Study determines how Ritalin treats ADHD

Study determines how Ritalin treats ADHD

There are 17 comments on the story from Jun 26, 2008, titled Study determines how Ritalin treats ADHD. In it, reports that:

U.S. scientists say they've discovered the specific effects the drug Ritalin has on brain cells in treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

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Las Vegas, NV

#1 Jun 26, 2008
Is that selective hearing?
Guess Who

Las Vegas, NV

#2 Jun 26, 2008
How much distraction is healthy?
Guess Who

Las Vegas, NV

#3 Jun 26, 2008
How do you fit a square peg in a round hole?


#4 Sep 9, 2010
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Before I ordered Strattera here I ran a thorough investigation on the manufacturing practices in India in general and found out that there is death penalty for counterfeiting drugs there. I figured it would be enough to give the Strattera pills a try and I was quite satisfied with the result.
Indian Strattera and Ritalin similar meds. This is ADHD medications. And the this suppliers seem honest and reliable. On the site I've just placed my 3rd order. I hope this info will be of any help to

Madison, WI

#7 Sep 19, 2010
Most of the medications have a effect that is necessary to medicate with counteractive drug agents, as a result of mis-diagnosis and neglect of blood work done by a lab to confrim or deny a diagnosis to begin with, which unlawful medicating results in medical illness as a result. GEt the blood draw to see if you have a attentian Deficiet Disorder, If not neurological, or something even more bizarre children or self is defective in society normal functions as a result of Differnt diets to co occupants form work or home. PRegnant remember what you ate and drank, like a heroine baby co-dependent on pregannacy diet NOT A DAMN THing wrong with the child. GO OFF THE MEDS 3 months and get your blood work done, problems see a neurologist they wil file the malpractice suit on your behalf.

Madison, WI

#8 Sep 19, 2010
Just informing you, during my preganncy I drank a 12 pack of pepsi a day. so thirsty. So if you run into my sassy girls hand them a beverage of pepsi coloa products, they'll go home and take a nap. Slows them down, just a fix. Some people tried a couple drugs and refuse to tell your docotors TELL them so you dont cause your child delibrate harm to brain as a result of hiding you legal status or ego.. they will give a proper medication that is not psychological based but more vitamin suplliment to give them a normalcy so you are insinc and see and hear things the same. What you watch on tv during pregnancy will condition the unborms brain as well, so comic junkies toons, games, horror YOU DEFECTED their reality and caused delibrate ignorent trauma to life. NOW FIX that. BE HONEST so a doctor can do a service and job.

Madison, WI

#9 Sep 19, 2010
As well, NOT SCOLDING sorry so abbrasive, ONCE MY FIELD. IF you have some emotional complications and decide to go on anti-anxieties, depressant, or psychotics, HAve your family go in with you. THe doctor will do labs on all family members to create a equalibrium. SO if you know you had a bad day or sad and DO NOT have chemical imbalance ODNT GO ON THE MEDS for relaxation, child or husband could become slowed down and depressed visably, manicy, or violanet tantrums, NOT THEM its your diet and meds that offset them.

Remember IF YOU STUDIED RELIGION OR WICCA or other avenues of power, YOUR CHILD HAS THAT CAPABILITY so even you as a sinner the child goes threw daily trials OR could be killing people with mind alone. DRAINS people. NEURO STIDIES AND DREAM Centers have free research of all brain chambers and activites and since we live in a college town I might suggest it if that is a factor in your home. They go in with a little pin hole and turn off a few electrical currents from a traumatised chamber and open another so the child doesnt have problems as a result of your ELECTRCIAL IMPUTS from what you researched or watched on tv.

MY heads messed up, I worked my field and retired early, ask a specialist to clarify my statments for you.

Madison, WI

#10 Sep 19, 2010
One more thing on topic. Remember USA not every country USA is only functioning off of 25% or slightly higher brain function, birthed brian dead. Othr nations function &0 SOMEODD % so maybe the hyperactivity is a more functioning brain capacity then yours and your jealous. SMILE SCAREY to have those chambers active you see things people dont see, BUT THAT IS REAL for those people YOUR BRAIN DEAD FOR REAL. But we will take down institutionalise and medicate our children for protecting us from things we cant see? ALOT OF TIME AND THERAPY to see IF the child should have those lobes shut down or left on,, then conditioning life so then can be a active brain and human, understanding their mind and not being afraid. BUT THAT IS A REAL ADULT CHOICE so it takes a team of experts ALONG WITH some congressional members to determine the welfare of that perosn.

MY degree I have to access all law violations of all populations, to see if it is institutional malpractice, medical malpractice, what possible alternatives for a person, and treatment plan and rehabilitation to co-exist. IM NUTS man I retired me NO time to fix my own family dealing with all of yours If you need free advice find my email Ill make time, thats all I got.

Madison, WI

#11 Sep 19, 2010
Not ) but thats funny too, 70 PLUS some odd% brain functioning capacity.

