I just wanted to post some facts about the recent crash that caused a death north of Vermontville. I have heard alot of rumors flying that the driver was drunk and speeding. As someone who was on the scene, I had the chance to witness the driver's physical and mental state, as well as the details of the accident.

While this was a tragedy, there is absolutely no basis for any of the rumors. The driver was most certainly not drunk, I watched him take a breath test. 0.00. I observed his behavior, he was very upset, but sober in every way. The pedestrian was found to have a .20 BAC, the road was not plowed, and there was an oncoming car that did not dim their brights, which caused the driver to be momentarily blinded. There are witnesses who saw the man walking and stumbling down the middle of the road 10 minutes before the accident happened.

This is a terrible, terrible thing that has happened, but for ALL involved, I think it would be best if people not spread misinformation and rumors that may cause people more grief. Everyone involved has alot to go through right now... I have heard that the driver was actually friends with the pedestrian. The families involved deserve respect, not rumors and lies.