Is video taping a neighbor legal or i...

Buffalo, NY

#155 Feb 3, 2013
i had a big problem with my nasty next door neighbor being nasty the whole 15 years we live here i have 2 kids, well she put a video camera on my propery not hers, and she has many dead rats on her propety, its ok with the corrupt police dept. here, useless, well the other day her window was already cracked then she accused me of throwing a rock at her window called the cops and i got arrested. 8 hours in a disgusting room, the police were accusing me ?? then arrested me, she is a sick bitch but she got her way. now i need to hire a lawyer and report back to court soon. i cant believe its legally ok to spy on your neighbors propety. what can i do???

Albuquerque, NM

#156 Feb 13, 2013
I live in New mexico. I live right across from my landlord. is it legal for her to video record our property and home

United States

#157 Feb 14, 2013
As soon as you get sick of being on a crazy obsessed crazy neighbor the simplest salution is a laser ! Point the laser twords the lens ! It will blow the security system out.they can call. Police but its a civil law suit then! And in most cases a judge will be on your side and dismiss the law suit!
Just Nosey

Huntsville, AL

#158 Feb 18, 2013
Only pedophiles, communists & really paranoid people install these cameras to creep their neighbors my case my neighbor was all three listed above. The fact is that they are listening to every conversation you have in or outside of your home and watching every move you make...because they have no life of their own.
It takes a sick individual to point these devices towards neighbors and just sit back and listen. My twisted pedophile neighbor installed his cameras pointing towards a basketball hoop that all the local kids frequent. For these sick pups it's like Child Porn...I finally got disgusted thinking of this freak baking brownies wearing a Boy Scout uniform and moved the hell out before he opened a free petting zoo in his backyard.
I suggest you do the same because the local police will not assist to uphold your rights as a United States Citizen.

Brandon, FL

#160 Feb 18, 2013
Is it illegal for someone to record you with their iphone and you see them doing it. But did not give them permission and text them requesting that they delete the video tape.

Cincinnati, OH

#161 Mar 15, 2013
We live in Ky and our neighbors added another addition onto their house, leave lights on 24/7 shining in our bedroom, got a security system and now installed cameras which now they can watch every move we make and everytime we come in and out our back door or sit outside with our other neighbors. Is there anyway to prevent them from spying on our every move. These neighbors are crazy!! They also have a dog. Are they really afraid someone is going to try to rob them? No one has anything to do with them but that's beside the point. I just want to know if it's legal for them to invade our privacy like that or mainly is there any way to block the camera from watching our every move. It's a creepy feeling to know that someone is watching your every move in your own backyard and/or frontyard.

Since: Aug 11

Location hidden

#162 Mar 15, 2013
I do not know Robert Fowler and would never use his form to fill in any personal information. This is not a reply to a question nor is it a part of the discussion. It is an attempt to sell members something.

I did report it as SPAM and as


#163 Mar 24, 2013
My neighbors didnt want to be neighbors with me,they wanted to harass me and cause tension. With this they decided they was going to have an open curtain policy during the day leading into the night then close curtains sometime at dark. Since they didnt mind me possibly peering inside with my own eyes, i decided put a video camera. Now the idiots keep there curtains closed. Love the video camera.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#164 May 8, 2013
When there are dog walkers who DON'T clean up after their dogs, the cameras help to get justice for property owners who constantly have to do the cleanup for them. I am sick and tired of stepping in dog poop on the way to my mailbox because some huffy dog owner thinks they're too good to poop scoop, and I have a camera to bust them when they don't.
triagain wrote:
So...a apparently very troubled neighbor keeps on videotaping whoever is walking by and if their dogs soil the easement (between sidewalk and road) they have been recording and sending it to Animal Control I got a letter. Which is totally bs as that area is public and as long as I remove the poop I am cool. I went several times trying to talk to them today they called the cops on me who came over (they were quite entertained btw) they just suggested that I try not to walk on the sidewalk in front of them..(they said do not go down to their level).. however I learned that these people have been calling cops and reporting several people.. and there is nothing we can do about it. I want to them to be on the receiving side for once .. a notice.. something. What to do ? Isnt videotaping me walking the dogs illegal although they are doing it from their house without me seeing ? I am in FL. Thanks !

Los Angeles, CA

#165 Jun 4, 2013
I have a neighbor in California that sits across the street and video tapes me in my garage is this legal or is a stocking or an invasion of privacy

Pittsburgh, PA

#166 Jun 9, 2013
celery wrote:
It is a federal offense to tape people without their permission, unless it is in a public place. People in the US have the constitutional right to privacy.
If your neighbor records you without your permission, it is illegal.
Pennsylvania has the toughest wiretapping laws in the country.
You are incorrect my neighbor has been videotaping my family for 7 long years in our backyard front yard driving to the store .The police say its her right they cant do anything.Ive contacted a lawyer and he too says the same thing.By the way I live in PA

