In a couple weeks we will be receiving slick postcards from politicians telling us how they have been fighting to lower taxes and help create new jobs. Much of it will be deceptive if not outright lies. High taxes are only one factor. Massachusetts has many other silly business regulations making it one of the least attractive states for business exapansion.

Where can you go to get objective ratings on the candidates and separate lies from fact?

One good place is the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB). This organization represents the little guys, the souce of most job growth. Car mechanics, plumbers, dog sitters, tailors, florists, restaurants, barbers, small shops,...

They rate candidates on their votes that hurt or help small businesses. Senator Fargo got a 36% rating for 2009-2010. This means she voted to HURT small businesses almost 2/3 of the time.

The NFIB endorsed Sandi Martinez as the candidate that will help get our economy moving again.

Get the facts. Don't be fooled by the deceiving postcards you receive in a couple weeks.