Lima Man Jailed In Connection With Ch...

Lima Man Jailed In Connection With Chemical Theft

There are 57 comments on the story from Feb 22, 2006, titled Lima Man Jailed In Connection With Chemical Theft. In it, reports that:

WAPAPONETA, Ohio -- Investigators said a Lima man is in the Auglaize County Jail in Wapakoneta facing charges of theft and possession of chemicals for the manufacturing of drugs.

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#1 Mar 23, 2006
I personally know this man Joe Hoover. There is nothing different about him now except for having less hair!! He was a criminal when I met him, when I lived with him, and both times right after he got out of prison. When are we going to start leaving people like him in prison where they obviously belong? Why do people like that have the right to walk in public with our children. Keep him locked up because I know him and he will never change. He definately committed this crime along with many others and will continue to do until he dies or stays locked up!!! Thanks for letting me share.

Chicago, IL

#2 Jun 18, 2006
Who are you to judge him? There are people far worse than him out there that don't get caught. What about the killers, so-called 'thugs', the rapists, the molestors?? You're worried about a guy who hung around the wrong people and knows no different. Why not educate and help rather than just lock them up. What is that teaching them? They still come out with nothing and don't know any other way to survive. They serve time and just thrown out into society and expected to live a normal life. He will barely be able to get a decent job. Barely be able to survive. This world is cold, and when you know no different, you do dumb things. He's not out here trying to ruin lives, he was simply trying to make his life livable. I agree, it was wrong, but when you know no different, what do you do? Locking him up is not gonna solve anything. It just takes up time of his life. He's really NOT a bad person. Just led wrong.

Bellefontaine, OH

#3 Oct 18, 2006
He is a bad person and trust me I know him personally. I've actually dated the man here and there for 11 years. He deserves to be locked up and now he is in prison for pandering associated with young girls. And when I say young, I mean 14. He made crystal meth and then precided to get a ton of people addicted to it. If you don't know him you can't decide where he belongs. I tried to help him but he won't change and there is nothing anyone can fo to stop him.
Someone who knows

Bellefontaine, OH

#4 Nov 3, 2007
2 out of 3 of the comments were by those who claim that they know Mr. Hoover. They don't. They know one side of this man. Sure he has messed up, a lot. He has paid for all that he has done and when he does get out, he won't be back in. I know that for certain. As for the pandering "Susan", it was a set up and you know that. You supposedly dated him for 11 yrs so You know better. And you can't get people addicted to drugs. They either want it or they don't. Unless you've never done anything wrong in your life, you can't judge anyone, so quit throwin' stones. Thank you to the comment from Fort Wayne. I wasn't going to comment and doubt anyone will read this but I had to defend Joe. Thanks
who cares

Bartlett, IL

#5 Nov 22, 2007
he committed a crime he does the time
who cares


#6 Nov 30, 2007
oh I can not believe I have stummbled upon this crap. Believe it or not, Susan, aka Amy, you have nothing but pure hatered for the man and thats probably because you weren't woman enough to keep him faithful. Anyway, I hate to see such slander against someone I've come to know so well, someone who cared after my baby like he was his own. Not anyone one this earth can judge a man, and Joe it's at fault. If you don't like him or what he does, then leave him out of your life and your constant thoughts, move on. Maybe that'll help you and most importantly him.
Beth - someone who knows

Bellefontaine, OH

#7 Dec 5, 2007
Amen Anna! Joe wanted me to write back on this but I couldn't have said it better!!!

West Chester, OH

#8 Dec 8, 2007
Well first off everyone . I know Joseph very well . He is a great person and some people dont know the real Joe . But ive known him for a long time and i dont think he got a fare deal . They set him up to get him put away faster and thats just not rite. I love Joe like a big bro hes like family to me . A bad guy NO. A good friend and good hearted person absolutely yes . Hed give you the shirt of his back to any of his friends . so im sorry to all that disagree you dont know him and for those of you that do know him and say bad shit you are called a HATER . So dont leave bad messages you asses . Just stay away . Hello Anna . lol

West Chester, OH

#9 Dec 8, 2007
And the Girls and bad comments bad about Joe come from the women that he left alone cause there messed up so all to the women at the top of this page you are just mad he didnt wanna be with you anymore . i dont like people like you so keep your opions to urself you greedy ass bithes . you piss me off with the shit you say about him but when you was with him oh you was all about him grinding and giving you money wasnt you ?
Beth - someone who knows

Columbus, OH

#10 Dec 9, 2007
I don't know you Boner or Anna and I am sure you haven't heard about me, but he has talked about you both and it's so good to see the truth up on here for all to read from those who REALLY know him. Thank you and Joe thanks you! He is a wonderful man who I love more than you know. Thanks again!

Columbus, OH

#12 Dec 15, 2007
12/15/2007 Wow I can not believe my luck, I log on the computer to find the news in Jackson Center, about my friend Andy Ledley, who just passed away in car accident today and I run into this. First of all let me say one thing, this Susan girl is not me, maybe someone acting like me. However she did get somethings right. I did date Joe off and on for a long time and I know him. He has his days believe me. He can be the sweetest guy in the world and then he can be someone ugly. I've been there and I seen him turn. But it comes down to one thing, he did it. It doesn't matter if it was set up or not, he knew better then to trust anyone, he knew better. He is paying for a crime he committed. And for being addicted to drugs, no one can force a person to do it, people make their own decisions. And for Joe, he got 5 years for it, that is a long time inside, and now he has two more years in prison for another crime on top of this one envolving minors, "was that a set up too?" I don't know any of you people but that doesn't surprise me. We lived different lives and we cheated on each other alot but somehow we always came back to each other, I still love him he was a big part of my life for a LONG time. And I'm glad he has friends who care, maybe you should let him know.

