Haunted places in Versailles

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#122 Mar 23, 2012
There is a white house on Lexington St. Last one on the left before you get to the Jr. High.(middle school) if you stand in the yard you can look across the street to Morgan street.

In 1979 I had a friend who moved in there with her father leasing the house. Her name was Dina. She had been there a few weeks when I went to spend the night. She was terrified and wanted to move. She said every night she could hear a guitar playing in the bathroom. I didn't believe her until I heard it myself. also heard water running. Her father heard it also and a few days later was able to move all of their belonging out and left the house. I have noticed over the years no one ever stays in the house for long, or so it seems.

I heard her father talking to my parents about what happened and I she and I heard him telling them that he wouldn't stay there. She stayed with us for a few days.

We found out by eavesdropping that evidently a single young woman was living in the house just a few months prior. She was a "hippie" as my parent called her at the time. She committed suicide in the bathtub. What is or isn't true I don't know because I've never researched it. But what I DO KNOW is true is I heard the water running and the guitar playing in the bathroom and I have never stepped foot on the property or the sidewalk outside it since...and chills run over me every time I have to drive past it.

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#123 Mar 23, 2012
Dairy mart

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#124 Mar 23, 2012
nice wrote:
<quoted text>
AND for the record, the house was originally a rail house when the railroad tracks ran down through there. My grandmother purchased the house from a surgeon not Dr. Foley and there is no history of any death in that house.
Also, there are a childs footprints in the sidewalk going up to the porch that say Benji. I met the man once back in the 80's that they belonged to, at the time he was in his 30's I think maybe older. He gave us history back through his Grandmother owning the home. No deaths, No hauntings. The only problem I've ever heard of with the house is the people who walk by with their dogs and let them crap in the yard or throw their trash in the driveway.
I think we're talking about a different house. The one I was talking about is 337 Amsden (drove by to double check). Some of the other houses were moved many years ago when the hospital expanded.
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#125 Mar 24, 2012
I made her commit suicide on Lexington Street. She was reborn & I am still puppet master! She unsuccessfully tries to ward me off, but her soul is the most beautiful & will belong to me again.

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#126 Mar 26, 2012
frenchtoast wrote:
<quoted text>
I think we're talking about a different house. The one I was talking about is 337 Amsden (drove by to double check). Some of the other houses were moved many years ago when the hospital expanded.
I'm not sure of the numbers. If your talking about the one over by the daycare, lots of trees. I know it does seem creepy. sits on the corner back there. In the early 80's a lady died in the house and laid there for several weeks before she was found. She had dogs too. It wasn't pretty and the house was empty for some time. I also heard my Grandmother say they had to practically gut the inside new floors everything to get the odor out. Was very sad I remember, but I always thought the house was scary even before that happened.

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#127 May 3, 2012
Lea wrote:
Cry Baby Bridge on Hifner Rd.
Woodford Co. High School
A house that my uncle lived in on Broadway St.
Pisgah Pike
Old Frankfort Rd.
Delaney Ferry Rd. Extension
Reply if you want to know the stories.
I would love to know!

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#128 May 18, 2012
The library.

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#130 May 18, 2012
I still would like to break into the high school and investigate that shit about that girl

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#131 May 19, 2012
Is there a ghost hunters team that would allow a tag-along for one evening, in the area?

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#132 May 27, 2012
There is a place in Versailles KY known as The Woodford Inn. In the 1800's it was an Orphonage and then became a rehab/school for young troubled teens. Stories are told of 2 fires that took place in this building. It is said that one of the fires (in the front right staircase) was started by a little girl who was depressed bc she had no parents. The fire only damaged the front right of the house and was rebuilt, but the girl was the only one who did not survive and her ghost hauntes the staircase, the upstairs, and the foyer on the first floor of the house. I know this because as a teen my parents sent me there to live for a year and I have heard, seen, felt, etc.. Something there. Now it's one of Versailles most beautiful (and haunted) Bed & Breakfast.

Versailles, KY

#133 May 27, 2012
Wondering wrote:
Is there a ghost hunters team that would allow a tag-along for one evening, in the area?
My husband and I would be.

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#134 May 28, 2012
Debra wrote:
<quoted text>My husband and I would be.
How do we contact each other?
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#135 May 30, 2012
Sugar Hill

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#137 Jul 14, 2012
Big spring park in haunted........sit under the pavillion next to the fureplace at night and you will hear ppl talking and nobody else is there and when you walk on the trails at night this dark figure will jump out at you ans xhase you through the trails and growl at you.

