gangs in lawton - is this sickening o...

Norman, OK

#155 Jan 18, 2012
gypsygrl wrote:
<quoted text>
you don't act very smart
a c.s.i.? does texas po-po let druggies into the force? liar, sounds like you are bragging about your past.
Mountain Man

Lawton, OK

#156 Jan 25, 2012
Recently had an encounter with 2 West Side gang members on the East Side.
He pulled a pistol out and pointed it at me. I went at him with my bare hands and the look on his face was worth a million dollars. It scared him so badly he jumped in the car and screamed at the driver to take off, go, go, that guy is crazy.
I'm not crazy.I am not afraid of these dead beat thugs.They r all talk. Pick up a grasshopper or a bug and watch em run.(By the way, they r behind bars for 3-5 years)Stand up people. Stand United against these dirtbags.

United States

#157 Feb 3, 2012
Lawton gangs...Pela they aint hard they soft wannabes...I smoke they asses

Broken Arrow, OK

#158 Feb 19, 2012
Mexicano gang leader wrote:
I'm an M13 gang leader and my mexican gang members are out to lunch most of the time and can whip any white gang in Lawton. Makes me want to PUKE all over Mark A.Smith's desk everytime he sees me.
Stop. You aren't in MS-13, just stop. You think coming on Topix pretending to be in a gang is cool? It's about as cool as actually joining one. Cowards join gangs....poor little cowards who's daddy left them with their broke ass mother and 4 half-brothers, all on welfare. They have to join with a crowd of people to be a threat to anyone, alone they are no more than walking pieces of flesh that can be sliced, diced, and shot...just like everyone else.
the truth

Lawton, OK

#159 Feb 20, 2012
to me the lpd is the only gang problem. n ft sill is the entrance to hell. sur up panoches. n u southside comanches aint scarin nobody..

Dallas, TX

#160 May 16, 2012
Look I grew up in Lawton in all the wrong neighborhoods I've done some things I'm not proud of. I have friends dead over this street shit. Rip quintin. Mike Poe. Mike pasley and justus Powell. I have friends from all kinds of gangs. Lawton isn't gonna change all of you slamming eachother are immature and narrow minded. This forum is pointless.

Since: May 12

Lawton, OK

#161 May 16, 2012
Lol I'd love for these "gangstas" to meet the real deal. They'd never survive. You've got the ones in Lawton that will 99% of the time have more than 1 person because they can't take you 1on1 or have to use weapons. Lawton Police need to just make a law that prohibits gangs like this from forming and if they do, jail time or even better :) I for one use the make my day law, fully loaded shotgun in the closet so if ya try to break in my house and ya don't get the one that's in the chamber, you got 6 more coming behind it faster than you can get out of my house.

Arlington, TX

#162 May 16, 2012
Amitch. As in the rapper?

Since: May 12

Lawton, OK

#164 Jun 4, 2012
mr_southside wrote:
Amitch. As in the rapper?
lol no that's what a buddy of mine calls me. goes for my first and last name.
just someone else

Omaha, NE

#165 Sep 11, 2012
None of you have any idea what your talking about being born out of Lawton and moving here im not in a gang but almost all my friends are tho there not in the gang just to bang and rep its the only family they ever had so before you get going on this topic make sure you know what the fuck your talking about
Vidal O

United States

#166 Sep 22, 2012
Im back in Cali baby
Oklahoma MC Patch Holder

Rowlett, TX

#167 Mar 9, 2013
why my hood wrote:
<quoted text>
Have you lived in Lawton? Sadly, gangs (or as my husband calls them gang member wannabes) have increased over the last several years... no place is perfect and Lawton is no different... I don't know about El Paso as I haven't lived or visited ...what do you do about gang violence there? We educate, love, teach,about the dangers of gangs but it almost as if they are wanting to experience those dangers in our boring town... I say go somewhere dangerous and let Lawton continue to be boring... one thing I know that has contributed to the gang violence is the lack of things for teenagers to do.. when i was a teenager we had skating rink ( I think there was 2-3 rinks), we had putt putt, movies was reasonable... so closing of the skating rinks and putt putt and increasing the price of bowling and movies has not helped the situation at all... for me to play one game of bowling it was 6 bucks... back in the day shoes was free and 1.50 per game... I understand inflation but skate parks that are unmonitored for teenagers isn't going to help.. we need more activities for kids that are monitored... this is how bad it has gotten... at Central Mall they have a new rule after 5 pm you have to be with an adult or else you will be thrown out of the mall.. this is because people was getting hurt when these gangs wannabees was "acting a fool" knocking the elderly down, picking on kids that was younger and a family couldn't even walk in without hearing cursing fighting etc... I loved going to mall the and hanging with my friends and no one had to worry about all that crap or at least it wasn't nearly as bad and it has gotten...
The day will come when the bored mall terrorizing kids get out of line with a couple of patch holding mc members shopping for presents for family. The MC definition of family differs from most, but matters not in the issue.
Bottom line, MC men do not call 911. Cops do not like us and we do not like them. We avoid them and it usually works.'Nuff said about that.
A patch holder will GET respect or TAKE it. Many a young wannabe has found out the importance respecting a patch holder the hard way. For a patch holder, it's business. Business is handled quickly, efficiently, and in the manner it takes to educate.
Oklahoma MC Patch Holder

