I wish I were able to attend this because these guys are awesome but I'm all the way in Georgia unfortunately.

This band is truly one of the up and coming greats.

Everyone needs to go out and see them, you will not be disappointed.

From their facebook page:

The Werks have quickly emerged as a national powerhouse. As a result of their eclectic individual influences, The Werks produce a dance party that can be appreciated by a majority of musical tastes. Fusing the psychedelic shredding guitar and screaming organ of jam and classic rock with funk slap bass, synthesizers, and modern dance beats, The Werks create their own style of music entitled "Psychedelic Dance Rock". Their unique style of performing is affected and manipulated by the energy of the audience, guaranteeing that each show will be different and memorable.

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/4344721599445...