Grisphover Family Origins

Grisphover Family Origins

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Johnny Masters

Louisville, KY

#1 Oct 20, 2010
Well some folks who are calling themselves “wow really”and “Country” and “You Disgust Me” is trashing me, but that's to be expected. That's all my family knows how to do. I'm supposed to listen to you? John-John Skunkle doesn't know anything about me.

Just like when Kathy and Charlie destroyed Tony' Gripshover's legacy by destroying his cassette tapes that he recorded himself speaking and singing on, now some anonymous cowardly Gripshovers are now trying to delete my legacy. JJ Skunkle says he's got the tape though, but I don't believe that piece of trash lying despicable no-good hypocritical BRAINWASHED idiot. JJ Skunkle thinks the world was created 6,000 years ago. OMG! You are so BRAINWASHED!!!

Here's the Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth:

I know the Gripshover lineage all the way back from when the mother ship set sail from Germany. I know from then on, and from then backwards. I got pictures and addresses of the original “Gripshover Homeland” in Europe. And get this: we aren't all Germans neither. Even if Anne Brueggeman would eventually have 2 sons who would birth Camillus and Teresa, which was convenient because then Teresa didn't have to change her last name and our family tree doesn't “tree” off like it's supposed to, Teresa mother, the Domosko side of us, came from Bohemia. That's right. Teresa is ½ Bohemian, and her children are ¼, and their children are one eighth, and so on. You're aren't just a Jew hating Nazi German, but you're also a Balkan; you're a Czech; you got dark color in your heritage/ancestry. So keep on being a bunch of racists Gripshover Family. That's a great look. And you're against reading books? Seriously? And evolution? Do you believe in knowing things?

In 1890, Johann Gripshover and Anna Brueggeman were the original Germans who get onto the boat and sailed the Atlantic Ocean to get to Ellis Island, New York. 1890 is the “arrival date” for the Gripshover Family. They had a bunch of children with them on that boat, including Bernard Gripshover and Ferdinand Gripshover, both brothers. They thought that 4 year old Joseph Gripshover had syphillis, or some disease, such as Typhus, Cholera, or Smallpox. Typhus was called “ship fever”. Out of fear of the baby Joseph being thrown overboard, they hid him in a basket. At one point, they thought that the Joseph had quit breathing, but he did, and eventually made it to Ellis Island, NY with the rest of his family.

The Gripshovers left Germany because it was oppressive, authoritarian, and totalitarian, and they feared that their sons would be forced to join the military, or else be shot.

Johann and Anna, the Matriarch and Patriarch of the Gripshover Family, brought the Catholic religion with them. They also brought over a bunch of kids. And their farming skills. And whatever German heritage they had. In the late 1800s, in America, the Germans and the Bohemians were blamed for the Pullman Strike, and other wildcats strikes during the US. There was a large influx of German and Bohemian immigrants flooding into America at this point. World War 1 and 2 saw the rise of anti-Germanism in the US. Prohibition happened because most of America's beer was imported from Germany. Catholics were also discriminated against. So it wasn't easy for Johann and Anna Gripshover's family to assimilate into America.
Johnny Masters

Louisville, KY

#2 Oct 20, 2010
Ferdinand and Bernard Gripshovers were brothers, both born to Johann and Anna. Ferdinand's son, Camillus Gripshover, and Bernard Gripshover's granddaughter, Teresa Gripshover, eventually get married, and have 9 children. Their marriage was convenient because Teresa didn't have to change her last name as married women typically do since she already had the last name of Gripshover. This is exactly what you think it is.

Ferdinand Gripshover had Camillus Gripshover, my Grandfather. Bernard Gripshover had George Gripshover, and then George Gripshover (who married Mary Ann Domosko, a Bohemian) turned around and had Teresa Gripshover, my Grandmother. Camillus married Teresa, and has 9 child-slaves to farm their farm for them as Camillus smacks his first-cousin-once-removed wife around whenever he got drunk, or felt like it.

