Molokai Ranch to close, lay off 120

Molokai Ranch to close, lay off 120

There are 452 comments on the The Honolulu Advertiser story from Mar 25, 2008, titled Molokai Ranch to close, lay off 120. In it, The Honolulu Advertiser reports that:

Uncle Jimmy Duvauchelle runs a string of horses for visitors to ride at The Lodge at Molokai Ranch.

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Importance of EIS

Honolulu, HI

#21 Mar 25, 2008
That's Moloka'i Ranch's way....Let us rape your land and exploit the people, or you're fired. Why would anyone make a deal with the devil?

Honolulu, HI

#22 Mar 25, 2008
How very sad that in the end the community and the ranch were unable to work together. Sincere open mindedness and cooperation -- on both sides -- could have gone a very long way. No one win on this one. It's a huge loss, and creates huge uncertainty in already troubled times.

Honolulu, HI

#23 Mar 25, 2008
Whats up buttercup wrote:
<quoted text>
Capitolism doesn't work anymore. There are too many people in the world for there to be rich people. In fact, I will go so far as to say that being wealthy is immoral. To have more than what you really need in the face of so much povery and desperation is nothing that I want on my conscious. Watching developers bully communities on Molokai and Kauai is driven by the current "Politics of Greed" and not the "Politics of Community". Communities would be far more open to growth and jobs if they felt they were benefitting an area and not just going to make some developer even wealthier while reducing their quality of life. There has to be a balance established between community and growth that our current capitalistic approach is incapable of achieving.
Commies like you aren't cool.

Honolulu, HI

#24 Mar 25, 2008
Concern for the environment, heritage, and history are fine, and should be respected. But the other side of the coin is that businesses like Molokai Ranch cannot be expected to lose millions of dollars, year over year, without any relief in sight. The smart man will weight the consequences and know what the economic penalties will be.....I am sorry for the people who will be losing their jobs, but the fault lies not with the ranch but with people like Walter Ritte.
That's right. IT's happening around the world. The poor get poorer and the rich take advantage. Buy a lot in a 3rd world country next to the beach for 1/10th the price it would cost in the 1st world and you're putting $$ in the pocket of that land owner. However, the future for the former land owner is bleak once they realize that the money won't last forever and some haole is building rental villas on the land. It's time that the land-grab for profit comes to a stop. How much can one person need?
local kine girl

Honolulu, HI

#25 Mar 25, 2008
MauiSlugbug wrote:
I visited Molokai several years ago. I'm a local boy, yet I've never felt so unwelcome during my short stay on The Friendly Isle. I feel sorry for the folks who will lose their jobs. However, many people on Molokai have been so antioutsider, antibusiness and antidevelopment, Molokai Ranch's decision to close shop should have been expected.
You get what you give. If you go anywhere with a bad attitude like yours, all you'll get is bad attitude back.

Wailuku, HI

#26 Mar 25, 2008
It's amazing [but, certainly not surprising] to hear all the polititians whining, complaining and accusing, as usual...where were Tavares, Mateo, English, during this process? All this did not happen overnight. To the tree huggers [Ritte & Co]: As you sow, so shall you reap...the people of Molokai thank you for our loss.
Supa Fairies

Mililani, HI

#27 Mar 25, 2008
Can't Lingle call a Special Session like they did for the Stupid Ferry??
local kine girl

Honolulu, HI

#28 Mar 25, 2008
Go Warriors wrote:
<quoted text>
that's because they're too busy working and doind something productive for themselves and the economy. and they have more class than to protest and tell other people what to do with their own land/money.
It's people like this, that causes all the problems. You think you do everything for everybody. Reality check. What do you do to help the world?

Honolulu, HI

#29 Mar 25, 2008
Stan wrote:
When your out go,
Is more than your income,
Your up keep,
Will be your down fall.
Molokai farewell

Honolulu, HI

#30 Mar 25, 2008
Maybe it is time to give the island to OHA to be the new Hawaiian Kingdom. The people on Molokai have fought to keep many things away, such as cruise ships, where the passengers bring $$$. The highest % of welfare users are on Molokai. They fight to keep everything not Hawaiian out so maybe it is time to cut them free. Take away the welfare and most state/fed assistance. Let them live in the old way - the way they want to live. Fish. Hunt. No more Spam or rice or chicken katsu. Let them grow ag products to sell/trade for "modern" stuff they need. Time to put up or shut up.
Are you happy now Walter? Take a vote of all the people on YOUR island to find out how they feel.

Camas, WA

#31 Mar 25, 2008
Iím a local haole born and raised on Oahu 57 years ago and lived on the Big Island for many years. Living in Eugene Oregon now but hope to move back home some day. Economics keeps me on the mainland as it does many former locals. They are all up and down the West Coast.

