likes the article.Even though I live in renton washington and watch where every 737 aircraft takes its 1st flight I still love my Hana Maui,the place where I grew up,fishing,hunting,sustainable living,memories of our banana farm ,loading the DC3 aircrft with our crops alongside the hana ranch beef for shipment to honolulu,yes there was a slaughter house in Hana,today,its only a memory,but a good one.
Today when I visit I see my Honokalani,"Waianapanapa State Park" as a place saved for the generations to come.Enjoy Hana when you visit.Like every place else,theres those who have a pleasant visit and those who are disappointed.
My friends once went to hawaii in oahu and someone called me said he was there and was looking for me.With 2 days left he came to Hana with his two daughters.Their comment after I asked the girls what they liked about the place."Real hawaii,We can explore."
We were never going to come to the islands again,but when we went to Hana we changed our impression of Hawaii.You can go to any resort but Hana is different.Its nature......