john joslyn and robin
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Robert Learned

Fayetteville, NY

#22 Mar 11, 2011
I don't know who the hell you are but my kids get christmas every year and if it isn't a lot it's because sometimes other things are more important.... I've worked at one of the best jobs in this area for over 9 years and my children have never went without.... you better pray to god i never find out who you are...... you have the audacity to talk crap about people while hiding in the shadows like a villain.... real heroes say the truth out loud and let everyone know who they are.
And as far as my mother goes.... she may not be the best person in the world and has made a lot of mistakes but she is many steps ahead of where she started and she is a great grandmother and is always helping people who don't even deserve her help, no one is perfect and I'm sure if i know who you are i could slap your face with bullcrap as well.
And as for John.... John was a worthless pant shitting alcoholic until he met my mother, and while neither of them might be ideal people, my mother raised her kids the best she knew how, and we did the best we could.....
And if you wanna know how my kids feel grow some balls and come on over and ask them and you'll find out they love me and their mother more than life itself and that's all i need.

New York, NY

#23 Mar 11, 2011
bud dont lower yourself to their level .i have been in buds home and it is neat and clean .the kids dress very nicely and are never dirty .both parents are with them 24 7 except of course when bud is at work .they also have many toys .and games so what is your problem .is it against people who try to work and maintain a home .get off bud hes does good by his family .the three girls are very happy .i speak to them everytime i go by .the little one cant wait to tell me all the new news in her life .they are all sweethearts
mystery person

Clyde, NY

#24 Mar 11, 2011
you mean you can get jobs sitting on a stool at olcotts....where do i sign up

New York, NY

#25 Mar 11, 2011
now you really dont no bud cause they dont drink .are you talking about john and eleinor
aunt robin

New York, NY

#26 Mar 11, 2011
i do know who u are FRANK u got no bizz taking about anyone talk about the sytem your king of it go cry to mama that were picking on u poor mama's boy i know u got a computer from liberty resourse your no man to take from people who need it that makes u scum keep your mouth off my son or u will be so sorry u are a peice of shit

New York, NY

#27 Mar 12, 2011
eleanor nothing against you but bud does nt go there so i m thinking they are talking bout you two.its ok to go to olcutts and enjoy yourselves .i been thinking about going myself.i dont have any probleem with you going out with john i think your a wonderful person .but if indeed you no whos trashing robin thats not right .another thing dont get to wrapped up in john cause i love him dearly but he is a lovem and leavem type of guy .i hope it works out for but beware.

Fayetteville, NY

#28 Mar 12, 2011
chrismason wrote:
eleanor nothing against you but bud does nt go there so i m thinking they are talking bout you two.its ok to go to olcutts and enjoy yourselves .i been thinking about going myself.i dont have any probleem with you going out with john i think your a wonderful person .but if indeed you no whos trashing robin thats not right .another thing dont get to wrapped up in john cause i love him dearly but he is a lovem and leavem type of guy .i hope it works out for but beware.
Do you ever mind your own business? All everyone hears from you is blah blah blah

New York, NY

#29 Mar 12, 2011
yet again howes use your name.

Fayetteville, NY

#30 Mar 12, 2011
leave eleanor out of this she is a very nice person she does nothing to anybody she was merried to a good man who gave her the wourld but if she is trying to move on with someone so let it be i am not shure but i do think that her husband passed away about 2 years ago and she has been doing good on her own yes friday and sat i do see her n the bar but all she does is dance and talk to other pople it does do her good to get out i know if it was me i would try to meet other pople too

Oneida, NY

#31 Mar 12, 2011
Innocent bystander wrote:
Robin is a low life that has lived off the system her whole life.She has used John since the day she met him.She was talking to him at Christmas when she needed him to buy her Christmas presents.Her own son doesn't buy his kids Christmas,she does it all but of course on Johns money,then she tells everyone he don't give her any money.She is a low life scumbag that lives off the system and talks more shit about the Joslyn family then any one i know but then calls herself Aunt Robin,And Janet after all the shit shes said and done to you why on earth would stick up for her.Goes to show you how smart you people are.
You obviously do not even know Robin because if you did you would know that she was a county nurse during the day and a bartender and or waitress at night for most of her life. She has never received welfare. She has supported her kids her whole life asshole. Yes she was married to John for many years and their fiancial situation was nobody's business. Yes Robin does buy her granddaughters lots of things for Christmas and all throughout the year but that is in addition to everything that bud and stephanie give them. Robin buys things for her girls because she LOVES them, not because Bud is not providing for them. Bud has been living in the same apartment every since Elaine was born so obviously he works and pays his bills. Those three girls are the most resectful polite sweethearts that will always be my nieces regardless if John and Robin are married or not. Also What exactly has Robin done to me that is so bad??? NONEYA fuc*kin business. When Robin and I did have issues over the years we were mature enough to work through them which only made our friendship stronger. As for the Christmas presents you are talking about, yes Robin did make John go buy presents but not for HER grandkids, the presents he bought were for my grandkids which are his great nieces so again you don't know what the Fu*ck you are talking about. And just one more thing......Robin has done more for my granddaughter April than any one of my family members have. She loves April like she loves her own kids and grandkids. Robin loves April more than April's biological mother does. Robin is more of a grandmother to April than Dawn's parents will ever be. April has her own dresser at Robins which is always completely stocked with diapers wipes clothes and toys which Robin pays for out of her Social Scurity Check that she worked her whole life for. Not only that, she takes care of her for FREE anytime I need a sitter for school, work, bingo, or if I just simply need a whatever happened in the past is none of your business. Keep your nasty ass off this site util you get your facts straight you CUM GUZZLING SPIRM BURPING MEALY MOUTHED CROTCH FEASANT.
chris mason

New York, NY

#32 Mar 12, 2011
well said janet .also we do lots for our kids and grandkids that is what we are supposed to do if your a good grandparent .my grandkids are my life .also retards the retard i said ellie was a wonderful person so if you dont like it get off topix

Whitehall, NY

#33 Feb 4, 2013
John can't ever date anyone, or try to hook up with someone, cuz robin starts shit with john or whoever he is trying to get with. If robin doesn't harass them, someone else does. She doesn't want john unless it's convenient for her, but she also doesn't want john with anyone else. Who really needs to grow up? She really bad-mouths john. Heard it and seen it....

United States

#34 Feb 5, 2013
thats called a love hate relationship. All women do this sooner or later whats your problem. Did you try to hook up with john. Don't be jealous

Chittenango, NY

#35 Feb 5, 2013
just wondering why you would post this crap?Is this the whole worlds business? or maybe your just some drama maker busy body

Chittenango, NY

#36 Feb 5, 2013
in ur face

Canandaigua, NY

#37 Feb 5, 2013
Love hate relationship. Yup. Ppl need to get a life and mind there own relationship b4 they can judge another. Just sayin

United States

#38 Feb 5, 2013
i wasn't judging anyone. So shut your mouth
in ur face

Poughkeepsie, NY

#39 Feb 5, 2013
Wasn't referring to u. Guilty conscious. Was talking to everyone. In general .....
JosJos Lynks

Locke, NY

#41 Feb 6, 2013
"Meesa the Big joslyn On Campus! All de utter jos bow to meesa!"

Milford, NY

#42 Feb 13, 2013
Yea. OK....

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