How does one fight a corrupt Police d...

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#139 Mar 21, 2013
Plus they are now removing SSI And SSDI rights to POLICE, Medical DR, Attorney and Judges for Malpractice and miscondcut after time served.

Suppose dto check into DA periodically to consoldate their DA fiels, and they may ahve badges, guns creditials removed pending court, or immediately arrested and dismissed or transported. They permit REFUSAL t trun self in or check DA files for arrest CODES on perp follow ups Scared to turn self in or be arrested following up on their own cases.

Reason why th emass suicides of the 1970s drs, attorneys teachers a couple judges and police hung themselfs or rammed cars in sides of buildings the day their DA FILES were read. They thought suicide at least the family could live on Life insurence policy instead of faces society with a bad repute of husband or father in prison for life for permitting harm to any civilian.

SAD story do the research, others went to surgeons and had been sedated to death transproted to cabin and reignited and on witness protection.
paul d

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#140 May 17, 2013
we accuse other countries of their leaders being suppressive and corrupt through their police force then we go kill the leader and say problem solved. if what their saying is true that would mean prez Obama is guilty of enforcing police corruption.



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#141 May 23, 2013
One of the best things you hear in your life; a Criinal Judge asking you the simple question...

"Has anyone threatened your life, housing, job, or discouraged you from making a report, or indicated it was not a legitamte report?"

the answer is YES the officer, your supervisor, the perp or their family

2 times the acutal charge is indited on the officer as if they committed the crime themselfs..

The dispute charges in court and judge opene3s heaven "YOU ARE NOT a LEGAL officer sir refrian form speaking you need a Attorney, the only legal officer is a BALLIF and he will; be making a arrest" YOU perosnally may be led out the back with the judge under armed guard for protection purposes for the criminal and officer that assisted faulter case, time line, or arrest to be arrested in court.

At which point the officer and perp is stripped of all fiancnes an dcriedt and home, Marshals assist secure everything for you.. They wer enot le3gal to work if they comitted a cirme all has to be paid back to IRS and they give settlement to their employers and you.

REPORT dont every forget, and their is NO STATUES of limitations to a report LESSER court tries to faulter and their 401k retirment and families finance and insurence is all confis cated if their children are of 13 years they may go to prison for failing to report their parents unlawful antics as well. No policy of death or 2 years comittment or 2 year prison clause holds you all go to prison for attmpting claiment an dfaultering case loads.

If you work in courthouse and judge, officer or other has been a part of a crime and you reported but they were not fired "GET OUT THE BUILDING AND CALL POLICE" REfuse to go to yoru desk you ar enot safe playing house or you are a accomplice to the crime, everyoen must wait outside an dmake another report until the party is arrested it becomes a petition ot the building for your safety.......

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#142 Jun 1, 2013
Learn to identify a law violation:

Nobody by law is permitted 4 foot square radius from your human body that was a good one

Department of Corrections is across street from my residnece, now by their parking lot is a box, power or telephone??? Mailman has mail for them periodically 3023 Webb Avenue Madison Wisc, MGE bills promotions other... But who gets mail to a circuit box, mailman is sworn to deliver and just stands and laughs with me sometimes, then it goes back to the post office to be returned to sender.
Its a crime, but here is extent of cirme, WHAT OR WHO Resided on the proerty before it was a parking lot? They had storm and bomb shelters back then, we have huge crime in wisc of putting soil ontop of old developments, and changing land maps so other nations cant use old locations, THEY ARE STILL THERE SIRS They took off top house and covered with 4 up to 12 feet of dirt and developed on it 25-250 year thereafter... They still live in the basements and the connector tunnels to charm counsils.

BUT how do you investigate that legally, police refuse magnitude cirme they dont know booking numbers for it, YORU NOT a BOOKING AGENT FOR THOSE CODES they are classified idiot... I think you would be arresting people ontop of them for tresspassing and attempted murder crimes, they are the real owners under you, you came in kidnapped raped and murdered them... NO legal right to develope on them,

3023 Webb must be asserting mail in local secters to remind they still are there and need help correct?

Norcross, GA

#143 Jun 1, 2013
You're a nut.

