Allstate auto insurance I think they...

Allstate auto insurance I think they put the brass knuckles on now .

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#3 Jul 9, 2013
People don't let an insurance adjuster bully you around.
find out before an accident if you insurance is going to pay you fair market value or if they will stick you with a CCC one adjusted fair market value which as you can see is 1000 - 1500 under what a fair market value would be on this car they are taking off 25 % because they can . try to go to a dealer and get 25 % off .

Now if you car needs repairs shops are rich enough and know how to deal with CCC one repairs actually they seem generous with repairs but as an individual auto owner with no access to CCC one if you total you car you will not get a fair market value probably in most states. You should be able to go out and buy what you had but the insurance adjusters from Allstate I spoke with like to call that replacement value. Fair market value regardless is what an automobile will bring in if sold on the open market and that is not what a CCC one value is here in NJ as you can see by the examples I provided

No one read these comments I am just using this as a note book thanks
Allstate Confusion

South Amboy, NJ

#4 Jul 9, 2013

How to write a report when Comparatives mean absolutely nothing to the Allstate reps Boss and no complete info is given how Allstates adjuster nickel and dimed small amounts from the condition just magic numbers that appear from the touch of a finger on a ccc one program why he touched certain buttons or pressed certain values the insurance boss will not reveal. I am dealing with magicians who stole the money and will not allow me to see their secret .

I would rather have a man point a gun in my face in a fair fight then a coward use the Power of Allstate's Big hands to beat people I care about out of money and give them no fair explanation why . Allstate simply will not take open market comparisons into account.
Allstate Confusion

South Amboy, NJ

#5 Jul 9, 2013
2 weeks after the accident when most people are still shaken up seeking medical help and need to buy a new car these mean sneaky bastards are trying to get you to settle low in your moment of desperation. Not everyone has a friend or relative like me that will put out the money for a new car if they need it and wait till when ever a fair settlement can be reached. These bastards are actually going to pull the car Friday they made their low ball offer and either you take it and buy less then you had or you pay to rent a car till you find a car either way they don't care
Allstate Confusion

South Amboy, NJ

#7 Jul 9, 2013
Read the whole page very interesting to see who is setting the price for the insured car value .

Within the past decade, however, insurance companies have adopted a new method of "appraising" total losses. As you would expect, the vehicle valuation is now done by the use of computers, but the computers, themselves, aren't the problem. Spending less time does not have to equate to reduced accuracy. The problem today is the reliability of the data that is input into the computer and, more specifically, the financial bias of the entities which assemble and disburse the data. Do the insurance companies subscribe to a data base that is objective or "neutral?" The answer is "no." Indeed, the largest vendor of total loss values calls itself a "partner" with respect to its insurance company clients. When literally every client of the valuation service has the financial motivation to pay as little as possible on its total loss claims, one can easily see how the current "system" is not likely to be fair and equitable to the consumer.
There are two companies who solicit insurance companies to use their total loss valuation services, CCC Information Services Group, Inc. and ADP/AutoSource. Because CCC has such overwhelming control of the market (over 85%), this article will pertain exclusively to the operation of that company. CCC has contracts with over 350 insurance companies nationwide, including what it calls "the top 50." CCC went public in 1996 and, because it has been so favorably received by the insurance industry, its annual revenue growth has increased an average of 22% over the past several years.
my adjuster

South Amboy, NJ

#8 Jul 9, 2013
allstate stone hands

South Amboy, NJ

#11 Jul 9, 2013
I swear that looks like the Allstate insurance adjuster I had to deal with
Allstate Confusion

South Amboy, NJ

#12 Jul 9, 2013
So maybe this was the Bozo Allstate sent over to do my auto adjustment .
allkinds of confusion

South Amboy, NJ

#13 Jul 9, 2013
Allstate asked me for a written appeal but they are not taking into consideration fair market reports of exact same cars for sale in my area or close since it is a older rare car. what should I write the report about ? different flavor ice cream ?