Kathy and Charlie were beaten daily. They were made to stay home from school so they can cook and clean and be a field hand. Kathy was treated like a kitchen slave, and Charlie was used as an ox. They only cared about him carrying stuff. Camillus didn't befriend Charlie. Camillus befriended George. Took him under his wing. Showed him the ropes. Showed him how to take loans out, and coached him into buying everybody else out. And they did. They sold a piece of their homeland for $20,000. All of the Gripshover children got $20,000 to start their lives out with. Never ever helped them? Yeah right. Most folks don't get $20,000 to start out with. I know I didn't. Then they treat their children like they are supposed to make something from nothing. Maybe if I had welding skills. Maybe if I was taught to plow, or raise some crops...but no. I was just a slave; a Mexican; a cog in Kevin's plan, to be the dumb laborer who does all his work, never learning any important skills, not being independent, not learning to talk to others, just learning to be a tobacco-setting/hoeing/cutting /housing/stripping, tomato-picking, dish-washing loser. That's what you all tried to turn me into. You all learned that child-slavery farming business model from Camillus.

All Camillus had to do was raise his voice, and 9 kids would come running, ready to conform to his every beckon call. Camillus would run his operation that way even when he was on his death bed. He had brainwashed his children to being such good slaves, they'd still work for the drunken abusive prick, even after all the black eyes he gave Teresa. Camillus's children would come back to work on the farm, for free, after their adult years. They would even give their paychecks up free and clear that they had earned working 40 hours a week. Camillus, like Kevin, would slam his fist down on the table, and force everybody to play Euchre.

Then Tony Gripshover, the 5th eldest son, bought a car, a Gremlin. In retaliation for that crime, Camillus BANISHED Tony out of the house. While Tony is BANISHED, his mother, Teresa dies (by a “herniated disk”, I think). Tony comes back home to see the body, and Charlie yells out,“You killed mother! It's all your fault!” Camillus hated Tony, so Charlie thought that by hating his own brother he would get on Camillus's good side. Charlie blamed Teresa's death on Tony, even though Tony had nothing to do with. Tony is displaced from his homeland. He leaves rejected and depressed. 3 months later, on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 1973, he wrecks his car into a tree, killing him. He was 18 years old. After hearing about it, Camillus then yells as Kathy,“And you wanted to get your license!?!”
Johnny Masters

Louisville, KY

#3 Oct 20, 2010
The child-slaves of Camillus's had to endure 2 deaths in 1973: Their Mother and Their Brother. 11 years later, in 1984, Camillus dies. That leaves behind 9 “orphaned” adults, the youngest being 23 years old, and a will that gave the homeland to each of the children in equal tracks. All of the Gripshover aunts and uncles started out with a piece of property, or $20,000.

Plus there's more. The aunts and uncles are not as holy as they seem. For some reason, none of brothers and sisters like George. They were all beaten and smacked on a daily basis to make sure they worked the farm, cleaned the house, and fed themselves. There was some weird sexual stuff going on in the home: looking at private parts, sleeping with their parents till their teenage years, and probably more. As a teenager, one of them wrecked and killed somebody. One of them used the family's money for their own personal land deal. One of the hypocritical holy ones pretends to be for celibacy when she had 2 children from 2 other men. There's still Camillus's 3 other children nobody knows a thing about.

Why don't any of his brothers and sisters like George? What Internal Conflict exists between these orphans that prevented them from throwing a Family Reunion until I came along? I'd rather not dwell in the past though, and I was intentionally evasive. I am not trying to destroy. I am trying to heal. Since I know and understand my past, I have a more secure foundation for the future, and that's what we should all be looking towards. Tomorrow. Maybe it's too late for the Gripshovers, maybe it isn't. It's definitely not too late for the Dearings/Lemmings or the Vaskes. I'm sure there's prejudice there too, some internal conflict, but those wounds only get worse as you grow older. Since some of the aunts and uncles don't like some of their brothers and sisters, they got their whole family to not like them. So we got groups of families who don't like the other groups... because of that initial parent's bias.

There is still a chance. Eve has 9 children and Rosie has 10 children. Rosie won that race and she will live in greater infamy because of that, especially since she didn't have a husband for many year, and to raise a family mostly on her own. Then Lucy's eldest came up with the idea to have the whole family gather together, a smart profound revolutionary idea, that had a 99% success rate (only two out of 84 (at the time) didn't show up for the first reunion). So that would be the equivalent of Doris's eldest child or Angie's eldest. They would grow up, and wonder why do they go to a “Gripshover Reunion” when they don't even know any Gripshovers? It would be the same way I think about the Domosko Reunion, the Bohemian Czechs. So Dixie Ann and Angie's eldest will say,“Hey, maybe just the immediate family should get together.” Then there will be a Vaske Family Reunion and a Rosie Gripshover's Family Reunion. Both of these Reunions will use the same choronological order technique that the Gripshover Reunion used. The first one would be thrown on the homeland, and then it would travel down the line starting from the Michael Dearing Jr.'s homeland and Teresa Marie Vaske's homeland, and go on down the list.
Johnny Masters