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#144 Jun 6, 2013
pkc wrote:
You're a nut.
Really? My mother worked in my childhood at 7th floor state office building with JUDICIAL counsil and SKULLS WHo got a head injury on side of desk months in a coma form FBI and SKULLS arrest? SOme Girlscout B trying to pretend to be as PERFECT as my mother in her JOB She was still indicted and arrested for life when she got out her COMA ankle bracelett never permitted to wed or work again for her crimes agaisnt MAdison Wisconsin COurt civilians. MY MOTHER was not arrested, she could do experitise DA AND COURT PResentation of 250 cases a day per judge and DA and FBI, all others could only do 25 cases a day for their assigned DA and judges and lost civilan lives form their shotty illegal work

and you say I am crazy, more informed then you and yoru trying to aggitate and BRAIN INJURY patient to get information, I am also military family so any question aka unlawful interrogations and inquiry is YOUR HEAD scrambled like eggs and cottage cheese to get you to a pre information stage JUVENILE baby at 2 immaturity with most all knowledge lost NOT MY PROBLEM FUGATIVE KILLER RAPIST DRUG DEALER BUYING WOMEN POISEN AKA ALCOHOL to mush for their body system, 2 shots of alcohol is blood poisening for their little body organs IDIOT you killed them and retarded on purpose to make it appear like consnetual sex their BRAIN DEAD idiot

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#145 Jun 8, 2013
POLICE are learning stay patient please with them WHILE THEY ASK CIVILANS TO EDUCATE are you F'n Serious?

I ran into a NO TRESSPASSING SIGN ON MY OWN PROERTY ACROSS FROM OSCAR MEYER up for sale by who? Im sure police will be called to arrest me, I AM THE OWNER AND DECNDENT IDIOT>

BY LAW no sign is legal unless it went thru court. The real NO TRESSPASSING SIGN is issued in court, it has wiscosnin Statutes and codes on it a Judges Signature and authorizing officials and OWners name and copntact # and address. THESE COPS woul shoot to kill for any damn reason out of IGN ORENCE to law and they are cops and refuse to even educate, the best looking civilian that sounded smart and they go off their word, FUGATIVE KILLER AND GRAND THEFT walking and victim and owner dead from your ignorence IDIOT GOD DMAN ARE THEY DUMB

OWNER AND DECENDENT is proven in court with DNA blood test and FOOT PRINT MATCH form theirs that day to the baby prints in the hospital IDIOTS> And no slae is legal it has KINGS SEALS AND CONTRACTS in over 10 damn nations and several entities in each IDIOT the contract says as long as a living decndent exists it never leaves for sale, if no living decendent exists, it is returned to who KING OF FRANCE< RUSSIA< CANADA< BRITAIN IDIOT then who does it sell to? NO SALE it is handed to next sponsering kinfolk in those nations of blood link YOU DUMB ASZES turn in yoru badges and get off the f'n street your killing us

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#146 Jun 28, 2013
Always as I indicate, MAKe police reports on police officers and the conversations and informaiton they gave to you, ALL ILLEGAL content and "contact".

Never be afraid have you seen DA office a officer is fined, but he has to check into DA to consolodate his fines as well, NOT PAY report in for booking and decharge procedures, these officers refuse to check in fugative felons at large impersonating officer refusing to stand down. Over 150,000 officers in Madiosn Wisconsin 26 % felons, and 1/4 legal officers the rest DA FIELS are boxes full, you as a civilan can not be touched or harmed legally their arrest is in court as felon against civilan. TAKE YOUR MATTERS TO COURT MAKE REPORTS AND DO FOLLOW UPS UNTIL COURT IN DA OFFICE AND POLICE>

Dennys resturaunt has officers housing them at night with a police dog, these kids stood and watched fights, and drug deals, the dog was going boinkers and the felons attempted to pet the dog the kids were excited for attention KIDS AS YOUNG OFFICERS they dismissed all contact to arrest or procede to arrest or even debrief main office for assistence if ignorent to procedure, the cop dog got fed up and decided to lie down away form it cop partner and nap as the officer tried to rouse the dog partner it appeared major depression and would turn its back on the officer, FUN TO WATCH sad administraiton.

