How does one fight a corrupt Police d...

Madison, WI

#182 Oct 15, 2013
kuda wrote:
<quoted text>
Jaimie, I really wish I could understand what you are saying and I believe you would like that too because you put your time and effort into in this forum.
Please consider my suggestion to find help organizing your thoughts so it will be easier to understand your posts here. Have you ever tried taking medication before?
All post are my first hand knowledge via experience, YOU couldn't pick up on that?

You show a backwards or inverted logic process and sing of retardation and immature rationale system


Edgerton, WI

#183 Oct 18, 2013
Sorry about my last rant. I was on a 4-day bender.

Madison, WI

#185 Dec 14, 2013
Remember Police and Governmental officals are saying things like Statues of Limitations.

There is no such thing, that applies in SOME business law.

Police officer refusing to take report or unwilling, is arrested for obstructing a felony cirme fugative at large and goes to prison for permitting it. IRS removes all his money at 12% and property when in prison. Spouse parent or living children pay for the rest.

In court DA asks on State of Affairs, WHO OR WHAT OBSTRUCTED YOU FROM ARREST OR FILING in a timely manner, then you have your list of all officers, teachers Doctors that are sworn by law with Employment and lIcense to call police on civilan behalf.

It is longer duration, when they do Officer or Attorney Dr Teacher and find family or affilations thru business or pleasure of your rapist by physical harm, poisen, prmisary for reputable relations(POISEN is drug or alcohol by law and warrents a execution or consecutive life in prison)

Once in court it is no holds bar, officer and officilas refuse to check into court, and you go free and they have to assume all charges and warrents for their arrest, they get tipped off and police affilates give your grandpas land to them as a hide out form the feds, so really schedule with Secertary of USA for your livlihood grants and courts of malpraictce and estates, it takes less then 6 months for SUpreme court, Disabled and Veterans are primary and get $ theirs their families and new lot for witness protection.... For STATE NEGLIGENCE of employee or permit to harm civilans........ Military assists this when you go.

Soglin and MR XIOUNG WONG indicated you circle the city in the plane never leaving state and your head thinks its in Washington, that was caught on tape at COncourse Hotel in MAdison WIsc. Obstruction and attempt to harm in the lobby

Fairbanks, AK

#186 Dec 23, 2013
Alaskan wrote:
Write ombudsmon about it. The cops in Alaska abduct children and kill people and your public defender will threaten you. Or you can move if you dont like it their isnt any body that can correctly police the police unless you have very good evidence
I've felt like putting on a facemask and holding a sign right when you enter Soldotna that reads: Welcome to Crooked copsville, where they "protect" their own interests and "serve" you with tickets. All cops are around here are tools used to make money for the local government. Laws just keep getting stricter and stricter made by our legislature and the cops that inforce them are all corrupt. I pray for the day that they all go down and good community minded officials and government come back to power.. Cops like it the way it is now because they are making money and that is all they care about and are used for. My grandfather did 20 years as a police officer and when I was younger wanted to be one.. But after looking at what a cop stands for now days I said "Hell no" I couldn't do that to the community I love.

Madison, WI

#187 Dec 23, 2013
SoldAlaskan wrote:
<quoted text>
I've felt like putting on a facemask and holding a sign right when you enter Soldotna that reads: Welcome to Crooked copsville, where they "protect" their own interests and "serve" you with tickets. All cops are around here are tools used to make money for the local government. Laws just keep getting stricter and stricter made by our legislature and the cops that inforce them are all corrupt. I pray for the day that they all go down and good community minded officials and government come back to power.. Cops like it the way it is now because they are making money and that is all they care about and are used for. My grandfather did 20 years as a police officer and when I was younger wanted to be one.. But after looking at what a cop stands for now days I said "Hell no" I couldn't do that to the community I love.
I was in Alaska in 2007-2009 I went for my DIvidend fund checks from 1985-1987, Dividend fund center tracked it to State Childrens Trust Fund with a interest on it. Judge Burgass refused to Assist and the Mayor Bergeich had a harrassment warrent and deformation of Charactor for asking for fiels release inquiry in their federal court system, they retracted their counter suit when the judge Corresponded they have 5 Jaimie Drews inquiries for over the years on that account and SSI and Welfare in Alaska and until they arrest all imposters I will not be able to get in my blocked accounts.

I hit my head hard, and the crack mobile at Adelaide called the police on me as a neighborhood Apartment assocaition, BETTY, JOE, Samantha They told police I kidnapped a stray cat and put it outside and it was animal abuse, That I threatened to burn the building down and wanted me detained and arrested (They had a crack cocaine party and I siad I was calling the police because they had children in the building and I had hit my head so their kids cant be rescued by me when THEY burn the building down and then I called them crack heads and indicated I can smell it all the way on first floor.