Louisville, KY

#4 Oct 20, 2010
In 2003, I, Johnny Masters, single-handedly organized the Gripshover Reunion. I founded the Gripshover Family. Before I came along, the only Family Reunion the Gripshovers ever had was The Funerals. We only met when one of us died. The Gripshovers believe that when you die, that you don't really die. Instead you go up into the clouds where you get to dance and party in some happy place with everybody who has died in your life in some glorious place so they all get together and laugh and carry on, and leave behind all the living to live here on this wretched Earth... unless they don't pass God's judgement. Then they'll go to Hell.

I remember attending Barb Gripshover's funeral (2003?) and I thought about how I don't see any of my family on a regular basis except at a funeral. It was like the funeral was our family reunion. I didn't like that. In fact, today, I still do not support death You should live. You should not die. Had we gathered together as a family before one of our died, maybe we could have used our resources to save that person.

In 2003, I came up with the Gripshover Family Reunion, and then I saw it implemented and realized. I was going to Xavier University at the time (this was the semester I dropped out), and I was living at “The Village” in the dorms. Katie and I wrote the Gripshover NewsFlyer, and sent out all the invitations. Kristi-bitch, even though her name was on the Flyer, didn't do shit, except take the credit.

The first Gripshover reunion was held at Alice and Larry's house. Actually the 1st two Gripshover Reunions were held at Alice and Larry's house. So some may call Charlie's Gripshover Reunion Reunion #4, but it's really Gripshover Reunion #6. After I organized that first Gripshover Family Reunion at Alice and Larry's, only one person complimented me on what I had accomplished. He said,“Way to take a bull by the horns”. Another said,“Whoever organized this reunion did a bad job.” Mike Dearing Jr. pessimisticly told me he thought the reunion would only go on for a measly 5 years. Well it's 6 years now, and counting. The rest of you all didn't say a word. So in return for finding the Gripshover Family, I got one compliment, two insults, and bunch of jerks who didn't say a word!

Alice cleaned her place up. Alice and Larry were vital. They let the Reunion happen on their land, two years in a row. Timmy brought some food. Others helped, sure. But without me, the Gripshover Family Reunion would have never have happened.

Then I said,“I'm going to quit pushing for it. I'm going to let the adults pick up the slack.” I told others, one cousin in particular, that they should carry the tradition on. Nobody cared. Nobody did a thing. Nobody picked up the slack.

So what happened in 2005 and 2006? I'll tell you what happened. There was a failure in leadership. It was a leadership crisis. If the Gripshover Family Reunion could exist without Johnny Masters, then why didn't it? I'll tell you why it didn't. The Gripshover Family Reunion couldn't exist without me because there's not one single other Gripshover out here who gives a damn about everybody member of this family. Just me. The rest of you all don't care about each other.
Johnny Masters

Louisville, KY

#5 Oct 20, 2010
So none of the Gripshovers did a thing about the Reunion. So again, the Reunion was thrusted back onto my shoulders. If I would have left it up to you all, you would have let the Reunion die off. So I thought about it some more. It didn't seem fair that the Reunion should be on my shoulders every year, so I came up with a Grand Idea. I came up with the Chronological Plan. The Chronological Plan was where each Gripshover throws their own reunion starting with the 1st born, and then it goes down the line in chronological order among the siblings, and each and every one of them would host the Reunion. With 8 aunts and uncles still living, and over 50 1st cousins, the Gripshover Family has the potential to continue over for more than ½ a Century. The Chronological Plan was good because it didn't fall on any one individual's head to carry the whole load, and it gives the Cousins some time to find their place in life before they have to throw their Reunion. It was self-perpetuating, and it was fair.

In 2007, I pitched this idea to Mary Gripshover-Simpson, who then picked the ball up and ran with it. Then Kathy threw hers (at Mary's house), and then Eve threw hers at her house, and now Charlie is throwing the Gripshover Family Reunion this year, this Sunday, October 20, 2010, at his house. So this is the 6th installment of the self-perpetuating Gripshover Family Reunion. Good for me... I guess.