Madison, WI

#14 Sep 30, 2010
PLEASE DONT take the word of a person who is on medications!!!!!!!!!! They are on Medication becasue they are NOT OF SOUND MIND to make a decision for themself without taking MEDICATIONS and then it is still QUESTIONABLE.

Get blood work drawn labs done

Usually a doctor will take you off medicines for 3 months to see what your normal blood work is Chemical imbalance or not. Form you rown problems or other Doctors mis-diagnosis.

Madison, WI

#15 Sep 30, 2010
I Must take off (retract) a statement(something I said)

Some people did not want to be seen or documented and tried to self-medicate. Please don't! I do work out here on occasions when I feel like working. I do see things to and make my messed up reports the best I can on your behlaf. NOT ONLINE PHARMACY> EVER Your NOT a Doctor. Nor is a Pharmacy. Nor are some pharmacies online, DOnt order online. Go into your local pharmacy with perscription.

ALso some children were rasied and did not know they were Fetal Alcohol Syndrome births or Drug births. YES we KNOW things are not rationale and you may be seeing reality funny or not as others. GET HELP! Regardless Parents said we dont TELL.. SNITCH>>> MUST STICK TOGETHER>>> NO NO NO
YOU need help a person that was on drugs or alcohol is telling you DONT TELL because they dont want to get in trouble BUT YOU ARE BORN and need help, THEY ARE NOT OF SOUND JUDGEMENT sure they may love you BUT NOT OF SOUND JUDGEMENT DOn't let you rhead or life die because you hide your parents CRIMES thats your life and you need help. We dont all see the same things out here, But we cant help you if your hiding someones REPUTE>

Bunch of under educated and exposed children in America breeched the age of 18 and thought they were a adult. I don't think so. 18-100 is a long ways. A child is more like what 0-25 or 35 was it originally???? A jail term is classfied 25 year sentence. Something in that made sense(sounded logical to me)


#17 Oct 5, 2010
i wrote:
Indian Strattera from works great. I am able to focus and am able to do more tasks at once, which my job requires. I am now able to sit down for more than 10 minutes at a time and read, write, and study for my college classes. The only thing that bothers me is that I sometimes forget to take my dose of medication. Other than this instance, I am able to function better as a person!
Tracking was relatively good. When I say that I mean it gave you dates for purchase, processed, and shipped. Only downside was that it took 12 days when they said it would only take 3-5. The tablets did come all the way from India and ultimately took the normal amount of time from the shipping date.

Madison, WI

#18 Oct 5, 2010
CAreful of imported drugs, they are tested on another race, meaning the mind is conditoned different and functions in differnt brain chambers then your own. Go to your doctor. FDA did not classfiy it as okay for American ctizens and chemistry and function of the brains are differnt, I don't want to see you harmed.

Ah ha wee wee your from france, how are you writing online?

Tampa, FL

#20 Oct 30, 2010
I was diagnosed with ADHD in 6th grade and have taken Indian Stattera ever since. I am a college student now and its worked so well for me that I continuously make good grades. I would recommend this medicine to anyone who is having problems finding one to work.


#21 Nov 13, 2010
Thanks all for your feedback!
Our nature meds pharmacy is one of the most trusted and affordable online pharmacy which provides a large number of high quality generic Strattera an other products. We aim to make it easy for you to obtain a range of commonly prescribed medications in a very low cost. do the best to assist our customers in every way it can.
#23 Sep 24, 2013
I have ordered 2 times from this website PILLSMEDSHOP. COM . I called yesterday the customer care and asked for a discount as i was about to order twice the regular amount.

Madison, WI

#24 Sep 25, 2013
Not ADHD when your around Teachers, family and other people's children that are exposed to drugs or on it, or drug babies. It offsets behavioral tantrums and hysteria, paranoia in normal child, have doctor scan skin and clothes for drug exposure.

It would appear panicky flight and frieght abnormalities, shakes, tremors the DR. may misdiagnose for Seizure episodes. If you take the medication your child will go brain dead, and maybe die altogether.

It is treated like radiation exposure: purposeful making chidl sweat out the substancance on the skin form contact, and taking a warm damp towel and sponging the sweat out of the skin and fat cells and cleaing, to repeat process periodically for 2 weeks, with a mild raquilizer if the child can not comprehend what the Dr is doing and panics. They do diagnositics on blood to see if the fat cells released into the blood stream, if not never expose child to same people or locations you knew those people were not safe and carried drug residue in locations on their shoes and hands and dropped off their clothes. Maybe not even aware themself.

MALPRACTICE if the child was treated for ADHD or other psychosis. Bad dreams and hallucinations your children have form this, that is why some people keep theri children at home and play in their own yard.

They could die regardless if their parents are clean and safe because of people at school or in public, We dont have street cleaners and morning side walk cleaners anymore that protect our street and sidewalks for daily exposure to drugs, so not safe really. City refuses payment when they indicate everyone does it, just look, No not everyone only 28% of th ehuman populous in Wisconsin are co-dependent on medications, and over the counter, and street drugs... It is still the minority regardles sof hosptials and other in house housing projects LSS catholic Charities , Central Wisc Center, Mendota, Hospitals etc, STIL a minority populous....

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