San Diego County residents will have something new to be proud of for the next three years; They will provide jobs for 2,500 workers who might otherwise have to accept lower-paying jobs or move to another state. For a mere four thousand dollars per household!

Ok, so the project is absurd, straining salt from ocean water while six times as much pure rainwater is dumped off our landscape itto it.
And Ok, so this plant's output could be matched by water diverted from any one of its rivers to offstream reservoirs after winter storm events.
The important thing to the politicians who pushed it through is that they can brag they created jobs for those workers, jobs for the American and foreign firms that provide its equipment, and windfall profit for its clever con men.

It's unfortunate that we can't elect politicians wise enough to see through scams like this one. It would take only a few hours of internetwork to discover that the same amount of water this plant will produce could be stored away from rainfall for a tiny fraction of the cost.