Not guilty verdict in payroll theft t...

Not guilty verdict in payroll theft trial

There are 33 comments on the News Sun story from Jan 27, 2009, titled Not guilty verdict in payroll theft trial. In it, News Sun reports that:

Former Waukegan security guards Anthony Artley and DeWayne Williams have been found not guilty of bilking the school district out of thousands of dollars.

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Wheeling, IL

#1 Feb 5, 2009
Why was this blown so far out of "Proportions" when the story 1st hit? Now can someone explain why so much of the taxpayers money spent on this. The cover-up is the real crime!

Wheeling, IL

#2 Mar 27, 2009
Not Guilty on all SIX Counts of theft charges?
This has to be terribly embarrassing to the School Board, both Superintendents and the Waukegan Police Department whom all refused to explain why this lack of follow up and completely operating outside of procedures has costs sums in tax payer’s money. To continue such political corruption and police cover ups, seemingly designed by the School Board and the Major’s office to obtain the Director of Security position.. The Police department even withdraws from the investigation early in Feb 08 after determining nothing was there during the searching of pay documents which absolutely answer this question. SETUP!!!!! The School Board hires an outside investigation service to resume the witch hunt. The data must support the apparent implications for the public /tax payers to buy in to the SCAM!!!! Waukegan’s Schools Board has Scammed the public and tax payers are stuck paying the bill$$$$$$$ they refuse to answer legitimate questions regarding the real point and purpose of the School Board’s witch hunt!!! The School Board’s using inaccurate and outdated information in its attempts to justify a staged crime. The School Board is aware this action doesn’t reflect actual policy and patterns of its processes.“Really now “ accusing two security guards of scamming $ 2,300 over a two year period is not worth spend a close to a million dollars of tax payers money. If this was a true accusation “why” not just fire the two men as pass practices deemed so many times in the past. There are many incidents where former employees of District 60 were fired due to time falsification. They were giving an administrative due processing hearing and if found that violations had occurred that employee was fired or asked to resigned. Its like the world turned upside-down with the not guilty verdict. People of all forms voice their opinion and personal attacks on these men without knowing the FACTS!!!!!
I had heard several residents express in glowing terms their critical evaluation and person attacks of the men falsely accused. The two men were deemed guilty before a trail even began. Most likely, since the public depend on the school system to provide them with the information they use to make decisions, the problem is more than one of the not exercising effective oversight over the school system’s processes. The public was being mislead and fooled by using the media as a weapon. The School Board is ultimately responsible for spending over a million dollars$$$ on this witch hunt. Wow!!!!!!! I bet you did not know that people huh???
When a bureaucrat embarrasses the elected officials who have oversight over him, it’s not uncommon for the career of that bureaucrat to be cut somewhat short. Restoring confidence in the County’s Schools officials of District 60. Whose responsibility is probably not an option, but an imperative? The School Board has the position for simply just doing a good job and being honest with the taxpayers/ public. It’s an object lesson in earned political capital.
I’m surprised that the Police and local Mayor’s office is in such a position any lessons learned? In any case they WERE apart of this witch hunt and in the process two men lives were damaged. I attended parts of the trail during Mr. Artley’s testimony and evidence was present that Mr. Artley was indeed an I. A .Police Officer and an up scale professional. I was very impressed with his demeanor and the way he answered all the questions during his cross examination with the State’s Attorney. Mr. Artley testimony was direct and concise covering lots of missing information concerning the School Board conspiracy. The State Attorney's continuing objections to information provided filled the courtroom, however the Judge stated “you are over rule” I want to hear from Mr. Artley.

Wheeling, IL

#3 Mar 27, 2009
The Judge did not struggle in reaching a verdict of not guilty, not enough evidence WAS a under statement. What a waste of time he entered. Now guess what people there will be a major law suit$$$$ Guess who pays the bill.... I do not want to pay for this witch hunt, I'm truly sorry these men had to be subjected to such madness at lease they will be RICH MEN on the same people’s negative and critically comments. Always research and wait until you are provided more info before launching personal attacks on any topic given to you by the media.

