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Janet Danahey ************Grant Clemency Petition for Janet Danahey

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Greensboro, NC

#1 Jul 20, 2012
For anyone who is interested in supporting the Clemency Petition for Janet Danahey....please go to the following link and add your signature....you can also visit WGHP and DigTriad to read the \
Petition which has been filed with NC Governor Perdue.

no justice no peace

Burlington, NC

#2 Jul 20, 2012
i hope someone kills her if she gets out.

Greensboro, NC

#3 Jul 22, 2012
*****i hope someone kills her if she gets out.

Better be careful of the words you speak or Tweek....cause you'll never know which ones you'll eat....

Janet has done enough time....there were 2 other girls with her...who could have called for help or they could have put the first out, for that matter....THEY DID NOTHING...but walked away SCOTT FREE....I think there is a lot more to this *incident* than the public really knows....it was one of the other girls who went and got the lighter fluid....SO the 2 other girls were also guilty....I think that they stuck together and BLAMED Janet for IT ALL....and the Prosecutor bought it....ALTHOUGH it could have not been the truth, the WHOLE TRUTH and nothing but the truth....

With friends like this, who needs enemies???????

Check out Tolly Carr, who was able to serve 2 years for bar hopping, getting drunk and running over a young Winston Salem man....HOW DID HE GET OFF WITH SERVING ONLY A SHORT SENTENCE IN PRISON????? WHAT IS FAIR AND JUST??????


Greensboro, NC

#4 Jul 24, 2012

http://www.change.org/petitions/the-governor -

Greensboro, NC

#5 Jul 24, 2012
CORRECTION********on the link...

http://www.change.org/petitions/the-governor -...
Medic 413

Taylorsville, NC

#6 Jul 25, 2012
I think she needs to stay in prison until she dies or until the ones who died return home....whichever comes first.

Mocksville, NC

#7 Jul 30, 2012
Janet has not done enough time. When she serves 4 life sentences and dies, then she will have served enough time. I think the state was extraordinarily lenient in not giving her the death penalty. She has made her petition sound as though this was a fun loving joke. I hope Governor Perdue has more intelligence and integrity than the petitioners have. Shame on Janet for dragging the 2 other girls in on it and thinking they should bear the same blame. It’s hard to believe that there are some people who think setting fire to an apartment complex filled with sleeping people at 2 am could even remotely believe it was a prank.

Mocksville, NC

#8 Jul 30, 2012
Time for a warning

According to Danahey’s version in the petition, she saw lights on and people inside Johnston’s apartment before she squirted lighter fluid on the futon and lit the fire shortly after 2 a.m. on Friday morning.

“Janet believed that there were people at home, and that she would knock on the door, and they would come out,” Smith says.

Neumann says this doesn’t square with the evidence.“There was only one person in that apartment, and he was asleep,” Neumann says.

Johnston’s roommate Victor Medina, who was alone in the apartment that night, told police he woke up around 2:30 a.m. and discovered the building was on fire.

Danahey says after she lit the flame, she hurried back to her apartment, not realizing the fire had gotten out of control. When she and the others heard firetrucks, they assumed firefighters can been called to put out the futon.

“No one knows for sure how the blaze could have been so rapidly converted to a killer fire,” the petition reads.“It was such a small flame.”

This is contradicted by evidence from the arson investigation, which concluded that the fire caught quickly and spread quickly.

Douglas, the retired assistant fire chief, calls Danahey’s claim preposterous.

“If you have ever started a fire in a charcoal grill, you know that the length of time the fire remains small is only momentary,” Douglas says.
“The flame is instantaneous, and when you put lighter fluid on a fabric-covered foam cushion ... as soon as she placed that match on the surface area, there would be the same whoosh, except the fire continues to grow because all the materials are flammable, and it’s located on a wooden deck.”

Danahey felt the heat from that fire before she ever got off the stairs, Douglas says, and yet she did nothing to warn the occupants.

“She certainly denies that the fire was out of control,” Smith says.“That’s not what Janet says and not what Janet remembers.

“She says she left there, went back to her apartment and never thought it was that serious.”

Mocksville, NC

#9 Jul 30, 2012
Building issues?

The petition states that the building was built under an outdated building code and that the Greensboro City Council amended the city building code within six months as a result of the fire.

