Accident victim Cheyenne Sauls rememb...

Accident victim Cheyenne Sauls remembered as happy, friendly

There are 106 comments on the Douglas County Sentinal story from Feb 25, 2011, titled Accident victim Cheyenne Sauls remembered as happy, friendly. In it, Douglas County Sentinal reports that:

Friends and family will be gathering today to say goodbye to Cheyenne Sauls, the 16-year-old Villa Rica High School sophomore killed over the weekend.

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Powder Springs, GA

#81 Apr 13, 2011
just me wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh my goodness. All this hatred. Isn't there enough of that? I am assuming that these petty posts are being made NY adults. How sad. At least the lids are staying on topic. Have love in your hearts for everyone. We all need it.
I don't think New York adults are commenting. The lids are only staying on their containers.

Douglasville, GA

#82 Apr 21, 2011
Robin wrote:
I'm sorry but at what point are people going to lay blame on Cheyenne Sauls herself? SHE got into a car with someone she KNEW had been drinking, it was HER decision she knew what could happen. I'm sorry but the only thing the driver should be charged with is DUI. Kids need to take some responsibility for their OWN actions! If you get in a car with a driver who has been drinking you CAN DIE, if you're ok with that, then go ahead, don't blame someone else when you get hurt or in this case, she died. Whose fault? Hers. SHE could have prevented her own death. There are NO victims here, sorry.
well ... i guess you just need to build a bridge and get over the fact that maybe it was her fault .. YOU probally didnt even know her . I was one of her best friends and i would truly appreciate it if you didnt talk crap about her decisions . Thanks.

Acworth, GA

#83 Apr 24, 2011
I just wanted to let you know cheyenne was my best friend and she had told her mom and dad that she was spending the night at a friends and if her parents knew she was goin to that party they would not of let her go! ive know Mrs.Debbie and Mr.Eric for a long time and they are heart broken beacuse everyone thinks they let there daughter make the decision that ended her life!

Winder, GA

#84 May 6, 2011
"Justin McCowboy McAllister
I miss them friday nights, them filled up tailgates. I miss everybody around a bonfire with the music load, I miss all the friends just floatin in the lake with a beer in one hand. I miss the laughs and lifestories. Maybe some day we can all relive the good ole days :/
20 hours ago4 people like this."

Lawrenceville, GA

#85 Sep 15, 2011
Robin wrote:
<quoted text>Wow, I return from having a LIFE over the weekend to see that you have posted not ONE, but what? Six or seven posts directed to me?? LOL. Look, if you will put down the banjo long enough to LISTEN to what I'm saying and open up that closed (and I might add, very SMALL ) mind of yours, you will see that I SAID IF MY KIDS made this same mistake, I would know that THEY made the choice to get in that car. And I'm sorry, but please cover up your stupidity, becuase it's showing..OF COURSE she knew the driver was drunk! That's the stupidest thing I've heard! AND NO I am not a friend of the drivers family taking up for "evil" as you put it...I don't know that boy from Adam, but there is nothing EVIL about him! Geez, now who is the BITCH??
i am just now seeing this but cheyenne was my best friend and if you want to pin someones death on anyway even her learn so respect you dont no what its like to have someone taken away for you that youve know sence you were a baby !

Alpharetta, GA

#86 Sep 19, 2011
Cheyenne was my friend and I don't understand how ppl can even get the guts to talk crap about her. Rest in peace cheyenne!

Conyers, GA

#87 Oct 18, 2011
I am 16 years old and if I knew a friend of mine was drinking I wouldn't even think about getting into a car with someone like that.I put my life ahead of anything and everything else.Cheyenne was old enough to make this important decison and she chose the wrong one.Mistakes happen.She made the mistake of getting in the car with Jason ok were not at all perfect by along shot.He first should have not been drinking at all and he should not have had a car or his parents shouldn't of allowed him to drink and drive it just shows how dang ignoranthius parents are.I don't think th eblame should be on him really cause he was just trying to help her out bye giving her a ride and trying to have fun like neone else would if you was drinking.But may God be with her family. Please other 16-18 year olds think anout your dsecion and ask yourself is it gonna affect me and my family in a good or bad way????