Police indicated I could sell better with highschoolers form my own school and to market myself at the bowling alley or pizza place then stuck me in a psychiatric ward, I was going into cardiac arrest and chamebr jumping in the brain trying to self mediate with water bread eggs , I did tell the Police Officer Cross that I hit my head and need to go directly to ER he put me in the garage and psychiatric ward took over, I had my current brain xray they tracked the last injury to 2009 and it was a leathal blow that had me in a wake coma catotonic delusion chamber jumping for 2 weeks.....

I had empty out my closet and just regained consciousness that day, I had my laundry in a pile sorted by colors and debris from the bottom of my luggage bag I emptied I had yet to mop and sweep, YES I did call Congress and the White House US SUPREME court via Presidential orders had approved my abuse investigations as I am a DIsabled and on International watch systems APB if you ever see me, in a hospital or airport they arrest who I am with immediately and release after their background checks and that I can identify myself and my own families and properties.... So FBI did come up to investigate all files and my abuse. I cant wait for their death sentence in prison..... Look up disbailities laws on my disability YOUR DEAD

Numerous brain injry on both my 2 brains
several strokes
over 12 heart attacks on all 3 of my hearts total
Broken spine in a few places
Broken and gnarled ribs
crushed hand and foot
several broken necks
numerous head injuries of leathal blows
3 snake bite wounds from hybrid cross bred black rattle snakes Mamba, and vipor
a poisenous spider hybrid bite

and the list goes on

Alaska Police Officer Cross Department went off whose orders DRUG infected civilians that bulk majority ruled since I dont do drugs and call the police on those that did....

Madison, WI

#188 Dec 23, 2013
Another cop gave Somolians gas and perosnal NEW belongings to set fire to Brother Frnacis SHelter homeless cmapers tents that the ARMY supplied them with, The people were sleeping in their tents, the Somolians gave the officers the new goods and they put it in their trunks and drove away

Madison, WI

#189 Dec 26, 2013
Carwash Sting operation off park street Madison Wisconsin. Officer or drug task for officer shot almost point blank range in head by his partner. Fellow officer, HIS best friend was up for a honor award and a hostage rescue outbids his buddies award honors, so he shot his partner in the head to secure his buddies award. He said it...

The officer down I called in for police back up on his remote, and Used his weapon to go in after my daughters. DNR US Marshals assisted me. Over 500 armed guns, drug task force,(firemen, city of madison utilities workers and Badger cab impersonating officers opening fire on civilans) I called the real police officers ironically scheduled out of jurisdictional path.....

Although they used heat seeking bullets they can deploy 7-12 at a time with a wire to retract bullet and a fluid comes out to seal wound.

Hostpial and police were contacting me all the time form 2 weeks to 2 months people dying they thought they were shot but no evidence ding weeks later from drug task force new toy. I was thanked and they were putting me and my daughters in witness protection again, took my kids in fautlered corut and police retaliation for drug bust they lost money and their drugs Gave my girls to their fathers who picked up their drugs ironically form that locaiton 1 half hour prior to us washing the car, the other was in getting his towns drugs 2 hours prior. Kids kidnapped Judge SHwartz ordered immediate return they refused and took it to police and family court they were told they face double charges of the 10 years mandate every year the girls are not returned and tr4eated for their medical distress of brain injuries and hostage trauma and shock treatments....

My duahgters are hayley and Paige I am jaimie drews
anilise than do the same

Salisbury, Australia

#190 Dec 29, 2013
what they cab do you can do better , give them what they want , or rather they do not want , think in there street , after all they also have a reputation to uphold, they also have assets and family to protect . they have friends , and do not let them play with your emotions, but do your homework . and like them avoid a face of accountability , there are no rules in law , only encouragement and discouragement . with persuasion, my place was raided 6 times , because he could not justify my arrest when I refused to report in out of protest . so he intimidated me and my family , that day with 6 cop cars , on the street I learned from this .. O what was my crime ? I became a thread to him because I was smarter than he was , I created a public awareness CD , today I am gaged from disclosure under thread of detainment in South Australia if I disclose my experience . our judge stated I terrorise the public with this information . so she ordered the destruction of this property , that has now been reproduced legally oversees .order your copy PO Box 20 Thung Fon Thailand copy and resell it . its only $50. it will give you opportunity to have a business that Australia does not want you to know about so from now on they may buy you out . its business now . if its worth well over 100 000 dollars of tax payers money to them they might as well keep on paying for it , if they do not pay your compensation it will eventual cost them more ., try it before you buy it from us . our system obtains respect from authority .