If I, Johnny Masters, did not push for the Gripshover Family Reunion, it would not exist. It was a good idea, and it worked: so far the Reunion has gone on for Chronologically for 4 years now, and 6 years total. The Gripshover Family Reunion lives on today because of Johnny Masters.

And all I got was one thank you. One thank you? That's it?

Then it gets worse. It was important for Kevin and Kristi-bitch, and Charlie and Eve, that I didn't show up to their houses for the 2009 and 2010 “Family” Reunions. They worked overtime to sabotage me, and banish me. First, Eve and Charlie didn't invite me. Second, after Kevin attacked me with a golf club, threw me in jail, and then filed a legal injunction preventing me from being around Lucy, Kurt, or Kelli, Kristi-bitch acts as Kevin's scout and spy, and makes sure he's there, at the Reunion, and I'm not. That's great. Legally banished from my own Family Reunion.

I will never forget that. And the rest of you just shrugged your shoulders. One of our own is gone? Ah well. Just like you all did with Tony. Before I came along, the only family reunions the Gripshovers had were the funerals. That's not how family is supposed to treat one another. Well, I cannot pretend that these people care about me or my self-interests. They are not my family and I don't care if we are blood related (the blood is tainted with incest anyways). The aunts and uncles got their life together, but all they know how to do is make our lives more difficult. Not easier, not better. You didn't call me to see how I was doing because you all didn't care. That's why you didn't show up to court when Kevin was trying to throw me in jail. In fact, you all knew how cruel he was, and still is. You've known all my life. You didn't care before, and you don't care now. The Gripshovers have never cared for their own.
Johnny Masters

Louisville, KY

#6 Oct 20, 2010
The aunts and uncles are older than me, and so they should be more responsible and better leaders than the cousins. They are not. They are bad leaders. They don't inspire. Instead they seek to destroy, and then they'll have enough gall to tell you that it's for your own good. Eve and Bernie and Kathy made fools of themselves during Kurt's Baptism. Acted like complete assholes... in Church! Which then Becky adds insult to injury and does the same thing 5 years later. Okay “family”... thanks for your input, but no thanks. I will not just sit there and be destroyed while you just watch and laugh and do nothing. Evil exists because “good” people do nothing.

It's not the cousins I have issues with. It's the aunts and uncles, and their failed leadership. It's not leadership if all you do is control and demean, and make slaves of your children. Respect is earned, not forced. Though I must say, it is impressive how loyal many of you are to people who beat you all up everybody of your lives. To earn your respect, should I beat you all up like Camillus did to you? That seems to earn your respect. That type of behavior gets your attention. Not being good and nice and decent. Nope. That doesn't matter, does it? Respect is a two-way street. If you all call me a nickname you don't like, I'll just call you a nickname you don't like. That's fair. That's just.

Some of the children took their new daddy's name, and some of them took their old daddy's name. Which one is right? To be honest, you never thought about it, did ya? You all want to be these name-calling jerks just because you are trying to gain your parents' respect. Did it work?

Yeah, let's protect a dead man's name, like Camillus, but not a person who is alive, or a brother who they don't want to remember.

The cousins can plead ignorance, and they are still young, so I do not blame them. In fact, I don't even blame the aunts and uncles. They had to make due with what they had, but that doesn't negate any of the facts I have laid before you, and you should live your life based on facts. Knowledge is better than ignorance.

The Gripshovers don't care if two of their young males don't make it to the first reunion. The Gripshovers don't care if they send one of their own off to war. They didn't vote for the anti-war candidate; they voted for John McCain, the candidate who wanted to heavily escalate the 2 wars and stay in Afghanistan for 100 years. They believe in unity for unity's sake; not for survival; not for self-respect, and discussing life's curveballs. They believe in “family” just because. But it's bullshit. It's all been a bunch of bullshit.
Johnny Masters

Louisville, KY

#7 Oct 20, 2010
Some sort of infrastructure should be instituted so that communication between all family members is established.

I am being smart. I'm not going to let you destroy me. Where have I been for 10 years? Where have I been? What have I been doing? The Truth is, you all knew bad things was happening to me, and you didn't call, you didn't ask where I was, because you didn't care. You see me, you walk away. You mock me. For an entire hour, you mocked me... while I'm telling you about the Reunion! So you mock me, let me get set-up by Kevin, who by the way, is a complete dick, always has been, and always will be, no matter how nice he is to you, and then didn't say a word about his legal tricks to prevent me from going to Eve's Reunion. They are playing a game. They smile to the public, and then go home, and beat the kids. You mock me, let me get smacked around for 18 years by Kevin, let me be homeless for 10 years without one phone call, or a single one of you asking,“Hey where did he go?” You didn't ask the question because you didn't care. You didn't want to “deal” with me, so you left me all alone. I'm supposed to care about what you think? Shit.