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#147 Jul 2, 2013
police to afraid to do their "job" appropraitely, or sabbotoshed training, you were talking during training and making friends with other officers buying their time to manipulate for future conspiriay to hide your crimes and misconduct and negligence in the force. Embarrassing to be arrested as a officer lose family home finance and children, kids are removed for officer incompetance and society harm to a civilian, wife is arrested if she has any information on huband (officers) job, arrest and booking codes, route location, types of cases taken down, for that day, in whihc jurisdiction or disclosed name of the detainee. Children are left while the couple sits in prison like a bonnie and clyde with only 25% remaining of gross savings and accoutns to live off of with strangers and a gag restraint never permitted to acknowledge their parents again as they are felons of haneous cirmes agaisnt humanity. Wonderful career eh

But officer negligence If a single mom is fighting the ex and has offered testimony that does not compare to the ex,(father of children) The officers has to make arrest of both parents or fine them for Obstruction as the stories do not match, DA will handle the rest, honest party walks with children, felon sits in prison for misleading police fmaily court and judicial officals TIME is importance as the felony racketeers by DAY......That the liars is at large. Officer sits in prison for not apprehending a felony offender and permitting him or her to walk without ARREST.

By the fees and trust office is a purchase order for DA FILE information and counsil, police are permitted 2 questions per sheet yes or no questions, IS MS DREWS statments valid and legitamate for arrest... YES IS it arrest of Cirminal Obstruction f the law to impose maximum time of fathers and their significant other for aide and abet.... YES Then they leave with booking numbers return the girls and DA handles rest in court from there...

HOW HARD IS THAT I wanted to be a fed since I was a kid for military and hybrid ops and other crimes, I HELD a Black Officer off with a gun at 8 years old maybe 7. I aided the White officer as the Balck man pulled a gun on me for a human purchase and drug pickup at a local metal junk car lot behind St VIncent DE PAUl and learned all I was capable of law.

Now they try to render me public nucense for doing my civic duty as a child and bar my access in court with my own children. My children NEVER had a real attorney, one never presented in court, or represented fathers have to pay for their attorneys and so far NO LICENSED attorney at that magnitude to assist case. TIME is passing and I cant give up, IM Traumatic Brain Injury not a public nucense, I hold no crime, it is of MY COMPREHENSION OF LAW and I am following it, officers party at a bowling alley and hodl same drug dealer as fathers so case is screwed and they refuse to do their job appropraitely PLUS I am supposed to be appointed a NAVY ATTORNEY for Military as my fahters status to work side by side with a TBI attorney as me and both children have that.

I NEED legal officials ordered in PLEASE

Madison, WI

#148 Jul 5, 2013
WHO "OWNS" the Building the prisons and jails and court offices are in?

DId they FAIL TO REPORT crime of abduction, kidnapping, detaining, threats financial and mental thefts. of any formation. THey have legal accountability to report the crimes they witness in the building when they evaluate the building they own.

It really is unlawful detention and kidnapping. Thru Federal levels and International no legal rights to detain and question for any reason, YOUR CREDENTIALS must pass evaluation before talking TO EACH human in your jurisdiction TO EACH HUMAN

OWNER of building must call police and report unlawful detention THEY are not the judicial or police system, That officer must find out if the person is kidnapped under HIS OWN FREE WILL one report over riding another IT REALLY IS report

A JOB does not secure unlawful acts and harm to people... Rule and regulations violations is 1 report 911 is for ILLEGAL ACTIVITY regardles sof who told you to disregard or harm in the office YOU must report them to police for obstructing you from performance and legal guidlines..... IF A CRIME and renders FINE< PRISON OR JAIL 911 is the number to call for report and officer to make arrest or FINE FOR COURT regardless where you work, then you will be ARMED escort off property for your protection until court deems it safe for your return IDIOTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

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#149 Jul 6, 2013
The 1st thing indicated in court, is DID ANYONE QUESTION YOU without a Attorney outside of court? POLICE YES ILLEGAL Officer name on report is fined out their paycheck and face prison.

They refused to TAKE YOUR REPORT Honest or not the questions are done by professionals in court not on street police. You become State expert witness of their discharge procedures as prrof of officers unlawful or negligent acts agasint civilians, Discharge, removal of Unemployment or SSI thru life, FELONS dont get those allowences. If they try to sue in court, PRISON as their entire DA FILE is brought up for State evaluation and review.

Did a officer paraphrase your statements. Rewording is ILLEGAL

Did a officer or his family friends or anyone bar you access or refuse to take your report?

Were you threatened or a aliby produced to scare you or faulter your judgement from reporting a crime?

ALL FELONY CHARGES I was never scared to report to police Feds Judges, Doctors teachers That is their JOB to investigate and make reports as well EACH POLITICAN must report to police as well.

MAdison Wisc does profile smear, to attempt to faulter creditbility of your file.

