Bill and Peggy Collins
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Beth Gibson

Frankfort, KY

#45 Mar 29, 2011
Nameless wrote:
Beth if you think Ammie is one of your dearest friends... think again... she is a worthless piece of shit... and deserves everything she is gettnig..which is sickness,, loss of her home..and a husband that is useless.....she is a lying piece of garbage just like her whitetrach family....she is getting what she deserves in life... which is trash......gotta love herrrrrrr.....ugly piece of garbage.....
guess you dont know our friendship. she has been there when no one else would and I have tried to be the same. Her whole family was good to me. You dont know our history or me. So either leave your name or shut your mouth!
Frankfort Karma

Louisville, KY

#46 May 28, 2011
huh wrote:
sorry for what happened to her parents, but i personally cant stand her at all... she is a home wrecker!!!!!!!!
Don't you just hate when people get on here running people down
behind a fake name. I wonder what home she talking about, and why would you bring this information to this site. Don't you care about what their kids or families see on here?
billy sucked

Covington, KY

#47 Jun 1, 2011
i havent heard the name bobby merryman in a whole lotta years where is he now i would have thought he would be locked away for good by now when he lived in west point years ago his parents kept him out of trouble surly they are gone by now hell that was 30 years ago or more ,as for billy he got what he deserved
mary a coy

Louisville, KY

#48 Feb 22, 2012
are you serious yes greg was a 4 sure real real bully when we all went 2 school together as well as bobb m, omg they sure do deserve each other. greg was mean and hateful years later when he worked at stonehard blocking hotelroom doors with furn.. trying to bully other emplyees etc.he should be don exactly the way he did billy and peggy. all they ever did was try to help the little puck.

Jeffersonville, IN

#49 Nov 17, 2012
just a man wrote:
I knew Greg Wright for 25 yrs and he was not perfect but none of us are. Bill Collins was as horrible a human being as God could have allowed created! I watched him handcuff army personelthen beat them with his nightstick and he ALWAYS bullied and tried to intimidate the youth of West Point. Murder is wrong and horrible, Greg was pushed and bullied by this man and his wife for yrs as his neighbor. Greg owned his home and the Colins rented theres and they constantly tried to move boundary lines and plant trees and bushes on Gregs property. He had enough and did what he did. Did they deserve it, i dont know. Greg had a kind heart and i would still consider him a friend to this day.
I dont know you just tried to justify MURDER because someone was moving yard boundry lines and wanting to plant shrubs...Im sorry but thats not the way life works...this man was mentally ill and still is aparently since he is in a hospitol for the mentally ill...and no way property lines and trees in your neighbors yard justifies killing them...if people did that and were forgiven everyone would just be dead...because we have all had issues with our neighbors..billy and peggy never "Harassed" this man...and what happened to them was completely ridicuolus and they are not at peace with what happened can ask the people who have lived there since their passing...strage stuff is happening over there and it seems to me they are still in the house in spirit...i realize a lot of people dont believe in a inbetween life between life and death to be clear...but the truth is noone knows and when things happen all the sudden for stupid reasons like that...people tend to stick around and they harass the people who live there after ...check it out for yourselves though dont take my word for it.
Clay Smith

Elizabethtown, KY

#50 Jan 21, 2013
First of all some of you grow up. This was a horrible tragedy. Horrible. These were good people and if you think Billy deserved it you're crazy. What about Peggy!!! Don't trash the family here. Have respect or don't respond. I wish I would have looked sooner. Billy started like most police; tough. He was very relaxed his last years on the force and was looking forward to retirement. He tried to help Greg. Yes HELP Greg. Greg was crazy. Ask his family. Especially Mickey ( Greg beat him with a chain) or Roy Collins ( stabbed Roy). Billy was fearful of Greg and just hours before had told my dad just that. He was carrying a pistol everywhere because Greg went over the deep end. After Greg shot them he went to Billy's dads house and luckily Bill was too late getting to the door. He saw Greg leaving on a ten speed with a shotgun, he had no idea what had just happened He was heading to Ted Aikins house to kill him when he was captured. I guess Ted and Bill had it coming too. Bullshit. Don't know if true the Collins boys were next on list. I was surprised my dad wasn't on the list. Billy was a good man. Those who had problems with him well more than likely were doing something they shouldn't have been doing.
Clay Smith