You all have been destroying me and my name ever since I came out of the womb. Ever since I was born, you all were smacking me around, calling me derogatory nicknames, to make sure I understood my inferior role in this world.

Saying the Truth is wrong? This is information regarding Tony Gripshover came out of the aunts and uncles' mouths. I want everybody in the Gripshover Family to understand everything that happened to Tony; his every year, his every month, his every minute, his every hour, his every moment, his every breath of life.

I hurt the family? No. I'm the one who created the family. I founded the Gripshover Family. I brought the Gripshovers together, single-handedly. No wait. Katie was there too. I wrote the first Gripshover NewsFlyer at Xavier University in “The Village” in my dorm room. Kristi-bitch did absolutely nothing, except take credit, and get on her knees to protect Kevin. I hurt the family? So when Kevin is doing his Mary impression, or his Charlie impersonation, or his abuse... yeah, Lucy is getting her butt kicked in 1990, and all the Gripshovers got together at Rosie's house. Did they decide to go do something? Did they want to help protect their little sister? Or did they just let her get smacked around? I know! The Gripshover family, Lucy's brothers and sisters knew about the abuse going on in the house, and they did nothing about it! They let me and my sisters, as my little brother and sister is being treated now, get smacked around as well. Listen to you all? I don't think so.

You want to say I hurt the family? Shit. Those who let Tony die hurt the family. Those who screwed over others hurt the family. I never let anybody die. I never screwed anybody over. But being good and decent doesn't matter to the Gripshover aunts and uncles. I only got one thank you for initiating the Gripshover Family Reunion. They just want slaves. They just want to bully others. Well, I'm not going to be bullied, and I'll bully back if I got to.
Johnny Masters

Louisville, KY

#8 Oct 20, 2010
The only thing I'm going to say about the “cousins” collectively (for the most part, I don't know many of you all, but there's only a few bad apples) is that they are a bunch of racists. One of our younger cousins was going to join the KKK. That's wonderful. Maybe if he bags enough blacks, then he'll be accepted by his older racist cousins? Right? Yeah right. No. They'll never approve of their younger cousins because as soon as you approve of somebody who is seeking your approval, then you've just given away your power. Well you soulless racists do realize that we have 2 black girls in our family, don't you? The words and behavior so far only shows how backwards this family is. Becky's daughter's should not be judged based on their skin color, but based on the content of their character. One cousin once bragged about going up to a black person and telling them that they “should be hung from a tree”. That's great. You feel the same way about Becky's kids? When Becky married Mr. Utz, some of the cousins flew the Confederate Flag to stage a powerful and evil and mean-spirited protest against that marriage, and against all black people in general. All of you racists are making it more difficult for Becky's daughters, not easier. Stop with your backwards ignorant ways! Racists hurt themselves, and this family more than anything I ever say.

I didn't write this to hurt anybody. I wrote it to heal. You know what I say is true. But I'll tell you this. I bet you all pay attention to the Internet much more. You all pretend like the Internet don't matter. OMG! You people are so stupid! I didn't destroy the family. There wasn't a family to begin with till I came around. They all cared about their prejudices; which of the family members they liked, which ones they didn't like. The Gripshovers had way to much conflict.

The Gripshovers need to purge out the assholes. The dumb ones who are making it worse for everybody else. Or they need to have at least one person that is actually a good leader.

Vote Rick Brueggeman for District Judge. He's family.
Johnny Masters

Louisville, KY

#9 Oct 20, 2010
The 4 year old baby Joseph Gripshover lived through the journey. I didn't think I made that clear from before.

Cincinnati, OH

#10 Oct 20, 2010
Get help.
Johnny Masters

Louisville, KY

#11 Oct 20, 2010
1890 is when the Gripshover came to America. 1890 is 20 to 30 years after the Civil War. So when the cousins are waving their Confederate Flags, what Southern heritage are fighting for? They say the South will rise again, but they were never a part of the South.