Conyers, GA

#88 Oct 18, 2011
jjn wrote:
Cheyenne was my friend and I don't understand how ppl can even get the guts to talk crap about her. Rest in peace cheyenne!
There is noone saying nothing bad about cheyenne there just saying she was old enough to make her own decision to get into the car with a drunk person or not so there for she lost her life....

Conyers, GA

#89 Oct 18, 2011
BostonMan wrote:
One question, off subject. Do they teach grammar in Villa Rica schools?
Haha I know right!!So do they??

Peachtree City, GA

#90 Oct 21, 2011
I love how all the teenagers are coming out now saying 'dont talk bad about cheyenne's decisions.' newsflash kids it was a VERY BAD DECISION! She is dead now because of it. The problem is kids in high school like to have fun and party. Cheyenne was no different and she thought it wouldnt happen to her. It's a very unfortunate, tragic situation, but she made that decision and she paid for it. It is HER fault she is dead. I feel sorry for all of you who are her friends and miss her dearly, but you would do good to learn from her mistakes and try your very best to never make that same decision in her lifetime.

Peachtree City, GA

#91 Oct 21, 2011
Just because you die doesn't make you a saint!

Truth is, she was a wild ass girl who lied to her parents and made an awful decision because she wanted to party and drink beer!

"We just keep waiting, waiting... waiting on the world to change!"

Lawrenceville, GA

#92 Feb 7, 2012
I'm sorry but I am Cheyenne and masons very good friend although I miss her everyday and I cry all the time its ok now I understand god took her back because her duty here on earth was complete and may she rest in piece forever but Jason was 17 years old an he made a mistake and that mistake took her life but everyone forgave him an so should that judge he shouldn't have gone to jail ! Half of you people didnt even no her so Myself her family and the rest of their friends would appreciate it if you stayed out of it ! Thank you

Lawrenceville, GA

#93 Feb 15, 2012
I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU PEOPLE YOU ARE GROWN WOMEN And you are blaming someone for there own death you are. Sick people and you should be ashamed of yourself she was just a little girl ! You would be so hurt If this was your child's death page an people were disrespecting them when they are no longer here to defend. Them selves. You say Cheyenne could of done something to prevent this well she couldn't because god chooses when it's time for you to go o heaven. Her surya were Done on earth and god needed her up in heaven ! Cheyenne was my best friend ihave known her and her family since I was 2 years old and I would appreciate it if you would stop saying what Cheyenne knew like she knew they were drinking well maybe she didn't and im sure mrs. Debbie, and mr. Eric would appreciate it if you just stayed out of it because were already going through a extremely difficult time ! Thanks so much
Taylor C .
cheyennes dad

Carrollton, GA

#94 Mar 9, 2014
Sandra Barber Rabern wrote:
I have recently been told that the autopsy report indicated no drugs or alcohol were in Cheyenne Sauls body.That might help the feelings of the family who have lost this beautifull child.Also the family might be helped if these nasty things would stop appearing on line.Some of you have said some cruel things.Maybe your child is as perfect as you say,and would never do anything wrong.The only person to walk this earth and indeed live a perfect life is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.These kids involved in that tragic accident need our prayers.Be thankfull you still have your "perfect children".I personally have never seen perfection,we all have our faults and flaws.While living we all are just learning as we go along.Doing the best that we can.And all the while working toward a brighter day.Cheyenne must have been a very special young lady.From all the love expressed from her friends.I think she let her light shine and was kind to everyone.We should follow that example ourselfs.
Sandra your so right she was CLEAN i seen the report with my ON EYES
cheyennes dad

Carrollton, GA

#95 Mar 9, 2014
hometown wrote:
Just because you die doesn't make you a saint!
Truth is, she was a wild ass girl who lied to her parents and made an awful decision because she wanted to party and drink beer!
"We just keep waiting, waiting... waiting on the world to change!"
home town a damm fool! Cheyenne didnt lie to us
cheyennes dad

