My wife was diagnosed with stage 2 leiomyosarcoma in March 2009. Her urologist found the orange size tumor during a CT Scan of her kidneys and bladder. Her surgeon removed the tumor two weeks later with no need for chemo or radiation. We now travel to the Baylor Medical at the Texas Medical Center in Houston every 3 months for followup to be sure that the cancer has not returned.

Leiomyosarcoma presents no specific symptoms until it is well advanced. Early symptoms may be vague feeling of illness and undefined, persistent fatigue. Surgery is the preferred treatment. According to her oncologist, chemo and radiation are not very effective and have to be very aggressive if there is any hope of remission.

I urge anyone with persistent, vague, undefined fatigue and feelings that everything is not right to ask their doctor to consider leiomyosarcoma. Early surgery is the only truly effective treatment