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Texas Driver Responsibility Surcharge Program Petition!!!!!

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Since: Aug 07

Deer Park/ Friendswood

#1 Aug 27, 2007
I have dedicated many months of my time to prepare a report of sorts on the DRP. What I have discovered is that the entire fate of Texas is connected to the Surcharge Program. This is because the money from the Unconstitutional program is earmarked for the Tran-Texas Corridor, which is a strategic segment of what is to become a Super Corridor that spans the entire North American Continent.

The state is suspending people's license over not paying an excessive surcharge fee that is in addition to what you agree to in court. What's more is the money is going to pay for the Corridor projects, without consent or knowledge or the People or Congress! I believe that spreading the word would enable individuals to better deal with the negative effects that the TX DRP has had on their lives, as well as have a say in their own future.

TX DRP Surcharge Petition

Have you heard of this yet??

Since: Aug 07

Deer Park/ Friendswood

#2 Sep 20, 2007
Driver Responsibility Law
Points system
The Driver Responsibility law (TRC § 708; Article 10, House Bill 3588, 78th Legislative Session) establishes a system which assigns points to moving violations classified as Class C misdemeanors and applies surcharges to offenders, based upon the type of offense and the time period in which the citation was received. For each conviction, DPS will assign points to a person’s driver license as follows:
• Two points for a moving violation (defined by 37 TEX. ADMIN. CODE §15.89) conviction in Texas or that of another state.
• Points will not be assigned for speeding less than 10% over the posted limit or for seat belt convictions.
• Three points for a moving violation conviction in Texas that resulted in a vehicle crash.
• Effective September 1, 2005, Child Safety Seat Violations will accrue two points.
Points accrued remain on the driver record for a period of three years from conviction date. An offense committed prior to September 1, 2003 will not apply to the assessment of points under the program.
Points surcharges
DPS will assess a surcharge when the driver accumulates a total of six points or more on their record during a three-year period. The driver must pay a $100 surcharge for the first six points and $25 for each additional point.
Annual surcharges for certain convictions
Drivers who receive a conviction for any of the following offenses that occur on or after September 1, 2003 are required to pay an annual surcharge for three years from the date of conviction.
• Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), or a DWI-related offense
•• First Conviction -$1,000 annual surcharge
•• Second Convicton -$1,500 annual surcharge
•• Any Conviction with a BAC of .16 or greater -$2,000 annual surcharge
• Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility
••$250 annual surcharge
• Driving While License Invalid
••$250 annual surcharge
• Driving without a Valid License (i.e.; No Driver License, No Commercial Driver License, No Endorsement Violation, No Motorcycle License, Operate with License for other Class Vehicle).
••$100 annual surcharge
Surcharges are automatically assessed for these convictions and do not accrue points. All surcharges assessed for this program are in addition to all other reinstatement fees required for other administrative actions and do not replace any administrative suspension, revocation, disqualification or cancellation action that results from these same convictions.
Driver notification of surcharge and driver license suspension
The offending driver will be notified by mail to the address on record with DPS of the assessment of a surcharge on their driver license. The notice will state the surcharge must be paid within 30 days to prevent the suspension of the driver license. Upon suspension of the license for failure to comply with the surcharge requirements, the license remains suspended until the person establishes an installment agreement, or pays in full all surcharges and related costs, such as service/collection fees. Individual's establishing an installment agreement will receive monthly reminders with a payment coupon indicating the amount due.
Who receives the money collected
Each surcharge collected by the Department under this law will be remitted to the Texas State Comptroller's office on a monthly basis. The Trauma Centers Fund and Texas General Revenue Fund receives 99% of the revenue collected, while DPS receives the remaining one percent for the administration of the Driver Responsibility Program.

If you look up and read Article 10 (sec. 780.004) payments form the account, describing the DRP, you will see that the money doesn’t just go to the trauma center. They must apply to receive funding and they must be exempt from federal income tax and aid. They are certainly not guaranteed to receive funding.

Since: Aug 07

Deer Park/ Friendswood

#3 Sep 20, 2007
Half of the funds go to General Revenue and ultimately the Texas Mobility fund, and the other half to Trauma Care centers. The TX mobility fund is the top priority, so the state is using the money for unauthorized Toll construction purposes.
Who receives money from the surcharges?

Each surcharge collected by the department under this law will be remitted to the Comptroller, on a monthly basis. Trauma centers and county and regional emergency medical services will receive 49.5 percent of the collected money, and the Texas Mobility fund will receive 49.5 percent of the collected money. The money that goes to trauma centers will be handled by the Texas Department of Health, while the **Texas Department of Transportation ** will handle money going to the **Mobility fund**, which funds highway projects, including the **Trans-Texas Corridor**. The remaining one percent of the collected money will go to DPS for operation of the Driver Responsibility program.

