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#21 Oct 26, 2008
Good for you Randy...you have my vote in addition to tons of others ... and you are correct about what the teachers at the WEA debate said.

I am wondering...why would the current board members, especially one who is NOT up for re-election try so hard to keep newcomers from being elected? It is like they are scared to death of the new candidates.

Usually, if one tries so hard to keep another out of what they think is their territory....they don't want anybody to find out what they have been doing. Is that possible..does anybody know?
Same old

Owatonna, MN

#22 Oct 26, 2008
I cannot see how anyone would vote for Whitney, Conrath or Watje. This is just the same old, same old that got this district in the situation that it is in. Folks in the state educational system feel that Waseca is a poor example of how to run a school. Don't get me wrong the teachers are the very best you will find but the dysfunction and lack of leadership they are subjected to is terrible. I predict that the referendum will fail, not because of apathy for students and teachers but for incompetence by several board members. Every person, and I mean every person, that I have spoken too is against the referendum and the reason is the school board. You have to start somewhere and Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Hoy and Hiller give use the best opportunity. It is time to eliminate the incompetent, dead weight and time for real, long term change. Lastly, I agree with FYI’s post from the MN Statute. We need to gain some significant courage and remove those who in my opinion are incredibly incompetent and lead using bullying techniques. I speak from experience on this and know of others who are too afraid to even post anonymously… Stand up and speak so the wolf can be exposed amongst the sheep.
T or F

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#23 Oct 26, 2008
For evaluation purposes only and I don't know if one thing has to do with the other but...I was told that Joe Hoehn built Keith Hiller's house. Big red flag or merely coincidence?

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#24 Oct 26, 2008
in a town this size it has to be a coincidence. what would either have to gain?
By the Book

Washington, DC

#25 Oct 26, 2008
Observer wrote:
After reading the lastest minutes online from the Waseca School Board, September 18t, 2008, I can see where all the "holes" in the system are. First off the minutes are not detailed, for example, what are the additions and deletions presented from the approval of the agenda? You should list them. Second, what is the superintendent's report? Nothing was listed, good thing he's retiring. You should list what he spoke about in the minutes (be detailed). Third, what is the Waseca Community Area report that Joe Hoehn gave? and the joint government that bob whitney gave? More secrets? Looking for more details, when you leave out the details, people ask questions, a lot of questions. I've been a part of boards and committees and I have submitted minutes, very detailed minutes, so detailed that it was like you were at the meeting. Citizens of Waseca, speak up, if not then lets watch your tax dollars pile up and I'll watch you scrath your heads in amazement. If you have children that will be going through the public school system (or are currently), I suggest if you care about your childs future, get involved now, don't wait until they are juniors or seniors.
Robert's rules state "Minutes should include what was done in the meeting not was was said."
Same old

Owatonna, MN

#26 Oct 27, 2008
Good point T or F, don't really know how that is connected and in this town nothing surprises me anymore. Hiller may or may not be one of the best 3 choices but he certainly is top 4 and any vote that takes away from the same old, same old is a good one to me.
T or F

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#27 Oct 27, 2008
I will vote on the premise of "better safe than sorry" and go with Zimmerman, Zimmerman and Hoy and stay as far away from the current board as possible. A new objective majority will be a breath of fresh air...finally.
Expose the wolf

Minneapolis, MN

#28 Oct 27, 2008
"...wolf can be exposed amongst the sheep" Awesome comment Same old, I love it! I too am looking forward to the breath of fresh air T or F speaks about and even more so looking foward to the 2010 vote...
Lumber Yard Man

Waseca, MN

#29 Oct 27, 2008
"T or F" You are dead wrong about who built Hiller's Home. Please get your facts straight before posting. These forums could serve a useful purpose but what I see here is one lie after another.
Same old

Owatonna, MN

#30 Oct 27, 2008
Lumber - Thanks for clarifying who built the home. It does not affect my vote but it is nice to have the truth. I would like you to clarify the comments about "one lie after another" because 1. this is a forum to express views and as such that is what people are doing and 2. as a forum not all information will be 100% accurate, we don't hold the any media to that standard. So, are you a part of the posse who supports the school board members I referenced earlier in saying: "in my opinion are incredibly incompetent and lead using bullying techniques"? Just curious...
Lumber Yard Man

Waseca, MN

#31 Oct 27, 2008
I am not a part of any posse jesse. I do differ with you though in that I do not feel the current board is incompetent. It is easy to say that but let's hear some examples please. I do feel that all those running deserve a fair chance in a fair election, not a smear campaign. I have seen enough of that going both ways. What in the world do you mean by bullying techniques? Honestly, have you ever been to a school board meeting?
T or F

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#32 Oct 27, 2008
The incumbents who are running again plus one sitting board member lack integrity, knowledge of public board service, and any understanding of their role as a board member. By that, I mean they do not know the difference between serving as an elected board member and acting as a highly educated administrator capable of making personnel evaluations and other administrative decisions. They think they are entitled as board members to mettle in matters that are the responsibility of trained and educated people.