Niles, MI

#13 Dec 20, 2007
No worries haters and ex girlfriends-Joe won't be going back to Lima to live or go back to dealing to make a living when he gets out-He has a home, a family, and a wife to come home to-he'll also have a job lined up that is NOT drug related-he'll NEVER have to live like that again. Joe definately made some bad decisions in life-and so has everyone else-but he has something great to look forward to when he comes home this time-he has a chance to do right and I know him well enough to know he is tired of the bullshit that goes along with his past lifestyle and he's ready to live a normal life. He deserves a chance to prove to himself and everyone else that he isn't this horrible person so many of you make him out to be. So go on with your talk about how much you think you know him-and maybe back then you did know him-but I knew him then and I know him now-it's not the same Joe.
Beth - someone who knows

Columbus, OH

#14 Dec 20, 2007
Just a quick question...who exactly are you Ft.Wayne,IN? Just curious and thanks for the kind words about Joe! If you don't want to say, just e-mail me [email protected]

Cortland, OH

#15 Jan 23, 2008
hey beth who are you and what are you to joe. i thought joe had a girlfriend in lima named tammy or is he playing her too like all the rest
who ever

Cortland, OH

#16 Jan 25, 2008
O my my we have Tina,Heidi,Ashley,Amy,Beth,Ann a,Tammy whats up with all this shit? i will startwith Tina first you liked Joe when he was in prison the first time and had a baby while he was locked up what kinda love is that?
Heidi,Ok as for you a hooked with no class or cash o i forgot he is your baby's daddy right? but o ya he don't know her and you don't have her.
Ashley, your his wife LOL you think he wants a stripper wife LMFAO your like a drive thur everybody has had some.
Amy, you were with him off and on for 11 years more off then on, Remember you were to busy stealing drugs from Van Wert hospital and getting high so i guess your off.
Beth, well your just looking for Joe to Love you hell you tried it while he was locked up for 6 years so keep trying for the next 5 you might get lucky.
Anna. the girl from KY cant say nothing bad about you cause he doesnt really talk about you.
Tammy, Your just a Royal Bitch who thinks Joe cares he doesn't care about you so stop wasting your time cause time is all you have.
Boner you seem like a nice guy and nice guys finish last in this game.
Joe Hoover you think your a pimp, you set your cousin up for life in prison for a murder that you had him commit and then you make drugs and roll around in your cadi for little girls to ride in and then you fuck them and send them on there way so you see Joe your in prison for a reason your a low life piece of shit and some day you will get yours.YOUR JUST A PIECE OF EYE CANDY.but when you get out you will be old and bald with no one to give two fucks about. you should have learned you cant play the game forever..
u dont need to know

West Chester, OH

#17 Jan 26, 2008
i know joe has made alot of mistakes, hell i was one of the girls he cheated on but i also dont believe no child freak shit cause everybody knows he can have about any girl he wants,i also believe he is ready to change his life and i have faith he can do it,so for all you girls talking shit, you must still be hung up on him or you wouldnt care,like i said i been there done that and i aint hating on him, he will change just not for all the sluts talking shit about him so when he gets out dont try being all fake up in his face,leave him alone and let him live his life cause im sure he will leave you all the fuck alone cause unlike all of you,he aint thinking about you.
ya ok

Cortland, OH

#19 Feb 4, 2008
What all girls got a quite all of a sudden lmfao... must all be scared now...
u dont need to know

West Chester, OH

#20 Feb 4, 2008
scared of what exactly,im not scared of shit,but then again i still have alot of contact with him,i help him in any way i can,and i will continue to do so till he comes home,he deserves the benefit of doubt, so i will give it to him and i will believe in him, he aint all bad.
just for you Joe

Cortland, OH

#21 Feb 5, 2008
Well, iam someone who has been there for Joe from the first court date to the last court date and still there for him i still go see him twice a month and talk to him everyday on the phone. I didn't see any of you there for him when he really needed someone the only one was me and his sister so iam sure he knows who really cares about him and iam sure it didn't take him long to figure it all out. Joe taught me something during this trying time for him IT'S THE OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND GAME so for all of you who say your there for him I really think your out of your mind, but if you want to be there for him you could WRITE,SEND MONEY YOU KNOW DADDY COULD ALWAYS USE A LITTLE EXTRA MONEY. and to really think that he would mess with a kid then you really dont know the Joe Hoover i know cause he has no problem with getting women.and for all the chicks he cheated on well you must not of been doing your job at home or he wouldn't of had to go else where to get what he wanted. trust me all you fake ass haters when he comes home you will all be trying to ride his dick again but he won't have time for all the dumb shit anymore he will have a life and someone one really cares for him and will watch him do good cause you all know that Joe does have good in him. You have to love Joe for who he is and not what he does. LOVE YA JOE......
you dont need to know

West Chester, OH

#22 Feb 5, 2008
for your information ,you are not the only person who has been there for him,im glad that there are people out there willing to help him other than me,but make no mistake i am there for him, i visit him, talk to him on the phone ,write him send him stuff,but please continue to help him if you really are, if your not than dont act all fake,he can do without that, he needs real friends in his life right now

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