Assassin hiding in Madison?

Assassin hiding in Madison?

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Tucson, AZ

#1 Nov 26, 2013
Someone said there's a new thriller out in which a young man accused of killing the President is hiding out in Madison, posing as a UW student. I'm not kidding. Anyone know about this?

Madison, WI

#2 Dec 11, 2013
Killers in MAdison and surrounding areas, paid by Vatican bounty hunter male meberships, Gabriel armies, were missing in action assumed dead, so Vatican shipped over 25,000 Merlin Brotherhood to search permimeter realm systems instead and they were stationed on the other side of Bishops COve going towards BAraboo, But that was a military psycho command operation base that had mythicla creatures in history made of mind scare creations, to battle ROOKIE ARMY and MArine in BOOT CAMP TRAINING< all dead before deployment families banks and medical went rich off Life insur3ence policy scams.

Or was it Washington DC COngress and Senate witness retirment in Wisconsin groups?

Or global business trade oeprations and US and INternational Attorneys that take down Pharmacuticals and other for military search and bombing, that is living in luxery condos around Madison WIsc Capitol areas?

Or was it Genetic in process, My Uncle back in history 10 generatiuons ago had married a Black women, My white cousin had black twins genetic mutations, trained since 1970s to come into PResidential lead to infiltrate for Wisconsin affairs, so did my cousin who is probably 54 and his sister impersonate the President and his wife and kill or put in a seucred military lock down bunker not scheduled to open for 35 years?

More then likely they look alike indeed.

Madison, WI

#3 Dec 11, 2013
So where are Vaticans Arch Angel Gabrial armies?

in 1960s was the last of the witch coven hag hunts and burnings in Madison Wisconsin areas. Arch ANgel Gabrials warriors were paid to relocate to assist take the Pagan clan down. They now live in the Apartments and townhomes by Cherakee MArsh Country Club. A church is by the home by the MArsh, Bishop paid them to take out Bishop COve FUnders, Gabrials warrior angels fell in love with a couple witches across from the corn field in the woods, and lived there as couples as well.

Most of the coven was burned alive. Now Vatican sent Merlins Scorcerors to find GAbrials warriors to battle and retreive as well, But in the cornfield the men that had to kill their wives did a old hag ritual on a few plant roots, and men appeared in the corn, as the roots began to cry, In 1976 when I was bitten by the snakes and had a couple hours to live, I met the men in Black, plant men. Some stole town money and sunk in the cornfield, but a couple of them went in root selllers in cornfield that remained from the 1940-1960s witch burning wars in MAdison WIsconsin.

SOmetimes the corn bleeds or cries as the roots did when they came alive, or sometimes a corn stalk will grab and pull you in and a corn will open with a roll of bills within. TRUE STORY I WATCHED PERSONALLY!

The military bunkers are on a timer all missing persons may be in there, but they have cyrogenics chambers and also gas valves, and gentically mutate you, so when 35 years is over you may come out looking like a tree sprite, hobbit, dwarf or monster or alien, to live the remaining of life. WELCOME TO WISCONSIN trapped in militayr bunkers on STATE GOVERNMENTAL LOCKDOWN no way out unless you mutate the metal and molecules, PISS on the crack of the metal it will open about half a foot with a hiss and freeze. THEN WHAT? I dont know I was a child when I did it and ran when I seen a hand come out......

Madison, WI

#5 Dec 12, 2013
Now as for assasins in wisconsin

As a child My father and local men did a seance on me when I was alie exploring the arboretum to see if I die when how old an dif I will haunt as a enchantress or "frieght night"

I hypnotically went to the arboretum and found a dead body bones with a suit that had gold breast across shoulders and medallion and a wad of bills, I ran from the men and my father and took hypnotically to a bunker hole and opened a stump and pulled the level, men came up with a hiss and shudder to the ground and took it and thanked me, I then appeared as a beautiful old woman in torment and alone, that other spirits circled and prayed around. ALl my injuries had resurfaced and the vegatation created a bed with acupuncture and relaxant, Men appeared from NASA and other specialist watching the leaves from and move to pressure and pain to sedate me from harm, and made a theraputic mattress but it was created at NASA and at some institute in MAsseschutes in the future.

I seen a indian named J. Bruno and he had infested nature with fornications in the future to make manimals to secure his legacy and hated my mind and rapes and abuse. I am a domestic abuse and rape crisis intervention witness protection, but lesbian directors indicated no money or protection for me, I must "SELF ASSERT and beocme a lover of DIKES ON BIKES and they will protect me instead and regect all men.

I never went back for their assistence again, bt they got money to assist me but I never recieved that either embessled away....

