should be an exhibit showing the names and faces of all the over 500 people shot and killed in Chicago in 2012. lots to be proud of there.

then a wall empty with a note explaining these are the black pretend civil rights leaders who did nothing to help end the killings.

then you gotta have a photo of that dumb ass negro tv reporter CS Jackson telling news audiences " Chicago doesn't have a violence problem" where do they find these dumb ---?

then a photo of the single welfare mom who had four children( want to bet she doesn't know who any of the fathers are?) shot and killed on the south side of Chicago but she was too dumb / lazy, to move out after her first child was shot & killed.
she just hung around Cabrini green one of the worst slums ever created by welfare and democrats watching as the other three of her kids got shot /killed over the 18 so years.

she is the poster child for what's wrong with the south side of Chicago. too many welfare whores living in sub standard poverty on the hand outs of the planation owner democrats.

close down the welfare offices, get the welfare whores some of those jobs obozo claims he created.
Jobs?? they could have had jobs but the greedy unions prevented walmart from building in Chicago cause they is not union shop.

but every where walmart opens other businesses move into the area shortly after banks, fast food, other kinds of shopping much needed in the waste land of Chicago's south side.

so unions win and negro's on the south side loose. is that what you voted for in the last election???? more nothing.

by any objective standard blacks have nothing to be proud of in Chicago. You should be ashamed to be black and allow what's happen to your community to happen.

Lets make Feb Lithuanian History and all visit the Lithuanian history museum on the west side of the city.

they have a history to be proud of and no one gets shot or killed in that community.

which the black community can't claim,