This is a documentary film found on the doc. channel. You can buy a copy at . I believe absolutely everything in this film and unfortunately Vernal/Naples UT has become the horse killing capital of the US. This film shows sickening, very vivid and cruel treatment of horses gathered by Sun J Livestock of Vernal. A law suit has brought about greater witness to these activities. The Bureau of land management BLM is badly over staffed, over paid agency that lies about the number of wild horses (actually much smaller) and how they are treated. They all need to justify thier job so they lie and cover up their activities. They claim to adopt out these animals but in reality most are shipped and held in Oklahoma, in sickening conditions before they are shipped to Mexico for killing and processing into horse meat for French kitchens. These horses are whipped in the face, kicked and shocked all over. The foals and colts are separated from their mother, sometimes to die on the range. The Helecopter pressure is cruel and relentless, driving them for up to ten miles to the trap. The copter number in the film is N34cm. This pilot is a cruel, beyond belief baby horse killer.

Vernal, utah, capital of baby horse killings. All you so called cattlemen proud of your BLM now.