Letters on Homestead Heritage: Commun...

Letters on Homestead Heritage: Community or cult?

There are 8870 comments on the Waco Tribune-Herald story from May 20, 2007, titled Letters on Homestead Heritage: Community or cult?. In it, Waco Tribune-Herald reports that:

For seven years, we've shared fence lines with members of Homestead Heritage on three sides of our land.

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Austin, TX

#5763 Feb 6, 2013
Apostate? Read his testimony.

His words written are too radical for most to ingest

But apostate? No, although in deference to the issue at hand, his stance is either/or.

Either apostate or of the Spirit.

Anyone who says Joel Hemphill is apostate had better give a reason, just as John did in his epistle.

Apostate? Isn't that what all trinitarian pentecostals say of YOU??

Austin, TX

#5764 Feb 6, 2013
So Hemphill is not upper level leadership.

Paul was not one of the 'pillars' at the First Apostolic Council.

If Bernard said what Hemphill says, how long do you think he will hold his position today?

Like I said, the Remnant of the remnant.

Think on how men think about authority.
Then think on how God thinks about authority.

Maybe you all are not ready yet. But the time is now and now is the time. The Spirit blows where it will. And may not come around to say the same thing again,

before the decisions you make are required of you.

Austin, TX

#5765 Feb 6, 2013
If they heeded the 'proper channel of authority' regarding the circumcision of men, Gentiles...

where would our Church be today?

Paul carried the day. The murderer of Stephen.

Think on this. God's ways are not our own.

He was apostate at one time. When annointed he was the rule and the fence line of authority...

His rank just didn't catch up to his authority right away.

Those who live by Spirit will testify to the Spirit. We testify, out of faith.

And the cards will fall where they fall. That is all. No more no less. If Paul thought about things
maybe he wouldn't have rebuked one of the pillars.
And we would all be Shabbatting and Sholaoming each other to this day.

Or something.

Austin, TX

#5766 Feb 6, 2013
When you have annointed ones 'annointedly' rebuking each other, something is amiss...

There was a hint of an event where the founder of HH was rebuked by his mentor...

and he disowned him. Even renamed his own son.

I wasn't there. I hear hints and whispers of the past.

But something didn't go according to the normal way things are supposed to go...

and now we have a separation even unto the destiny of men. Some will side with Apollos. Some Paul.

And Truth will always remain the same. We keep our eyes on the goal, and do not let diversions hinder.

Authority is truly what God says, not men. If men are saying what God says then okay.

Austin, TX

#5768 Feb 6, 2013
More of a reaction from the trinitarian camp.

James White, and he rants against Phillips, Craig and Dean in the same blog...

Whoo hoo.

Austin, TX

#5769 Feb 6, 2013
2300 times elohim although grammatically plural refers to the One True God and takes a SINGULAR pronoun.-- Joel Hemphill

This God is our God and He is One.

Since: Feb 12

Location hidden

#5770 Feb 6, 2013
I gotta give you one thing Baaah. You can be fairly fascinating at times. I seldom wade through your multiple posts, mainly because folks who post 10 or 12 times in a row can usually be tossed into the looney tunes bin, without much thought. Especially on religion themed discussions.(If one can even call this board a "discussion board")
However, I did read your latest blast, and have to admit that I enjoyed some of your posts. I question your choice of venues, but interesting is interesting, no matter where you find it. Part of what makes responding to you difficult is simply going back and trying to find where and when in your dissertation I discovered a nugget of interest.
At any rate, as a supporter of our friends at Homestead, and as a random soul who inexplicably feels compelled and driven to at least attempt to challenge the baseless lies, vague rumors and outright attacks on HH; I must admit that I kind of like what you are doing here on Topix. You nicely dull the edge of the frothing and rabid malcontent mob's blade, which they are trying so desperately to twist into the backs of their former brothers and sisters at HH.
I'm sure that these few words will fire up the ILTTTTs of the world to don their Inquisitioners robes, regather their torches and pitchforks, and get back to work on erecting their stakes and gathering their fuel with which to further roast HH.
Help me out Baaah and give us another 20 posts, to bury and blur my words.

Austin, TX

#5771 Feb 7, 2013
I started ranting when Shema one day and her implications struck me head on right between the eyes...

and I realized how important the Great Command is for all orthodox and fundamentally righteous to retain the Body Orthodoxy...

2) Love God is first, then neighbor and this through the Christ Spirit, even the pentecostal infilling
which defines our circumcision of the heart, the dynamic thus:

13 In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise,

14 Which is the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, unto the praise of his glory.

This circumcision being the unity among believers, the authority among leaders and the common denominator between Christ and YHWH and therefore US and YHWH.