Not true, says Douglas. The building was constructed in accordance with state building codes, which the city follows, and had passed a fire inspection the month before the fire.

No changes were made to the city building code as a result of the fire. The integrity of the building actually prevented far greater loss of life, Douglas says.

Smith acknowledges they may have been mistaken about the building code.

Mocksville, NC

#10 Jul 30, 2012
After the fire

Danahey’s actions after the fire also are portrayed quite differently in the petition, both in what it says and what it doesn’t say.

“Faced with the unbelievable horror of what happened, Janet wanted the comfort of family,” the petition says.“She drove to the home of her parents.... There, she waited for the inevitable visit from law enforcement.”

Neumann points out that Danahey did not turn herself in and that she asked her friends to help dispose of her clothing and the lighter fluid before leaving for her parents’ home in Union County.

It was Hooks and Montanni who contacted police to tell them who was responsible for the crime and turned in the evidence. Danahey had even not told her parents what happened until police arrived.

None of that is mentioned in the petition.

“She did (attempt to dispose of evidence), there’s no doubt about it,” Smith says.“And I’m very sorry she made that decision. It doesn’t mean she did this intentionally.

“It’s what a 22- or 23-year-old girl would do who was in panic and scared to death. It is understandable and forgivable.”

Mocksville, NC

#11 Jul 30, 2012
State of mind

The petition also presents a very different picture of Danahey’s state of mind at the time of the fire.

It says Danahey had been in a romantic relationship with Johnston,“but that had played itself out.” It characterizes the fire as “a joke or prank conceived in a spirit of fun.”

But statements collected at the time of the fire indicated that Danahey was upset and angry about the breakup, which had occurred just a few days earlier, Douglas says.

“She had been scorned and her actions were that of revenge, one of the top reasons for fire setting,” Douglas says.“Let there be no mistake, this was a callous, spiteful, deliberate act, the consequences of which could have easily been predicted.”

Smith says there is no evidence that Danahey ever meant to burn down the building, and anyone who knows her can attest to her character.

“We do believe that this was a fine young girl, fine in every way,” Smith says.“She had good character, and what she did was a prank, a joke that went terribly, terribly wrong. And that under those circumstances, it doesn’t make sense that this young woman would serve life in prison without parole.”

Neumann, Douglas and others connected to the case say they can’t believe the defense team persists in describing arson as a prank. They say Danahey’s actions that night and in the days that followed reveal her true character.

“These are not the actions of a person that committed a 'prank gone bad,’ these are the actions of a person that has committed a crime and is now destroying evidence and attempting to avoid detection,” Douglas wrote in his letter to the governor.“Ms. Danahey’s actions during this entire event demonstrate her lack of character or conscience.”

Mocksville, NC

#12 Jul 30, 2012
What is just?

Smith says the petition was not intended to make less of the crime or its impact on victims.

“Our hearts go out to those who lost their loved ones,” Smith says.“This is not to dishonor them in any way but to do what we feel is just. It is to try to put a limit on the number of years this young woman will serve.”

Joseph M. Coltrane Jr. of Kernersville, part of Danahey’s original defense team, is among those who wrote letters of support for clemency.“Janet accepted her responsibility for the crime and served 10 years in prison for that crime,” Coltrane says.“This is just about mercy.”

Those asking for mercy, including prominent Greensboro residents Jim Melvin and Mike Weaver, weren’t there on Feb. 15, 2002, Douglas says.

“These prominent people are entitled to their opinion, but do they know the facts?” Douglas says.“They certainly weren’t there when we pulled up on scene, with people jumping from second and third floor windows on top of our firefighters, walking across the parking lot barefoot over burning material.”

They didn’t search through the 5-foot pile of debris where the staircase had been, by handful and shovelful, looking for — and finding — human remains.

“Many of us will carry memories of that fire until the day we die,” Douglas says.“This was not a miscarriage of justice. This was the intent of the law.”

Mocksville, NC

#13 Jul 30, 2012
2am, plays a funny prank on ex boyfriend. Janet's smart enough to know someone will wake up, smell or better yet she sees people through the window who will see the fire and come put it out. Was this the truth or a lie. 4 people died in the fire. Janet has always used her "joke" reasoning of no intent to escape truth. If there is one person who believes you can set fire to an apartment filled with sleeping tenants at 2 am in the morning with no intent and dismiss it as a joke. Please put it here so I can see if that one person exists.