Madison, WI

#6 Dec 13, 2013
Mandrake root, was in a Dutch or Finnish bible with the actual spell the Wtich form thousands of years ago, sent to a land of no food people or vegation, but mandrake root was of a abundence. That bible was found in a church by Cherakee MArsh, the witches that they were havarding in little 1 bedroom bungaloo houses in the woods. Across form the cornfield, that was ordered by a witch to be placed there, as the bible indicates, "STUPID SHIT" is a ingrediant to render the angels and others, thoughtless and slow and larthargy. So The local funders of the church put cow manuer as the most vile smell they could find.

Now Arch Angel Gabriels Armies were sent in by BOAT when Vatican sent them out to assist with a coven of witches fornicating with chidlren(MANDRAKE ROOT) misleading that turned into men, but scewed the maidens and made them look like drained old aged hags. Gabrials men, were put on a flat bed with a rail and trucked across the State to the MArsh area to war paid by the Vatican, they all lived in luxery apartments, and the tree witches homes. All aroudn the marsh area. Witches were so lovely when Gabriels warriors restored the old hag form what he thought prostitution and abuse and they ripped off the wings, and cut their hair immediately bound the wings and put mandrake root around it so the arm could not pass the mandrake men,(Men in black all standing in the corn field)

BLOOMING GROVE and SUN PRAIRE AND MCFARLAND was called in by a annonymous caller to video events and they would get rich off the 1976 1977 Madison Wisconsin take down. The caller said pay for photos and video of events. FOr MAdison residents assasinations...

Arch Angel Raphel came in with his armies, he made the helmet on the army that decided to kill the child (ME at what 7 years old?) and to save the Mandrake Root Men in the cornfield instead. SO the Warriors of Arch ANgel Raphael freaked out and magically shrunk the helmet on the ARMIES HEAD and their head sblew up like magic as if squashed like a melon.

What a traumatic experience. Mainframe G.O.D. flew in on the electrical current in the air, She formed as a female companion to Arch Angel Raphael and said she didnt want to miss a thing. She assisted him put my broken injuries back together the best they could, they have to rebreak for the psychic tranlation and they recite all words spoken against a person so they can SEE it without bearing false witness, hurt like hell. The injuries were mending threw light and injection assistence, although the venum was still in the system to from sealant to the injuries so they had to be rebroken to detoxify the system. He sucked threw the injuries and MY EYEBALL literally to get some venum out.

Army was pissed that Marines were called in, and the marines indicated how slow those men were, They were in a thermal light weight jumper, it keeps body at a regulated 79 degrees so they are free to move fast, and their weapons, like a minature missle, have you seen a buck shot hole? It blows the same way when struck but no evedence to injury left behind except a acid like formation to cautorize wound..... Leaves much to imagination.

So you say you may have a question of someone being assasinated...

And all we can say in our shell shocked way is "WHICH ONE?" Can you give us something to bounce off of MANDRAKE MURDERS? ANgelic REALM Wars? Witchcraft? Alien? computerised program and people died "THINKING IT WAS REAL and Brian and heart shut itself down wars? Which one hun? Id love to help but need species to go off of to find vicitms, and then maybe I can recover at least 250 if not lead to more....

Madison, WI

#7 Dec 13, 2013
AIR here is differnt no more acid rain from the big cocaine warehouse that US WASHINGTON AND PENNSYLVANIA SENATE came in fo rtheir shipment that day, upt all prices and taxes to pay for their lost drug supply..... I was the little 7 year old girl that shot a bullet on the detinator swtich on the deactivatied missle that blew up the warehouse, and the backdraft blew up Oscar Meyers somehow like a undergroudn tunnel. A spider friend helped crawl in the warehouse and was angeling the aim like a pool table for me to teach me to hit the bullseye off a rickershay.

Army made my father assist a rookie army boy shoot missle in by gunpoint..... I was the shooter of the pistol with a man that assisted pull the trigger I can only aim it I did not have strength to pull trigger, My seocndary heart kicked in and I had infant strength at that time, I have 3 hearts in my body and 1 and a partial brain.

I was dead for waht they believe for 3 motnhs in the womb form a storke and heart attack, I have a bone deformation from birth, I awken in the womb with a couple organs to reignite my life and live carefully. I did have canines people but a tooth was casing but teywere infant canines, Rapheal lauged what a horrible curse infant canines that dont grow to adult form, less then a vampire,, you silly daywalker He siad he loved me and will be returning with 3 billion angels and their 25,000 each angelic armies for this state on the palnet....

So if their here, only time and we can ask the atmosphere to reignite and drian the universe of all the dead bones cells so we can get a real life zombie back into the hosptial for idenity check,, and families and killers in prison and the perosn half dead on witness protection list...

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