How Would You Fix The Economy?

Monticello, IN

#24 Dec 4, 2012
of course making it EASIER to use money or making it easier to use your money to do things would fix the economy ..

up we fixed it..

Monticello, IN

#25 Dec 4, 2012
make it easier to make a business..

let there be even smaller businesses..

Monticello, IN

#26 Dec 4, 2012
have a real big big business.. where everyone invests in it.. who lives in america..

and make it be in china.. the headquarters be in china.. right??

And conduct that business in china.. that headquarters..

and call this a national business..

I don't know what the heck it would sell though...

Monticello, IN

#27 Dec 4, 2012
it would be like a decoy government almost..

Monticello, IN

#28 Dec 4, 2012
create a decoy government and then ask for a loan ..

create a separate country and then ask china for a loan..

and then get rid of the country..

hey lets all as regular people just be real a holes and just build a whole bunch of ships and call it a new country and sail to china and get a loan for our country and then take all the money to america..

and then end that country..

Monticello, IN

#29 Dec 4, 2012
have another country borrow money from china and then give it to us.. like one of the other white countries..

or africa can do it.. africa already sucks.. they wouldn't even mind doing it..

Monticello, IN

#30 Dec 4, 2012
the president really can't fix the economy the federals reserves do..

you guys are nuts.. if you think the president can fix the economy..

Monticello, IN

#31 Dec 4, 2012
what DOES the president do anyway..

and i"m saying ANY president.. CANNOT fix the economy..



Monticello, IN

#32 Dec 4, 2012
well yea he can but it would have to be completely insanely intelligent of a plan..

Monticello, IN

#33 Dec 4, 2012
there are smart people who can probably fix the economy but they don't want to lol.. I don't know why the fck not maybe their intellect lets them live in a bad economy but intellect and hard work alone means nothing in a bad economy ..

we all must get the CLUE WE ALL NEED TO GET A CLUE.



your hard work will not save you from a crumbling economy..

did it save people in the great depresssion??! NO.. it didn't..

Madison, WI

#34 Dec 5, 2012
Godfrey wrote:
<quoted text>The problem with your question is that it is ignorant. We are all past this. We know it is about Obama and Romney. I suggest we let somebody run things that has a chance of getting it fixed. Who would that not be? I know, I know, It would not be Obama the 'Economy Anti-Christ'. For God's sake man get up to speed. This guy can't fix a leaky faucet much less the American economy.
Fixing Economy. As First Female PResident of USA I would have on agenda Serving the HUMAN's that I am to provide housing and accomidations and protection in life.

A Human I am one of very few documented Historically in Surgeon General records. As of 1977 my Dr. At MEriter Hospital knew of 7 HUMAN's that reside in USA Birthed without a tailbone creating the FIRST human beings in history of our time.

Others have primary genetics dna that would be more then half percentage of insect, reptile, dog, molecule and other. NOT HUMAN

I would suggest mandating all tests of DNA if they are not human ANimal rights protection groups $ must go to house and serve them with accomidations of the species they are primary of. HUMANS would be reimbursed for the animal and insect attacks Humanoid in appearence,

maybe uthinized too.

Fairfield, CA

#36 Dec 26, 2012
I would allow illegals to continue to flood into our country, give all my Wall Street buddies a "get out of jail, free" card, never pass a budget, kill a famous terrorist who was already dead and dispose of the body quickly before anyone can do a DNA comparison, try to outspend the previous President, etc.

Little Switzerland, NC

#37 Mar 14, 2013
Vote out Paul Ryan and any teaparty congressman would be a great start. Do not support greed or lies.

Howell, MI

#38 Dec 31, 2013
stop having multiple cultures merge to one grand American culture and base iton the sheer will to make sure everyone has high intellect and skills..

To keep the Gdp high.. or something.. if that works i don't know does it even work as such?

Madison, WI

#39 Jan 2, 2014
Or you could send armed guards to Qubec Canada and get all american lot assginments.

