Sons of Visalia preacher allege abuse

Sons of Visalia preacher allege abuse

There are 22 comments on the Fresno Bee story from Jul 17, 2010, titled Sons of Visalia preacher allege abuse. In it, Fresno Bee reports that:

Adult sons of a prominent Visalia preacher say they filed a criminal complaint earlier this year alleging their father physically abused them as boys.

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Fear Not

Santa Clara, CA

#1 Jul 18, 2010
This is only a fraction of the story. Many have been harmed by this very bad man Bob Grenier. The cover up runs very deep throughout our entire city law enforcement and officials. Both Sheriff and VPD Chaplins programs are ran by Bobs church. His entire staff knows the truth but they cover for him. He freely admits that he has a problem with his temper. Covering his own abuse and the sexual child abuse perpetrated by his staff, should not be alowed to go unchecked in the chaplincy.
When are the offices of our law enforement and district atourneys, going to stop covering for him and hold him to account like any other citizen. At the very least his envolvement as a chaplin should be taken under consideration for not reporting the sexual abus eof a minor by his staff memeber. Bob covered it up and should not have, he is legaly required to report abuses like this and he did not. IMO he covered it because it would reflect poorly on his church. IMO he doesn't respond to his children because he knows that they will expose all th rest of his underhanded backroom deals in many areas of his church and our local city goverment.
Isn't it time that we hold him accountable both inside and outside the church. NO MORE COVERUPS!!!!!!

Hilmar, CA

#2 Jul 18, 2010
I think the following speaks clearly to the "x-files" tendencies of the previous poster.
Who | Sunday Jul 11 | Reply
Who | 1 min ago
What will soon be revealed will be shocking and difficult for some of you followers of Bob to believe, but it is true and truth will be exposed. I have personally been in contact with Dallas police detectives and even a field agent with the FBI. There is quantifiable proof of Bob's misconduct. And the scope of his political influence goes further than most people would be led to believe.
Documents, photos, and eyewitnessaccounts put a young Bob Grenier leaving the sixth floor stairwell landing of the Dallas School Book Depository on November 22nd, 1963 moments after shots were heard fired in Dealey Plaza. Interestingly enough, Lee Harvey Oswald was seen in a first floor break room during this time. Minutes later another witness described seeing a young man matching Bob's description, dressed as a hobo, making his way towards the nearby train tracks.
On November 24th, 1963, Dallas Nightclub owner, Jack Ruby, was seen getting out of a car outside of the Dallas Police Headquarters only minutes before Ruby fatally shot Oswald. And the driver of the car, you guessed it, a young man matching the description of Bob Grenier. Oddly enough, the Warren Commission makes no mention of this fact. More of Bob flexing his political clout? You decided.
But wait people, the deception goes deeper still. White House insiders who for fear of reprisals have remained anonymous, have spoken to me by email and private correspondence. What I've learned is almost too incredible to believe, but I assure you that it has absolutely been verified by me personally. I've learned that Bob visited the White House to meet with then Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson on at least one occasion. It was said that he was merely referred to as "Le Poisson", a noted French-Canadian gun for hire. The nail in the coffin is that Bob actually signed the White House guest book using his real name. Unfortunately(or conveniently), the guest book was "accidentally" destroyed during the Nixon administration. Mark my words, others will come forward with proof of this when the time is right to break this story.
I'm not saying that Bob was the trigger man or even that he is Le Poisson, but I've been in contact with some influential people like Oliver Stone WHO seem to think the American people need to know the truth. I'll let the evidence speak for itself. If you don't believe me, then try asking Bob what he was doing when he was spotted having tea with G. Gordon Liddy in 1972 just before the Watergate break in. Or how about his friendly game of golf with Oliver North in 1986?
You see people, he can't answer those tough questions and if you ask them you might just discover how deep his government connections go. I wouldn't be surprised if he had the internet shut down just to keep the truth from coming out. And if you don't see me posting on here again, it's because Bob's people got to me before I could expose him.
The Truth is Out There,
Fear Not

Visalia, CA

#3 Jul 18, 2010
It's everywhere now WHO and a TV station is following up now. Your boy Bob is going down in flames. Flames he has sparked and fanned all by him self.

