What is your opinon on all the illega...

What is your opinon on all the illegal immigrants

Created by shovel on Jun 1, 2008

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Greenfield, MA

#1 Jun 1, 2008
Concerned Citizen

Bristol, CT

#2 Jun 15, 2008
eddie wrote:


Since: Nov 07

Beacon Falls, CT.

#3 Jun 18, 2008
Deport. The USA is a country of immigrants, LEGAL immigrants. Not illegal.
Salvadore Pizzeria

Oxford, CT

#4 Jun 22, 2008
Who are you all talking about ? Illegal immigrants from Canada ?
You know I'm only being facetious. Of course I know who you are referring to when you say, "immigrants." Those dark-skinned people from the south and not those fair-skinned people from the north, right ???
Keep in mind though that all those dark skinned people from south of the border would never be here unless there were employers using them for cheap labor. And the operative word there is "cheap." Unless employers that require hard labor with long hours in hot dirty environments (like farms and sweat shops) can find legalized American citizens that would be willing to work as hard as most underpaid Mexicans will work, you can count on having illegal immigrants being a part of spoiled, lazy American society.
Make them American citizens, you say ? As soon as you do that, the employers who use them have to pay them American wages, give them benefits and everything else Americans demand, which transfers into higher costs at the supermarket, home construction costs, clothing costs, and every other cost that "non-citizenship labor" is responsible for keeping low.....for your benefit.
Most Americans would never be willing to work as hard and would never take the jobs that Mexicans do day in and day out for peanuts. The first thing Americans would do is form a union and strike for better pay and demand better working conditions.
Try finding a few fat, lazy, spoiled teenagers from the inner city that could ever keep up with Mexican teens of the same age hand picking vegetables on a hot, dirty farm for a month or two while earning 25 cents an hour and I will be all for deportation.
I'm certain that if all of those illegal immigrants were from Canada, very few white people would ever have a problem with the illegal immigrants. Most white people would never ever consider chasing out Canadians who came here, did work that no one wanted to do and did it for cheap. Most white people would welcome them in.
Come on, let's be honest, the problem here is really RACE, not the fact that the worker is not an American citizen. All this B.S. about people coming to this country, doing work most Americans don't want to do, but not being a citizen of this country is just that....B.S.
So, the next time you're shoveling that spoonful of chili into your pie hole and you bite down on a piece of green pepper, you can thank some illegal immigrant from Mexico who was likely the person who picked it....for 25-50 cents an hour in the hot, blazing sun.
Instead of wanting to chase them out, you should all be thanking your lucky stars that there are still people left in this world who are willing to risk their lives to come to America and do work that none of you would ever be willing to do for so little. Most of you could never keep up with the average Mexican farm laborer. Your wallets are certainly benefiting from it.
By the way, in case you were curious, I'm 57 years old and.....(surprise) WHITE.

Greenfield, MA

#5 Jun 26, 2008
Well I have a cure for all these so called jobs americans don't want, Make all thoses people who want to live on welfare do those jobs.
And who the f#$@ are you calling a lazy American. I work damn hard for a living and noone gave me anything. What I got I got on my own. So when you say spoiled Americans you must be some little rich prick who benifits from these illegal immigrants. Because the average american who pays taxes and follows the rules do not benifit from illegals. Our tax dollars go to supports all those programs for these people. Including all the benefits they are receiving that are suppose to goto legal American citizens. And of course people like you always play the race card instead of stating it like it is.
So why don't you pull that silver spoon out of your ass and face the real issues instead of making excuses because you are exploiting them.
By the way I am a hard working 40 yr old WHITE American.
Salvadore Pizzeria

East Haven, CT

#6 Jun 26, 2008
eddie wrote:
By the way I am a hard working 40 yr old WHITE American.
Awwwww, isn't that nice.
The hard cruel reality of the situation remains pal, and I stand by my word.
Find me the same amount of Americans as there are Mexicans who are willing to do the following:
1.) Take on the TYPE of work these Mexicans do.
2.) Work under the same hot, dirty, fast paced, conditions.
2.) Will be able to work as fast and keep up with the average Mexican, day in and day out for months at a time or longer.
3.) Won't whine and complain and strike for more money and want benefits after a week or so of this kind of work. Mexicans don't complain. They are happy to have a job so they just keep working.
4.) Will do all of the above for the same wages that the Mexicans are doing it for so you don't end up paying three and four times the amount at the grocery store. Many farmers could not stay in business if they hired Americans to to do the same work these Mexicans do for a small fraction of the cost.