I remember having a office and apartment party so the neighbors would nto site me for a noise ordinence violation since I had a band in the apartment, I did make a purchase, I also went to the hosptial, they did a diagnositc and found less then 17% of agents and refused to indite me for kitchen products and baking goods. Police thought they had me, NO DRUGS at all was detected in the purchase I WAS ROBBED for my dinner party.

I dont do drugs, that is why I went to the hosptial as I tried to fit in with MY OWN STAFF I was a supervisor at a Hotel. Never worked well for me, I rather have some purity. Although Police attempt to profile...

Here is the funniest thing ever FEDERAL AGENTS and Distrcit Attorneys work with local bars as well, the owner has everything videod and audiod they investigate bar tenders and clientel ALL NIGHT LONG for court cant move past DA when your nightly activities is online BY NAME even for their database. people harm the patrons NOPE it was the owner, he gets NAIGHBORHOOD HELPING HAND allownece I beleive it is $45,000 a year for the reports daily and extras provisions and allowences, but you harm the one person coming in 1 or 2 times a year and label them a snitch, illegal as well and then orchestrate harm and rally others to slander and follow suit, HOW MANY CIRMES DO A FAKE OFFICER UP ON FUGATIVE FELON CHARGES and their drug buddies make in one day time.

Get those in prison out and trained for employemnt, and put these unlawfuls in for duration of life PLEASE, you have 90 days to learn your job quit so you fac eno charges, these people think their heros and in for the long hall and the $ in retirment NOT ALLOWED face discharge and fines, but you STILL have to face arrest and accoutnability review and prison still THEY ARE IGnorent and a danger to society and self and permit crime.

I met a affiliate back in my days FBI agent form Ca here in wisc investigating campus crime and unlawful role playing movements, He said BIGGEST CIRM EEVER Political leads, Mayor, Police Feds refusing to report cirme they witness on a call or investigation, they are not obligated for arrest of person while on a case or off duty, BUT THEY MUST BY LAW "report" it, and aide reporting for arrest of that they witness........

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#150 Jul 6, 2013
Oh and the $ you earned your entire life, It is all to be paid back to the date of your 1st felony crime. When your fiel is seen for review or in court or Discharge, IRS repos your paychecks and property PLUS they added 12%

NO FELON IN USA is allowed matrimony, children, or Paychecks, YOur a fugative at large wating to be brought in for justice, You get caught later in life NO WAY to catch up to all your families pay repod and 12% interest, chidlren removed if over 13 years anthey go to jail too, Not supposed to be in existence and HID your families crimes without o1 report... BOOOO

Madison, WI

#151 Jul 16, 2013
So you reported a crime, what happens from there?

What officer or offical did you report to? Teacher, Doctor, Social Worker, Police, Judge, Attorney?

All MANDATED by LAW to fill out a police report of the incident you reported...

Now your Assailant or deah threat or threat of bodily damage AKA ATTEMPTED MURDER or conspiracy to Attempt of murder is at large; RAPE Date RApe 2 differnt crimes DATE RAPE is sentneced in prison for longer duration then a bodily attack that sent you to the hosptial WHY MIND CONTROL manipulations that drugs alcohol food or location is preprepared to rape you without your comprehension pre matrimony litgations or Rape with no fight just yoru stupidity thinking and hoping marraige will come as a result it is worse then murder BRAIN malfunctions throughout life without professional reprogramming.

REPORT a police report on all officials that did not arrest your assailants. They are mandated by law to expertise of report, over a civilian and all civialns especially adults from 13-old age HAVE TO BY LAW report what they "heard" or witnessed They could have prevented it with a preop report so they are indicted as if PERMITTING THE CIRME TO OCCUR and sit in prison longer then your assailants as well.

State Statutes on those obligated to report, Document a list of all officals you reported cirme to self and others and they BETTER have made report and it better be pending arrest officers, or they sit in prison for all cirmes the Fugative felon at large has done until the day of their arrest PERIOD Their time in prison for not reporting and aiding arrest is longer then the LOCAL neighbor that just did not want to be involved and shut their curtains and turned up the radio.

So on your police report Write up the state satutues law violation of police officer or doctor or teacher or social worker, or Politician that you reported to with your police report as well, and what cirme you reported to them PULLING your perps file out on the table again..