Madison, WI

#191 Dec 30, 2013
Most gag restraints result when a officer and higher member status has been implicated and arrested on a crime. Your aspect of file has been secured and prosecuted, it can be disputed for further procedings with attorney assistence as the CLERK only dictated a angle of the case and left out all or full details. Usually the case is nto seen as a bigger picture and each perosn and business has its own takedown left to go, so keeping your detials secured and confidential so it does nto tip off a partisipant on the same cas eonly a arrest or investigation on a off chapter.

For here, alot of civilians impersonating police officers, FBI and CIA in Madison Wisconsin, not one officer has a fine book, that has a chekc off list of Statues and cirme severity for mis moderate maximum repeative or other, with the court date assgined in right hand corner if no violance during crime, or DA FIle negligence, to arrest on that date. They are using civilian police reports that you fill out not the officer, and alot of peace officers, people with standard GED no creditials, but assisted training at a tech college, ILLEGAL they have a da file boxes full for a real officer like a baliff to prosecute when they ever attend court which they never do. Only officers of jurisdiction, that never heard of the crime at all. PEACE officers was assigned by VFW AND FOTRA so that they get a civilan award for stopping your crime and detaining you illegally until police come and then get $250,000 civilian award for heroism. But everyone big daddy needs his drug load so if you do a civilian arrest on king pin cocaine and liquid meds of similar registry your good as dead, their family will floor the engine and run you into a wall and drive away. WELCOME TO WHAT APPEARS peaceful madison. Most is lull and dormant looking, as a result everyone had over quarter kilos and $250,000 money rolls to play with once a year or so they come thru to supply so it takes cirme off streets and as long as families are not seen under influence it appears no crime at all until someone gets hurt or taps inot thier kilo stash in the walls.

Or CIty cirme is volumous, Hosptials ordered it to be declared civl war back in 1970s and has gotten worse. Crime in DA FILE and hospitals prrofs civilan harm, but once militayr comes in like 1970s they were to secure all the founding families and grassroots wisconsin proofed dna and deploy missles on all homes and there would be no arrests, just tags on body bags for new officers to be assigned and know why, ambush of statepeople they had no clue who belonged to who or where, so militayr secures real dna links to state and blows up the rest, then 2-25 years it would be looting the illeglas homes and breaking it down for other lesser grade wood projects. I cant wait for 36 years of that day, every 36 years we have a take down, and governmental security oh that right this is 2013 so the next coupel years they will be place dand getting ready for the 2015 attack and arrests, which will look like WW3 Im excited.

Norfolk, VA

#192 Jan 21, 2014
Two police officers lied about the condition of my home and said I contributed to the delinquency of a minor. The woman police officer had the audacity to make a bunch of lies look like something valid when she went to the magistrate's office in Norfolk. She said my kids had black feet, the house had a big mold smell, and there was a huge pile of dirty clothes. Of course, she had taken no photos to support all of her false claims, but had a cop partner copy what she said, except their stories didn't match well in court. I am going forward to her supervisor and to the Office of Professional Standards for Police Conduct. Defamation of character is a bad thing.

Madison, WI

#193 Jan 24, 2014
Police officers need a WARRENT to make civilian contact. They have authority of DA to ask 2 questions only with a yes or no confirmation. Then they leave.

With Family Doctor, Hospital, School authorities and any extra curricular after school matters, to much involvement and no orders mandated by state to classfiy a concern. To many homeless children registered at POLICE DEPARTMENT for license plates as their residential address and they get philanthropy exceeding over 2500$ each a month, plus 2 days a week in a hotel by weekly free to shower and sleep.

Police officers had no proof the clothes were a belligerant childs refusing to contribute to household life chores, and property damage is a child wear and tear, and that is NOT their proerty and should have been up on delinquency charges if 9 years or older for criminal destruction of proerty or allocations for permit to sue after 18 and what that amount upon their 18th birthday to repay parents back for proerty damage for a time duation unitl covered or prison for non compliance to parent or authorities directive.

They get sanctioned so to have a attorney follow up on a officer da file, is fun, FUGATIVE OFFICER AT LARGE refusing to disbench or report self. SPUSE Of officers go to prison for failing to report, because they were obviously under medical durress or drugs. Officer loses life funds get sanctioned time in prisona ndmental health hosptial and released under ssi if they still dotn have ssi paying leans on his account.

Dont panic or type it online, type up yoru facts, what is online is your circumstantial angle on your file proofing level of aggitation and disruption in life, it needs to be in that section of file for emotional welfare and life accoutnability suit, STate deterimine a mininum fee of 5 digits up to exceeding 8 and witness protection clauses. IMPORTANT but only to apporpriate officals, although anyone that had a offical job has LEGAL ACCOUTNABILITY TO REPORT FOR A CIVLIAN because you dont have the codes to go on the report if they failed their job, more money is allocated for you and they are charged with extrangment to the filing and sit in for life for harm to yoru life and childrens welfare, no officer goes un prosecuted, money in their cars could have been for a free gift out side the home descreetly without contact and garbage bags to get you motivated.

