Benjamin and Janice Deaton

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Chief Red Bird

Louisville, KY

#1 Jun 11, 2012
Talk about some lowlife scumbags... these two are insane, and while they may be happy together, or not, who really knows, man finds woman, goes crazy for her, and if she loves them, then she lets them be who they are, if not, then she's dictating and manipulating who he is, does, sees, watches, etc. I hope I find equality. So they may play a smooth game, but there's skeletons in this closet, since Benjamin Deaton has 2 other children from another wife, Barbara Katz-Deaton-Williams, of which got molested and abused. Where was Benjamin Deaton ? Nobody knows, and he clearly could care less. Both of Benjamin Deaton's children were molested, and since they had no other options, they were forced to live with the child molester, since their Mother refused to believe a word of their lies. Kimmie refuses to be around the child molester, but evidently, hasn't been able to work out her feelings regarding the crime that happened to her, and has since become the oppressor. This goes also for Kevin Deaton, Benny's "Son", of which, after the Divorce, Benny said Adios, and left those children behind, as he went on and moved on with his life. One day, having money issues, Kevin's wife calls Benny, asking him to be a part of their life, and he said no, of course, since his entire life has been about abandoning children in abusive households, but Kevin actually gets mad at Lucy for making the phone call. Or perhaps he got mad at her b/c that's how his Stepfather, who raised him, taught him to be. As a family friend, I know how Benny was. He would send a Christmas check to all the children, for $20. He didn't visit. He didn't call. He did't give a fKKK. At all. Kimmie would come over to the house, and taunt Lucy with Kevin, and laugh at her, and Lucy's family, and everybody would laugh at Lucy's family, and she wouldn't defend herself, or her family, just sat quietly, and took the abuse, showing her boys that violence and abuse works, and showing her girls to always bow down to a narcissistic wite supremacist oppressor. One of the grandchildren had reached out, saying the household was hell, just as Rosie's kids had reached out, but did anybody hear the cries of the innocence of children ? Did anybody give a dam that abuse, mental, physical, sexual, was going on ? As soon as Janice heard about the crimes, she immediately felt threatened, and said that she didn't want to get in the middle of it. Again, the children lost. Children's rights ? Bull... and now a new crop of abusive psychopaths are being raised... So when you see Benjamin and Janice Deaton, and think, "Wow, what a great couple"... the only reason they been able to enjoy their life, is b/c Benny turned his back on his children, b/c Janice told him too. F Benny and Janice Deaton. They're garbage.
Chief Red Bird

Louisville, KY

#2 Jun 11, 2012
Also, this isn't really that surprising, since Deatons came from Eastern Kentucky, as feudists. They were uncouth, uncivilized, and used violence as a means of population control. Just watch Hatfields and McCoys, and you know what you got with Benjamin Deaton and Janice. Also, the grandchildren have African blood in them, 11%, and considering how incredibly racist that side of the family is, there's no telling what these sick creatures did to their African ancestor... white man raped her, or did white woman rape him ? Clearly, they've been covering up a crime for centuries... but why ? If you don't have anything to hide, then why not be honest ? Kimmie is also a lesbian. Maybe b/c of the perversion that happened to her when she was young, but more likely b/c love is fluid. Either way, that's a lot of baggage to keep to one's self, gays are notoriously committing suicide b/c of society's pressure, the shame, the attack on the mores... and since she's had suicidal tendencies in the past, no doubt, clearly these events has affected her life. The mess that Janice told Benjamin to ignore, for many years, might eventually come back to haunt him... IF he has a conscience, but so far, there is absolutely no evidence of Benjamin Deaton giving a dam about anybody in this world, but his own dam self. When Fathers learn to be Men, and actually take raising children seriously, that's when society will improve. Until then, this Patriarchal "Cult of the Father" System only benefits 1, and the rest of the dum slaves either have to love bending over, and taking a plowing from their Massah, or run away like a Field Negro, and find a new path. There's too many children out here who don't have good fathers out here, and without any good Male Role Models, only expect those same problems to keep recurring, and for them to never get better. Come on Daddies... it's time to Man Up, and take responsible for what your sperm grew into.
Chief Red Bird

Louisville, KY

#3 Jun 12, 2012
Here's the lifestyle the Deaton kids left behind by the Deadbeat Grandpa, lived:

Judge Adams Beats Daughter :

Mother Beating 8 Month Old Baby :

KKK Father Hates and Berates Everybody :
Chief Red Bird

Louisville, KY

#4 Jun 12, 2012
"On the other side of the ledger was James Deaton, Callahan's rival in business and politics. He also had the support of a small army, most of them enemies of the Callahans and/or former followers of Captain Strong, and on convention days Deaton, like Callahan, rode at the head of several hundred men. Deaton was arrogant and boastful and several times had made fun of the young Callahan (Ed Callahan) when they met at political functions.

