Illegal gambling bust in Swainsboro

Illegal gambling bust in Swainsboro

There are 29 comments on the WRDW-TV Augusta story from Mar 8, 2010, titled Illegal gambling bust in Swainsboro. In it, WRDW-TV Augusta reports that:

More than 100 law enforcement from across the state have busted 29 businesses in Emanuel and Toombs County suspected of illegal gambling.

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Kensett, AR

#1 Mar 9, 2010
The chickens have fome home to roost

United States

#2 Mar 9, 2010
well you reap what you sow. i bet they are all sick of the thousands of dollars they all have lost.but when you are doing something you that is wrong you know theres a 50/50 chance of getting caught. so how can any one feel sorry for them.thought they could get by with anything. but when the top dogs and big dogs come in the local law cant protect them. so you get what you deserve in the long wrong.
neha patel

Loganville, GA

#3 Mar 10, 2010
who said its ilegal the poker machine we dnt go peopels house n tell them come 2 our store an play machine its all bullshitttttttttttttttttt..... .....all bastards dnt knw

Statesboro, GA

#4 Mar 11, 2010
what about lottery, local government broke and they try ing to pull money form store owner , this is not rite, leave this pepole alone

Boyertown, PA

#5 Mar 11, 2010
Mr. Patel, You are no better than anyone else to follow the laws in OUR country. You knew these machines were illegal when you put them in your store. I, personally, do not like your abuse of words and the ungodly name calling. You deserve everything you get from this. The law is the law and if the citizens here have to follow it, so should you!
carpet man

Jesup, GA

#6 Mar 11, 2010
i live in toombs county and i am glad that they busted them indians at the stores people who dont live round here dont know how rude these people are but all the tax paying citizens have to set around and watch them ship money back to india and we needthe money right here in town. thats why there is a very few business open now and they are all localy owned
the celing man

United States

#7 Mar 11, 2010
it's not aboout any race(carpet man)
and who told u that them indians are not paying taxes,they pay more tax in one year than u pay in your entire life,so don't bother going there.and about sending money back home,that's what they are here for,money and better life,let them live like they want to,if u don't like them don't go to their stores(stupid).

Boyertown, PA

#8 Mar 12, 2010
ceiling man, you must also be an Indian. And I, myself, choose not to spend my American earned money (taxes) with these people. Mr. Patel is certainly a poor excuse for someone who wants to live in OUR COUNTRY to make a living. Guess they are all like him. NASTY AND FOUL MOUTH!

Baxley, GA

#9 Mar 12, 2010
Our country my assse. The country belongs to us indians way long b4 u craker airsholes showed up...u took slaves from africa...this is payback time biyatch. Machines gone u say so what.. store still run by us and mark my words they will be back. and in full actions...and who ever don't like it can suck it.

Moultrie, GA

#10 Mar 13, 2010
Apparently, Mr. Patel, you must have been kicked out of your own country for your attitude. You are certainly not the type of Indian Columbus found when he came to America. So, don't try to whine about the slaves and Indians that were here. Your kind are from another country, not ours. Sure, you are so right, your kind comes into America, and will be right back into whatever is illegal again. Your kind has no idea what it is to obey the law. I, personally know other people from your country who have certainly been raised above your standards. Must not know your history very well. Need to get one of our history books and read who ALL owned slaves, not just Americans.

Hawkinsville, GA

#11 Mar 16, 2010
Personally, I don't play those machines but I happen to be informed about the legality of them. The machines are just as legal as a pinball machine at the bowling alley. They are manufactured here in the state of Georgia and must comply by Georgia laws. The owners of those machines are (or should) be licensed by the state of Georgia to operate them. License fees from the state range from $1500-$5000 per year. The illegal part comes when storeowners (who normally don't own the machines themselves) pay cash for winning tickets. So to say they are illegal is simply ignorant. Paying cash for winnings is where the laws were broken.
As I said earlier, I personally don't gamble because I'm frankly to tight. However, I think what someone does with their money is their business. If the state could effectively figure out a way to tax the winnings it would all probably be legal. No difference in wasting your money in the machines than sitting there like a fool scratching off lottery tickets. Either way it should be a personal decision.
an indian

Athens, GA

#12 Mar 19, 2010
we indians are hard working people. we work in our store from opening to closing. we are not like u americans who sits on their butt and eat free goverment money, make babies, and get married like 50 times in one life. we also pay taxes, and we are legal citizen of this country. we don't deserve this. we never told those people to come to our store and play those machine. you guys always find easy way out to become rich. we know what you guys do when u go to LAS VEGAS, AND ATLANTIC CITY. so, shut ur mouth.

