Douglasville City Council can't agree...

Douglasville City Council can't agree on final play propsal

There are 42 comments on the Douglas County Sentinel story from Apr 1, 2013, titled Douglasville City Council can't agree on final play propsal. In it, Douglas County Sentinel reports that:

The Douglasville City Council failed to finalized the amounts to include in a new pay proposal Monday after five council members voted against the proposal.

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Decatur, GA

#22 Apr 14, 2013
I have skills, technical they aren't. Please link me to the sign up sheet, to speak, because I can't find this on the page for the meeting tomorrow night.

Douglasville, GA

#23 Apr 15, 2013
former resident, I'm having trouble identifying where you live that is in Arbor Station. Kohls is half a block from the entrance to Arbor Station, but you have to go up a hill and back down to get to anywhere inside Arbor Station that water would flow into. The sewage system doesn't run uphill and back down. So how on earth is it possible for Kohls to flow storm water into Arbor Station? There would have to be vast caverns under the streets for that to happen. What you are saying is very confusing for any of us who live inside the neighborhood.

I would suspect that if any water did run behind Kohls and into a drain, it would go on down Stewart Mill Road for about half a mile till it got to the creek there at Reynolds Road. For it to go into Arbor Station, it would have to literally run uphill and slant on back down. Kohls is at a lower elevation by far than the infrastructure that underpins Arbor Station. Ask the city manager. He lives very close to Kohls.

Decatur, GA

#24 Apr 15, 2013
Look on google maps at creekwood drive, rather then how you think it.

Your reaction is what I thought, my initial reaction was that isn't possible, until I viewed it via google maps. It coincides with damages viewed.

It is aimed via the daycare, behind that lot, and flows to it's lowest level my backyard, where it enters the low point and then travels through and around the Culvert, and attacks stewart mill reynolds road.
They also found Kohls has no permits to exist. Please review this as well.

They are breaking the stormwater erosion sedimentation laws of 75, and permitting and bypassed the entire system of permitting. They have no evidence of an independent stormwater system outside of my back lot, and piggybacking on this system.

Next, if you also look at a stream channel map, you will find the pipes are laid out from two directions, with a near straight attack, so basically the house/land are being attacked from Heritage valley, from two directions, one is straight down from the mall, and the other about where halls crossing is.

re kohls, If you think it, it doesn't make sense, but if you look at the map, it does, and if you get the maps of the pipes, the others make also perfect sense. I have pulled all maps.

Essentially when we bought, we did permit the newly built street to flow water in, there was no daycare then, just empty lot. The city maintained back then, so then they added kohls across and behind that.

My backyard is being attacked from three directions.
There is no retention and no detention pond for any of this. I also have the storm basin maps.
The leadership is allowing the city and really the county to be wiped out from three directions and counting on our ignorance.
Get the maps, it will make more sense.

then it makes perfect sense.
It is hidden in front of or behind the daycare at creekwood, depending on perspective. There is a house across that street, and then behind that is the plaza, but do look at google, rather then memory because you are reacting the way I first thought of it by sight rather then map.

Decatur, GA

#25 Apr 15, 2013
Also, if you have one of these homes on the side of the daycare, I do have photos of our backyards back in 1987, that my husband took, and you can clearly see how they have been washed away

Decatur, GA

#26 Apr 23, 2013
I. WSA collects fees for this maintenance from all of us.
2. City has signed the final plat, and it attaches to public system, and used to maintain, so stop this nonsense already. Stop it.
3. Fix driveway and wall because you have damaged it, and allowed others to do the same. I expect when I support a community for 26 years and pay tax and fees to get some customer service here. We bought brand new, every bit of damage was created by your mismanagement, and allowing others to disregard the laws of this land.

Decatur, GA

#27 Apr 23, 2013
What are the plans for detention in Douglasville?

Decatur, GA

#28 Apr 25, 2013
The constitution of the United States prohibits taking private property for public use without just compensation. You have wiped all value from my land, while taxing the home on that land.
You have taken my land for public use and deprived me safe access into my home for three years. You need to solve this. You are collecting fees and tax while depriving me of basic rights afforded to all citizens living in the USA. You have not only denied safe access into this home, you have used government tyranny to do nothing and add harm, and allowed others to add harm. I have a box full of proofs. We live in the USA, not in the land of kings.