The truth is out there you nutjob Who. It's all over the front page of the paper and soon to be broadcast all over the news. You can say all you want, I just prefer you crawl back under your rock and stop abusing these boys all over again.

Reedley, CA

#4 Jul 18, 2010
Yes -- it's so obvious that this nutty "who" must be the abusive pastor himself.

Los Angeles, CA

#5 Jul 19, 2010
Fear Not | 12 hrs ago | Reply
It's everywhere now WHO and a TV station is following up now. Your boy Bob is going down in flames. Flames he has sparked and fanned all by him self.

The truth is out there you nutjob Who. It's all over the front page of the paper and soon to be broadcast all over the news. You can say all you want, I just prefer you crawl back under your rock and stop abusing these boys all over again.
Lisabette | 9 hrs ago | Reply
Yes -- it's so obvious that this nutty "who" must be the abusive pastor himself.
You wrote that, so
Who writes
first paragraph has 8, count them, 8 factually inaccuracies.
Second paragraph has 6 inaccuracies and two insults. But then it's a hate campaign, soinsults are what you expect when the board (or is it bored?) has very little moderation
Lisabitte's has 3 factual inaccuracies and 2 insults. One of those inaccuracies is also an insult, so I (or is it "we"?) double-counted it.
So, how about responding to the following, since Alex Grenier has had plenty opportunity to respond, and hasn't (another sure sign of a hate campaign).

Hilmar, CA

#6 Jul 19, 2010
I believe that Alex Grenier is an experienced media professional that has organized and is currently engaged in a multi-tiered, Internet-driven hate campaign against someone from his distant past that he wants to blame for what?
I don't know, and if he answered my post I'd know. Because, to date (and in realtime wnkwnk) it looks to me like
Alex Grenier is an experienced media professional that is currently engaged in a hate campaign.
Is the previous sentence more likely true, or more likely false.
Provide reasons, since we are adults.
In the empty box that has provided for you.

Hilmar, CA

#7 Jul 19, 2010
Commentary: Website will have improved moderation.
Fear Not

Santa Clara, CA

#8 Jul 19, 2010
Thanks for doing this story Lew. Nicely done.
Fear Not

Mount Morris, MI

#9 Jul 25, 2010
Is Who gone? Has the smell of sulfur cleared the air?

Grass Valley, CA

#10 Jul 25, 2010
Since Alex'sect hasn't posted here for 6 days, yes, I'd say the air is more notably sulphur-free at these days.
I'm willing to bet that, NOW, Alex is wishing he'dve just answered my various posts.
Why don't you give us another 6 days of no sulpher, Ear Not?
But i don't think you'll give it a rest.
Internet-driven hate campaigns are VERY addicting.
And my name is still Who.
Alex Grenier is an experienced media professional that received special training in college on how to originate, manage and conduct hate campaigns in the media.
Is the previous sentence more likely true or more likely false?
Please provide your reasons, Fear Not, in the empty box that has provided for you below.
Fear Not

Mount Morris, MI

#11 Jul 26, 2010
Have you tried praying about this Who?

Why have you started a hate campaign against Alex Grenier?
Please respond as coherently as possible.

