Signs of Hawaiian Life in the Universe

Signs of Hawaiian Life in the Universe

There are 435 comments on the Honolulu Star-Bulletin story from May 2, 2007, titled Signs of Hawaiian Life in the Universe. In it, Honolulu Star-Bulletin reports that:

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Honolulu, HI

#430 Jun 29, 2012
Truthfully, I don't care about any of this. I won't disclose anymore than that to any of you. The fact you keep coming back to this 'debat' shows how pathetic you are manoa. I'm happy while I cook for my family I can get you "thinking", upset and forcefully be a pacifist. You're more pathetic than the young ignorant boy from the big island. If you knew anything then you would understand Russia + China statement, but con-grates. You fueled my bordum between stirs. I'll go on not being useless an uneducated like you. Have a good life coward. 719.

Honolulu, HI

#431 Jul 7, 2012
Apparently many of Hawaii's male entertainers enjoy adorning themselves with Ni'ihau shells leis designed for women; are we to assume then that they are all just being [so] muffy...


London, UK

#432 Jul 7, 2012

Mililani, HI

#433 Jul 16, 2012
ianan wrote:
<quoted text>
if this is aimed at my one mistake of putting 'there' instead of 'their'. thank you, i am so dumb for making such a huge mistake. you're right i should reevaluate my thoughts of these uneducated mokes because of my mistake.
I wasn't referring to one post specifically. Just all the ones calling eachother uneducated while sounding uneducated.

Wailuku, HI

#434 Jul 31, 2012
This is seriously messed up...people like this make me wonder why did I even go to the army and fight for this country...this just shows how sad you people are singling out these people... And to think I was doing a good thing by actually fighting for our country I realize I'm fighting for a bunch of idiots who have nothing better to do but criticize a race they know nothing about...this is truly sad but you know what it makes me realize the Hawaiians aren't bad but it is these type of people who think they're better than everyone else when in reality you are just sad excuses of human people must be so miserable with your life because you're probably unhappy and have a sad life and in all honesty failures in life so you feel the need to criticize other races to make your self feel better...please find yourself a wife so you have something better to do than act like complete idiots...Now we all know that the Hawaiians aren't the so called idiots but it is you people!

Honolulu, HI

#435 Aug 2, 2012
Due to incompetent politics as concerns immigration policy in the U.S.of A. and Hawaii in particular, the Islands have become virtually a toxic wast dump of ignorant Gooks - Flips and Micronesians literally run amok in Hawaii's streets - evading taxes, indulging in petty crime, draining the welfare system and above all, refusing to respect - much less even acknowledge the laws, mores and norms of American and Hawaii's island society.

A pestilence let lose in the midst of a culture that has enough of it's own societal and economic concerns to deal with. As for Koreans especially, they're not refugees from an oppressive country, but hubristic scoundrels lacking in any testable modicum of integrity or sense of place but with the majority being only out to aggrandize themselves and profit at the expense of other, much more decent and actually hard working people.

Anyone old enough to remember the so-called Philippine oppression of the 70's and subsequent fiasco of allowing their "oppressor" to reside in these islands upon his being thrown out of that country.

This writer would trade three Mexicans for any one of the deprecating, violent and meritless societal crud - though not limited to any of the types mentioned above; They know who they are.

The truth

United States

#437 Aug 24, 2012
Hawaiians are stupid inbred monkeys. They spend there time smoking meth and acting like they are better then other people. They are garbage that should have been wiped out when we took the island.

United States

#438 Aug 25, 2012
The haoles you love to hate didn't steal your land, that, in fact, would have been the haole overlords of the time period not your average haole serf as I know you would like to believe but perhaps no wisdom exists in the hearts and minds of the locals which is why they are unable (or too hard headed)to see this very simple fact. These same overlords are still in power and now they're of all multicultural backgrounds. How things change.
The truth

United States

#439 Aug 26, 2012
I wrote the last post in a moment of anger and I would take it down if I could. The real truth is I have met people from all over the world and we are all looking for the same thing And that's the ability to take care of our selves and the ones we love. But since this is a melting pot I feel we all have at some point been the victam of racism but we all as a people have 2 rise above that and just be good peolpe.

Dubai, UAE

#441 Aug 26, 2012
Sell Hawaii to the Chinese! They don't want to be a part of the United States anyway!

Vancouver, WA

#442 Sep 24, 2012
wiping out a race with an STD isnt something to be proud of. too whites: the sun hates you!

Honolulu, HI

#444 Sep 24, 2012
KhastainAnu wrote:
wiping out a race with an STD isnt something to be proud of. too whites: the sun hates you!
The sun hates us? What a primitive, small minded insult. Something I would expect from an ignorant,uneducated, inbred. My-halo.

Portland, OR

#445 Sep 24, 2012
Most Hawiians are rude and cant even speak proper english, they say shit like"i like see", "i like have" "tree" instead of three....really annoying! The scools suck really bad, like 2 years behind the mainland schools (at least northern cali schools). And all the hawian kids
are fat and overwieght, like their parents!(They eat too much rice and spam!) And in the work force...hawians are the laziest i ever seen! The schools and adults teach hate toward white people, if we didnt take over your primitive asses...somebody else would have! Hawiaii is now part of the US, so you savages should thank us for things like rice and spam, not to mention electricity and all that. Face it, if it wern't for us haole's u would be slaves. You will never get this island back, just like the indians will never get the mainland back. Survival of the fittest, you lose!

Shanghai, China

#446 Sep 24, 2012
japan, you are a thief, the island belongs to china.

Honolulu, HI

#447 Sep 27, 2012
PingLing wrote:
japan, you are a thief, the island belongs to china.

Honolulu, HI

#448 Dec 6, 2012
Dude screw you Hawaiians wrote:
Hawaiians are fat ugly slobs. We pwnt them and got their land... its called conquering... They say... Oh my god... YOU SHOULDNT HAVE OCCUPIED OUR LAND ILLEGALLY... but its war u dumbass.... laws really dont apply in wars (other than like rules of war).
You know what would happen if we gave Hawaiians land back to them? Just look at Africa. Hawaii would turn into a shit hole without laws or morals, corrupted by those who say they are "pure hawaiian"
Another thing... For you Hawaiians who say you can kick peoples asses ... that really doesnt matter... God gave everyone something. The majority of the world, he gave the ability to have a brain. For you hawaiians he pretty much only gave you the ability to be a huge fucking brainless prick. The smart White man will get a gun and shoot the dumb strong hawaiian.
To explain Hawaiians to Mainlanders: Hawaiians are at the bottom of the "food chain" Alot of them are criminals, welfare recipients and so forth. Just look at the way They treat their children (often abusively).

Honolulu, HI

#449 Dec 6, 2012
OFWG wrote:

Two things, based on your tag it says you're in Aiea like myself. Which is in fact not on the "Big Island". Secondly if you're going to talk 'sh!t' on someone at least use some correct grammer. You're not backing up the opinion of you and your people to being stupid by both the points I've made. Try again you idiotic moke.

Honolulu, HI

#450 Dec 8, 2012
Hmmm these posts are saddening...some people trying to cause trouble by making threads like these...this thread should be called "is there signs of intelligent life on earth" hahaha...the people who wrote these kind of horrible things must have a sad lIfe and no wifeXD

Wilmington, DE

#451 Dec 9, 2012
I agree with selling it to China. It's a blight on the US mainland and something our country doesn't need.


Since: Apr 12

Kanakaville, Wai'anae

#452 Dec 9, 2012
Can't sell what you americunts don't own fool.
Obvious signs of amercunt thinking.

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