ITS ALL ILLEGAL just stay calm and dress nice and talk to da at federal court and us marshals instead they put cops away for consecutive life for even contacting a civilan or saying if they are bad parents f'ing materials may if they were drug and got a face lift hahaha prison indefinately to sleep with the pigs,

then they have to pay all their wages back and accoutns form the 1st day of their 1st felony offense in file they may no of or not, but refuse to arrest and consolidate self.
Cop watchers Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe, CA

#194 Jan 25, 2014
Fighting Terrorism wrote:
Use a video camera
We formed cop watchers Lake Tahoe. We film them and hold them accountable. They hate us. But nothing they can do about it.
Cop watchers Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe, CA

#195 Jan 25, 2014
We simply formed an organization. And film them every time. The community has joined us. Cop watchers Lake Tahoe.

Madison, WI

#196 Jan 25, 2014
Stalking and profiling laws apply.

A police ofoficers training is like a brotherhood memebrship and holds them in a mental frame to the law and some suggested tactics to take a fugative in without damage to legal civilians or disruption in community livies with least accountabilty to damage or harm. TO stare or talk during atake down is a OBSTRCUTION that set a felon free or harmed a timely court matter, YOU personally will be arrested for bostruction and barring a officers arrest on a sound state of mind. Rendering him UNDER DURRESS and that is yoru accoutnabailty not the officers, your guilty of all crimes form that day into the futre and any damages that that felon running has done in the community NOW YORU THE FUGATIVE FELON PUBLIC ENEMY no more contact with me YIKES>..........GUilty by afifolation is up to 7 years in our state more by the perps charge for talking to a person at all. FOrget it.

“I'm a Madison kinda guy”

Since: Jan 12


#197 Feb 23, 2014
the looney bin called, you forgot your straight jacket in your padded cell in mendota, you should head back that way Jaimie, they miss you
cg newmexico

Denver, CO

#198 Feb 23, 2014
i know the devestation i am in new mexico and i am being stalked from an officer and freinds.

Arlington, TX

#199 Feb 28, 2014
Arlington PD has been corrupt for many years, lived here forty years,,,,but there are good ones too, a lot of 'em....but its the ones that are bad that can ruin peoples lives..and it ain't just APD, its tarrant county tx...the courts, cops, bonds people and attorneys are all in it together here...its a money scam....I appreciate the APD but don't trust them AT ALL!!!
madison florida

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#200 Mar 9, 2014
We were stopped on i-10 for speeding, we were but not even 15 over. Madison Florida speed trap on an interstate highway? Yep, didn't like us cause we were from Tennessee and had long hair so he planted weed in the car while we waited at the station. All night nightmare.
Avoid the place, go through Georgia! Or better yet, "fly over" this redneck hell.

Madison, WI

#201 Mar 14, 2014
JPlush wrote:
the looney bin called, you forgot your straight jacket in your padded cell in mendota, you should head back that way Jaimie, they miss you
Derogatory comments to a disabled perosn or veteran is a national and interantional felony crime, YOU ARE a fugative at large.

Actually I have been speaking with Mendota, I was going to work as a Night Monitor on 2nd shift. No I am not mentally ill, I can read and write and see people and things before me. IDIOT schizophrenics can not. Their mind is lost in bug or animal language. Worse when it is molecule language that is no holds bar and probably justified execution for their own health. No doctor in the local facinity can fix it and Wisconsin refuses to pay for transport.
mattofwallsmissi ppi

United States

#202 Mar 18, 2014
I am writing this blog to protest and make aware the nation and my fellow citizens of the most blatant corruption I have witnessed since the Rodney Ki g La riot incidents of the 90s. Recently my daughter was arrested in Southaven Mississippi. She was arrested with posession with intent. Grantex she was nabbed with a quatity of marijuana, the other individual she was arrested with admitted all the drugs were his. She like protocol calls for was arrested and charged. The claim she had $466.00 they siezed. The actual amount she had was $750.00. There was also a gun taken not logged into evidence. The amount of marijuana logged was less than half what was actually in her posession. The male she was arrezted with also has missing money and drugs. Her ID, Social security card, student ID, And bank card are missing. Although she was arrested on the 1st of March someone attempteded to access her bank account on the 3rd while she was still incarcerated. I claim massive corruption by this police department. There are missing idendifications, bank cards, money, weapons , and drugs. I will be going to the FBI and staging a PEACEFUL protest. I am posting this blog because I fully expect to be arrested for my claims and protest. I hope someone out theree reads this blog and supports my ri ght to peaceful protest and request to peaceful protest and sh subsequent request for oversight and judicial review and anticipated shredding of my constitutional rights under the 5th amendement.

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