The opinions expressed here are solely the views of the author, and not representative of the position of any organization, political party or waste recycling facility, not correctly attributed to any Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy groups. If anything in the above article has offended you, please accept to my immediate apology. Go to

Wheeling, IL

#4 Mar 27, 2009
Not consulting with the subordinate’s supervisor before assuming guilt, let along arresting only two men BEFORE interviews with co-workers were conducted. DURING court proceedings all the state's witness indicated The entire paraprofessional staff is following the same protocol according to the evidence presented in the court room. Now the School Board wants to place the blame on AL Rogers when to their full knowledge it’s been allowed for years. School Board you are the Not consulting with the subordinate’s supervisor before assuming guilt, let along arresting only two men BEFORE conducting interviews with co-workers. DURING court proceedings all the state's witness indicated testimony completely differ from what the investigating detective stated in his statement narratives the State claims the witnesses indicated. The State held its own witnesses on Perjury charges. Clearly shows the intent of fraud and malicious prosecution intentions. The entire paraprofessional staff is following the same protocol according to the evidence presented in the court room. Now the School Board wants to place the blame on AL Rogers when to their full knowledge sign in sheet protocol has been allowed for years. School Board you are the owners of this mess. To note: NOT one single School administrator joined the States Attorney's claims in the courtroom in her attempts to prosecute these men. Such lack of action may spell conspiracy intentions. The judge made very noted remarks regarding that fact doing final remarks and in 5 or 10 minutes he gave a not “Guilty Verdict”. The wrong people were place on trail and as this develops I hope the real “Crooks” are brought to justice!!!!

“Dummies now the Tax payer have to foot the BILL$$$$$$ Again as usual King Friday”

Wheeling, IL

#6 Sep 29, 2010
Doesn’t our system of criminal justice presume a defendant is innocent until proven guilty? And doesn’t it therefore follow that he is entitled to all exculpatory or innocence-proving evidence? Can’t the judge just force the media to give up the information if it would create a more fair trial? Well, yes, yes, and kind of. The story broke as a Ghost payroll scheme out the gate and to only find a administrative blunder on the District's end is mind blowing........ Wow
Artley and Williams were never presumed innocent. Additionally, they were mangle and destroyed by the press and citizens gossip. These men were entitled under the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to a lawyer to a speedy trial, to a public trial, to an impartial jury and to confront witnesses. This bundle of rights is sometimes referred to as the right to a “fair trial.”
On the other hand, the news media, and individual citizens acting as news gatherers and disseminators, also have certain rights. Under the First Amendment,“Congress” is banned from making laws that restrict freedom of the press. The word “Congress” has been interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court to apply to all levels and all branches of government (with The First and Sixth Amendments are both part of what is called the Bill of Rights, collectively our first 10 amendments to the Constitution. Both became effective Dec. 15, 1791, and from the day they were enacted these two parts of the Constitution have been at war.
Well, I can only imagine what these men had to endure for over a year I understand one of the men even lost his family behind this alleged ghost-payroll scheme. It’s a shame that a lawsuit has to be imposed to get the responsible parties to own their anarchy. What a waste of Tax dollars !!!!

Wheeling, IL

#7 Oct 1, 2010
PAY BACK-Revenge!!!
Artley et al v. Waukegan Public Schools Dist. 60
Share | Plaintiffs: James Askew , Anthony Artley , Sylvia England , Timothy Gause , Gwendolyn Kennedy , Alphonso Rogers , Wilma Tally and Dewayne Williams
Defendant: Waukegan Public Schools Dist. 60
Case Number: 1:2010cv01840
Filed: March 23, 2010
Court: Illinois Northern District Court
Office: Chicago Office [ Court Info ]
Presiding Judge: Honorable Virginia M. Kendall
Nature of Suit: Civil Rights - Other Civil Rights
Cause: 28:1331 Federal Question: Other Civil Rights
Jury Demanded By: Plaintiff
Attorney Case

Wheeling, IL

#8 Oct 19, 2010
Cop who teaches interrogation techniques involved in false confessions
Full story: The Daily Gazette

CHICAGO – Waukegan police Officer Domenic Cappelluti has made extra money sharing his expertise with police in departments across the country, teaching them how to interrogate suspects, investigate homicides and fight street gangs, according to the website that promotes his classes.

Comments Post:
This officer was on the team of investigaters for the Waukegan Ghost payroll case. He tried the same interrogation tactic however it was proven to be unsuccessful, Artley did not buy into it…… It's said the Cop who teaches interrogation techniques instructed Artley to sign a blank statement form advising Artley he would type his Verbal statement in word for word later. P.S DON'T TALK TO THE POLICE OR SIGNED ANYTHING!!!!

