Schools must get grip on campus disci...

Schools must get grip on campus discipline

There are 112 comments on the The Honolulu Advertiser story from Mar 11, 2008, titled Schools must get grip on campus discipline. In it, The Honolulu Advertiser reports that:

Comment on this story Who could have imagined that the schoolyard fight would morph into an audition for budding Net video stars? And yet, that's where digital technology has brought us, with students at 'Ilima ...

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“Live Aloha”

Since: Oct 07


#1 Mar 11, 2008

This is a National, State, Federal and Parental issue and not one that places blame on one or two parties.

It's OUR problem as Americans.

There are so many contributing factors as was written about during the past two weeks.

Don't forget about our society and media influences with Sex and Violence.

Where do you get your writing info!

We are lucky that another Columbine HS tragedy did not occur YET......

So..........before you single out the Parents you should consider all of the players including the HPD!

We need everyones input and attention here with ALL Accountable Parties stepping up to the plate to hit one over the fence instead of throwing stones at the kids and their parents.

It's obvious that some adults have not grown up either and need old fashion detention duty.

Hoping for Community Action Statewide because more serious outcomes are in the wings if we continue to point the finger.

One of the hardest things to do in this Life is to point the finger back at yourself and when one really looks at a given situation with an open mind to include a fix, there is always something we could have done for the sake of prevention.

Many folks too are afraid of rocking the boat for one reason or another that does not help either.

Let's hit a Homerun!

With Aloha,

Moke Young

Honolulu, HI

#2 Mar 11, 2008
As wonderful as it sounds, sports are part of the problem. Sports are given a pass while other venues for student expression are canceled.
And, despite all the jaw jacking by coaches etc, sports nowdays teach one thing only, winning is everything. Look at the commercials, the athletes, the news reports and so on. Kids are taught from an early age it is better to be violent than to be smart.
Maybe NCLB should apply to sports also. High School sports teams must include EVERY CHILD.
On the other hand, put these kids in a choir and they will truly learn teamwork and not "me first".

Honolulu, HI

#3 Mar 11, 2008
Kids today are pretty much taking advantage of the child protection policy or child abuse law. How can children realize their mistake if the only way you can deal with them is just reminding them in words and not spanking them. They always say that they are to call 911 once they see that parents are on the verge on really hitting them, they even had the courage to tell parents to Hit Them. Police coming into your house is not pleasant especially if the reason is due to the Kids foolish ways. I am new here but i've seen the resuts of poor control. I believe that somebody got to look into the child abuse policy and define what is the difference between child abuse and child discipline.
Brian Sherman

Honolulu, HI

#4 Mar 11, 2008
I'm a high school senior at Kahuku high and feel that you should not blame the students who film the fights. If our parents had the technology we have today, I know that they would be doing the same thing. A way I feel you can stop fights is to be more harsher in punishments. For example at Kahuku, if you get caught fighting; you get expelled or suspended for 96 days. So don't blame the students filming these fights, its what teens do.

Since: Feb 08


#5 Mar 11, 2008
i don't blame kids for filming the fights, but if the fights happen so they CAN BE filmed, then that is wrong. school fights always happen, been that way forever. but it was usually one on one, not 3-4 on one. a crowd would gather, a teacher would come running, the crowd would scatter. the two fighting would get suspended and would come back 3 days later with tales of woe on how bad they got lickings by their parents. in the end, 9 times out of 10, the two would become friends. go figure
herbert morioka

Mililani, HI

#7 Mar 11, 2008
The present judicial system in the United States protects the juvenile and what does the juvenile do? The juvenile then commts crimes and harasses the adult. We must eliminate the word juvenile from the dictionary so that the juvenile cannot use the meaning for protection from prosecution. I used the word juvenile too many times in this discussion so I apologize.

Honolulu, HI

#9 Mar 11, 2008
It is time to restore discipline in our schools. Some simple ways to do this are:

1. Ban cell phones on school campuses. Kids do not need them. They are there to learn, not to take photos and send text messages during class. Neither parents nor anyone else should be calling students during school hours. If something is so urgent that it cannot wait until after school, parents can call the school's admin office. Students who need to call their parents can do so during recess or lunch breaks using pay phones or phones in the admin office.

2. Strick dress code, preferrably uniforms. Some costs here. Use public funds for those families that cannot afford to buy them. Our legislators dole out millions of taxpayer dollars to non-profit organizations each year. Let's divert some of this money to fuding school uniforms.

3. After-school detention for minor infractions of rules; suspension for serious infractions; expulsion for repeat offenders.