And if nothing happens in life KNOW FOR A FACT it costs money to CONSPIRARCY TO HIDE FILE during a administration, make reports daily linking to officers that have not secured arrest on the primary report, YOur perps family COngfressman or state rep family memebr PAYING TO HIDE file not disolve it, HIDE IT pays over $60,000 for each time they have to put the file on the bottom of pile again, THEY WILL GO POOR This way and eventually run out of time or money to hide it, IT WILL be arrested in this life yet...

Love ya, cousin Jaimie

Pell City, AL

#152 Jul 16, 2013
I tried To follow your post. I really did. This is a visual medium. You must learn to punctuate and spell properly if you want to be understood. I read these posts, hear these stories & find nothing helpful. Is the answer to "What's to be done with police corruption" - nothing?

Madison, WI

#153 Jul 16, 2013
Did you report a police officer or a political officals for malpracitce which is a law violation? Read your state stutues and laws pretaining to EMPLOYMENT of each job title. Report to police the code to the job violations, higher crimes.

What are you not following, Spelling typo online, BIG F"N DEAL ignorent twit do you know nothing of the law, a Typeing teacher and a preschool teacher is enterened and sworn into court can they read and decifer it, IF THEY CAN you all go to prison, IDOTS cops and all.

Then for those OFFICALS Teachers, Police, Judges attorneys LAWAYS LIE in court as well, they call in Cameras for video'd evidence and have the most protected citizen agents on life witness protection called into the witness stand DEAF trasnscriptionalists and they read lips and story line the entire video events so dont lie it is 7 years for each lie for officers and JUDGES and civilans to each lie
ISNT THIS FUN? HIGHEST paying civilan job in USA deaf readers for COurt presentations.

Madison, WI

#154 Jul 25, 2013
Civilian Police Report: This is for local residents to fill out, police can pick up your reports and drop some off to your home for future reports if need be. Best ways to know if you need them: do you go to school? You'll need it daily, Do you work? Like wise, Do you have neighbors? Yup that too.

Although we don't have licensed officers in jurisdiction over half the time, they are working out of State, they work on weekends with instructions they dont want any crime outside of normal traffic routine.

Peace Officers is what we have out there now. Non-Licenesed civilian elect and assignee. They refuse in our neighborhood to permit civilans to have Civilan Police Reports, they have to fill thopse out and if they did not see the cirme they refuse to assist you and faulter your police report and timely matter,: negligent, belligerant, unlawful aideing and abet a crime, by refusal to take report many crimes they just violate, and their report has to match yoru dispatch call or they are fined and may go to jail or prison for permitting a crime to happen and faultering case entry.

I lived in Middleton Wisc as a child. I was one of the only legal citizens out of 25,000 at that time, officers the presinc had 5 legal police officers the rest were peace officers, I would have to read FREEZE dont move or he will shoot, and memorandum laws and then identify officers out loud on scene and the number on their badge and id matching the ones they have and sign my name that it is the officer standing before me assisting complete arrest and detainment. I was a damn good kid. Only legal way to make a arrest is the cleanest DA FILE regardless, officer or not, they need me to secure lawful arrest.

A REAL police officer has a coupel books of codes in their car with them, the Civilan Police Report is for a resident in local facinity, the police officers reports are the FINE BOOKS in differnt levels of crime, if a arrest is not made, A FINE with court date is scheduled on the spot anyway with a $ figure for level of cirme as well special note to pay attention to a consider in case in court. Both parties get a copy, victim and perpetrator.

These Madison Cops are form Illinois poverty secutors and Minnesota and surroudnign locations, they know nothing about the law, they make it up as a bunch of rookie cops sit aroudn squad cars table talking case and debriefing each other, siking them up to what to reprot so it matches and validates their statments, ILLEGAL TO TALK TO EACH OTHER AT ALL There is no 2 police reports that look the same, differnt reporters and differnt percpectives, and on the scene at differnt times,

lets say you have 6 cops on scene- you detail what YOU as a pperson is witnessing before you, not what others told you to write in report or DID YOU SEE this or hear that, NO you see and hear what you see and hear and right that up not what the other cop said, although, you can report the other officers statements in reprot with every detial THAT IS YOUR JOB there is no such thing as mens club or back me up buddy

IDIOTS need to go to prison, either for incompetance or unlaful acts, the Madison COurt house on HAmiliton street is where civilans go to read WIsconsin court statues and codes, POLICE are supposed to be doing the same thing to be the most competant person on the street if that is their job or field or they go to prison. NEver spend time in bar, only yoru weekend outings, with family and time for law library that is what it is all there for.