Elizabethtown, KY

#51 Jan 21, 2013
First. Greg didn't live next door to Billy and Peggy. He lived across the street. The boundary crap is from the Collins rental they had behind his home. At this point Greg had his utilities turned off and using rain water to flush toilets. He basically quit bathing and cleaning. Greg was nuts. I knew him my whole life. NUTS. He worked for my dad and myself. I've drank more than one beer with him. Nuts. I quit hanging around him when I was 14/15. Nuts. I told Roy to watch him. He still has a limp from Greg. He's Nuts. Do you get the idea. He's nuts. If you actually seen Billy hit handcuffed GIs which I doubt, what did they do? You left that out. Drugs, rape, DUI. He didn't do it fit the hell of it. Greg is a piece of shit whom I'm sure is living better in prison than he ever did the last few years outside. Billy and Peggy were honestly trying to help him when he killed them. They were taking him food. Gregg had tore up some fence drinking and driving and Billy was keeping him out of trouble trying to resolve it with the school I believe. Oh yeah. If you knew Greg then you must remember him riding around town with the deer he killed riding in front seat with him. NUTS. They didn't drive him nuts. He WAS NUTS!!!!!

Louisville, KY

#52 Jan 21, 2013
He had it.
Clay Smith

Elizabethtown, KY

#53 Jan 22, 2013
schizophrenia wrote:
He had it.
Greg definitely should signs of mental issues and having schizophrenia could have been it. He is a classic case of someone left unattended with a weapon who never should have been. My only question would be how he was able to get out of Central States and sent to Luther Luckett? Does he only have a 25 yr sentence which puts him out in roughly a dozen more years? And what kind of sick people wrote the things about the Collins family saying they had it coming. Just sick twisted people. God Bless both the Collins and Wright families, for the actions of one have put them all through Hell.

Louisville, KY

#54 Jan 24, 2013
The Kentucky Online Offender Look Up Website says Greg got 99 years and 99 days for Murder and 5 years for Wanton Endangerment in the 1st degree. He looks "Nuts" in his mug shot too Clay. You should go check it out. Google Kentucky Online Offender Lookup and enter his name. Did he ever put Sunglasses on that deer and prop it up, "Weekend at Bernie's" style???
Jill Smith Flaherty

Lexington, KY

#55 Feb 6, 2013
I don't think anyone should be judging Amy or her family, as I highly doubt any of you have ever had your parents MURDERED by the town nut, as everyone knew...Billy's only mistake was trying to help the guy out. I grew up behind Billy, Peggy and was friends with amy for 16 years and that whole family was always good to me and my family. No one is perfect and those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, as the only judge is GOD. I have lost touch with Amy, and only wish the best for her entire family. I lost my mom almost 3 years ago and still feel sad every day about my loss...I could never imagine losing both parents at the same time the way she was HORRIBLE...I still to this day cannot beleive it happened...just days before that Billy was holding my daughter and telling me he remembered holding me when I was that little...this world was better with Billy and Peggy Collins in it...hopefully they are in a better place with my mother now.
Jill Smith Flaherty

Lexington, KY

#56 Feb 6, 2013
I grew up in a house behind Amy and her parents. They were all good people, and no one should be judging Amy or her siblings right now because I am willing to guess that everyone talking trash about her probably hasn't had their parents MURDERED the way she did. I also believe the only true judge is God, so everyone needs to calm down on their attacks. None of us are perfect and my heart aches for her because I know how close she was to her parents and I am sure she has had an extremely difficult time dealing with it. I lost my own mother almost three years ago and still feel sad each and every day, wishing I could talk to her or hug her. Peggy and Billy Collins were good people and do not deserve some of these comments that are being made about them. Stop the negativity and work on your own personal flaws instead!!
Jill Smith Flaherty

Lexington, KY

#57 Feb 6, 2013
Oh, and I agree (for once:), with what my brother, Clay, said above. He did know all involved very well and probably has more knowledge about Billy, Peggy, and Greg more than anyone who has posted on here. I echo his words: TRAGIC..that's exactly what this was. It is one of those moments in my life where I will never forget where I was at when I heard the news...Amy's cousin Christy Brown called and told me, and I told her it was really not a funny joke, and when I found out it wasn't a joke, the tears poured. Poor Amy, my childhood friend, you are in my thoughts and prayers!

Louisville, KY

#58 Feb 8, 2013
You are right Jill

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