Allstate will not explain the magic formula their adjuster used to take off 24 dollars for the rugs ? or why they added money for low miles and then took back 235 from the engine with out ever starting the auto. This is still a very good running automobile and I cannot even find some of the damage their adjuster claimed his first trip out . How can you write a report contradicting info when allstate will not give you the info they used to write their report in the first palace? the rug looks like every 2003 I ever saw where the hell did he get 24 dollars and not 18 dollars or why he took anything off it looks like every 2003 I ever saw.
Allstate won't explain .Allstate won't explain how they gave credit about 390 dollars for low miles and then took away 225 miles miles with out starting the engine the best explanation I could get out of Allstate reps is the adjuster saw spilled engine oil on the engine so I am guessing if you don't wipe the oil off when you missed the funnel allstate will deduct .06 from the total of their adjusted fixed price ?
How can a person write a report showing where Allstate error-ed if Allstate will not explain their deductions ?

Could you imagine making 24 dollars extra on every rug from every automobile claim just because you can with out explanation ?

Just look at a car without starting and make a full engine diagnostics and take of 235 dollars because someone spilled oil filling the oil up . I told allstate I would clean it off for 235 dollars or I will allow them to test the engine in front of me or I will clean it and me and the allstate rep can drink a case of beer with the hood open and car running as we watch for oil leaks .he can even take the first hits off the exhaust pipe

WTF what do these clowns want I caught them lieing they should just own up and add up and pay off . I am not into low wager games this case is getting old but thats how the game is played they wear you out and I think some of the evil adjusters compete how bad they can leave a family after an accident. Just from talking to these Allstate claims people I miss being around my Buddhist friends who would only harm people as the very last alternative. God Bless America the country I grew up in is not the same Country all the values the traditions the feeling of honest completion is all but gone . Give me third word Peasants and peons I love them honest loving hard working people give me my straw hat and I will plow the field and live like a free man in a third world country that is not run by corup politicians owned by corporations.
Mr Gregory seemed to be holding back his laughter When he told me I can always file a report with the new Jersey department of insurance and banking . If the Dept of Ins& banking was doing their job how would the CCC one system even be legal to use in NJ . Fair market value will always be what the market dictates and if CCC one does not pay Market value then CCC one is a rip off and the department of insurance and banking should have outlawed its use . Sure I will file a report But as you can see if Allstate can ignore my list of comparable they clearly own the ball park .

South Amboy, NJ

#14 Jul 9, 2013
I need some insurance company workers from allstate to leave some advice here on what kind of info I should summit in my written report to Allstate.
Other then sending in a report to the NJ department of insurance what else can be done to ensure the people receive a fair market value for their allstate insured auto.
Allstate Confusion

South Amboy, NJ

#15 Jul 10, 2013
accident day 14 the Boss Mr. Gregory will still not use com parables or explain why his adjuster nickel and dimed the car to a 500 dollar deduction . I still have no clue what to write the appeal report about .
Most people would use a list of comparable auto's and explain away the nickel and dime deductibles but Allstate will give me no info on how they pick a price for each deduction .
Allstate still not

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#18 Jul 10, 2013
getting in touch or looking over comparable I seems they want to pretend I never sent them comparable automobiles well they can lie now its in many Topix .

Still waiting for allstate to but in writting how they refuse to give fair market value based on actual cars for sale in my area just like Mine
Allstate Ins

South Amboy, NJ

#24 Jul 11, 2013
Allstate still not wrote:
getting in touch or looking over comparable I seems they want to pretend I never sent them comparable automobiles well they can lie now its in many Topix .
Still waiting for allstate to but in writting how they refuse to give fair market value based on actual cars for sale in my area just like Mine
stop erasing my comment my auto comparable list can be verified and so can the repair bill and the offer as a total wreck . We are negotiating a fair agreement at this time . I will repost all the other info pertaining to this case along with the final out come . If Allstate treats me fair you will know if they continue to waste time and torment me further you will know .

never allow yourself or your loved opne friends family neighbors to fail victim to any kind of gang group club organization or corporation stand as one and fight injustice at every level alone the corporations will crush you and drown out the truth with their own propaganda a 300 Million strong we the citizens can beat any gang even the government gang if they use unjust rules to leave us helpless . Fight back and win die but living in shame for not trying is far worse then death

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