Madison, WI

#156 Aug 23, 2013
Once again:

Follow up on your police report, Report your police report. In another police report of the officer that took your police report.

The officer was a Peace officer, NOT a police Officer, when you report the person that took your report and what you reported to officer, they get charged in court for

failing to file report
Paraphrasing or falsfying civilian testimony and report

They had no legal rights to take your statemnt at all, pretending to be a police officer and used the information and tipped off your assailant with a verbal warning and set you up on conspiracy and attempted murder They tried to kill you... No jusitificaiton for ignorence in the court of law Balliff and Judge and some Attorneys were the actual only licensed police officers, they have levels of law then can arrest or prosecute on, not what was walking on the street

PLUS the peace officer had no legal right to iompersonate uniform police cars or weapons, their hiring agency indicated the guns are never loaded. LIE>

I am a victim of these attacks... And police or imposter officer, someone who is a police officer by license or not that neglected to check DA FILE on self every 2 months and was a fugatvie felon at large refusing to turn in badge, Weapon and license credtials and serve time in jail or prison and pay state back form their 1st felony offense FROM THEIR 1st FELONY offense WAITING in DA FILE to arrest upon, all that money is owed back plus 12% NOW

MAdison also has officers fined out their checks, THOSE FINES are to go to victims of their negligence ALTHOUGH it went in off the fine doc # and is appreciating interest to get the officer off charges prior to arrest as well, never hitting the US CIVILANS ever..

Also DMV has the arrest contacts or police contacts on the swipe bar on your drivers license, ASSUMED COUNTS the OFFICER WOULD HAVE LIKED TO SECURE ARREST On IT is not what you were indicted on or charges dropped because it was a felon or the source of information came from a felon, Then comes civilan brutality stalking and harrassment by fugative felony offnder cops fleaing and refusing to turn themself in OR even check to see if they are at all, just assumed their day.......

FBI said NO way are you people racketeering crime to hit Federal Pen apartment prisons, CIVL AND CRIMINAL OFFENSE you house yoru own in state, NOW All the files FBI had to arrest were sent back to COunty and State and you are up on Consecutive life in Local and State Pen without transfer or repute.

Madison, WI

#157 Aug 23, 2013
As well to add:

A COmmisioner told me once: HEy sweetie I know this doesnt seem fair to you or your children, BUT the kids dads really do have a da file and you must stay away, It is about their family FUNDS not yours you have none.

Their family and towns PAY over $60,000 everytime the file is pulled out to hide it again, Police love the $ and party and refuse to arrest of fear or desire to hang.

So COurt is making their files self evident daily and with daily revenue to hide it, NO MONEY to play society on for cash or fear and they all will be taken in together. Cant hide or pay forever.

Madison, WI

#158 Aug 24, 2013
A officer is NOT exempt to these laws; to use these laws, as they are civilan laws, does society a unjustice, as a reuslt the officer that violates has differnt WISC STATS 3 times the amount of time as a civilian upon report. MEaning you demeaned the law of filing for their arrest, and they are permitted civilan time lines to accountability and early release, as a officer they are NOT privilaged to, as they are ABOVE the law, MEANING no tolerence to law violations and has less cirme then any civilian

But these can be used, as well, it is a form off a personal confession list but I believe the Stat is the same

-Substantial Battery 940.20(2)Class I Felony: intended to cause substantial bodily harm to a victim, did cause substantial bodily harm to a victim

-Battery 940.19(2) Class A midemeanor: Caused bodily harm to a victim, intended to cause bodily harm to a victim, Victim did not consent to bodily harm, you knew the victim would not consent to bodily harm

-Sexual Assault 4th degree 940.225(3m): had sexual contact with a victim, had sexual contact with a victim with the intent to become sexually aroused, or gratified, causing bodily harm, sexually humiliate or degrade victim., the victim did not consent to sex

it does nto matter if the sitiuation does not meet all the tabulations, 1 count 2 or more on each stipulation....

-Recklessly Endangering Safety 941.20 endangered the safety of another human being, endagered that persons personal safety by cirminally reckless conduct, circumstance of conduct showed utter disregard for Human life

-Theft (under $2500 (:phones, ipods, Bikes etc)943.20 Class A Misdemeanor: Intentionally too and carried away movable propertyof another, did not have consent of owner to take or carry property away, you knew you did not have owners consent to take or carry away property, intended to permanently deprive the owner of possession of property

-Recieving stolen property- up to $2500, 943.34 Class A Misdemeanor: Intentionally recieved/concealed property, property was stolen,knew or beleived the proerty to be stolen and still received and concealed it.

