Fireworks ban long overdue - Hawaii E...

Fireworks ban long overdue - Hawaii Editorials

There are 56 comments on the Honolulu Star-Bulletin story from Jan 7, 2010, titled Fireworks ban long overdue - Hawaii Editorials. In it, Honolulu Star-Bulletin reports that:

Hawaii survived its ninth consecutive New Year's Eve without deaths or major injuries from personal fireworks, but the reverberations continue.

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Honolulu, HI

#43 Jan 8, 2010
people should watch there kids and dont blame it on the fireworks cuz the parents are the blame

Volcano, HI

#44 Jan 8, 2010
I don't give a rat's ass if it was the tradition or not... we use to chop off peoples heads too.... but we out grew it.

Aerial fireworks are a danger to the community and a pollution source we can no longer afford. It's bad for our elders, our keiki and our aina. Pure and simple.

Locals have proven year after year that they AINOKEA about anyone but themselves so if ou wanna do that shishi do it out in the pineapple fields away from anyone else.

Its all about money. Ask the two big island kids with 2/3rd degree burns if it was fun. Ask the pet owners who's pet's died.
Boom Boom

Wahiawa, HI

#45 Jan 9, 2010
Nalo Boy wrote:
You forgot pets.
The repeated bomb-like explosions in out Waimanalo nieghborhood scared our young dog so badly that she shreded a screen door in a desperate attempt to get inside, away from the attack. I'm sure she will forever be terrified of these types of noises.
The other thing you left out is the immeasurable toll on hundreds of thousands of people who have to live a bunker-like existence in their own communities because our lawmakers are too spineless to do the right thing.
You have a wimpy useless dog...train it to enjoy the sound of shotguns or get rid of it! My dogs just love the sound of explosions, it remains them of going hunting for birds and pigs...just so eager to be let loose!

I love the smell of gunpower and feeling the concussion of loud reports...the Bigger the get used to it you wimps! More fireworks to celebrate...SUCK UM UP and shoot um up....YeeeeeHaw...ride'um cowboy.

Hilo, HI

#46 Jan 10, 2010
I can see it coming now. 90% of the next legislative session taken up with debate, hearings, demonstrations, floor votes, more debate and finally no decisive action on fireworks ban. Then, in the last day or two of the session, a bunch of rush bills to raise taxes and fees to stick another band-aid on the real fiscal problems of the state that the legislature would just as soon ignore. Again.

Hilo, HI

#47 Jan 22, 2010
i dont think they should out law fireworks cause if they did imagine how much bullets would be shot in the air and imagine all da home made bombs going off to me thats more dangerous....its only one nite out of da year....stop crying!

Volcano, HI

#48 Jan 23, 2010
41dash let me give you the 411

It was NOT just one night it was 3 months of this BS and even now for MLK day.

Stay tuned because if I find them there reallllllly will be some fireworks!

Kihei, HI

#49 Jan 23, 2010
41dash wrote:
i dont think they should out law fireworks cause if they did imagine how much bullets would be shot in the air and imagine all da home made bombs going off to me thats more dangerous....its only one nite out of da year....stop crying!
Only one night? hahahahaha! Where were you in November and December?

Volcano, HI

#50 Jan 25, 2010
Mark my words... someone's gonna get hurt!

Kapolei, HI

#52 Feb 1, 2010
Here's a timelapse video showing the fireworks over Honolulu. This is a residential area and this is not a fireworks show.
leeward lolo

Cleveland, OH

#53 Feb 2, 2010
Bombs are going off tonight in Makaha. Obviously these are not working people but lowlife scum.

The only way to control the few is a complete ban with strict penalties.

I just know they are little creeps like those who blast boomboxes hoping to be noticed.

The ones setting off bombs run and hide when we look for them.
Why why why

Honolulu, HI

#54 Feb 2, 2010
surfcourts wrote:
Here's a timelapse video showing the fireworks over Honolulu. This is a residential area and this is not a fireworks show.
Wow bra good example of New Years fireworks over Honolulu. I was watching the middle of the screen where those dudes had some fire power. You have made your point there were quite a few illegal ariel fireworks. My closet recollection of fireworks at age 6 in 1952. I remember all those rockets my father and family set off continously when it became nightime. At that time it scared the hell out of me. Honolulus population was small in comparison to now where many homes and businesses are in danger. I also disliked fireworks because of the trauma I suffered when just a kid. This cutural rights are BS and is just another attempt at justification. Most of these illegal fireworks are set off by non Chinese young adults and has to stop. We will have the same controversy next year mark my words. Until then enjoy the peace and quiet.
leeward lolo

Cleveland, OH

#55 Feb 2, 2010

Here is the really horrible one which people do not really believe happens in Hawaii.
Watch past first minute. These fireworks are against federal law so we should get some help there.