The Driver Responsibility Program was passed into law as part of House bill 3588, article 10.(text of the law - http://www.capitol.state.tx.us , p.152 of Adobe.)

http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/director_staff/p... rel="nofollow"

~Great explanation of what's going on in Texas...
>Tru th Be Tolled


Since: Aug 07

Deer Park/ Friendswood

#4 Sep 20, 2007

Dallas, TX

#5 Nov 29, 2007

I have some friends who are being affected by this directly, and want to join up with your efforts.

Do you have a coalition?

Since: Aug 07

Deer Park/ Friendswood

#6 Dec 4, 2007
Please e-mail me!

Houston, TX

#7 Jan 4, 2008
Texas surcharge ? How do I findout howmuch I haveto GIVE ???????
Desirae Davis

Galveston, TX

#8 Jan 10, 2008
I think its outrages that my husband has surcharges from over 4 yrs. ago.They informed me of it last year.What can we do? I think after so many years that it should be dropped.We will join whatever organization that can help get this law forbidden.I can see if it was a drunk driver but for all of us that arent criminals and that have kids with low incomes this law makes it hard to pay all these fees.My husband hasn't drove in one year when he found out about the surcharges.Please contact me at dezdavis75@yahoo.com. Thank You.
christie penn

El Paso, TX

#9 Jan 11, 2008
I can tell you my story. I live in el paso tx. And also recieved these these surcharges. I knew nothing about them until i relocated to GA and tried to get my liscense switch to that state. I was at that point informed of the surcharg. I am to pay 104.00 dollars for 3 years. I am a single mother of 2 kids and make barely enough to feed my children. These people seem to be targeting the people who have not. It is so hard for me right now cuz recently my liscense was lost and i can't even get a new one dew to this surcharge now coming into effect for this years payment. I need my dl for work. it is required that i bring my liscense to work everyday. And I can't get it do to this surcharge and no funds. It just doesn't seem fair or right for that matter due to the fact that i didn't even know about this surcharge till i tried to switch my liscense over to GA. I am with you on your efforts to get these high surcharges done away with. Thanks for all the info you've posted. Even though i made a payment on these surcharges already. I didn't know they existed none the less wut the payment was going toward. My email address is liftureyes@yahoo.com

God Be With You and God Bless You

Taft, TX

#10 Jan 25, 2008
The Texas Surcharge is double jeopardy. They know this, but have gotten around it by calling it a “surcharge” instead of a “fine”.
A couple of years ago my 21 yr old son moved in with me after living with his mother. Due to surcharges he’d accrued, he was unable to drive. I have since paid over three thousand dollars in charges, on top of the original fines, and they’re still coming in. Next thing you know, the feds will be tacking on a “surcharge”.

Since: Aug 07

Deer Park/ Friendswood

#11 Jan 26, 2008
I am so sorry that you all have been victims of the scandalous DRP! Write your representatives and tell everyone you know about the petition! Also, if you are interested in testifying in front of the Legislature in the next session, then please email me. Many thanks~
Tami T

Richardson, TX

#12 Feb 8, 2008
I received two tickets within the same week for no insurance back in 2005. That means I am paying two different surcharges for 3 years! I have paid a lot of money to the "State of Texas surcharge" and still owe a lot more. I have never been without insurance since 2005 and now since I haven't been able to pay for the year 2007, my license is suspended! I am single with a child and like everyone else that this is affecting (as far as insurance)it totally is ridiculous! Please let me know what I can do!?!?!
Jesse Joslin

Austin, TX

#13 Feb 8, 2008
You should make a website so we can help spread the word!

I got a ticket in 2005 for no insurance. I paid the ticket and the fine and was never told about any Surcharge or DRP. A couple years later, I was pulled over on the job and was told that I had to go to jail because I was driving with a suspended license. I had no idea why my license was suspended and spent the night in jail for apparently no reason. Upon seeing the judge I was informed that my license was suspended because of unpaid surcharges. I didn't know what the judge was talking about, but, at the request of the judge, called the DPS to find out. After being transferred from department to department and waiting on the phone for more than half an hour I was told that I was supposed to pay an annual surcharge of $250 for 3 years and that the last two years had gone unpaid (they had sent notices to the address on my license where I no longer live). My license had been suspended since 2006. I was of course outraged, but there was nothing I could do. I set up payment plans for the two surcharges and started paying them. After about three months I could no longer afford to pay them and was informed again that I would receive the third and final surcharge of $250. My license is still suspended and I have been in the court system since August of 2007. I have since paid two surcharges off and have one to go. My lawyer also said that I need 6 months of prepaid insurance which is also very expensive. What the hell do these people want from me?!?!?!?!?
Jacqueline Garcia