Burglary unarmed 943.10 Calss F Felony: intentionally entered the building of another, did not have consent of owner or person in lawful possession to enter, knew you did not have consent to enter, At the time you entered to steal(commit a felony)

These are only a couple Wisc Stats, each state has their own...

Hamilton Street Courthouse, has a small law library open to public to look up law and presentation and forms.

State has theirs above MILOs Subs on Martin Luther King Blvd. Larger library content. Open to public and has aides that MAY be able to assist.

Good place to meet a person in your own predicament, or a Attorney that may volunteer to assist and waive fining fees for you. Or not.

Safe place to spend lunch or free time getting medical malpractice filed, Billing malpracitce, Divorce, child custody or reprots for that you witnessed during the day on someones behalf, or be like me, I report a fight witnessed, Plus I call each hosptial with details to the fight I witnessed and what injuries I can recall the people may have when they come in so they know which procedure to do immediaitely upon enterence.....

This is YOUR WHOLE LIFE Responsibilty by LAW to self , children, Parents, Sibling, grandparents Finance, MEdcical and housing and court litigations and safety measures

Madison, WI

#160 Aug 26, 2013
And for officers new, remember These people REALLY are comrehensible in court to laws and prison for falsified statments, lieing etc. Where chidlren are involved,

If you have 2 disputing parents or families are involved, arrest them both off "Obstruction", the legal one will leave court with a small fee and apology the liar will sit in prison.

DA does not give file details over phone, desk job can only refernce Wisc Ct Access to see if a CASE is scheduled. It may not be in civil process so it would nto be online at all. Nor is DA FILES online, that is STATE REGISTRY and has router codes to DA FILES of the people, but you have to have LEGAL LICENSE to access and personal code of entry to see it at all.

Police can obtain Warrent to VALIDATE a parents statemnts if truthful or not, you pay $25 at Fees and trust for warrent to statemnt validaiton, HOWEVER THEY WORD IT and the DA will gove you 2 questions permitted or not and yes or no to go off of, but your not supposed to need their help to identify truthful statemtn or Backfile to see if arrest is waiting in DA file for prosecutions either, you knew a felon when you saw one correct? Most see the person rap list cant figure it out and decided to sit spell bound trying to catch them again, NO IT HAS ARREST AND BOOKING CODES YOU SAW IT FIRST MAKE THE ARREST IDIOT

It is the differnce between Officer that make $250,000-2.5 million annual

And officers that make $25,000 and get pay retracted as per fine and arrested for negligence incompetence ignorence to law and guilty of affilaitions with felon fugatives at alrge.

$250,000 officers are those that know how to do theri job and made the legal arrest of the appropriate source and won Medals exceeding $150,000 each in gold and gems and that goes on Property aprasial and their repute becomes Monumental and wealthy in interest to their WHAT? REPUTE ALONE

You'll note illegal Officers, by listening to debriefing or other officers say F that Im doing this instead come on you got my back right, cant take us all down, OR in training 1st rule of thumb GO OFF YOUR OWN INTELLECT MERIT it is not a game or race, youl be stationed where you will be effective, dont worry about the next person, and it is not a game of making friends or mob attack agasint innocent civilans or victims either youll go to prison... SO on l uch break they ran out and decided to stand in segregated groups to talk of debreifing NO They are nto kidding you are profiled the day of enterence

NO 401K

and if you dispute your discharge.... PRISON

You need to arrest the illegal perp not the victim or civilan

Then you hear a officers say this, "I don't give a F what they say, I party with them and they seem nice, i wouldnt do her, or party with her and she doesnt have money to contribute to the party", so took a poll of unlawful conspiracy and profile agasint the victim to have them slandered raped and beatin to protect the killer felon at large instead because they all snort cokle together.

ANd nobody arrested their partner either, YOU HAD FIRST HAND WITNESS IDIOT AND YOU DIDINT ARREST THE OFFICER, you go to prison too fool, th eofficer was neglected arrest fine and prison to REHABILITATION for conditioned behavors that may be a mental condition..... FOOL

MAn you boys had the wrong wife and Im not doing sit ups for being a viewing pleasure Ill fish and have gutts on me and be flabby and happy instead.

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