For some, I think the waving of Confederate flag has little to do with freedom, independence, and states rights as much as it has to do with racism.

You disagree? With what part?
Johnny Masters

Louisville, KY

#12 Oct 21, 2010
I think Tony should have water to drink. I think Tony should live in a house that has walls. Tony should have electricity, for heat in the winter, and cool in the Summer. If saying that my cousin, your brother, needs the basic essentials for life itself is considered “Communist,” then call me a Communist, I don't care. What I think is important here, is why did Tony consider that craphole a palace? I don't fault the person who provided him that palace to live in, but those who drove him to live there. Why couldn't he stay with his parents? How many of my 1st cousins now are willing to take a vow that they will love their children unconditionally, meaning without conditions, meaning no matter what? Any of them? Any of them not think of their children as little child-slaves to be exploited?

I mean Alice wants to chastise some of Rosie's younger children for having children at a young age and out of wedlock, but that's the same thing she did! In fact, what she did was “worse” since she was with 2 different men. I don't think there's anything wrong with what Rosie's younger children did, or what younger day Alice did. I do have a problem with her just adding more trouble onto Rosie's younger children when, as young Mothers, they have enough to deal with already.

Actually I talked to Alice about this. She was telling me how terrible Rosie's kids were, and I asked her if she would be willing to open the door for them if they were in dire need.“Nope” she said immediately, without giving the question a moment's notice. To her, it is an aunt's responsibility to criticize her nieces, but it is not an aunt's job to actually provide a safe place of refuge, a sanctuary, or a haven for them. If they did live with her, then she'd be able to closely monitor the sex since that's what she is so concerned with. I'm not sure why she feels the need to add more troubles to Rosie's younger children.

To understand the nickname thing, Junior, no matter which way you slice it, means inferior to, less than, beneath. Juniors are 11th graders, under Seniors. Jr. High School is Middle School. Monopoly Jr. is a game for children. So the assumption was that I am supposed to be a little version of Kevin Deaton... well, I got a problem with that. First of all, I'm not a evil soulless dirty rotten child-beating bastard, so I cannot carry his legacy and tradition forward even if I tried. But the point isn't that I am supposed to be a Hitler; it's that I am supposed to be a little Hitler; a Hitler Jr. So if I followed the plan, I was supposed to grow up to be a Hitler, but an inferior version of him, so that the real Hitler can reign supreme and force that inferiority complex on me forever.

Okay. So before I had used the nickname “Pineapple”, but I don't think that really drives the point home. Instead, I will use Eve as an example. Since Eve never showed her face around us when we were kids, she got a reputation, governed by Kevin, that she was a Bitch. So we all grew up believing that Eve was a Bitch. When I told Kevin that not everybody liked him, he responded with,“I don't care what Eve says about me,” assuming that he knew who had said it because to him, there was only one Gripshover who didn't like him.
Johnny Masters

Louisville, KY

#13 Oct 21, 2010
So when John says he called me that stupid childhood nickname all his life, that is not true. In fact, until 2003, I cannot think of one conversation him and I ever had. I bet he can't think of one either. Maybe on the second Canoe trip; that's the first conversation I can remember, and we argued about some petition that I signed about protecting the environment against the coal companies. He said coal mining is progress, and I thought that progress was okay, but that we didn't have to pollute the world. That was my adulthood years. John, like many of my family for a variety of reason, didn't talk to me as a child. What he means to say, is that he referred to me as Junior when he was talking about me, to other people. It's the label my initial oppressor, and all his followers love to repeat. It's insulting, and they know it. It's easy to spot my haters because it's like they can't wait to be disrespectful to me, and the first moment they get, they insult me with it, and then claim “I've always called you that.” Okay. Well since I've always known Eve as Eve L. Bitch, then that's all I'm ever going to call her. I'm not even going to mention that she CHANGED HER NAME, throwing the Gripshover name in the garbage, so that makes her a 100% complete hypocrite, thru and thru, but I will call her what the Deaton household has known about her for years. So I see Eve L. Bitch, and I go up to her, in Church, and I say,“Hi, Eve L. Bitch, how are you doing, Eve L. Bitch?” I smile as I'm insulting her, and she doesn't like that name, and tells me so, but I don't care. It's what I've always called her, so it's what I'm going to keep calling her.“Hey, Eve L. Bitch... I want to see how mad you get when I say that... I want to see your reaction because I love pissing you off. How do you like that?” If Eve L. Bitch gets really mad, then I'll just say,“Oh, I didn't know you didn't like that.” Really, you all didn't know bout Johnny Masters? Shit. That's a lie. Whatever. If you think that me forcing “Evelyn Gripshover-Vaske” to be “Eve L. Bitch” is wrong, then what Evelyn Gripshover-Vaske, and her minions have done to me, is wrong too. That's fair. If you think what Eve and her minions have done to me are right, then calling her Eve L. Bitch is right too. That's fair. That's an eye for an eye. If you don't protect and fight for my name and reputation, when that's all a person's got in this world, then I will do nothing to protect and fight for your name. Eve L is Evil. What? Don't blame me. It's the nickname we always called her.