Like the Callahans, the Deatons were a large and powerful family, but not all Deatons were allied with James Deaton against Ed Callahan, partly because they regarded Captain Strong, Deaton's chief ally as their primary enemy and didn't want anything to do with anyone, even a Deaton, who was in league with him. James Deaton was not very fond of Strong, either, and while he accepted his support, he didn't invite it and did not often consult with Strong.

Callahan and Deaton were always on the verge of conflict, partly because they owned adjoining land from which they both cut valuable timber which they rafted from the same sandbar. Both Callahan and Deaton were always accusing each other of stealing logs, or "dehorning" them, by burning off their mark, and putting their own on it...

The Callahan-Deaton rivalry burst into the open battle one day when Ed Callahan happened to go by the sandbar where both his men and a Deaton crew were rafting logs. Spotting a peavy or canthook, a tool used for turning logs, Callahan walked over, picked it up, and announced that it was his, in effect, accusing the Deaton crew of stealing it. Deaton, standing nearby, flew into a rage and, according to the Callahan forces, reached for his rifle. As soon as he touched it, a dozen shots rang out and Deaton fell, dead on the spot.

In court, the Deaton men swore that Callahan had fired the first shot. The Callahan men swore the opposite and said that they had fired only to save Callahan's life. Strangely enough, Bob Deaton, a cousin of the dead man but a Callahan employee, admitted that he had fired the fatal shot. The jury was fed a mass of totally conflicting testimony.

Ed Callahan eventually paid the jurors $500, and walked away scot free." ~Days of Darkness, Pearce, page42-43

When you watch the Malaysian Mother Beating her 8 Month year old baby, the most tragic part about that video, is when the baby, after getting hit many times, manages to gather the strength, and crawl towards his Mother, and reached out, and brush her knee, and immediately, the Mother hit the baby's hand out of the way, as if she didn't give a dm about that baby's mind, feelings, dignity, or life, for that matter. She went to jail for 2 years, or so, and that's a start.

Mulungeons of Appachia were African-Europeans who pretended to be Portuguese to not get the racism put on Black folks, and it's quite possible that the Deatons are related, considering the Black African blood that they have coarsing through their veins. The Deatons have had a long legacy of hatred, and violence, and bloodshed, starting out of Eastern Kentucky, up till today. And yes, Southerns sound just as stupid as they are.
Chief Red Bird

Louisville, KY

#5 Jun 12, 2012
Benny Deaton

Louisville, KY

#7 Jul 3, 2012
I remember watching my youngest son just beat up his lil daughter... Janice cheered him on, she peed on herself, which she totally deserved, for not picking beans fast enough. An yes... child abuse, I endorse it 100% b/c I hate children.
Kimmie Deaton

Louisville, KY

#8 Jul 3, 2012
I am gay and I was molested, but my momma choose the molester over me, and I've had issues w/ my life ever since. I had a girlfriend, but eventually, my oppressive nature got the better end of her, and she quit. Now Im depressed... I can only mimick the oppressor. That's it. That's the end of the story. What else do u want me to say ? That I hate my mother for not giving 2 cents for me ? That I hate my father for leaving me in a situation where I had no hope of escape ? Nah, I wont do that... I will, however, participate in more child abuse, and child molestation... I dont have morals, I'm against morals. always have been, always will be. LOL
Barbara Williams

Louisville, KY

#9 Jul 3, 2012
It's true... I have no ethics, or morals. I watched my kids get beat up, and even participated in it myself. I watched, and when they told me that they were touched, I smacked them in the mouth and told them "Dont mess up my sweet deal!" I mean come on! I'm a woman, and I need to be treated like a spoiled baby. Plus, I'm pure evil, and could care less what anybody thinks... Jeffrey Dahmer aint shyt on me.
Kevin Deaton