San Diego, CA

#56 Dec 31, 2010
Well first of all I am absolutely 100% against the fireworks ban. I have been playing with fireworks every single year ever since I was 10 and now that im 25 I supervise the kids of all of my family members and their friends kids as well. I havent had any accidents regarding anyone at my house because, to avoid injuries all you need to do is be careful and be prepared. Every year I have a first aid kit with me and a 3 garden hoses that are ready incase anything happens. They shouldnt ban fireworks because their dangerous or because of complaints that they cause noise. To people who complain about noise just deal with it, instead of complaining about how loud it is go outside and watch them and see how nice they look, get the stick out of your ass and enjoy instead of complaining and whining about it and fireworks are not dangerous as long as you are careful and take the necessary precautionary measures. If you are careful and supervise good then the worse injury should be a minor burn. Fireworks are a tradition and a great experience for kids, not to mention kids love it. And to the people that say fireworks are a threat to public safety, their are so many more things to worry about then fireworks concerning public safety, like perhaps oh I dont know maybe cigarretes, drugs, alcohol, and guns. I dont have anything against guns or beer because i have a gun myself and i like to drink beer every now and then but these things cause way more problems then fireworks. Also if you think fireworks are a threat to public safety should knives be banned too? or maybe pencils should be banned because their pointy? Hell even animals can be a threat to public safety, yea animal attacks might not occur very often but every once in a while a pet dog might happen to viciously maul its owner, oh my gosh maybe dogs should be banned? A incident involving fireworks hurting people like with the truck catching on fire is a result of idiots and accidents that rarely happen, just as animal attacks are very rare. Fireworks cause problems in the hands of idiots and druggies, but they shouldnt have a complete ban against fireworks because of a threat to public safety, if anything maybe they should have a ban against fireworks but they should make a permit for them as a compromise for the people who do enjoy fireworks such as myself, and not give permits to random idiots that do stupid things with them. There is risk in everything that we do. Instead of focusing on fireworks that have such rare incidents maybe you should concentrate on more important matters. There is risk in everything that we do. Instead of focusing on fireworks that have such rare incidents maybe you should concentrate on more important matters. In our water supply is something called hexavalent chromium or also known as chromium 6. You may know what this substance is from the movie Erin Brockovich but this substance can cause many problems including but not limited to lung cancer like leukemia, and other problems to your body such as eyedamage, dermatitis, and etc. This substance is found in HAWAII'S tap water. Thats right folks it is IN our tap water. You might think oh well i dont care about what this guy is saying but thats too bad for you because this substance can carry on to your children as well. It may be in very small amounts in our water maybe even .0005 parts per million, i dont know the exact amount in the water but after 50 years of drinking it, their will be more then enough of it in you to cause you harm. So im just saying that fireworks should not be banned and that thier are other things to worry about besides banning fireworks. Also that if they are to ban fireworks then they should have a permit that allows responsible, employed, non-drug taking, alcoholic people to buy them and use them. I also realize this post was very very lenghty but if you read all of it then good for you, and i realize i summed up the ideas of the other people in this post as well.

Kapolei, HI

#57 Dec 31, 2010
People have changed. The twenty and thirty-somethings don't have respect for others, they are the same self-centered a-Holes that drive through housing areas blasting rap music and trying to be black gangstas. I don't want these guys holding a match, much less a bomb. They're too chickenshyt to throw real grenades overseas so why let them damage property here?

Since: Dec 10

Location hidden

#58 Dec 31, 2010
Wow a this thread was almost a year old. Nice grave digging Gangsta80869.

As I said in another thread...
Doesn't anyone else find it sad that when the shipping industry was interviewed about detecting the 50 plus containers of fireworks that come to Hawaii each year they stated that they in no way could do it.
This seems likes a huge invitation for terrorists and the like to bring in or go through Hawaii for whatever their criminal or terrorist needs.
I mean really, full containers of basically explosives and we cant catch those. How frickin sad. What does that say about our security?

Kapolei, HI

#59 Dec 31, 2010
The guy I used to buy illegal fireworks from was a captain in the fire department. We used to pick them up right at the station, and they weren't worried because HPD and Matson all get their cut and the containers are premarked as to where they go. The feds are the only ones that can stop it, but it will be politically messy for the first couple of years.

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