Occupy Honolulu -
having co-opted from de]Occupy Hawaii - Kanawai Mamalahoe "The Law of the Splintered Paddle," a ruling passed by Kamehameha the Great and incorporated into the Hawaii State Constitution - from the above mentioned Hawaiian rights group and as is now openly mocked by - Occupy Honolulu, with this local island movement having lost much of its original support - while "trying" to change / correct present civil policy with virtually frivolous law-suits, all the while breaking the law themselves and violating the rights of others.- What has become a mostly drug-junkie and alcohol addicted group have presently created not only for themselves but [especially] passing motorists and pedestrians extremely hazardous conditions and has taken a section of the park with the result of the area being turned into nothing but muddy dirt and rubbish, their garbage and laundry draped over walls and benches - all being made even more unsightly with overstuffed furniture, the stench of feces and buckets of urine and no longer suitable for the average tax paying park goer. Without their preferred approach / "cause," such as the likes of these kinds of people are nobodies and as in this particular [Occupy] instance, no longer having any real consequence and meaning, these so-called petitioning (read as fanatical) "leaders," the stupidly arrogant, loud mouthed, Christopher (Butt Licker) Nova smith needs a "wake-up" slap and solid punch in the face - while with Ms Catherine*(The Privileged) "Vinegar" Russell deserving nothing more than a swift kick in her ugly fat head, a straight jacket and being sent directly back to whatever filthy crap hole she just happened to crawl out of.

Note: A few, slightly flexible rules for being a part of "The Encampment"...
Be displaced, White and male - hopefully with some $s for booze and drugs.
If gay, be a Person of Color, studying or something and obviously flaming.
Women / Elderly - similar to the above; (token positions already taken.)
No lesbians,*Cathy's sensitive 'bout that kina thing..... "wink"
Absolutely no pets or children!
Asians (really) need not apply.
- Toadies welcome...

Ua Mau ke Ea o ka Aina i ka Pono