Mocksville, NC

#14 Jul 30, 2012
At 7:58 pm, Jennifer Said:

Mimi- I don’t know which of your statements to address first. I’m sorry that you don’t believe that “the time fits the crime” but in this case it does. 4 people were killed and atleast 6 others were injured in the Campus Walk fire. I believe that Tolly Carr’s sentence was rather light but the way to rectify that is to contact our state representatives and have them get stricter on DUI vehicular manslaughter sentences. There are some differences between Tolly’s case and Janet’s. Besides the number of deaths and injuries, Tolly Carr did not leave the scene of the crime. Janet, on the other hand, was nearly 100 miles away from Greensboro when she was arrested two days after the fire. As for the 2 friends, according to Miss Danahey’s petition for clemency, the girls left the parking lot and drove back to Janet’s apartment before Janet reached Thad’s door. Neither girl poured lighter fluid on anything nor struck a flame. The girls went to the police, they produced the evidence that Janet had discarded in another friend’s dumpster, they offered to testify and they were not given immunity. All evidence seems to point to the fact that these girls cooperated in every possible way. I’m not sure what you think they should have been charged with but the simple fact that they were not charged does not in any way excuse Janet’s actions. I believe state law allows a DA to decide who to bring charges against.(Isn’t that why the Feds had to get involved in the Trayvon Martin case, because the DA wouldn’t charge Zimmerman?) The facts of this case are pretty simple and straightforward. Janet set a fire at an apartment building occupied by at least 14 people at a time when most people are asleep. When the first fire didn’t burn big enough, she poured lighter fluid on a futon and lit it. And she left. I have never heard that the smoke detectors inside the apartments did not work. The fire itself was started in the breezeway where there were no fire detectors. And as for the wind, well, many people think that it was windy enough that night that Janet knew that her “prank” fire was out of control before she left but she did nothing to warn any of the tenants or to even call 911. Janet Danahey plead guilty to her charges and accepted a sentence of life imprisionment at the urging of her sister, per the Washington Post. To most people this isn’t an unreasonable sentence. Janet killed 4 people and at least 6 others were injured either from the fire or by jumping from their windows. The Llewellyn’s are now childless. The Beks left the country. 5 of the 6 parents of the victims are against Janet being released. According to the DA, one of the parents had to contact his office to get Janet’s lawyers to quit harrassing them. Janet Danahey does
not deserve clemency. She should honor the deal she made 10 years ago.

Mocksville, NC

#15 Jul 30, 2012
At 2:19 am, Jeff Said:

Jennifer has said much of what needs to be said. As I am a family member of one of those who died and will never see them again, I have a vested interest in seeing that Janet Danahey serves the sentence in which she requested. Part of the deal was that some evidence would not be made public and the death penalty would be removed from the table if she plead guilty. She had her chance to go to trial and present her side. She knew in her heart what really happened and why that night. I think she still knows and is delusional in her thinking even to this day.

I have been in the Emergency Services (EMS, Fire, as well as Rescue) since 1981 and I am still serving the public in my primary job as a Paramedic. That is over 30 years where I have dealt with innocent victims of tragic crimes. I have pulled burned remains from fire scenes and wrecks. I have walked up to a family member and have delivered the “Bad” news of a loved one’s fate. I have performed CPR on a lifeless child that was ran over by a drunk driver who has 15 previous DWI convictions and is currently awaiting trial on 3 other charges of DWI and driving while revoked. I have held the hand of a mother who lost her only child. I have tried to stop the blood spurting from the body of a 12 year old child that was shot in a drive by and had that child ask me if he was going to die. I held his hand as he did… watching as the life left his eyes. I see these images in my dreams and will take them to my grave. I know how those 4 died and I think of my family member everytime I see a sensless act of violence and will for the rest of my life. Those 4 who died and the others that were burned and maimed are not the only people scared for life by the actions of Janet Danahey. My Fire and EMS brethren who responded that night will carry their own scares from that night too.

There are more scares on those left alive than can be counted. I believe that Janet should stay in prision for the rest of her life or until those that died get to return home….whichever comes first. Trying to place blame on others….shame on them. Trying to take advantage of a political loophole…shame on them. The evidence shows she lit 2 fires that night. It also shows through testimony, including Janets I might add; that she was alone when the flame was struck. Even though the 2 others were with her….they did not run and hide. They reported to officals the facts. They did not lie as Janet did. They were there and reported the dastardly deed and helped authorities. They acted as a resonable person would and did not go home and hide. Then the DA made an informed decision as to who should be charged and who should not.

