Travis Simpson
Warsaw Resident

Hamilton, OH

#1 Nov 21, 2009
What are your opinons on Warsaw mayor Travis Simpson?

Hamilton, OH

#2 Nov 21, 2009
i dont know him personally but he seems very arrogant.
Warsaw Resident 2

Louisville, KY

#3 Nov 24, 2009
It's not hard to figure him out...Raise taxes one month, Then, the next month they are told that they have a $71,000 deficit and then in the very next paragraph in the newspaper they open $600,000 bids for a firetruck. HE'S INTELLIGENT let me tell ya. Glad he is NOT running again
Warsaw Resident 3

United States

#4 Nov 25, 2009
Yeah he is worthless. Try to get a hold of him for anything and you will find it impossible.

Minneapolis, MN

#5 Nov 25, 2009
In the article about the fire truck, I have seen all the equipment the fire department has and it is super nice. I took a trip to New York last month and as I was walking by one of there fire stations I noticed that Gallatin Co. has better equipment than the City of New York. I just dont see how you can justify that fire truck for about 50 structure fires a year. I would love to have a new Dodge Charger but I can justify it to only drive it when it is nice weather. I just dont see how they can justify the numbers for the need, unless they are fudging the numbers.
Former Resident

Shepherdsville, KY

#6 Nov 27, 2009
50 Fires a year?????????? I don't think thay make anywhere near that, besides do they have enough people old enough to operate the the amoutn of trucks they have.
Warsaw Resident 2

Louisville, KY

#7 Nov 30, 2009
Seems there is alot of "fudging" going on these days. I agrre with you retired. Super nice equipment. I am thankful that we have such nice equipment to have only volunteers fire departments. We also have some very good guys with some incredible knowledge. You can always depend on them for anything and I have nothing against them but COME ON do we REALLY need a new fire truck for the city of warsaw. Tell me how many times that if there is a fire in the city that 3 or 4 trucks don't go out so why is there a need for another city truck.
Warsaw Resident 4

Miami, FL

#8 Nov 30, 2009
Gee, I have a feeling that some person on the fire department is guilty of starting some of these fires,as a matter of fact I know it, just could not prove it, but he did it, and he knows he did, It is good for job security, Fudging numbers is right on, Barry Alexander needs to be watched because he has stolen money from the county before and he will do it again, I know a certain state trooper who can tell you all about how he is involved in a investigation of Barry involving FEMA money. Money that should go to the people of Warsaw. He can act like he is Mr Wonderful in Warsaw, but there is a group of people that know him for what he really is... a FAKE.....It is no surprise that every 1 or 2 years Warsaw needs a new one million dollar truck, talk about fudging the numbers, People are finally on to him and wondering where all this money goes. Barry has no other job, he lost the last one for stealing. So Caroline can get on here and say what she wants to defend him, because she believes his crap, but anyone who worked at the airport a few years back can tell you why he was fired. It is common knowledge. So I am sure we will get that firetruck and then Barry can pad his pockets for the new year with our tax payers money and that stupid Travis will let him get away with it. Nothing has changed.
2 Year Warsaw Resident

Warsaw, KY

#9 Dec 1, 2009
I do not know much about local politics, but apparently Warsaw Resident 4 doesn't know anything about budgets or grants. If a city sets aside funding for a firetruck for several years, and you let the state and local governments know that is what it is for, that is what it has to be used for. That is the same for grant money, it has to be used for whatever you say, even if people think the item is not needed. It seems like from an outsiders point of view, you do not like the fire department or the man in charge and you think maybe by slandering him that things will go your way. Good luck with that!

Burlington, KY

#10 Dec 1, 2009
I'm glad we have corruption in our town. That's what government does. Exploit others, and then throw them in jail. Work the people for really cheap, and then bust them for some petty speeding in the morning charge, which they were speeding probably to get to some crap $7/hour job on time. Dumb janitors. If they would just learn to be rich, to have nice cars, and legal assistance, then they could get away with everything, just like me. But no. That's why we need more laws, and more police, and more authority. We need to have daily housechecks, where the police get to come inside your house, without warrant, to see if they can throw some charges on you. We need more police to put the people in their place, but less regulation and government oversight. We need more secrecy, and less transparency; more closed session meetings. Like a shadow government. But the police better only arrest those with dark skin or who are poor; not middle class landowners. I don't want the police to tell me I can't dump oil in my creeks. It's my creek. You can't tell me what to do. The cops are on my side, and so therefore, I can do no wrong. But poor Americans, you better watch your back. We're coming to get you.
10 year Warsaw resident

Miami, FL

#11 Dec 1, 2009
2 Year Warsaw resident, An outsiders point of view? Obviously, you are an insider, what a shame, I feel sorry that you have to kiss averyones arse to be an insider, I don't have to, and yes things are going my way and quite well at that. Money changes everything. As far as slandering goes, NO I do not like Mr Alexander, he is a fake, and Yes he did get fired from the Greater Cincinnati Airport and yes he did take money from the Warsaw City that he suppossedly paid back,( only made an attempt after he got caught too) Slandering is when you do not speak the truth, this is the truth, and since you have only been a Warsaw resident for a few years, I think I have been around a few years longer than you if I know these facts, ask anyone who has lived there for awhile, they can tell you , it is true. Don't really care anyway, just trying to speak my opinion about how well our taxpayers money is spent. Makes me sick. I know all about grants, and the grant for a new firetruck is bogus, we need to set aside money for other things that are needed in the community. We already have the fire equipment we need. Nothing against the fire depatment either, they are volunteers, and I appreciate that, but he is paid quite well as to the tune of $52,000 for the DES, when other cities in Ky have someone that does it for a considerable amount less. he does nothing for the most part, needs to shut his big mouth always running it at the firestation, and he talks to people like crap who have tried to volunteer thier time and if they don't play his game he bereates them publicly or behind thier back. Don't worry, It was not me, but someone I know. He is a crook, where is the FEMA money he stole? Trust me that is the truth too, ask any state trooper, he is also disrespectful to any law enforcement agency that is involved in that county. He thinks he knows it all while he chews that stupid gum of his making those stupid faces .Barry is a jerk and so is his little sidekick, who BTW killled someone on a sheriff run because he was nothing but a hothead, just like his father. Made us all look bad. You can have them both, we don't need them. Quite frankly I think you are stupid we laugh at you and him. hahahahhahahhahahahah Country Boys!
Barry Alexander Jr

Burlington, KY

#12 Dec 27, 2009
Yeah, Travis Simpson is a douche. Now I'm off to drive really fast through residential areas, hopefully to hit some of the children running around, so I can get to a fire that's already been put out.
Barry Alexander

Latonia, KY

#13 Dec 27, 2009

Why dont you grow up you douche bag bum. Get a life and mind your own buisness, everyone knows you are a complete moron. Why dont you be a real man like your father Kevin Deaton who has made a honest living!

Barry Alexander
Travis Simpson

Burlington, KY

#14 Dec 27, 2009
Little Barry,

Is it true you stole FEMA funds?

Travis Simpson
ashamed of my name

Corbin, KY

#15 Mar 10, 2010
u should inpeach him then

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