Decatur, GA

#29 Apr 26, 2013
DC, get on the city to fix this, because you are the real victims! I am just the mid point, with the best view. It is the center piece to why you are being wiped out downstream. It's the intake.

Douglasville, GA

#30 May 8, 2013
What type of games are they playing? I want to join in on the fun!

Decatur, GA

#31 May 19, 2013
Hit Nail on Head wrote:
<quoted text>
Maybe that is what the problem is, that the complaint is not valid.
WSA has done plenty for other people who have had floods, but poor ol' formerresident - no relief. They won't even answer the phone.
According to formerresident every drop of storm water in Douglasville goes thru his driveway and there is panic in the streets every time it rains. The City, which charges a fee to have a yard sale, and WSA decided to look the other way when Kohls was built and not collect tens of thousands of dollars in permitting fees. Yeah, right.
Keep it coming formerresident, at least it Topix makes someone feel better.
Yep we permitted all the shit to flow through my backyard. I don't know how many like e-coli in their backyard, but I am not one of them.

Then we decided our perfect property was great for everybody, so we attacked me out of the home with water balloon battles.

We decided water didn't matter for the public, and so we broke all of the laws. Nobody would understand it, so who cares? It's really a very boring subject. We just trust our experts, that it all works fine. Easier that way.

And then our experts spent the time figuring out their salaries, while cars crashed at the street, citizens lost safe access, water was sent down the drain, and we mixed e-coli into our water supply.

Who cares? Nobody understands all of this anyway. It was just a home. We have to figure out our salary, we don't have time for this nonsense.

Then we reduced all value from the land, while taxing the home, and said why are you complaining, your taxes on the land are only a buck! So what if we still tax the home, that you don't have safe access into. It all looks fine. What is the beef? Maybe it's all the extra shit in my backyard, that is the gripe. Sorry, I will be more polite, the e-coli.

We don't care if you have no income from your home. Our salary is all that matters, Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner. It's just a home, for heavens sakes. You don't like it, move. We take pride in our high foreclosure rate. It is number one in the state!

We take pride in our air. It is 9 out of 100 with 1 being the worst.

We take pride in our water supply. We pay for lawsuits downstream. Who cares, the taxpayer picks up the tab?

And please don't tell anybody about our wastewater and stormwater mixing together. We are working on the maps. Nobody cares about this stuff anyway.

Don't worry about all the land we gave you after you closed that other homes sit upon, we know it's not real. It was only paper.

Tell you what, you fix this with a solution, and you will never hear from me again. I will get out of all of your hair, and on with my life, and you can forget all of this nonsense, but I need to recover so somebody does need to answer the phone.

As for Kohls, go look it up yourself. It's easy enough. Where are your permits? Where does your water flow? I am sure they can produce the paper. Just ask them.

Decatur, GA

#34 Jul 19, 2013
ChicknButt wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't doubt your getting screwed. Everybody in Arbor Station is.
But really - you need to get from the street to your driveway. Put in a pipe, pave over it, and move on with your life.
If nobody ELSE will do anything, you should. It's your house.
Now go hire that redneck with a backhoe.
What ideas do you have about the intake and size?
Where does the water go after it is fixed?
Where should I get funds to manage the city/county water as the homeowner?
Even if it gets fixed, which I can't do, because I have no resources to fix it, didn't sign up for this mess, and have no skills to manage public water, what do you think we should do about the permitted water from chapel hill stewart mill road?
Not in my backyard.
What should we do about we the people paying wsa fees for this kind of problem?
I can assure you of this point. As long as this remains unfixed, the citizens will keep paying higher tax, and the county will have to keep asking for higher tax. It won't matter if they are democrat or republican politicians. The water is traveling south.

