Can someone tell me where exactly the New Bypass for Semi"s is going to be placed?The last I heard the plan was to start the Bypass along 400 S to apprx. 350 W travel N to Crystal Lake Rd. then along 300 W crossing US 30 in the area of 450-500 N then travel East to 15.My ? is this..How many properties is this going to affect and to what extent will the City,County,State go to, in order to obtain the properties and/or land needed to build this Bypass? There are several property owners,elderly especially,that are not going to be willing to Relocate or Sell.
This is something everyone in the area needs to keep there attention on.
Just out of coriousity...Will the properties suddenly be condiemed for a particular reason,will a member of the household suddenly be busted for manufacturing drugs on the property?
Tell me what you think!