The school board is neither qualified nor capable of making administrative evaluations and decisions. If they were, we could take care of the district's money problems in a heartbeat by letting the board act as administrators and eliminating the administrative budget. To complicate the matter, the administration steps aside and enables the board to act in this manner.

There is one sitting board member who verbally pushes, badgers and bullies constituents who do not see eye to eye with him and make their opinions known.At least 5 such situations come to mind immediately. Ask around.

They are very well behaved in public, at say, a board meeting, but behind the scenes it is a very different story.

I apologize if I shared inaccurate info about the Chief's house...it is what I was told. A quick check on a building permit should clear it up unless someone else has info.
Lumber Yard Man

Waseca, MN

#33 Oct 27, 2008
I am betting that you get all your information from the same inaccurate source that told you who built Hiller's home. You people have no problem spreading your inaccuracies. The problem is there are some out there who believe you.
Instead, let us listen to what all the candidates are telling us about there plans and dreams for our district. Maybe talk to them in person if you have some doubts. But please, let us not cast our votes on internet rumors.
Same old

Minneapolis, MN

#34 Oct 27, 2008
Oh lumber, I could give you a dissertation but don’t want to smear anyone… Let’s just say I have been subjected to specific “bullying” by a member of school board and know of at least 3 others who also have as well. I will not be specific because my family is more important. T and F – Thank you, you “nailed it”!!!
T or F

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#35 Oct 27, 2008
LYM-Thanks for the friendly advice. I am sure it was sincere advice.

I have already listened to and talked with all the candidates. Based on those contacts I will be voting Zimmerman, Zimmerman and Hoy. We need to go in a new direction and shed the current baggage. I believe we can only get there with some new, tough blood.

Zimmerman, Zimmerman and Hoy.
Same old

Minneapolis, MN

#36 Oct 28, 2008

Found this while doing some "research" and have just one word to say. Typical...

I also feel that you should know that in no way am I affiliated to the auther of this letter. Never even met her.
Hoy should be ashamed

Waseca, MN

#37 Oct 28, 2008
The Waseca County News came out with their picks for the school board election and I think for the most part, I agree with them.

It's critical that Whitney get re-elected. I have been to one of his presentations and he does a wonderful job of presenting school finance in a very simple and articulate manner. We here in Waseca are blessed to have a person of his caliber serving us on the school board.

Oh, and by the way, T or F, if you think that Bob Whitney lacks intregrity and knowledge, you surely don't know the man. He goes to our church and no one is held to a higher regard than Mr. Whitney. I believe that "that one" that you are supporting, is the one that lacks intregrity and knowledge and character and honesty and trust.....

If Cathy Hoy would spend more time trying to find answers to our current budget problems than trying to smear the other candidates and current board members, she would have a better chance of winning. But, as it is, she would rather tear apart someones' reputation rather than bolstering her own.

I would like to see her condemn all this garbage she and her so-called supporters have caused on this website, but I'm afraid that would never happen.

Good luck to the rest of the candidates.
Worn out

Waseca, MN

#38 Oct 28, 2008

Same old

Minneapolis, MN

#39 Oct 28, 2008
HSBA - I don't know Hoy nor do I know Whitney and that is the point. I read this stuff and it never occurs to me that either one are smearing or being smeared. I think it is time for change, period. This current board has done nothing to convince me that we are headed in the right direction. The referendum will fail because of the board and the communities lack of confidence in them. The smearing you are referring to is one board member who has done things to people who don't appreciate it and this is venue, like it or not, to vent and I for one will! As for you Worn Out, me too! I am completely worn out from people supporting and defending that one board member who is not up for re-election. I am worn out by the people who share stories of those actions done to them and nothing being done about ti. I am tired of no accountability with certain board members and administration turning a blind eye to written and documented reports of misconduct. That is why it is time for change, time for Whitney and Conrath to be voted out and Watje not to have another chance even though he was a patsy during the last election. It is time for new, fresh ideas and to get rid of this "club" that has assumed to much authority.
T or F

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#40 Oct 28, 2008
I would assume that the majority of the current board approves of the inappropriate activity or this one member would have been dealt with by his colleagues already, including the integrity loaded Mr. Whitney, the board chair.

Vote for Zimmerman, Zimmerman and Hoy.

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