Mocksville, NC

#16 Jul 30, 2012
At 2:19 am, Jeff Said:
There are reasons why causing a death while driving drunk is considered different than causing a death by arson or in the commision of a robbery,rape and other stated offenses under the felony death rule. I support this 100% and actually think it should be expanded to include people who drive drunk and unliscensed over and over again until they kill.

Even in the petition now it states that Janet has played tricks and burned property before she ever set this deadly fire. It shows she has never had a respect for the laws of common sense and I doubt that she has changed any at all. A resonable person would accept what they have done and take responsibility for those actions and pay the required price for bad actions they have taken. If she did not learn simple life lessons of right and wrong by the time she was out of college, what should make me think she has learn them now? I think that if allowed to go free she would wind up in more trouble later on and if let go and she causes more death and destruction it would be the fault of society then because we have her where she needs to be now.

I think this whole thing is a ploy by others and they are using Janet as a poster child for something that has nothing to do with what did or did not happen 10 years ago and they are doing it at the exspense of the families of those gone. One father supports this and I think he does so because he is grasping for straws and was pushed over an edge that precludes any rational thought. One parent out of 8…..come on now. How can 2 lawyers and a group of over-achivers bring so much pain and suffering back onto so many with no form of accountablity? What recourse do we family members have to prevent such abuse? When does it end?

Since: Sep 10

Location hidden

#17 Jul 30, 2012
Janet is a con in her bid for clemency. She makes light of everything she did that night, even to disassociating herself from her 2 friends who are responsible for coming up with all the ideas to prank Janet’s boyfriend, to saying it was someone else’s idea to fire up the beanbag in her past with a match. She sees people awake who will put the fire out, while it’s been proven she did not. Janet thinks 2am is good time to pull a prank, while she knows it’s the best time to not get caught. She states her 2 friends should take responsibility for the crime, while they were not with her when she lit the fire, but she understands. Janet states she doesn’t know anyone died until after she gets off work on Friday afternoon, while it is the biggest news in Greensboro that day. She sets the fire, goes home and sees the hugh blaze and manages go to bed and sleep, to work a full day on Friday and doesn’t bother to learn how bad the fire was. She then takes off to her parent’s home in Union County to spend the weekend while her 2 friends go to LE. She has obviously convinced some she is this stupid, while I could never believe she could convince God this was her role, although, she has certainly used him as her witness.

Greensboro, NC

#18 Aug 1, 2012
There are a lot of *stories* on what actually did or did NOT happen with this accident which turned deadly....even the PROSECUTOR is not sure....read what he supposedly said about it in today's News and Record....everyone has an opinion of what should or should not be done about it....the truth is though that there was a *THREAT OF THE DEATH PENALTY*....there was a young girl of 23 who admitted her part in what happened....there were 3 of the women who were together the night/morning that the accident happened....there was NO TRIAL....NO PLEA DEAL....and no true investigation of the accident....we know that the 2 young women who walked away *scott free* pointed to Janet as being the *guilty person who did it*....supposedly there stories were the same....so it was 2 against one and the one being Janet....these young women were drinking....and when a person drinks sometimes they do not *think clearly*....NONE OF THEM CALLED 911 or sought help....NONE OF THEM TRIED TO WAKE UP THE PEOPLE WHO WERE IN THE APARTMENTS....there was NO INTENT....
On FB today the following information from the News and Record reads:
Former State Supreme Court Chief Justice Jim Exum, a supporter of the clemency petition, said,“The state does not even now contend, nor has it ever contended, that Janet Danahey intended to murder anyone. Yet she has been sentenced as if she were a murderer.
“From the evidence at the sentencing hearing and from my own conversation with Janet Dana-hey, I am convinced she did not intend to set the building on fire. Without that intent, she did not commit first-degree arson and without first-degree arson, there could be no conviction for first-degree murder.
“Terrified of receiving the death penalty, which I believe should not have been threatened, Janet Danahey plead guilty to crimes she did not commit.”
In his response to the petition, Neumann included a police report saying that Danahey had declined to make a statement. But Clifford said she did coop-erate with police, reached out to the families, and admitted what she had done to Robert J. Harris, the father of Elizabeth Harris.
Robert Harris is among those supporting Dana-hey’s clemency petition.
Jim and Carolyn Llewellyn, parents of Rachel and Donna Llewellyn and opponents of the clemency petition, said they felt Neumann’s response offered a fair characterization.
“She would have walked from the 2nd floor down the stairs through the breezeway to exit in the parking lot. In the process, she would have walked directly past the doors of six apartments of the twelve apartments in the building,” they said in an email.
They also noted that next door was a bar where she could have used a phone.
Do we call this FAIR AND JUST??????????
For those of you who have no indication of just how the Judicial System works/ or NOT....you have no clue....trust me when I say this. There are people who will pressure, threaten, coerce, trick, intimidate or whatever you care to call it to those who have been accused or is a suspect of something....THESE ARE SUPPOSE TO BE PEOPLE WHO ENFORCE THE LAW....the Judicial System is a JOKE....there is all sorts of CORRUPTION AND COVER UP EVERYWHERE in AMERICA'S Judicial System....these people are ALLOWED TO DO WORSE THINGS than criminals have done....but they are ALLOWED TO DO THEM....