It seems that the people who complain about the Mexicans the most have thought about it the least.
They have their shorts in a bunch, but they really don't know why.
Citizen of this country ? What the Hell does that really mean anyway and why does that have anything to do with working here ? Why the Hell is working in America while not being a citizen such a damn crime ? It's not as if those Mexicans were getting some huge cushy jobs and getting stuff that is denied any American citizen. They do work most of the rest of us don't want and couldn't do if we wanted to.
You're an American citizen and have a job, so get over it. It's not like any Mexican is effecting your paycheck or taking food out of your mouth.
Salvadore Pizzeria

East Haven, CT

#7 Jun 26, 2008
Bottom line is - The immigrants would never be here if there were no employers willing to (and NEEDING to) hire them in the first place.
The cold hard truth is that many farms survive because of these people. Since they are not citizens, the employer is under no legal obligation to pay them standard American wages and probably other benefits many Americans would demand. They can get these non-citizens to do lots of hard work for very, very low pay. The farmer stays in business, you and I benefit at the grocery store, the Mexicans are happy to get a paycheck, the families of these workers back in Mexico are happy so they have food on the table. Life goes on.
Many people at the top (Washington) really know this, but to placate the masses, they make believe they're going to crack down on the Mexicans coming across the border. It's all a shell game. Don't buy into it.
Mexicans have been coming across the border for a VERY LONG time to do our crappy work for us and not a single American soldier has died because of it, so get used to it.

Greenfield, MA

#8 Jun 27, 2008
There is a little thing called a workers visa for the migrant farm workers.
You say we benifit from the illegals.

1. because they are illegal they have no health insurance so they use the emergency room for a regular doctor, can't and do not pay the bill and noone can even find them to make them pay so who pays for it, oh yea TAX PAYING CITIZENS.

2. identidy theft is on the rise, 60% of it is illegal immagrants. They steal your identity and ruin your credit, distroy your rating with social security and can even give you a criminal record when you did nothing.

3. Anchor babys. As long as they give birth in america there kids are now citizens and they stay and are elegible for benifits that tax paying citizen pay for.

4. they cannot have a drivers licence or a legal car or ins. so if they get in a acceident they just go back to mexico and cannot be found. and the person who they hit is left with all the bills and life turned up side down with noone to turn to for payment because the other person was here illegally. This is why we all have to carry uninsured motorist ins.

5. It cost American citizens a average of 10 BILLION a year to support illegal immagrants.


Like I said before,

Bleeding heart liberals like you are the reason this country is going to hell.
If I break into your house and clean it and cut your grass and do your laundry, does that mean that I now have the right to live in your house and have you support me and pay all my bills.
Or are you going to have me arrested for breaking and entering?
Same thing dumb ass.

Greenfield, MA

#9 Jun 27, 2008
And alot of the people who hire them just use and abuse them because they are illegal. And the ones who hire them should be fined heavily for doing so. Most of the people who hire them are just rich people trying to pay out less wages so more goes in there pockets but still charge the same as if they we paying real americans real wages.
Sort of like the illegals you have working at your pizza shop.
Do you give them benifits? Did you check to see if there paper work was legal. Or are you just looking for cheap labor and more cash in your pocket.
wallingford resident

East Hampton, CT

#10 Jun 28, 2008
Touche Eddie! Illegal is illegal period.

Nashville, TN

#11 Sep 29, 2008
I am a white female age 51.
Yes they are here illegally but in the course of the many years that they have been allowed to be here, they have created a bundle of American citizens. With each other and with white and black people that are American citizens. I know of one that is taking care of a white male American citizen's child that got a young woman
pregnant without her knowledge that and he had a wife and two other children in another state. He has nothing to do with his white male American citizen child so the support has been left to the illegal Mexican. Child support says they can't find him which is malarky. And now they are married and they have 2 children together which totals 3 children that are American Citizens and you send him back to Mexico or don't allow him to work then there is 3 more children that won't have a father and won't have a place to live because their mom doesn't make enough to pay the bills by herself. So who will have to take care of them? The government? When they are being taken well care of now because an "illegal" Mexican who has learned the English language and stepped up to the plate and provided by working 2 jobs that don't pay real good but he works 70 hours a week to make up the difference. I applaud that man!!!!!!!!!!
This problem is not a cut and dry thing. There are so many children that are going to be affected about the decision that is going to be made that I pray they really look at the whole picture and yes send the bad ones back but make it a way for the good ones to become a citizen.
So many times the ones yelling deport them are lazy people that want to suck off the welfare system and are mad cause they "have" to work.
The language of the country should be English and I agree they should learn to speak the language if they want to live and work here but to go around and deport every person that looks Mexican, what's up with that? My husband has brown eyes and dark hair and darker skin but he was born in Ohio in 1956 to a daddy who is Irish/German decent and a momma that is German decent. What about the people that walk around and say they hate this country, I say deport them!!! Obama won't even salute the American flag and we want him for President? What is this country coming to!!!!!!! Deport him!

United States

#12 Feb 1, 2010
They should be put in front of a fireing squad..that whats wrong with the united states now.ther takeing all the americans jobs

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