Los Gatos, CA

#12 Jul 26, 2010
I didn't start posting on the Internet.
And I've decided that I'll stop when Alex stops. Or you stop.
And you don't stop.
That's ANOTHER reason I know this us fuelled by hate.
If someone started posting abunch of crap that smells like crap on the Internet about me,
I hope that there would be some one Who is like me to call them out on it.
And calling you out is the easiest thing I've done in my life.
Because your position has no substance.
Your actions condemn you.
Your silence to my repeated reasonable request (written in English, of all languages, wtf?!) condemns you.
I've just asked a great question that forces you to look at YOURSELF in the mirror.
And I've been askin questions like this
since I wuz a baby

Los Gatos, CA

#13 Jul 26, 2010
Btw you are posting, in real time, on because, and ONLY because, your
"Tear Down Someone From Your Distant Past That You Want To Blame Your Non-Violent Psychopathology On" quote/unquote website isn't getting the hit copunt you want.
Alex Grenier, you experienced, bored (or is that professionally frustrated?!) media professional, you!

Visalia, CA

#14 Jun 18, 2011
Done when bob is done.

Hilmar, CA

#15 Jun 18, 2011
Give it a rest. I've been reading Alex' stuff at . Alex is a bit kooky, and all you have to do is read to see for yourself. Perhaps I'll cut and paste some of his latest wacky rants.

Salt Lake City, UT

#17 Jun 19, 2011
Yea, whatever 'who'. I'd be kooky too if I was raised like him. Isn't that kind of like the pot calling the kettle black.

Grass Valley, CA

#18 Jun 19, 2011
Too funny! These dudes named Christoff and james raise some great neo-Luddite points , and Alex is doing his usual "uneven" moderation to spin his little conspiratorial fairy tale. Here goes.
Christoff says
“Sold Out” referenced Alex’s #354 after cc guru’s comment about Alex putting the first derailing charge against blogger Josh so as to put things in perspective for the reader.
•But you removed that post and all the others after it and told him you removed his posts
•but you were kind of partial in the ones you removed and left a couple up there to tell a 1 sided story being told.
•Does that seem right as a Christian? Just trying to hear the heart of the people running this blog before I become a regular poster.
So help me understand. If people don’t hide their IPs they don’t have to use their real names, but you don’t want them hiding their IPs, even if they use their real names? What does not hiding IP tell you if the computer is a public terminal? How is an IP important to you?. Thanks.
Alex says
"Christof or Jim, or “who” or Sold Out or whoever, I’ve got no problem with dissent. Heck, I dissent and question myself often."
Who says
Adlex thinks that Who is all these different people, when Who is me!!!
He's created a Who scapegoat/boogerman in his mind, and whenever people don't say exactly what he wants them to, he says
"It must be Who."
Who says that that is the problem with conspiracy theorists, that it is impossible to reason with them? Then I say so, too.
I am just like your neighbor. And we are JUsT like you.
Unless your neighbor is Alex Grenwha.
My name is Who.

Los Gatos, CA

#19 Jun 21, 2011
Who | 1 min ago
Oh yes it needs to be back.
To commemorate (6-23) my 1year anniversary (and since it's graduation season, and all), I'll be posting a la Who. Visalia loves it!
I'm more broke lately so I bought a grill. Obama for 5 terms, I say.
Because of Obama, I now eat BBQ boneless countrystyle ribs slathered [(:)] in sauce. It's making me wet writing about it.
So anyWho, I'm hittin the grill and a beer, Advert Grenier oops I meant to say Adlex is wacky.
Go read .
I hate to say it, but Alesxc' antics are entertaining.
Then I think about all tge pain and strife ( read first corinthians chapters 1-6)
and I

San Jose, CA

#20 Jun 21, 2011
Which means that to commemorate my anniversary on , I'll be talking a lot about
what I'm grilling
how Barack Obama is no different than George Bush,
how I think Barack Obama should be elected for five terms
how "governor" Rick "Perry" (bad luck last name round hrre)
is not the answer for 2012,
And what movie I'm watching when I'm eating what I'm grilling right now, which is BBQ ribs,boneless
unlike me cuz I always got a boner
Not Alone

Visalia, CA

#22 Aug 20, 2011
Remember that Pastor Bob Grenier's 1st born claims that he was molested by his father. How does his congregation ignore something like this? Week hearted souless followers of a child molester.

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