Louisville, KY

#10 Jul 3, 2012
It's true. I'm a mean cruel jerk. I beat my kids incessently ... I mean it was the only thing I knew how to do, and if I'm not in control, I'm scared... I dont understand equal relationships... there's a boss, and there's a Devil... that's it.
Janice Deaton

Louisville, KY

#11 Jul 3, 2012
I dont want to get in the middle of it... I realize my husband had these kids, but if we could just all forget that they all exist, that would be better and easier for us. Thank you. Also, I hate Amerika, and North Carolina.
Bob Williams

Louisville, KY

#12 Jul 3, 2012
They allege all these things against me, but really, none of it's true. I'm just a patsy. It was Barbara. She was the molester. She told us it was the right thang to do.
Kevin Deaton

Louisville, KY

#13 Jul 3, 2012
It's really no surprise that there's plenty of mental illness in the family, I mean, Im supposed to care for somebody, when nobody ever cared for me ? Plus, Bob is so hot. He's in the centerfold of Time Magazine for DDay. Like in the centerfold of a Playboy magazine... I love my oppressor... please give me more! Please... oh please, give me more!
Kristi Deaton

Louisville, KY

#14 Jul 3, 2012
I wish I could marry my daddy, and have 20 of his babies. When he and my mother split up, I was sleeping in his apartment. Then my bro almost died... but since Tim didn't finish the job, he had to try again several years later. I didn't care what the truth was... I want whatever daddy wants, and if that means pretending like violence at the dinner table is mannerly, then so be it. LOL
Ray Simpson

Louisville, KY

#15 Jul 3, 2012
I just want to say, I hate black people.
Mary Simpson

Louisville, KY

#16 Jul 3, 2012
I'm glad he beat them into submission... it made them cheap labor for me. I also liked using Alice's children. Tobacco has a long history of slaves, and oppression, and we can't use blacks now, since they have all of these "rights", so we gotta use our stupid kids. And I love Chris more. I will make sure Ray never gets a house on MY land. I dont care how much sweat he's sweated, or broke his back for me... it's all about oppression, and domination, and I will smash him into subservience and he'll like whether he likes it or not.
Chris Simpson

Louisville, KY

#17 Jul 3, 2012
I hate black people too... even though I'm black ! Lol ... 11% African blood had to come from somewhere... but I will deny it to the end ! Darn u school kids for making fun of my brown skin ! To prove to you that your eyes are lying, I'll be the biggest Confederate you'll ever see! I'll represent John Hunt Morgan, who attacked Johann and Catharina Gripshover's hometown... and I dont even know who that is, b/c we aren't supposed to have knowledge, or have any pride in ourselves. And I loved tackling my lil cousins... swear the queer... lol. I love hurting them. But oppressors... nah, I wont ever stand up to 'em. I love 'em. Like an Uncle Tom House Negro I am.:)
Benjamin Deaton

Louisville, KY

#18 Jul 3, 2012
Wow... I love the house I've built. Hopefully my other kids w/ other wives will be as messed up as all these people... and will I help, or stand up for what is right ? Janice tells me not to, so I let them be homeless, and starve in the streets. LOL I'm a horrible father, and grandfather, and greatgrandfather. I'll never be a decent human being. And look at my skin... I'm where the African blood came from.
Marsha Nicely-Something E

Louisville, KY

#19 Jul 3, 2012
I dont have a life... I just sit around and hope for the best. I also dont care for the truth. LOL ... Viva Opppression !
Kristi Deaton

Louisville, KY

#20 Jul 3, 2012
Im here to make sure the whole world knows that I'm a total POS... I'll do all that it takes to make sure my brotha is dead and gone. LOL That's how I roll... and manners ? No... I dont have manners... violence is uncivilized, but what do we know about being civilized ? We dont know diddly about it. I'm a good daughter, and a bad wife. I'll never be happy, and I dont care what anybody says... I'm so jealous of mom. How come she got the good man ?
Barbara Williams

Louisville, KY

#21 Jul 3, 2012
I drink blood, and worship the devil. I'm am pure hatred and evil, incarnate. I'm the reason for all the misery... I wanted Lucy to get an abortion for all the kids... that's how I am... I'm so funny and clever, and absolutely cruel. I have no soul. I am a fascist psychopath. I have deep seeded issues. I live on hatred and the blood of children. I am the spawn of Satan. I could care less about what is right and wrong... I'm right, always right, and if you dont like it, well, too bad. I will always be here.

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