Quote from article:
“They are taking some down because they cause flooding, but we don’t have a flooding issue nor do we have a water quality issue, up or down stream.”

Are these the same folks behind the Logjam project due to flooding problems?
Are these the same folks that got overflow permits posted at Water Street and The downstream side of the dam? The outlets discharge raw sewage on a continuous basis already in violation of the permits. There is no water quality issues?
Are these the same folks that are looking into demolition of structures that get 50 percent damage during a 25 year flood event?

Somehow, someone is bold face lying to us.

The dam has to discharge tiles one on each side. One is sewer overflow that has a permit that allows the overflow of raw sewage during high water wet weather events. The other is a cholrine discharge from the city water park. Both are destructive use of the river. More often than not you can see the brown foam circling around from the sewage tile.

Our city officials have pushed and railroaded a logjam cleanup of the Auglaize River Stating the reason is the flooding problems it causes.

Our city officials have sent Safety service director to Columbus to get trained on how to take property from landowners that have sustained 50 percent or more damage to structures during floods. This also is to be set to prevent any future building on a designated site and forfeiture of said land in the floodplain.

All the while pet beautification projects continue uptown. For many many years The town officials have known that the water treatment and sewage problems that exist have needed remedied. This year they are going to add charges to the water and sewage bills and subsequent increases to that rate over the next three years to finally come into compliance.

It's no wonder that they do not want ODNR removing the dam as it will shed light on areas that are kept quiet.

Why does our leadership not have the expertise to put in a permanent fish ladder that will keep the dam in place in an effort to work with ODNR? Is it too convenient to pull the lock when they need to flush the sewage?

Maybe it is time for some new leadership to step in and stop over taxing us and put some real priorities in place rather than pretty is as pretty doesn't methods