I remember living in Cincinnati, not Over-the-Rhine (which I did live there once, as well as the Drop Inn Homeless Center), but in another spot that had similar ghetto-like conditions. That apartment was all that I could afford. I had just left Chris's house which I stayed at for a week or two. Nobody knew where I was living. No family, no friends, and my car was falling apart. I had got a crappy job that would pay the bills, but I didn't feel optimistic about the future. Every time it rained, the bathroom would flood, and there would be leaves and cockroaches everywhere. Whatever. It sucked. But there's a specific image I have of myself during this time period. It was in the ghetto. A crackhead would tap on my window at night. I was on the ground floor. There were no curtains in the windows. I distinctly and vividly recall laying on a little padded mat my friend from Xavier had given me, gripping onto my air BB gun pistol, sweating, and just staring out the window watching and waiting for any intruders. And even though I didn't have anything of value in the world, I had my name, Goddamnit, and I will clutch and hold onto my name until the very end, when they put me 6 feet deep, and nobody will ever take that away from me. I may not own much, but I own myself. I own Johnny Masters. Johnny Masters is mine, till the end.
Johnny Masters

Louisville, KY

#14 Oct 21, 2010
I remember Becky disrespected me one year, and it pissed me off, and she couldn't wait until next year to do it again, in Church! It was like she waited all year just to be disrespectful to me. Is that why I brought the entire family together? So she can be an asshole to me? Same with John, even though him and I may be headed towards a road of reconciliation, so I want to be extra careful when I talk about him. It's like these people just can't wait to get their licks in. Well, that's not family. I will not pretend that Becky gives a damn about me. She doesn't. Which sucks because I am the only person who has stood up to the racism in that family. In fact, Bill (another hater... 18 times in an hour in a bean patch!) once said,“We white people need to stick together,” after a comment I had made about not being racist. So I guess he's saying that all 90 cousins need to stick together to make sure Becky's children stays oppressed, and understands their inferior second-class citizenship? That's crap. That is such bullshit. But now Becky's off by herself having to raise two black girls in a racist America, in a racist family, while Rusty gets to kick off his shoes, lay in a recliner, and watch all the cable he wants to at Eve L. Bitch's house. Is that how family is supposed to treat each other?

Don't forget, it was Eve L. Bitch who pushed the philosophy of “drive 'em back home”. If one of her children sought refuge from one of Eve's brothers and sisters, Eve L. Bitch said that they should kick their child out, and force them back into the situation they didn't want to be in the first place. Teresa moved in with Kathy when she was budding into adulthood, so maybe that's the situation she was talking about, but there's been several of these situations. So that means even if you are being beaten up, day in and day out, and you try to get away, and run to one of your aunts and uncles for help, it is Eve L Bitch's philosophy that no matter what was going on in the home, that child needed to be forced back, even if it means more violence, or worse, rape and incest. That's great. Does Eve have my best interests in mind? No she doesn't. In fact, I theorize that she took her position against Johnny Masters because while her and Kevin haven't always got along, it's more important that all of the aunts and uncles children know who is boss, and who isn't, especially in Eve's house. So she'll take the side of the oppressor because the worst sin in the world is a child speaking against their parents, right Eve L. Bitch?