The evidence of Spirit being the willingness to engage in covenant, in Shema the Law of Love.
The impossible command, because it demands all we have, and more than a mere mortal can give.

The terrible Law and it's sting mitigated on an ongoing basis, daily, doing that which Paul did, the Great Race unto his last breath.

The Key to Reformation was always there, and the Christian community lost it and the Homestead Heritage community knew this dynamic intrinsically when they were young and prancing about like calves before their mother.

They got diverted and this toward the Shepherding
Overseers they became. But they were on the right track and vital and alive and vestiges of this are still extant, much more so than the common denomination and the mainstream Country Club of Jesus.

Shema rules and I will rant on this one for the duration. HH can be hard, but Cheep Grace among men
is really a much harder route being a form of deadness and lifelessness.

It is nice to dress up and smell good and sing along with your buddies and families on Sunday.
But the God Race is run by the few the proud and the brave. I saw that on a commercial with a young guy scaling a cliff. I think it was a Marines commercial touting their killing machine ideals.
The idea was that if you can survive all glory will be had. They only see a glimpse of true glory and true adventure.

Austin, TX

#5772 Feb 7, 2013
The Shema is Not a Law Doable in Equal Measure by All.

Carl used to say, "Give a hundred percent to God." As if not only he could do this but we ALL could.

It is possible to me some or all of the group leaders were giving all they could for YHWH, or Jesus their Lord whom they thought WAS YHWH...

but the exhortation to do this for us seemed much like my coaches when I was doing sports in High School.

And too HH requires this dynamic of all adults especially and actually the children too. Such a contrast say, to my AofG church the last one I attended where all things even for adults are voluntary, and they actually appreciated extra effort...

Although command by YHWH and the Greatest One at that, this law cannot be enforced. It is in fact the impossible law which a man cannot do in the flesh of him, only in the Spirit can he come close and HE WILL NOT BE perfect as his Lord was in accomplishing it...no matter if this one or that one THINKS he is close to Holy Perfection or not...

The impossible Law was given unto the Jew so that he would see his need for Grace. This was the key to Jesus saying that the scribe was CLOSE to the kingdom, not having even known the implications of his Messiah being before him in close proximity...

and the sting of the Law was this sting, that the judgement of NOT BEING ABLE TO DO this most Holy Law means that we are not USHERED into the kingdom as all Children of God would naturally be....

God required of the average Jew much more than he thought was required...he thought the ten and then the 613 laws were everything and all, the mistake was that the FIRST one he abrogated on a near daily basis in it's PERFECT HOLINESS was the resultant STING which only Messiah could propitiate.

This was the gospel to the Jew then and now. THIS is the reason why we need Christ and cannot be saved by Old Covenant. THIS is the Way the Truth and the Light.

The first Commandment was key and we as Christians have lost this most basic thing.

And HH has made it just another one of their many, just as the Pharisees did. You cannot enforce this Law, this Law of Love. We either have it or not, and the power to overcome is by Spirit or not.

Now we come full circle to the pentecostal way. The Spirit comes first and gives us strength. It is the Source of us and the Sustenance of us. The Law accomplished is not by our efforts in the end.
To give 100% is only an exhortation, only done by one man ever in it's perfect Perfection.

Austin, TX

#5773 Feb 7, 2013
And now the riddle of the rich man is solved.

Jesus required of him to give up ALL and follow him.
Not because he was God. Because God made him His only begotten 'Son' who is the annointed Christ.

NO law under the sun made this mandatory. EXCEPT the Great Command to love YHWH with all.

Now Ananias and Saphira also make sense. They did not have to give ALL to Peter or the leaders just by the principle of it.

They were given the option and chose to lie against the consciences of them, that which was relational to their God in spirit.

Now we know the proper chain or channel of authority:

YHWH elohim
Jesus elohim
Angels and Messengers and Prophets of God/the high priest/elohim
Pastors and Church leaders
Kings and war generals and political leaders

Where is HH leadership? Not the bottom rung. And definitely not the top two rungs.

Austin, TX

#5774 Feb 7, 2013
And now all Law is in proper order.

Shema first. Neighbor second. Shema means the Son for us, in Spirit and Truth, because as long as we are on earth, until Jesus comes again, this Spirit
is both Father and Son abiding among men.