Perry, GA

#13 Mar 19, 2010
You Indians are not the only hard working people in this country. I have never seen an Indian working in the fields cutting onions, raking straw in the woods, etc. It would kill everyone of you if you had to do labor like some of the other people. Who are you to come in OUR COUNTRY and write for someone to shut their mouths??? This is considered abuse and can easily also be reported. I personally know Indians who have been married several times and make babies each time also. So do put it off on us Americans. If it were not for the free government money given YOU when you come into the United States to open a business, you would also be on the streets on your butt!
an indian

Athens, GA

#14 Mar 23, 2010
you know what we don't use ur government's money to open our business. first we work hard, save our money and than buy the business. so, please don't even bother to compare urself with us. we are far better than you guys are. all u can do is racist talk. fist learn some respect for other culture and than open ur mouth. I never seen any white peole working in the field either. you know who u hire for that kind of work, so don't play blame game with us. you guys hire poor mexican people to do your shitty work and pay them hardly $3.00 an hour. you guys are blood suckers.

United States

#15 Mar 23, 2010
You guys need to chill out man. I'm a indian to but I leave in tifton we do not need to talk about any race. I have lots of white and indian friends so I know how thus works but don't make any comments on any race don't judge person by there color judge by there heart. Machines are not illlegal but paying out cash it's iilegal. I hope they don't punish them too bad. What Georgia need to do is make them machine legal or take them out of state of Georgia. Also we do not get money from the goverment to open the business all that is just talk we just have good credit score to get a big loan at the bank. So don't matter if u whit or black or indian we all have to work hard for our money. But please don't make any racial comments Thanks. Have a cold beer together guys. Life is to shorts.

Since: Mar 10

Metter, GA

#16 Mar 24, 2010
Let's think about the big picture here for a min. What is being done is going to far. And here is why. Tell me whats the difference between putting money in these machines and buying lotto tickets? If someone scratches a $500.00 winner they get paid in cash tax free.Or a preson play cash 3 or 4 and hits the number for a dollar straight 10 times. They get paid $5000.00 for all 10. Tax free I may add. What about these people? I'm white and my closest friends are Indians. But what you are not thinking about is the people that bring in the stuff to sell in the stores. Their pay checks are next to nothing now because of them shutting these stores down. No one is making these people play. But you are saying its wrong.What about someone blowing their whole pay check on lotto tickets and not win even a free ticket? The difference is the gov gets there part of the lotto. My friends are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. And have worked their tails off to get where are. But this is pushing it way to far. So I know what you are saying Mr.Patel.

Perry, GA

#17 Mar 26, 2010
Reading these comments makes me ashamed that these Indians live in our Country and talk the way they do about us. If you so called Indians do not like what goes on in the United States, just please go back to where you came from. You are so rude and nasty talking. We really do NOT want you here.

White House, TN

#18 Mar 26, 2010
haha hi im 14 yaw are Lame...Mexicans RULE Some white people r too and african americans But Indians are Also cool i think the rest of u r GAY

Acworth, GA

#19 Apr 1, 2010
this is simple game by gov to divert ur mind cos they fail .not only state but whole us gov. this is like murphy law when anything go wrong it will.
instead of talking about us u all are plying ur game i'm white im indian im black etc .have u ever think about usa .im from india but i wont to be worthy and deseperate towards usa cos its my home now .usa is world plateform not for one race .u all mind it this is from only for them those are for usa .no white no indian no black .during bad stage u all have to unite and find the cause then delete dont go like wind think twice
now the problem solution why ga gov not making machine legal and takeover by ga gov same like online .if ur real us people then comeout from home and ask gov. to do so.think for country
i believe in jesus and he said hit the stone to a person if ur right then u hit the stone .
indian guy

Macon, GA

#20 Apr 1, 2010
go do your homework guys. For your information, these machines are owned mostly by americans. They own the machine and put it in our indian stores and give us 50 to 80% profit and the owners of the machines get the rest of the money. Go blame the machine owners, they are white americans, not that i care, but just to let you racist people know. Just like beer and cigarettes are bad for health, yes, we sell them in our indian stores, but who makes them, you white americans make them. If indian people or black people made cigarettes or beer, we would be in jail right now, but its okay for white americans to make them. Back to gambling now, what is the difference between lottery scratch off tickets and lotto numbers and game machines, only difference is that government gets their cut from these lottery and in game machines, no cut for the government so they just raid the stores and just take all the cash for free like it belongs to them. What they do with this cash, split it with bigger officials and they go on vacations while you all here arguing like a bunch of idiots. Yes, i am an indian guy and i am rich from those game machines, thanks to all you gambling addicts and cigarette and beer addicts also. thanks people for making me rich. they took my pocket change but will not take my real money which is already in my indian bank accounts. go fuk yourselves you racist losers!

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