Rowlett, TX

#168 Mar 9, 2013
POPO of Sill wrote:
Also remember people gangs are only as strong as we make them. I have a schedule of course the Oklahoma Gang Investigators Association offers where you can learn a lot of info to help your communities.
Years ago I saw a list of street and motorcycle "gangs" compiled by the feds and it was hilarious. An easy 20% of the listed "gangs" were names of "scary" groups that gave cause for their budget to increase. The more heathen "gangs" that had to be fought, harassed, investigated, wiretapped, and shut down for the sake "of the children" was a way for them to get funds for expensive toys disguised as investigative tools. Oh yeah, more manpower was needed to operate the new toys which meant raises for he poor supervisors and managers having a bigger workload they budgeted for. The government budget game is one giant SCAM.

As a department managing municipal civil servent, I created many a budget request that almost made me laugh out loud. I'm now retired and no longer have to create needs for the sake of "public health and safety".

The gang list I saw had police organizations labled as "gangs". I guess cops are required to be clean cut conservative family men with a family and live in a house with a white picket fence. Do NOT think I'm defending cops. I detest police and believe them to be the biggest most corupt organization in my country.

I ghuess I'm really screwed when my motorcycle club membership has me labled a gangster and maybe my being a Master Mason will soon make me a threat to society.

I live by MY RULES which are Constitutional. Leave me alone.
Jake Hernandez

United States

#169 Mar 10, 2013
MeMe wrote:
I moved to Lawton when I was 5, I always called it home. I married when I was young and followed my husband to other States and countries. I always emagined moving back, until My sister was murdered, she was a prostitute and meth user. I don't know if she was killed because of the drugs or the prostitution, she was one of 7 women found. I know the drugs there are really bad and I know about the gangs. I believe everyone has a choice, you have a choice to smoke a joint or stay cleaned. Still a bike or help a neighbor. Lie and Cheat or Honesty and faithful and so on and so no. So this is for you L Murdock, your reasons of unfairness to your friends, family and neighbor is a choice you've made, a choice you have to change them.
If you are a user and you feel its to hard to get cleaned and you just don't think you can do it, then you won't, But if you truely want the help you can call the Comanche County Memorial Hospital and they can dirrect you to free asstance, just remember when you do get cleaned up, get your shit and get out of town away from your friends or you'll be doing it again.
I am an illegal Mexican living at 2704 N/E 9th in Lawton out close to the Indian Hospital and if you don't think SHIT STINKS take a whiff of Fort Sill.
Jake Hernandez

United States

#170 Mar 10, 2013
I think we all are sick of the "gangs" springing up left and right in Lawton. Anyone feel this is just teens acting stupidly or a major problem? Lawton police thinks so because they formed a "gang unit" and I think that was a great move. Some of us have kids and elderly to take care of.
The short fat gangs have bigger weiners.


Since: Mar 11

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#171 Mar 11, 2013
WHAT does Lawton have to draw them tbere?? Nothing to crow about!!..

Del Valle, TX

#172 Mar 18, 2013
Lawton sucks
Yeah Right

Tulsa, OK

#174 Mar 28, 2013
Oh, the poor kids that don't have anything to do. Yada, yada, yada. I've heard that ole song and dance before from liberals. Where are the parents?
Don't just do the banger wannabees, go after the parents of these shit mongers, with criminal charges or civil suits. Or build that monument to your own stupidity and pretend they would be different if they had something to do. Connect with the real world folks, the bangers are unopposed by authorities and citizens alike. Do your part and quit waiting on everyone else.

Fort Worth, TX

#175 Apr 3, 2013
I'm from Lawton. I hate illegals who are gang bangers. I think if an illegal commits a violent crime they should mail them home in an airtight container. Don't lock em up and feed em while they build their criminal network, just kill em like a country boy does a rabid dog.

United States

#176 Apr 10, 2013
@Lawtonschanged.. Philly ain't no joke! I'll never go to downtown Harrisburg again. That's some scary shit for a small town country person!

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