If I told my best friend about this place, I would say it deserves less than a 1 Star rating. I took my pressure washer that was covered under warranty to this place. They charged me $40 to determine if the damage was covered under warranty. Two weeks later, I called them, but they had not yet looked at the machine. I contacted the manufacturer to complain and finally, two weeks after that, Garrick & Son's contacted me to tell me the damage was covered under warranty. They said it would take a couple weeks to get the water pump and a couple *weeks* to install it. Derek at Garrick & Son's left a message saying, "we'll call you when it's ready for pick up", indicating nothing more was needed from me. I told the manufacturer the wait was rather unreasonable, but I hoped to have my pressure washer back in a month. I waited. I called the manufacturer. Finally, after FOUR MONTHS, Garrick & Son's left a message on my cell phone stating the machine was fixed and they had been trying to contact me for weeks. Interestingly, when they left a message saying my machine was done, I called them back within 45 minutes.

They had not been trying to contact me for weeks to get "more information" to process the warranty claim. I got my phone records, went down to Garrick & Son's and I asked the incompetent how many times he tried to call me. He said "numerous" times, and that he had it all written down. Standing right in front of him, I asked him the dates he tried to call me (the machine was taken in March 2, 2011). He pulled my paperwork and showed me that he tried to call on the 17th and 25th of March. At this point it's June 3, 2011. He tried to contact me twice over the span of four months, after leaving a voice message indicating there was nothing more I needed to do.

The bottom line is, this guy lied to me and to Ridgid corporate in an attempt to cover up his utter incompetence. I have the records, the voicemails to prove it.

Don't do business with this company. They got run out of Wahiawa for a reason. Unfortunately for me, this is one of the only companies Ridgid contracts to service warranties on Oahu. Stay away from this place. Go somewhere where the employees don't need to slander you to disguise their shortcomings.