One thing I will give Eve credit for, and several other cousins in the family, is that many of her children learned trades, work skills, transferable work skills that they could use out in the job market. Any idiot can wash dishes, but if want a good job, then you need to learn trades; such as plowing a field, preparing a farm for crops, driving a tractor, welding, fence building, computer repair, electrician, etc. So while Kevin Deaton's family (not Lucy's; she knows and accepts her subordinate role) was playing sports and making fun of everybody, they didn't learn any work trades, or how to communicate. Kevin said that Alice and Larry's children, the 2nd set, are “socially retarded”. I'm sure that probably true for most of us considering we had to endure oppression and whatever personality traits our respective parents had.
Johnny Masters

Louisville, KY

#15 Oct 21, 2010
The lessons to learn from all of this is Equality. Some folks think that the proper order of the world is that a Man is above a Woman, and that the Woman is above the Children. That's the patriarchal social hierarchical order we have now. After reaching out to family, and all of them pretending like Kevin was Jesus Christ himself, a person who would never hurt an ant, much less drown kittens in the pond, I went to the Women's Crisis Center to see if I was crazy, or if everybody else was. I had noticed a weird phenomenon about Kristi-bitch: she dotes on and adores and bows down to the jerks she dates, the ones who are mean to her, make fun of her, is disrespectful to her, and the men that are nice to her, she treats like dog crap. I asked the Therapist why? She said that “sometimes feminism can go to far”. The goal isn't for one partner to be subordinate to the other partner. The goal is equality. Both the man and woman are equal partners for life. One is not better or above the other. They are the same. They both have needs, and dreams, and their own self-interests. But being raised in an unequal household, the children of that household don't understand that. They understand that one person is the boss (Eve), and the other person just does as they are told. Most of the aunts and uncles want to the Camillus in the relationship. Eve L. Bitch wants to be Camillus. And I think why several of her children have been cruel to me have been because they are trying to get in her good graces.

So when John says why don't you just admit that you don't want to be a part of the family, well, that was the oppressor's goal to begin with. John was going to continually be a shithead to me, which no doubt Eve L. Bitch and Charlie and Kathy are still doing today, and then see how I react. It's not that I don't want a family. I very much do. But I need a family who actually has my back; not one looking to start shit every time they see me. So it's not that I don't want to be a part of Eve L. Bitch, Charlie, and Kathy's family; it's that they don't give a damn about me. I will not live under the illusion that they have any inclination of what “family” is really supposed to mean. And don't ever forget, I never did a single mean or bad thing to Eve L. Bitch, Charlie, or Kathy, and the other haters to receive their hatred, and disrespect. They are just crappy people just for the hell of it.
Johnny Masters

Louisville, KY

#16 Oct 21, 2010
Rosie Gripshover: The "Controversial" Piece:

Tony Gripshover, Dead At 17 (I know, I know, it was 18... it's been noted and correction within):
Tony Gripshover

Louisville, KY

#17 Oct 21, 2010
Johnny Masters is a good man, always has been. Very humble. Quiet though. And mad about the injustice that has been perpetuated on his head for 28 years. When old Beatin-Deaton uses violence, that's okay. But when violence is used back, that's not? I understand how he feels. My father banished me too, and everybody, including little Lucy turned her back on me. Is it possible to force an entire 8 person family to hate one individual? Yes. And it was easy to do. Plus that trial Kevin put his eldest son through cost Johnny $3,000.$3,000! Johnny should be paid for the 17 years of free labor that he did, and $3,000. That's fair.

Also, when ole Beatin' Deaton passes away, we are throwing a parade and a HUGE FESTIVAL! Everybody is invited.
Charlie Gripshover

Louisville, KY

#18 Oct 21, 2010
I am not sorry for the harsh words I spoke to you when Mom died. I shouldn't have done it, but I don't care. Dad had banished you, and while I didn't want to see you die, it did, however, take care of the problem. Dad told you not to buy that Gremlin, but you had to anyways. If you would have just listened to him, and kept doing his free farm work to pay for his farm payments, then everything would have been okay.

I am not sorry for it, nor will I ever be. In fact, I will continually say mean things to everybody I can, because that's the way I roll. Ha ha! I'm an evil Devil Nazi, and I love it. Plus I smell like pig shit. I've been out all night giving these hogs a squeal of a time.
Johnny Masters

Louisville, KY

#19 Oct 22, 2010
Teresa died of cancer, I am told, and Camillus died of sugar diabetes. I heard they had to sow Teresa up fast, and left some of their utensils in her. Who knows what to believe. If anybody has some correction, by all means, correct it. Nobody's perspective about the world includes everything that needs to be known.

A True Revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.
Orson Jetta

Louisville, KY

#20 Oct 23, 2010
Good writing Johnny. That's sad and pathetic how some people act, and sometimes they need to be called out on their b.s.

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