Carrollton, GA

#96 Mar 9, 2014
smith wrote:
I wanted to add one last thing I have a huge amount of respect for Mr. Sauls. Even in his heart break and grief he addressed the media and the students of Villa Rica he stated very clearly that his daughter made a bad decision and she paid the ultimate price. That if no one learned from this horrible event then her death was in vain.
Mr. Sauls,
My children and I have spent alot of time thinking of your dauhter and family over the past week and we have had many difficult conversations because of what has happened. Maybe because we are from the tri-counties and it was so close to home maybe because your beautiful daughter reminded us each of someone we love and are close to, for me as a parent watching your courage in sharing your honesty and pain on the evening news. Whatever the reason. I know two young adults/children that opened up to me about things that they may never have shared and new choices have been put in place because of this horrible loss for your family and the other families involved. It was not in vain and if it is any consolation at all there are 3 people in this that made a commitment to eachother to remember this and her each time that choice is faced. I know its not much but it only takes a few drops to start a flood. My children are still finding their own way but some how the light that was brought to the reality of their lifes was one that shined very brightly and with purpose.
The Smith Family
its took me quite awhile to be able to post on here, nut i just wanted to say thanks for saying that about me and your family .
cheyennes dad

Carrollton, GA

#97 Mar 9, 2014
THIS IS ALL IM GONNA SAY !!!! almost half of every one who posted here dont know what their talking about as far as what happened, who was drunk, who was sober, who was clean and who wasn't. I'VE sat through deposition after deposition! Court date after court date! Interview after interview with almost evry kid, that was there at each party! I KNOW WHO LIED AND WHO TOLD THE TRUTH AS FAR AS THE KIDS GO! yes my daughter made a mistake, but SHE DID NOT know Jason was drunk. and thats because he only had ONE BEER at both parties. and she didnt see him drink it because she was around him when he did. Jason done most of his drinking before he ever got to either party and no he wasn't SLOPPY DRUNK! and as far as they way he smelled it was because all the beer bottles broke and beer went every where when they wrecked!.GO READ THE ARTICLE IN THE ATLANTA MAGAZINE CALLED "WRECKAGE" its in the August 2012 edition and YES SHE WAS CLEAN ! NO ALCOHOL was in her system ..TRUTH BE TOLD IT WAS JUST A ACCIDENT PERIOD ...IT WAS HER TIME and the good LORD ABOVE wanted her home so he took her. As a parent what ya gonna do ? Lock ya child up in a closet for the rest of her life? thats not gonna help! when GODS WANTS YOU ...HE GETS YOU !!! END OF STORY
cheyennes dad

Carrollton, GA

#98 Mar 11, 2014
Robin wrote:
May God ALSO watch over the family of the DRIVER Jason Lark, as they are ALSO going thru a lot, it is heartwrenching I"M SURE to see your child facing such serious charges and going to jail! No one forced her to get in that car. She did it willingly. It may sound harsh, but damn people are looking for someone to blame. Why can't teenagers be responsible for themselves? She made a bad choice, one in which she KNEW what the outcome COULD be.
Robin who ever said she KNEW he was drunk? have you done something else that no one else can do ... ASK CHEYENNE? cause shes not here to defend herself! I think not! so you need to know the facts before voicing your opinion.
cheyennes dad

Carrollton, GA

#99 Mar 11, 2014
Robin wrote:
<quoted text>Well I am NOT ashamed of myself, everyone needs to stop putting the blame on EVERYONE else except the ONE person who could have preveneted it more than anyone....Cheyenne herself. That is where the problem BEGINS. When my kids do something wrong, I don't blame anyone but THEM!! It's unfortuante she had to die, YES. But ultimately it's sad that it was her own fault. Let it be a lesson to all stupid teenagers, that YOU can put YOURSELF in a position TO DIE!!
your a idiot! Ill over look your stupidity
cheyennes dad

Carrollton, GA

#100 Mar 11, 2014
Robin wrote:
<quoted text> If he wasn't a 17 yr. old kid I would totally agree. I'm not saying he should get off with a slap on the wrist, but I just wish some would some a little bit of compassion for him as well. You know he has to be hurting too.
jason made the decision himself to drink a ADULT BEVERAGE... so he can accept the ADULT CONSEQUENCES

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