
Are there bodies under a parking garage in Springfield, MO? Are the cops engaged in a coverup?????

"Authorities were hesitant to look at the parking garage. They did not think that tips pointing to it were credible and told members of the media that they had come from psychics.

Detective Webb says the Springfield Police Department had received several tips pointing to the location when he was the lead investigator on the case, but not all of them were from crackpots or psychics.

"[The parking garage] was under construction in that area at the time," Webb said. "We heard early on that they were buried under concrete in new construction or they were buried under a parking lot."

Baird asked a man who operates a micropower impulse radar system to examine the cement floor in the parking garage. She was hoping that his experimental equipment might be able to detect dental mercury or precious metals or stones, suggesting the presence of jewelry.

The results of the scan proved to be interesting; however, Baird realized she would need a more reliable way to examine the area.

In June 2006, she asked Rick Norland, a ground-penetrating radar specialist, to conduct a scan of the area.
[Baird] did not give me any details or indication of how many bodies might be there," Norland told AOL news.

Soon after beginning the scan, Norland says he discovered three anomalies roughly 3 feet below the surface of the cement. Two were side by side; the third was by itself. The anomalies were about 2 feet wide, and the soil changes were between 5 and 7 feet long. The equipment cannot show bones but is capable of showing voids one would expect to see if something is buried underground.

"These anomalies are very consistent with what a gravesite would look like," Norland said. "The next thing would be to come back in and do positive identification by a core sample -- drill down through there and poke a camera or some sort of device in there and examine what is there. That way you can determine what that anomaly is."

Both Baird and Norland took their findings to police.

"We talked to the police a couple times, and they are very skeptical of the equipment and what I did," Norland said. "The detectives said,'I don't know what it is.' They were very adamant about not proceeding forward."

Baird took her findings to the media but Sgt. Mike Owen initially responded that the information was not worth spending "the thousands of dollars" it would take to verify it. After Baird agreed to cover the cost of a core, which was quoted at between $200 and $400, Owen said his department had spoken with its own expert, who discounted Norland's findings.

"It would be impossible to see what this man [Norland] claims he has seen," Owen said in an October 2007 interview with .

AOL News provided copies of images that were taken of Norland's scan to two independent experts.

"Even had I not known what the story was about, there is definitely a break in the normal soil layers. This does not mean that there are buried bodies there, but there seem to be anomalies in this screen shot,"

Bryan Bacheller, manager of Digital Concrete Imaging Inc. in Florida, said in an e-mail.
Sean Henady, founder of the missing-person search and recovery group 3View Search Services, agrees.

"Myself and some experts I work with looked at the images, and we feel the location should be looked at closer and possibly cored," Henady said. "We would only need to do a 2-inch core to qualify the location."

Stacy Fender, media relations coordinator at Cox Health, told AOL News she would check to see if officials at the hospital would allow an independent team to re-examine the spot and possibly take a core sample. Fender responded via e-mail Wednesday.

"We consider this to be a matter for the Springfield Police Department and the Greene County Prosecutor's Office and remain willing to cooperate with any investigation they would like to pursue," she wrote.
Dog Man

Myrtle Beach, SC

#10 Jun 1, 2015

Read the entire article and see the GPR scan image screenshot. What does it look like to you?
HINT: It looks like a body with some rope or wire wrapped around it. Lynching?

The Ace of Spades

Petersburg, VA

#11 Jun 2, 2015
To all Police,
All my and mine respect to you for the dangerous jobs you do, better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6. Swap out the pea shooter and do like the Texas Rangers. They take nothing. I and mine have the world of respect. Thank you for all you do. If you are ever in my neck and need help. We have a resident Special Forces Sniper in house, you know, Kinfolk.
He laughed at my headcount. I laughed at the 211 he was drinking.
Dog Man

Myrtle Beach, SC

#12 Sep 2, 2015
This recent anti-cop movement started right from POTUS' lips with "The Cambridge Police behaved stupidly," and has been a steady drumbeat ever since, putting forward one lie after another. The whole cop-hating black thing that has been going on about forever. it's the tradition. The professional flame-fanners are fanning the flames trying to get something going.
Total Retard

Washington, DC

#13 Sep 2, 2015
I just took a huge Obama.

Hockessin, DE

#16 Oct 9, 2015
Attn POLICE: please do NOT hurt the career criminals when you are arresting them. Thanks!
Dog Man

Myrtle Beach, SC

#17 Jul 8, 2016
Here we go, another tragedy for the police.Are you happy now, POTUS? remember what I said about getting something started, and then not being able to stop it. Don't forget, Mike Brown was a THUG.
Dog Man

Myrtle Beach, SC

#18 Jul 19, 2016
Law enforcement bodies are piling up. Did I call it or what? Dog Man knows what's up.
Dog Man

Conway, SC

#19 Oct 16, 2016
That Wikileaks sho' am sump'm. I do declare. These are exciting times, Eh, POTUS?

Saint Paul, MN

#20 Oct 16, 2016
Dog Man wrote:
That Wikileaks sho' am sump'm. I do declare. These are exciting times, Eh, POTUS?
Clinton knowingly used a private email server, knowing it broke all the US Gov. security rules.

Clinton then went on to use the server for Top Secret communications.

Clinton then had everything on the server subpoenaed by CONGRESS!

Clinton then, AFTER receiving the subpoena, destroyed everything on the private email server.

NOW after everything is destroyed to the best of her ability, WIKILEAKS is producing all the stuff that Clinton destroyed, to the best of her ability.


IF ya don't see conspiracy, incompetence and corruption written all over the US Government and Clinton you are BLIND my friend.

Dog Man

Conway, SC

#22 Oct 21, 2016
I hear you. Don't worry, I see it. Believe me. Last week Joe Biden, speaking barely above a whisper, announced that we are going to launch a cyber attack on Russia, because "several security agencies" are "pretty sure" that Russia is behind the Wikileaks hacks on the Democrats. Now WE are being cyber attacked, and nobody has a clue as to who or why. Well, DUH!
Dog Man

Conway, SC

#23 Dec 30, 2016
Dog Man

Conway, SC

#24 Aug 20, 2017
The cop killings continue. In fact they are becoming more frequent. And to think it all started with, "The Cambridge Police behaved stupidly."

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