Austin, TX

#14 Feb 8, 2008
This surcharge business is crazy. My boyfriend has been trying to get back into school, but because of complications w/ traffic violations and arbitrary pull-overs combined w/ this policy, it's been nearly impossible for him to get his financial crap in order. Even his judges in court have sympathized, they don't even seem to know why exactly the 3-year thing is going on and don't understand how low-income ppl can afford to pay it when the law keeps piling fines for different arbitrary things connected to the initial offense.
Dottie F

Mccoy, CO

#15 Feb 23, 2008
Tamara S wrote:
I am so sorry that you all have been victims of the scandalous DRP! Write your representatives and tell everyone you know about the petition! Also, if you are interested in testifying in front of the Legislature in the next session, then please email me. Many thanks~
Add us to the list of victims in Texas...

After many phone calls (90% on HOLD) I have basically been told by Austin DPS...

1. If you make a mistake, "Too bad, your guilty, pay the fines".

2. If some "small town speed trap" loses any paperwork, " That's too bad, your guilty, pay the fines".

3. Our lawmakers have reserved their right to pick & choose which *dismissed* tickets are still subject to yearly fines.

and yes, I would love to testify about these
discriminating fines our leaders are demanding.

Houston, TX

#16 Mar 1, 2008
i paid off 800 dollars in fines back in november of 07 and now its almost march of 08 and i get a letter telling me i owe 250 a year for the next three years which means 750 dollars!!! what kind of crap is this?! im only 18 and im not wealthy, but i managed to pay off the 800 and thought i was finally off the hook, but months later the state of texas wants to milk me for some more cash and just like that im back on the hook. i think this surcharge system is a load of crap.

Keller, TX

#17 Mar 5, 2008
Tamara S wrote:
I am so sorry that you all have been victims of the scandalous DRP! Write your representatives and tell everyone you know about the petition! Also, if you are interested in testifying in front of the Legislature in the next session, then please email me. Many thanks~
Email me at David@dtcs.net because I want to be there to tell the legislature what a thieving racket they have created.
When and where? I am not kidding!
David Jetre

Fort Worth, TX

#18 Mar 11, 2008
I had 2 tickets that ended up getting dimissed after I had already began paying BOTH fines. The TXDOT has refused to reimburse me even though the Court has reversed it's decision and said that they shouldn't have charged me in the first place.

Now I have another one from the Grand City of Copperas Cove, in which the court has thrown out the case because the officer had no just reason to stop me in the first place. Yet, TXDOT says I owe them another $250+ and they will revoke my liscence if I don't pay them.

I'd REALLY LOVE to get with an organization driven to smashing this whole thing to pieces. WHAT CAN I DO?!

Houston, TX

#19 Mar 15, 2008
im with all you guys, i recieved a notice of a surcharge fee about a little over a week ago from a ticket pending over a year ago. i was very confused and quickly researched this 'surcharge fee' i'd never even heard of. from what i have read here, this is a waste of our hard earned money! is it not enough that we pay taxes? on top of that, isn't the idea of law to punish those who have committed a crime?? i mean we're only human and some of us do occasionally do mess up. e-mail me please and let me know of what i can do to help.

thank you and i've got your back on tnis one!!

Kress, TX

#20 Mar 17, 2008
I believe the surcharge law is just one of the many instances of our lawmakers complete disreguard for the welfare of us citizens who elected them to thier very comfortable positions.
This is also one of many instances of politicians choosing to intentionally hack the constitution of the U.S. and individual states as well, to the point that nothing of value is left, which is what they want. The bill of rights was created to insure that the peoples rights and freedoms would always be protected from those which we delegate small amounts of OUR power to. bottom line is that they can lie all they want, but if you are paying a surcharge on your license then you are being charged four times for the same offence, and that is unconstitutional.
Id like to put this personal thought out there in hopes that someone may know if its true...
The way i read into the legalities of the matter is as follows.
* The money they say we owe is a surcharge on the license of us hardened criminals.
* The surcharge is for the next three years following the violation.
* Failure to pay will result in the suspention of the offenders license.
My thinking is that when your license has been suspended, theres no longer anything to tack a surcharge onto, no DL, no anual assesment.
The way i see it is that if you have your DL suspended for three years, you owe them nothing, except probably re testing for your new license in four years. Any leagle minds out there that can confirm or corect my theory?

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