Versailles, KY

#138 Jul 14, 2012
Poplar st in CHARMAC is haunted.....if you on the porch at night and look ouy in the street you can see shadow ppl walkingaround. My son took a oicture of the street with his digital camera anx caught the image of a young child sitting in the street playing with a toy and hr was transpsrent.

Versailles, KY

#139 Jul 14, 2012
My house is haunted....ive lived there for dix yrars and i randonlu hear a bby cry i told my husband and he thought i was crazy until our new nirghbors moved in two weeks ago....three days ago my nieghbor and her came to me asking me if the place id hsountd brcause they krr hearing a baby cry. Thr daughter also said her brdroom krrps vomimg halfeay orn at night everytimr she shuts it. I moyiced yhe window thing before they moved in by didnt think it was a ghost at first.

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#140 Jul 14, 2012
there is a old slavery house on piscah pk that a friend of mine lived in 15 years back and this house made me a believer right away.....one night after we had already went to bed i woke up to the smell of food cooking, dishes clanging and ppl talking in the kitchen but nobody was there at all. i woke up my friends and asked him if he smelled the food and he said yes so he got up to check it out. he went into the kitchen and yelled for me ( mind you this is dead summer) there were ice cycles hanging off the ceiling and you could see your breath but nothing was cooking and nobody was there. my friend didnt believe in ghosts til then and he got extremely sick. well we decided to leave and as we were headed out the door all the doors in the house were opening and shuting violently and the front locked on us. at this point we were so scared that we couldnt keep our posure. finally got the door and got into his car but he couldnt get the car to start and suddenly lightwning struck and a tree fell right infron of us. it was storming that night and the front of my friends car was facing the house, the next thing we know the lights in the house started flickering off and on we people walking past the windows inside. the last thing i remember is seeing a black woman opening the front door and looking out, she looked over at us and started walking toward the car and then finally the car started and we got the out of there....i never went back.
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#141 Jul 16, 2012
There is an old Bedford stone house on Bowmar between Morgan and lex st that is now a duplex...if u r standing on the street looking at it it's the one on the left that my friends lived n briefly. They moved after 2 months of the hauntings n that place started one week after theyoved n. water would come on when nobody was n the kitchen and the toilet seat would b up when no male had been there..the phone located on the cordless would go off n the back room when everyone was n the front of the house and the cordless was as well. It pushed the bf of my friends down the stairs and the first room at the top of the stairs always stayed cold even when the rest of the house was warm as toast. My friend that stayed n that room had one of those old time dolls that wore a spreading dress u sit n theodore of ur bed and her boyfriend spilled a drink on it one might so she undressed it and put it n the laundry. The next day her room mate was clothes and put my friends clean folded laundry n a basket and put it n her room. My friend came home from work and notice the doll dressed and sitting on the middle of her bed so she went downstairs and thanked her roommate for washing the dress and putting it back on her doll. In shock, her route said I did wash the dress and put it on top of ur clean clothes n ur laundry basket but I left it on it floor. So they both went upstairs and there it was DRESSED!! That was all they could stand so they called UK and had some ppl that could find out what and who this was and when they came down and set up cameras and took pictures all they got was smoke on the floors only coming up about 3ft and nothing but black on pictures. This was daytime and they used the flash inside. The only pics that took were the ones taken outside from the street. Needless to say they moved n the next couple of days. They also asked their neighbors but they said they hadn't had any problems. So...I dk.

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#142 Sep 23, 2012
There is a house on either Tyrone or Shyrock's Ferry, built in the 1800's that is half burnt away. There is a family cemetery in the back on the ridge, and a large metal outbuilding. Also another residence some 400-500 feet away.It was inhabited at first by a woman named Rachel and her husband and son. It has a basement with shackles on the walls. I was in this house about 11 years ago and indeed I believe it is haunted. I wish I could remember which road it was on,for I was only out there once, and if anyone lives there now. It is way up on a hill, the driveway was quite treacherous and we slid a lot getting up to the house.In the kitchen, there is an open fireplace and stairs that go up to the cooks quarters.When I was standing at the edge of the cemetery, I smelled the aroma of apple pie with lots of cinnamon.Needless to say,the person who was looking to buy the house changed her mind. The literature that she had called it Rachel's Mt Airy. If anyone has any information,it would be cool to know.
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#143 Oct 15, 2012
Can anyone tell me about Sugar Hill behind the castle is Versailes?! My friends went last weekend and they said there were 3 men standing at the edge of the trees... And they have a video of somebody in the window but no body else was in the house... They want me to go but I wanna know the story first! Any help?:)-thanks

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