WW Still voting Republican!!!!

WW Still voting Republican!!!!

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#1 Jul 28, 2012
Unbelievable! Citizens of WW still vote Republican!
For decades the citizens of WW relied on Union jobs, and still do. You know.......UNIONS.....higher wages, benefits. First, it was Bird's Eye, Rogers Cannery, WW State Pen., Walla Walla Vets Hospital, teachers, plus two colleges, firemen, police officers and the list goes on. UNION TOWN WITH UNION PAYING JOBS..........and they would/still vote Republican. Seems after all these years, they still don't understand the old saying "Cutting off the hand that feeds you." Their votes have all but killed Unions


#2 Jul 28, 2012
2012 election....just who do you think will win! Republican Mitt Romney. AGAIN, the citizens of WW don't seem to educate themselves on the facts about Romney, or just don't care to hear.

What would you vote for a man (Romney), who hides out the majority of is income in foreign banks to avoid paying taxes in this country. You know.....the money, that keeps this country running. He complains, that the 15% he pays is too much, and wants to become President, so he can pay even less. He wants the good life here in the States, but doesn't care to contribute his share.
Oh, but you say he does! How! The majority of his income/wealth has been found in 7 different foreign banks...TO AVOID TAXES. So Romney is NOT paying his share. That is plain and simple, that even a child would understand. In other words, Romney wants to be President of a Country, that he is not willing to support and make it even a better country. I call Romney the "Avoider." Avoids paying taxes, and even Romney avoided the draft. He doesn't want to contribute money, or his life for this country. So tell me, WHY THEN SHOULD ANYONE VOTE FOR THIS MAN.....MITT ROMNEY. He isn't even a patriot in my book.

Spokane, WA

#3 Sep 17, 2012
We still lose both ways. Obama has done the worst job in history. He's taken out all of his competition. SO the only other choose is to vote republican :S

Republicans aren't going to help the little people yet Obama in democracy is killing us anyway. I see it downhill from here.

Omaha, NE

#4 Oct 11, 2012
Lillianne wrote:
We still lose both ways. Obama has done the worst job in history. He's taken out all of his competition. SO the only other choose is to vote republican :S
Republicans aren't going to help the little people yet Obama in democracy is killing us anyway. I see it downhill from here.
Worst in history! Seems you haven't been paying attention all these years, especially during GW Bush's administration. This country was debt FREE, when Clinton left office with millions left over. Bush blew every cent, then put this country in serious debt with his huge taxe cuts for the wealthy, plus blew trillions of taxpayers money invading Afganistan and Iraq; and later Bush and Cheney admitted the reason they invade the countries..........OIL. So these low-lifes lied for the almighty dollar, and thousands of our service men/women came home in body bags and damaged for life; while Bush/Cheney's cronies raked in the bucks.
By the way, old Babs Bush when asked about the invasion of Afganistan, she told Diane Sawyer, that she couldn't worry her little head about how many came home in body bags. The Republicans have driven this country into the gutter;..........and then you want to blame Obama, who by the way had Bin Laden killed after GW Bush said he could care less about catching Bin Laden while he was still in office.
You want to complain about jobs........GEE, wasn't under GW Bush's watch, that so many companies moved abroad taking thousands of American jobs along with making Mitt Romney filthy rich. Oh, and Romney said that the auto industry should go bankrupt; and that our government didn't need to help them get back on their feet. I bet his dad is rolling over in his grave on that one. And who saved thousands of jobs.........Pres. Obama........that is who. And who wanted to get people back to work........Pres. Obama, who wanted to put money into the intrastructer of this country........building new bridges, highways, schools, etc. YOu know......the ones falling apart all over this country. And who stopped that? Republicans. Every time anything of Obama's was brought up to vote, the REpublicans voted against it. In fact, the day Obama was sworn into office, the Republicans in Congress met with Newt heading the meeting to discuss how to make Obama a one term president. Obama wasn't even in office, and the low-life REpublicans were discussing getting rid of Obama. They decided, which Senator McClellan of KY bragged about, that Obama would be a one term president. That was the Republicans onlly goal. The Republicans set out to destroy this country, by destroying getting this country back on its feet. So for the past 4 years, and all the hardships that Americans have had........the REpublicans were behind it; and yet they call themselves patriots. They are traitors, who have sat out to destroy this country, and you are complaining about Obama! You need to read up on the facts, instead of listen to trash talk on Fox News, which by the way, when Ailes and Murdoch were questioned about their Fox News and it's lying to the public; Ailes and Murdoch said they didn't have to tell the truth. And when questioned later, they said the same thing. Fox News admits they don't tell the truth, because they don't have to.

If you want to be angry at someone for the way this country is going down the crapper, you have to go no further than the REpublican Party. I don't have to tell you this, because you can find it out for yourself, if your willing to take the time and energy.

United States

#5 Jan 10, 2013
The fact is that both parties have been driving the citizens of this country down hill since before Roosevelt was president. The national debt was raised last in October of 2012 to 16.4 trillion dollars and the feds are already talking about having to raise it to 20 trillion dollars befor May of 2013. We have to get government to stop spending more than they collect in taxes.
We have never paid that debt off - we only pay the interest on it. Even at 16 trillion dollars it would take cutting the federal budget in half and putting all the rest of the tax income into paying the interest and principal for over 10000 years to pay it off. Its too late for that because since October the debt has climbed to 16.3 trillion dollars.
You keep voting for the party that believes throwing money at a problem will correct it but it never has. Right now, if you count unemployment nearly half of the people in the USA are being supported by the other half of the population. That means that for every dollar you earn you are giving 50 cents to people you don't know. You are paying government employees to take your money, pay themselves first and then dole out the rest to those they have decided deserve it. Some of your money goes to foreign governments that are not even our allies. How is that right?
I am not saying that the Republicans are any better after all they have been the other side of that coin all along. What I am saying is that if we don't change our voting habits then we will not have a country in less than twenty years. In less than twenty years the taxes collected in the USA will no longer be enough to cover the interest on the federal debt and the USA will be broke. Why is that important? Nearly 100% unemployment, triple digit inflation, and anarchy - the control of populations by the biggest thug in the area will be the result or worse a civil war that will last for a very long time.
In either event there will be no help for those who can't do for themselves. No more food stamps, those many states that survive on federal monies will go under, no education, no fuel, no electricity nothing that the government provides will work anymore.
we either change now or we all go under in less than twenty years - which do you want for your children, your family?

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