Then arrest all real estate agents for illegal sales, as there is always a living decendent if not in the nation in a homeland country.

Personally lot assigments over rides mortagage proeprty and according to lot assignments it is permittable to shoot tresspassers, but try to find a legal personal to assist get them off and taken into hostpial or police to determine their dna and identity and which lot they belong on, if not in state, handed to their states US marshal, and if they were illegal they me be shot for their crimes too.

Economy fixed, then you get your lot assignment account PROOF you were never there and it was embessled. ANd have nation add a interest rate, they will probably apply 12% or more if State negligence embessled because you were ignorent you had anything. Usually each person alive has 25 acres together in nation and out. Ambassiders of your lot and dnr comes picks up your water soil bug, animal car plates that drove by and runs it to US Government. That is your JOB and get paid about $45,000 a year for each partial acre.

If this did not happen for you the Secertary of nation schedules your appointment it takes up to 2 weeks with medical and forensic specialists all on pennsylvania ave, and after that fbi is caught up on dna files and you will be given a gag restraint, your real proerty and put on witness proetection for 2 years, State is fined for their negligence no relief, secondary or other grants permittable in state until they pay the nation back for doing the mayor and governors job for them. Your crimes are paid automatically out your own money you never knew you had but assumed so much. And free to go to your home, take you immeidate family and spouse with or you get estranged.

Credit crads was illegal. a real credit balance is $2500 and you are only allowed 2 form the same institution. Some people get into roll over criems for their children when they die their children pays all that balance for their parents and go to prison on their own credit fraud crimes. Everything goes. Not a crime I would have embarked into.

Life insurence policy frauds, purposefully to kill or enter when you think someone you know dies.

Dating crime frauds, the bitcches that take out a policy on yoru sons after the second date, but your only dates involve out door video surrveilience food shops and clothing stores and they get picture of you and her in all clothing indicating you dated daily for 2 months which is $25,000 and by law if you had sex $25,000 17% child support and a child by making or sperm donation to the family to make her legitimate family of her own at least, Engagement laws are the same, engaged after 2 months you have 2 years to marry if you dont marry in 2 years after dating for 2 months, getting engaged legally for 2 years, and no marriage $250,000 lawsuit and forfiet of sperm if you dont have a child already. DIvorce laws are the same, but their is a tiwst any or all policies you your friends and family took out, YOU are ordered to pay balance to your spouse as if they died, and still go to prison, Attempted murder and conspiracy to murder is yoru charge. plus you never get out to pay that 7 years prison 6 months work no complete payment 7 years prison and it keeps going until your death. Thats why some people are runners I guess, ignorent to the law but wanted to show whaty grows and refused to abide by safe dating safe engagement and matrimonial clauses if you did, no time to play you are trying to keep it legal and finding places legal to be safe in.

Madison, WI

#40 Jan 2, 2014
All your legal accountbility in life is to your immediate family, and yoru own, or a spouse can sue you and grounds for divorce if information sneaks in. Banks usually only assist men, unless the women wants to be pawned around like a nicely dressed hooker with a paoper trail of all bank assignments, and then the bank eventually when they cant move her puts her in prison with proof of prostitution, Id rather not play at all. Ill be the civilan witness I think it is safer. Legal accoutnability for medical dental vision housing finances, etc, you have to keep each other safe and legal, if they refuse your concerns or if you did not have any is groudns for your prison, so always know when family is in hostpial or jail and do something about it. A life insurence policy is only paid on for committment and medical institution IF and only if the most legal family member holds it, and cares for that family emmebr, that money 60% goes to estate upkeep and rent or mortage or the land of burial and you get 40% for finding the attorney to get them home before 2 years is over. Nobody knows what policies are legally for and never read the fine print and clauses they go to prison after a couple years of partying and loose spending.