Comments Post:

Yeah!! Artley is lucky he did not signed that blank statement because this cop would have applied his expertise to set him up with every unsolved case since 1950. Just "Imagine" there are so many people out there who believe during a Interrogation the police are really their friend ,actually they just want a Verbal Confession for a Conviction of any kind guilty or not. Remember he is making extra money sharing his expertise with police in departments all across the country, teaching them how to interrogate suspects. LMAO!!!!!
Attorney Case
Vernon Hills, IL
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|Report Abuse |Judge it!|#9 Thursday Oct 14
They just didn't do the stuff they could've done at the beginning," Artley's attorney said. "We can't be making decisions based upon such little evidence and affecting people's lives like this."

Placing people in jail and putting them thru court proceedings for over a year, for nothing with out facts.

"You can't make the problem, clean it up and then act like a hero," Artley's attorney saids. "They charged him and knew the evidence was not there. Now District's Admin are acting like they are trying to save the world. The District can't have it both ways."

Artley's attorney indicated he has pursued a lawsuit.

"The problem is really with the District /Police's department relying on made up eyewitness and testimony, it's a step above a jailhouse informant." Schedule hours reports are not safe guards to determine theft. The entire security staff is following the same protocol.

The District/Police's spokesman denied that their offices has a problem with high-profile cases.

"It happens all over the country, people get arrested and released but it may not have the media attention (it did here),

Plymouth, WI

#9 Oct 25, 2010
"Revenge", give it to them without regret because the time they took from you can never be replaced.
Waukegan, taxes go up, red lights are at every corner, business are closing down without any signs of hope, road blocks are typical, schools are at a all time low (education), power lies and corruption, what happen to our Waukegan? That's why I left..... I left and many will also if things do not change, things will get worse and you will fester in your own demise.
I would say more but what's the use I left....
1842 inbound
Deluxe Media Inc

Chicago, IL

#10 Nov 9, 2010
Rank Video Ext-1842 :)

Wheeling, IL

#11 Nov 12, 2010
Ex-guards cleared in Waukegan school theft case
January 30, 2009

Waukegan — Two former security guards were found not guilty this week of stealing from the Waukegan school system.

In January 2008, prosecutors charged Anthony Artley, 42, of Waukegan and Dewayne Williams, 47, of Beach Park with theft, saying they billed the school district for hours they did not work.

But defense attorneys said the men, who also testified in their own defense, worked the hours and hadn't been deceptive.

FOR THE RECORD - Additional material published Feb. 4, 2009:

A blotter map in some Chicagoland Extra editions on Friday mismatched the map locations and town labels of Gurnee and Waukegan. In fact, Gurnee is inland while Waukegan is on Lake Michigan.

Plymouth, WI

#12 Nov 12, 2010
Deluxe Media Inc wrote:
Rank Video Ext-1842 :)
yes sir!

Wheeling, IL

#13 Dec 3, 2010
This is one of the most horrible things that I've ever heard of. As a mother, I can't fathom my son being sent to jail, on top of that being accused and then finally going to jail for it. It makes me sick to my stomach to know that some officers out there who are supposed to be helping us, are the same ones who can be so driven to build a case around one person even if it doesn't add up. I've been to law
school, I've read all the books and this is just wrong. Artley is going to sue the pants off of District 60th and there's nothing they can do because they did it to themselves. I hope in the future lack of due-process tactics change. Seeing things like this makes me question a lot of cases, especially the ones Capelluti worked on.

Wheeling, IL

#14 Dec 6, 2010
Suing District 60

Regarding Artley's & Williams lawsuit against the School District: Why should the taxpayers have to pay for the School Administrators screw-up with respect to Artley & Williams?

Whatever amount they will get should come out of the School Administrators officials’ pension and wages. Now let’s equate the tons of dollars the District is spending to defend against the lawsuit which again the taxpayer is footing the bill right now!!!! Enough is enough stop spending money that doesn’t belong to you. The School board and its failed Administrators’ are the owners of this expensive mess.

Wheeling, IL

#15 Dec 7, 2010
Waukegan detective Domenic Cappelluti, member of the Lake County Major Crime Task Force,“concocted a story” which they told Hobbs to “parrot back to them,” the lawsuit says.

The Cop who teaches interrogation techniques involved in false confessions STRIKES AGAIN!!!!! Who knows how many Innocent people are jailed/in prison due to this bad cop's interrogation techniques. Domenic Cappelluti named in the complaint? Wow, big shocker.