Greensboro, NC

#19 Aug 1, 2012
Janet Danahey was not a trouble maker...she was not a mean person...she was a happy go lucky young woman and she had NO INTENT of doing harm to ANYONE...
Supreme Court Chief Justice Jim Exum summed this up pretty good when he said “The state does not even now contend, nor has it ever contended, that Janet Danahey intended to murder anyone. Yet she has been sentenced as if she were a murderer."
HOW SAD THAT NO ONE stood up and defended what these people DID....I can only hope and pray that North Carolina Governor Perdue will SEEK GOD'S GUIDANCE now do what is *FAIR AND JUST and GRANT THE CLEMENCY PETITION*....
What would Jesus do?????????? Perhaps we all need to ask this question....
It is time to LET GO, LET GOD....

Janet Danahey has served more time than most *DRUNK DRIVERS WHO KILL PEOPLE* do....


The following was in Opinions in the News and Record - Very interesting article and some good thought.

Does punishment fit these crimes?
Saturday, July 28, 2012

By Bill Hancock

Here’s a question regarding Janet Danahey’s request to commute her prison sentence of life without parole.
A lot of us may have forgotten Sept. 10, 2003, a year after the Campus Walk apartment fire set by Danahey, killing four young people.

On that mostly forgotten day in 2003, three young women — Tara Howell Parker, her stepsister, Mysti Howell Poplin, and her half-sister, Megan Elizabeth Howell — had just attended a Fleetwood Mac concert at the Greensboro Coliseum. They were being driven home by a limousine service and were on Interstate 40 when their car halted to a stop near the Vanstory Street overpass, behind a traffic tie-up ahead.

A pickup truck, coming behind them at 60 mph, slammed into the rear of the limousine, igniting its gasoline tank and killing all three women.

The truck’s driver, Jeffrey Niles McFayden, was charged with three counts of second-degree murder and with DWI.
His blood alcohol level, according to police, was twice the legal limit.

When all was said and done, he received a little under five years in prison. He was released in 2008, according to N.C. Department of Correction records.

Janet Danahey showed complete disregard for human life, starting a fire, as a prank, that killed four young people.
McFayden also showed complete disregard for human life, driving drunk, killing three young people on the interstate.

Some argue that Danahey’s sentence should be harsh because she fled the scene. So be it. But McFayden had a prior drunken-driving conviction.

Yes, there may have been different judges and prosecutors involved, and they faced different laws. McFayden’s case went to trial. Danahey entered a plea, accepting a life term to avoid the risk of prosecutors seeking the death penalty. But they both committed remarkably similar acts of causing other people’s deaths.

One gets five years, the other life without parole.

Morally, the sentences can’t both be fair.

So, which one was?

The writer lives in Greensboro.


Graham, NC

#20 Aug 1, 2012
First off she should be set free!!!!!!
SEcond one of the two friends was my older sister, third the two friends were no where near when what happened happened. I know have known janet for a long time she is the most sweet kind hearted person, that would never hurt a fly. She has done enough time for what she did. She doesnt deserve life when there are worst crimes done everyday and they walk out in 20 years or less!!!

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