Madison, WI

#41 Jan 7, 2014
A terrorist is seated in Judicial and congressional seats across the globe. Their diea of fixing economy is to gliche the system, mass terror crimes agaisnt humanity, livlihood, safety mansalughter in civilan hysteria and so much I am not competant to scale. Hiring felons to gliche National Treasury Departments, so the copy machine boots out bills at random until the error is overrode. Then gives the money by plane drop and out trucks or throw in places random and given to their social group. PRISON INDEFINATE and Executionable crime.

I know several locations of computers that Vatican and International delegates picked up, GOLDEN CITIES that were the size of bird baths and smaller with humans in it from spiritual memberships, located with a lazer or electrical permieter. I turned in 3, they picked up 2, one in Middleton and 1 in Madison. Middleton had another under ground, but the big rocks that open by anchor, or wagon wheel. I left one location unsaid, as a result their computer is bypassing yoru unlawful attempts, and they work with molecule to do the first responce of eelctrical grid or telephone systems to track location of tipsters to commit crimes.
Another location was under trailor court by Madison WIsc Dane county Regional airport, I was held hostage and put in cyrochambers, and injected with microscopic chips that look like little spiders, military extracted that from me as a child and insinerated it, as their information will not be needed whatever it was and threw explosives in the base under the trailor court in mid 1970s. That base was run by government and military, and they can fix their computer, and used my urine and blood for comprehensive diagnositcs of legal system and accessibility. Not peoples unlawful activity in judicial seat, no telerence to crime they mandated for detinations. Of peoples employment seats.

These computers are the reason for faultering many systems, form someones direct sabbotosh of properties and privilage of access to it.

Alcatraz had a mole, a aritfical tailbone, and the computer programmers, doctor and all leads on those equiptments. If the chip in the artificial tailbone or microchip is in 2 miles city radius computer gliches and whoever is operating the medical patient, can send a scramble signol for a few minutes for mass terror embesslements and sabotosh.

Competant elites is what needs in Electorial seats and employment. Anyone not literate to job description has option to step down or be fired for incompetane and that may lead to arrest if your ignorence has violated a law on human file or the person itself.

US SUPREME AND STATE papers are Fiber papers like your money. Just a differnt size and color, it has a water and heat registry that has all codes and State, NAtional and Interantional seals. YOU GET SHOT DEAD for having someones papers not your own and embessleing. IM WITNESS PROECTION US SENATE STOLE MINE WHEN HE CAME FOR DRUG PICK UP AT AIRPORT And told fbi and military to defect and pay him and he will hide them and give them knew names in his state, he flew in on the plane of FBI and military to pick me up at Dane COunty Regional Airport in 1970s I Am JAimie Drews Disbaled and dismembered form birth injuries, IMPOSTER JAIMIE DREWS is collecting my check under another name indicating I chose it and my witnes sprotection location

Madison, WI

#42 Jan 7, 2014
US NAVY had assistence by US NAVY COLLEGE in San Diego California save my life as a child in my mothers womb, State of Wisconsin has those records to, not everyone, so their imposter does not match my life injuries or womb story, I was videod and interrogate din my Mom Lindas womb, Was given a injection to bring me back to life, I was alive sleeping with stroke and heart attack, I have 2 brains and 3 hearts. The injection was to assist me talk and comprehend the viewing monitor, I had to lead drs. on a search of a little man or bug, Decompiosition area, a piece of glass and a frat house microchip and all my mothers scar tissue to save her life too. I swear.

The Copy machine at your home, is not the paper on real documents, and if you make copies at a copy machine library dr office, home anywhere, in micro print on bottom of your papers is the code of ownership purchase, telephone or electrical jack locator time and date of purchase and print ,YOUR ALL BUSTED and need to get those out of prison and walk yoruself in.

Madison, WI

#43 Jan 7, 2014
I swear not meaning a plea for trust,

"I SWAER" meaning I swear like a sailor of disgust.....

Since: Oct 12

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#44 Jan 17, 2014
doyley wrote:
the president really can't fix the economy the federals reserves do..
you guys are nuts.. if you think the president can fix the economy..
He's done a good job so far....are economy is vastly improved, from where it was in 2008.....

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