The Father is God. The Son is not God, only as the first resurrected man and the right hand Son of Glory is he God. He is not merged or morphed into the Godhead; no Jew speaks of GodHEAD at all, since there is only One God. And this God of us is YHWH who is One Being and One Will.

The Son is glorified Spirit, but and yet substantial as his Father is substantial, and the Spirit too is substantial in some way, as electrons and protons possibly, but in any case substantial as the substance of FAITH.

Now that the Law is in proper order, we can see the importance of wedding rings and Rustler pants.
Are they important? Yes a teeny tiny bit.
But righteousness is primarily defined by the First Law and this of Love. First given unto us, and this by the blood sacrifice.

From blood to blood. Life to life. Love to love.
We act out of love first and this is the Great Shema of the Jewish Nation.

Austin, TX

#5775 Feb 7, 2013
I tell you a secret: who taught me how to rant.

It was Armando who who blast my ears off with one verse after another, non-stop, he would not stop.
Not testifying would he stop and not repeating verses would he stop.

And through all of that I realized his love for God and Christ.

It was George who could spout one scripture after another like little dive bomber bees each hitting you
until you found yourself in Spirit along with him.

Amazing. Grace. How sweet it is. They are my heroes and if they are Homestead Heritage, then this community can't be all bad, eh?

Austin, TX

#5776 Feb 7, 2013
And why out of all the brothers was it Armando who
grabbed my heart most of all?

I am not speaking of Ralph or Ricco whom I had relationship with...my brothers whom I loved.

Armando was a Shepherd or a Servant?

Servant first. Shepherd second. His every word was an exuding of Grace.

And his example was a seed in my heart. Now my tongue is loosed, and online it will tell a story.

The Story of the Shema Gospel. Now God is defined. Now His will is made clear. The first two tenets of our faith were after all the true authority and fence lines around our faith.

Now all things fall into place.

Austin, TX

#5777 Feb 7, 2013
I should say intrinsically you knew deep down Armando was the epitome of a man who poured himself out...

as sacrifice as our Lord gave his servant sacrifice unto all men. Out of his love for his own God.

Armando being the 'Jesus in the flesh' of short stature but not really...glorified now in heaven sitting in close proximity to the Lord he always knew.

How many times did Armando rebuke? I know not, but I never saw his face contort one time. Not in the five times or so I was with him.

From faith to faith. Rebukes are when things go awry. Watching to make a rebuke is like watching for things to go awry.

They will. So rebukes will proliferate? Yeah, you give creedence to the Devil and his ways, okay.

How about let's watch for the Spirit to move? This makes me happy anyways.

Austin, TX

#5778 Feb 7, 2013
How is God defined? First by name: YHWH.
Second by numerical number: One.

What is YHWH's will? By word, to love Him with all of your heart soul and might.

What is YHWH's immediate word? This is what the Spirit tells you in the here and now. And others around you, ideally.

These things are fundamental. So the Universal Church will teach.

Austin, TX

#5779 Feb 7, 2013
How many names does YHWH have?

One. YHWH. All others were predications. Or lessor names not chosen by God Himself.

El. Eloah. The variations of YHWH ----.

Then the translations. Theos. Deus. God. Elohim. Eli.

Then the titles: father, the Word, the Lord, Hashem. All Jews KNOWING this is not His real name.

I could call you Richard or Ricardo or Dick.
But God proclaimed His name and this for all generations. YHWH.

We lost the connection from "Eyeh asher Eyeh" to YHWH. But there is one, and the name stuck.

One God, one name.

Austin, TX

#5780 Feb 7, 2013
It is important to know the name of your God, yes?

Austin, TX

#5781 Feb 7, 2013
One God, One Lord.

YHWH our God, Jesus our Lord.

Yeshua, Jesus. Jesus is a translation of Yeshua.

There is one Lord. The Son is our Lord and he has his own LORD.

Austin, TX

#5782 Feb 7, 2013
So how again is the name Jesus above all names?

With the exception of his God's name.

Name above all names, excepting the name YHWH.

If it was true that 'Jesus' trumps 'YHWH', then how did THIS circumstance come about?

A mystery? Not in my paradigm it isn't.

God changed his name? No he said YHWH is for all generations. This doesn't mean before 0 A.D.

Austin, TX

#5783 Feb 7, 2013
When you made the common name Jesus above God's name YHWH you said that the man is over the God.

The God never relinquished His name. Did He ever say He did?

Just as Shema was never relinquished. Did He say it was?

YHWH was not pronounced by the normal man. Jesus was and is a common name.

Common that is to man. Not a name of God.

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