Ever been taunted by a meter maid (parking enforcement officer)? Oooh, ooh, I have! LOL. I was late moving my car for street cleaning one morning this week, and I saw the meter maid writing the ticket as I ran to my car. He placed it on my windshield, so I retrieved it and got in my car. Since his bicycle was directly in front of my car, I asked him to move it.(He was standing on the sidewalk behind my car writing a ticket for the truck that had just pulled up behind me.) He yelled, "I don't have to move it," to which I replied, "Why are you yelling at me? I just asked you to move your bike." He then yelled, "Man, back up and go around!" But, as I said, there was a huge truck directly behind me. Again, I asked, "Why are you yelling? I just asked you to move the bike" To that he impolitely yelled: "Enjoy your ticket." I then said, "What is your badge number?", to which he replied, "What's your number?"

Really? Is this childish behavior in the DMV PEO Training Manual? After he placed a ticket on the truck, he meandered on the sidewalk, playing with his keypad; he still didn't move his bicycle for several minutes, even though there were no other vehicles on this block. I'm fairly patient, so I waited. I have a photo of him playing with his keypad while his bicycle sat directly in front of my vehicle.

Getting a parking ticket isn't the worst thing that could happen, and I recognize they have a job to do. When the DMV lets bullies loose on our streets, it makes one wonder if these folks get some kind of sick thrill from it: it's not okay when the recipient of a simple fine becomes the target of belittling behavior. Does anyone else find this conduct demeaning to their responsibilities? If any of you have been subjected to similar mistreatment by our public servants, please share. I'm wondering if I was subjected to an isolated incident of highly unprofessional behavior or if this is an example of a trend of outrageous behavior perpetrated by our public servants.

DC PEO: V. Stewart #00395