Portland, OR

#167 Jul 2, 2013
I currently live in a rental house in the state of washington. recently our landlord sent our neighbor some legal documentation because we have a shared driveway there is no easemeant on record County closed the road that used to be the access to our house (over 25 years ago) and we have been sharing the driveway the entire time I have lived here and it has been shared for over 25 years. as soon as our landlord started sending document the neighbors started yelling at kids saying they could not play in the driveway; that they couldnt play outside that we couldnt use the driveway (which does NOT allow us access to our house without going up and fown a hill) and they actually started building a fence that butted right up to our driveway. They did stop when I said I would knock it down with my expedition. Now they say everytime there is animal fecies in their yard its from my dogs even though we go out with our dogs, any fecies they find they throw on our cars they yell at my kids and once the neighbor gets drunk he gets extremely brave...yelling at my husband threatening him even shoving him and sneaking up on him implying he is hoing to hit my husband (done a couple times while my hysband was working on a car). My husband is much bigger and foes NOT want it to get physical one because my husband is affraid of hurting the guy as nd two my hysband says there is no going after things get physical and any hopes of any type of ammicable neighbor relationships are definitely over. I am so over this nonsence. I did call the police last time he was drunk and shoved my husband. So now he parks his cars so we have to jockey in and out to get out of our dtiveway and two nights ago he put up some sort of cameras, three of them. Now I have absolutely nothing to hide however one is pointed at my bedroom window one at my front door and one at the driveway. I have a 17 year old daughter and a 9 year old son, if he wants to record the driveway I say have fun! however can he really record my home, my kids, my private moments? I am extremely uncomfortable with the positioning of two if these cameras!!! I reported to my landlord and he said to try and keep the peace as best we can while they work out the driveway situation but it is becoming increasingly difficult. Especially once the neighbor puts a few under his belt! The best part of this situation is we all got along great last summer. They loved my kids said how wonderful polite and wellbehaved they were etc. We helped each other with yard work all kinds of neighborly stuff. Now its practically world war three! Long story short (sorry I ramble when I'm upset) IS THERE ANYTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT THE CAMERAS (LEGALLY) THAT ARE POINTED AT MY BEDROOM WINDOW AND MY FRONT DOOR (I COULD CARE-A-LESS ABOUT THE ONE POINTED AT YHE DRIVEWA Y, ITS JUST ADDED SECURITY FOR US).... I JUST WANT MY SENSE OF PRIVACY BACK!! Any advice is greatly aporeciated... I think we are well past the neighborly talks and working this out civally amongst ourselves, sad but seems to be true.

Kingston Springs, TN

#168 Jul 9, 2013
I was being videotaped while walking into my apartment building, when I asked if he was videotaping me he stated that he was and was going to put it on youtube, I asked him to stop and he didn't, what are my rights?

Since: Aug 11

Location hidden

#169 Jul 9, 2013
There is no expectation of privacy in a public open area. Since technology has outgrown the law perhaps it is time for a few new ones. I do not see video of people in public areas to ever be outlawed. Imagine taking a video of your children in Hubbard Park and a group of people in the background become mad because they are in your video. What then?
neighbor in Illinois

Saint Charles, MO

#170 Jul 16, 2013
I have a neighbor That just placed surveillance cameras on his roof pointed to video our yard. is this legal in the state of Illinois?

Binghamton, NY

#171 Aug 4, 2013
I am a landowner and I have a apartment next door to me that I rent out my renter video taped my daughter with out my daughters consent is that legal in the state of new york

Binghamton, NY

#172 Aug 4, 2013
Connie wrote:
Just this afternoon, I confronted by neighbor about mirrors propped up against his house with his security camera aimed directly at it. It gives him a clear view of my front porch. He said he can do anything since it is his property. He also extended a chain fence which blocked our spinkler head. Big blow up with my family with him and his wife. They called police and police will call code enforcement for emergency visit tomorrow. They thought this couple was nuts too.
. Is it illegal to video tap someone without there consent

Binghamton, NY

#173 Aug 4, 2013
Is it illegal to video tap someone without there consent in New York State on there own private property the renter is the one on the landlords private property video taping without consent

Portland, OR

#174 Aug 5, 2013
I live in Vancouver WA. I am a US Military officer. I got into a heated debate with neighbor about their nightly parties, dry brushA d their cigarette smoke. It did not go we'll as I was trying to talk to uneducated 26 year olds. As this occurred the woman across the street Jana Dynes got out her phone and video tape the event. She hit my car a year ago and when I confronted her to fix it she tried to get a restraining order. She did not get it bc she had no grounds. She just wanted to cause more trouble after hitting my car. Such a nice person. i have found her lying in court documents to swaying other uneducated neighbors in her favor... just to cause trouble. Now she is constantly video taping me. Is there a law against this in WA state? I am not happy where I live but my house will not sell in this economy.
tired of psycho neighbors

United States

#175 Aug 20, 2013
Listen, for all of you asking if it is legal for people's security cameras to be taping you, please use your brain for a moment. If you are outside of your house, in your yard, your car, on your porch, the street, the sidewalk, etc., can people see you? In general the answer is of course they can. Is everyone so paranoid about people looking at them? I guess the only answer to this is don't go outside of your home. As VietnamVet said, any public place is not private. Though your yard may be private property in general it can be viewed by the public.
So, in answer to everyones questions in most states it is legal for a camera to be viewing you if you are somewhere that people in general (the public) can be viewing you. Do you freak out because people are "looking" at you when you are outside? No? Then what does it matter if the camera can see you? If you are in an area where the public can see you then it is legal for a video camera to "see" you. The only place that it is illegal, in general for a camera to 'see' you is in a place where you have "reasonable expectation of privacy". This would include inside your home, bathrooms of public places, motel rooms, etc. Again, if you are ANYWHERE outside you cannot expect it to be private...if people can see you, then so can their cameras.

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