I thought the libtards didn't like the "armed guard" suggestion by the NRA? Then Barry wants to spend money for "school resource officers" (armed guards).

"Police officers, although the focus of many proposals nationally, are primarily used locally in secondary schools, with the greatest number in the District, which has 100 "school resource officers" and 300 security guards in its 118 buildings.Elsewhere, there are 53 armed school resource officers in Fairfax, 27 in Loudoun County, 22 in Prince George's, 19 in Prince William County, and six each in Montgomery and Alexandria."

Just because the libtards change the name of something,(armed guard = school resource officer, semi automatic firearm = assault weapon) doesn't change the FACT that the libtards are hypocrites and actually like the NRA's suggestions,(especially for their own children) but will never say so.
Why is that?