Garden City, MI

#35 Jul 22, 2013
Are they building a playground? I guess the city counsel has to have some fun sometime.
The Real Deal

Salem, AL

#36 Jul 26, 2013
formerresident wrote:
My backyard is where you began growth, and the intake placed under the driveway, because it was fraudulently sold and placed.
You said it didn't matter. Nobody would ever care or know. It was only paper.
Then you added harm, one step at a time. My husband died during the beginning of these water attacks, and I moved away, so when you built and grew, I just didn't know. Then nobody complained, so you said it didn't matter, it must be okay.
Then I returned to the home purchased long ago, and we had a flood and education began. By then you had layered and layered it with a huge permitting planning mess, and had made my backyard, and driveway the detention for this massive growth.
The flood is when I moved from ignorance to education, watching water at the street, and cars crashing there. You blamed it on God, and he certainly had a part, but I couldn't explain why the driveway had been separating from the home.
Got lawyers and engineers involved, and together we researched the facts, and the key fact was that Kohls was allowed to exist, with no permits, my backyard the place where they placed their water to exist. Again, counting on ignorance that nobody would ever know.
You just didn't care where the water flowed.
You broke the law, and said who cares? Buyer beware? Then we learned the rest of the mess, while you took care of the top, and ignored we the people flooded down below. You continue to blame it all on God, but the facts say different.
So go research these facts for yourself. D on't rely on me. Kohs is pretty easy to prove, where does this water go? Where is the detention for the Chapel Hill Stewart mill road corridor? It takes education to understand. The water flows low, ends up in my land, running around a driveway, wiping out roads and homes down below.
When chapel hill stewart mill road was built up on top, my home was here, and multiple laws continued to be broken, through using my land as the unmanaged watershed. Where is your detention pond? It is my backyard.
As for Kohls, the engineers have found this. You can check for yourself the permits, there is no paperwork for them to exist. The state said it okay too.
Don't believe me, go check it out yourself. Now that I have let the cat out of the bag, it should be pretty easy to verify. Go research it. Do not rely on my word.
Nobody answers the phone because it is a system problem of which I am in the middle of and of which the government created. I can't fight the government. They are allowed to break the law, and be accountable to nobody.
Do you want to sell the house if so how much?

Decatur, GA

#37 Jul 26, 2013
I want this problem fixed, so my tenants have safe access into home.

Douglasville, GA

#38 Jul 27, 2013
So you don't even live here? Why are you wasting everyone's time with your rants? Sell the property and leave us all alone.

Decatur, GA

#39 Jul 27, 2013
This is my home, and land.! It has been my home and land for 27 years. Fix this problem.

Douglasville, GA

#40 Jul 27, 2013
formerresident wrote:
This is my home, and land.! It has been my home and land for 27 years. Fix this problem.
"Home" is a place where you live. You do not live in this house in Arbor Station. You have owned this property for 27 years but you are a "formerresident" (sic) and have not lived in this house for years. You have said that you no longer live in this house here on topix.

You can keep posting your tales of woe - it is mildly entertaining and apparently good therapy for you , but please stop lying about it.

Maybe you need a teddy bear?

Decatur, GA

#41 Jul 27, 2013
You keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. I know why I moved out of my home, and the conditions that led me to leave. It is still my home, and my land.
In the meantime, you might need a teddy bear when you keep paying all of those fees and extra tax, while you lead the state in foreclosure rate!

Decatur, GA

#42 Jul 29, 2013
Really wrote:
<quoted text>
"Home" is a place where you live. You do not live in this house in Arbor Station. You have owned this property for 27 years but you are a "formerresident" (sic) and have not lived in this house for years. You have said that you no longer live in this house here on topix.
You can keep posting your tales of woe - it is mildly entertaining and apparently good therapy for you , but please stop lying about it.
Maybe you need a teddy bear?
I have also been a taxpayer for 27 years. That gives me rights to complain.
Pay Up

United States

#43 Jul 29, 2013
formerresident wrote:
<quoted text>
I have also been a taxpayer for 27 years. That gives me rights to complain.
You paid or MP? At least the property has been caught up to 2012 and most of 2013.

The basic problem is that you are not "complaining" you are babbling. Not only that, but you are babbling to a bunch of trolls on the internet as if that is going to solve your problem.

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