Been to Molokai several times over the years and the anti outsider (Iíll not use the word haole because itís more than that) sentiment grows stronger each time. But I canít blame them. They have seen what has happened to the other islands and they donít want that to happen to their dear Molokai. Itís their last stand. But what can they do for paying jobs? If the answer is no tourism then itís slim pickings. Do the people of Molokai have any consensus ideas or is it just get the hell out and leave us alone?
The Guardian

Hilo, HI

#32 Mar 25, 2008
What a shame! only the ideology of a few benefit for now. But Wait!!!!!!. Keoniniu is right " No worry Brah, plenty of fish in the ocean and taro patches on the land. No forget, always get welfare just in case things no work out for those few.

Wahiawa, HI

#33 Mar 25, 2008
Just another scare tactic. Molokai Ranch could just as easily sell many of it's lands to help support what they already have. But they wish to take the ALL or NOTHING approach. Come on people, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see right through that scheme.

It's like the Hawaii PUKAferry fiasco. Oh we need to sail by this date or we'll have to leave the state. Yeah, it's funny how that all worked out huh. Imagine that! The PUKAferry is still here.

The same for Molokai Ranch, Oh we need to close down everything because of the opposition and protests to our "LUXURY HOMES DEVELOPMENT." Without these luxury homes how will we stay in business and support 120 employees.(LOL) SHIBAI!!!

I tell you what Molokai Ranch, sell off some property and keep your employees working. I mean, it really is about the employees right???? ;-) Sure it is!
Too True

United States

#35 Mar 25, 2008
Congratulations to the People's Republic of Maui County. Where was their councilman Danny Mateo when this was going down? He is too busy posturing to be the next do-nothing chairman of the Maui County Council. I hope Walter Ritte has a lot of kalo to share because he and his posse are now responsible for caring for 120 families.

Los Angeles, CA

#36 Mar 25, 2008
Concern for the environment, heritage, and history are fine, and should be respected. But the other side of the coin is that businesses like Molokai Ranch cannot be expected to lose millions of dollars, year over year, without any relief in sight. The smart man will weight the consequences and know what the economic penalties will be.....I am sorry for the people who will be losing their jobs, but the fault lies not with the ranch but with people like Walter Ritte.
I completely agree. Businesses are not charities. They have to make money. For Molokai Ranch, it sounds like this master plan was a last ditch effort to ensure some profitability in the future.

In the development business, everyone is acting in their own self interest - the developers, environmentalists, community members, etc. The community members don't want outsiders adding traffic, disturbing their way of life, etc. That's all fine and good, but what about ensuring a future lifestyle for your children? They need jobs to stay. And what's so bad about outsiders? Your family was an outsider once too.

The environmentalists are the worse. They ruin companies and the livelihood of residents because of their lofty environmental agendas. Meanwhile, they have their own jobs secured (it costs a ton to buy organic food) and could care less about other people, so long as their hiking trails look good and their view isn't partially blocked by a high rise.

The developers aren't saints either, but they're not the villains people make them out to be. People forget that they OWN the land. How would you feel if you wanted to remodel your home and everyone tried to stop you from doing what you want with YOUR property. If you really wanted to stop any growth, then you should buy the land from the developer. Then you can do as much (or as little) as you want with your property. Or, to put it another way, how would you feel if someone were to garnish your wages (above taxes) in order to appease your neighbors? Developers have to make money, and they are already spending a lot to mitigate environmental impacts, appease community members, and fight lawsuits brought by environmentalists.

It's a shame Hawaii is such a tough place to do business that things like this happen. This is not old Hawaii, no matter how much people want it to be. You can't live off the land in your own world and fish all day. There are other people to consider.
Dennis at UH

Kapolei, HI

#37 Mar 25, 2008
First of all, we should have never allowed anybody or any corporation to own THIRTY FIVE PERCENT of an island. That is crazy! Second of all, we allowed ownership to pass to a HONG-KONG based company? Good grief. And this company has some nerve!-- cutting off access to such a major part of the island? Are they crazy or what! Where are our regulators? Where is our government? I think at the very least we need to condemn the land near the access roads to Maunaloa and the west end. What a travesty!
Jere Krischel

Norwalk, CA

#38 Mar 25, 2008
Bachi. Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

Moral of the story - you can't have your cake and eat it to.

San Diego, CA

#39 Mar 25, 2008
who needs these kind of land owners? like walter said they need someone who will use the land for the good of all molokai not just the greed of some foreign investors.

Honolulu, HI

#40 Mar 25, 2008
your gonna put blame for this onto one man, you people have no clue. To the Hong Kong based investment firm, molokai ranch is nothing but another line on a balance sheet, mothball the ranch, screw the employees, two weeks notice, nice payback, no qualms about wanna do business with this kind of people, with their flawed plan, sell yourself out?? yea, obviously you people would, but walter and those guys were right, they were right, they simply exposed the truth about the these guys-- they cut and run from the comfort of a hong kong board room and you blame... the molokai community for smoking out the rat???

Wahiawa, HI

#41 Mar 25, 2008
I hope Molokai Ranch isn't using the same PR firm the Hawaii PUKAferry used. Lot at the mess they're in. Change PR firms Molokai Ranch. Oh but wait a minute, Linda Lingle is originally from Molokai, well kinda sorta. Hmmmm, maybe they are using the same PR firm. ;-)

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