Wheeling, IL

#16 Dec 8, 2010
Although our judicial system might work under the motto of "Innocent until proven guilty," our police system allocates guilt and punishment upon arrest and until judicial review. Anyone with an encounter with the police not only knows that an arrest implies guilt (at least under the eyes of the police and general society), but it also - like in this situation - gives police the ultimate authority "behind closed doors" to coerce the guilt and admission using any means necessary. Serve and protect? Arrest and condemn... Innocent until proven guilty…. Right? Guilty until proven innocent.. It's all about money.. poor people get what they can pay for in the justice system... we read time and time again that people who pay for a fierce lawyer can help protect their rights or end up not serving time...Now if you’re without funding, let me tell you are pretty screwed in this country especially in Lake county.
We have the jail system with more inmates in the world, we have the most innocent people in jail, We have a large number of minorities and poor people in jail... what a system, eh!

Chicago, IL

#17 Dec 8, 2010
Lake county States attys office is the one who decides to charge. The methods to achieve that charge was really bad. That being said arent both departments at fault? the states attys office has a clear pattern here. happens all the time. They go with anything they can to get a conviction. look at the simon case. that clearly was cut and dried but they went for it anyway to save face and because they were lucky with they jury wanted to go home they won. they dont care who they destroy in the process. The states attys office/District 60 went after Williams and Artley even when the evidence was not there.The school district threw them guys to the sharks so the State could take a bite out of them. Both their methods were unlawful and reckless and now its time to pay$$$$

Chicago, IL

#18 Dec 9, 2010
State laws prevent people held on false charges on suing state prosecutors. In other words, the prosecutors walk away. It is a law that was passed to protect them from losing everything they have in life. So prosecutors can go on being reckless with other people's lives. What you can do? Vote them out! And the judges who let this injustice go on.
Who can be held liable for a lawsuit? The police dept. and the District were involved. There is a max. amount for damages, but in past people have written books or sell the movie rights to their story. Then again, there are states that blocks innocent people of making money on false criminal charges. Again, it is lawyers who make these laws up at state congressional meetings.
It's fascinating to see the support oppose in earlier posts that were based on plaguing the men guilty before the facts were presented in the trial. I guess innocent until proven guilty don’t existed anymore huh? Someday those same people maybe wrongly accused of a crime and have to spend months, if not years in jail before you are released by the prosecutors who ignored clear evidence that you could not have committed the crime. Let's see they get through brutal police interrogations, evidence tampering and all that goes into the state proving their case. Trust me!!!! You wouldn’t believe the lines the State Attorney is willing to cross to get a conviction!!!!!
There's something seriously wrong with Lake County, Illinois, law enforcement when they are more concerned with putting somebody in jail than putting the right person in jail. Why don't they seem to care that their errors leave the real culprits at large?
Williams and Artley should sue the bastards -- as an attorney I strongly suspect it is close to an open and shut case and they will win, and win big. And the voters of Lake County should vote out their State's Attorney who clearly has no sense of justice nor decency. How many other innocent people has he put behind bars while the real culprits continue to walk our streets?
School Clerk

Chicago, IL

#19 Dec 9, 2010
This was a ridiculously District 60 administrative blunder!! The State should have never agreed to take this weak case to trial with-out any evidence. What do they care???? "The State can't be touched" Jailing the innocent is a every day thing. District 60.... it's on you please "Stop" spending tax-dollars on your blunders!!!

Wheeling, IL

#20 Dec 23, 2010
"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently." Warren Buffett: CEO, Berkshire Hathaway, philanthropist.

Where do these men go to get their reputations back??? Oh I know... the pockets of District 60... This lawsuit is going to serve the District 60 well.

— Warren Buffett: CEO, Berkshire Hathaway, philanthropist.

Wheeling, IL

#21 Mar 14, 2011
WAUKEGAN - The former supervisor of the Waukegan Public Schools security guards, charged in a payroll scam, testified Tuesday that he had no reason to believe his employees were cheating the system.

Al Rogers testified that he did not think Anthony Artley and Dewayne Williams were lying about the hours they worked. He also said he never had problems getting in touch with either man during hours when they were on the clock.

Rogers, currently on medical leave from his position as director of safety for the school district, is the first administrator from the district to testify in the Williams and Artley case.

The bench trial before Circuit …

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