4. Stand up and fight the ACLU when they claim such measures violate student rights and privacy.
Island Girl

Makawao, HI

#10 Mar 11, 2008
School fighting has been going on a long time. Back in my days, it was a one-on-one fight. I used to be a very bad girl; cut classes, gamble on the side of the school building, watch after school fights. Yes, you don't need a cellphone in the classroom. If you neede dto reach a student, they would call the admintrator's office and locate you. Everyone has that star mentality by using video via telephone so they can post it on the website. Kids nowadays just more stupid then ever. I believe in the discipline because we used to get our okole whipped all the time. But you know what? We all grew up to be better people. Kids/teenagers nowadays lack discipline. Suspend the kids or kick them out of school. Obviously, they're not there to learn, just passing the time by. Make them stay after school and/or community work, yard work. If they don't learn now, they'll end up being adults who lands in jail/prison. And it always starts with the parents. Who are the parent of the St. Louis boys that are egging people's cars and homes? Don't blame teachers. It always starts at home!

Kaunakakai, HI

#11 Mar 11, 2008
Things needed to restore discipline in our schools:
1. Ban cell phones and cameras in our schools. Parents should furnish their children with 4 quarters and if there are any emergencies, their children can utilize the pay phones or better yet, go to the office and ask to use the phone for a minute or two because of an emergency.
2. Get rid of the National Guard Youth Challenge Program. Thousands of kids here in our state face many challenges in their lives but yet are still determined to overcome and get through the mandatory subjects needed in order to graduate after 13 grueling years of school. Then there are a few knuckleheads out there determined that they know it all and fail to qualify to legitimately graduate from high school. After failing to qualify in even a minimum capacity of graduating from high school, these people are given yet another chance in doing something in a few months to achieve what someone has committed to for 13-15 years. Then, because of this the person that didn't graduate from high school goes through a program and is able to make more money than the person who made and stuck to the commitment from the start.
There should be some sort of major outcomes for students that do not legitimately qualify for graduation...for example, an ID that allows you to only get paid minimum wages for life, or not able to work or receive food stamps/financial assistance, direct enrollment in the army of marine corps to get the highest lessons of discipline, because apparently there was none in the home, not allowed to get a drivers license. Right now there are a lot of avenues for this leaders of our future to get back in the game and continue the road they are traveling. Let's force teach/discipline our kids well from their early childhood years so that they can become the true leaders of our future.

Kaunakakai, HI

#12 Mar 11, 2008
As a parent, I refused to send my child to Kailua High School and be subjected to fights , bullying, drug use, on almost a daily basis. School is a place for learning and education to move on to higher education and better paying jobs. Not a place for fights and gang activity, drugs and a fear of being assaulted.

Honolulu, HI

#13 Mar 11, 2008
All true..St. Louis coddles its athletes and football is god there. Everyone in town knows this and the admin. just will not be honest about their problem. Violence makes it hard for the good kids to learn anything.

Honolulu, HI

#14 Mar 11, 2008
The problem is an all around problem and the parents who raise their children well are at fault also for not DEMANDING an appropriate environment in the public school system.

I went to a public school myself and things were a lot different. Rarely were you given an out of school suspension. An in school suspension or detention was the absolute pits! Couldn't read, study, talk or sleep! Had to just sit there for hours while your brain turned to Jello! In addition, it counted as an absence from the classes that you were supposed to be. Too many absences and you failed. Part of the problem with teenagers these days is that they are not raised with a sense of responsibility, discipline or consequences!

Honolulu, HI

#15 Mar 11, 2008
mei ling is right

Honolulu, HI

#16 Mar 11, 2008
"Schools must get grip on campus discipline", WHY? Our public schools are already overwhelmed with
federal mandates and accountability for learning. On top of that there is No Child Left Behind they have to answer for. Where did parents accountability for their childrens behavior go, out the door! As in everything; whether a kid eggs a house, misbehaves in school or breaks the law, they are accountable and if they are under 18, they and their parents are accountable. Everything good and bad starts from the home.

Honolulu, HI

#17 Mar 11, 2008
quite true hon.

Honolulu, HI

#18 Mar 11, 2008
All schools should have in school suspension according to Chap. 19 law. But when it get repetitive, it turns to out of school suspension. It is not fair for the school staff and in the case of elememtary schools, having clerks (getting paid like 10-12 bucks an hour) the duty of watching the kids while they do their jobs. If the state was serious,they would give every school a place to for inschool suspension, not someone's workspace. We had classes under the tree and 7 offices in one cottage. We make kids clean the campus, pick up rubbish, rocks, do exercises but you got to think about the 90% of the kids and not subject them to the thugs, thus out of school suspension.

Honolulu, HI

#19 Mar 11, 2008

Kaneohe, HI

#20 Mar 11, 2008

Honolulu, HI

#21 Mar 11, 2008
yawn is right again....yawn alice
Richard Alden Mc Afee

Kailua, HI

#22 Mar 11, 2008
What ever happened to parents who carried a big stick and brought up kids to respect everyone, more so the teachers in school??
When a lot of we seniors remember
the good old days, you either do the right thing, or get the HELL beat out of you.
Of course, with all the liberal politicans appointing the liberal judges, what can you expect from the kids? They will send the parents to jail just to get their way.

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