Former girl scout leader waives preli...

Former girl scout leader waives preliminary hearing

There are 22 comments on the WDTN Dayton story from Jul 29, 2008, titled Former girl scout leader waives preliminary hearing. In it, WDTN Dayton reports that:

Members of the Tamara Ward's former Girl Scout Troop were in the courtroom Tuesday as Ward stood before the judge on five counts of felony theft.

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Brittany Heintz

Richardson, TX

#1 Jul 29, 2008
I was in troop 2162. Tamara Jo Ward was my former troop leader, and helped out in other activities i was in. For example(the Northmont Dance Team). I would just like to say, im very disapointed in what she has done. Its very sad to see her let down our troop and other activites, that she may have stolen money from. I have known tammy ward for a while now, and to think everyone trusted her with all this money, and she abuses the privilage. I know her family, and go to school with her daughter. Tamara has been stealing for many years now, and its a shame. Working at cookie booth sales every weekened, and trying to earn alot of money so we can take some nice trips, but instead, tamara took her family to Disney World many times, and other nice trips, only thinking about her and her family, not feeling bad at all for the people she stole from. I hope she knows what she did was wrong, and has let many people down. I really dont see how anyone can trust her again. Hopefully many other girlscouts have learned from this expierence and will still try to work hard and sell cookies and nuts.
Joe Momma

United States

#2 Jul 31, 2008
I also know the family and I just want everyone to think about anything that maybe you have done in your past that you may have or may not have gotten caught. I am not saying that what she did was not wrong. I feel for the children because they are wonderful kids. Hopefully they are not feeling the shame of all this and it is the people of this area that can make sure these children are not shamed at all. I believe that these kids had no idea that they were benefiting from the choices of their parents. Please donít think I am making light of these allegations.
Please make sure that these kids do not feel the eyes on them and may god bless the entire family.
We all need to forgive her and she needs to publicly take responsibility for her actions and not be one of these people that just thinks that she can just go on with out owning what she has done. Please Tamara take responsibility and people will forgive, maybe not forget but who ever does. Remember Tamara could be your mom, sister, or maybe even your spouse. GOD BLESS THE WARD FAMILY
Scout Mom

Miamisburg, OH

#3 Jul 31, 2008
I know Tammy and and appaulled at her actions. I think all the scouts who work so hard deserve better from their leaders. I also feel bad for all the other leaders out there who now might not be as trusted as they should be and who will now be under higher scrutney from council and parents. Most of us are just involved parents who want to be active with our kids. Parents, the best way to avoid this, be involved with your daughters troop and don't expect one person to handle it all. Have checks and balances.
Another Scout Mom

United States

#4 Jul 31, 2008
Joe Momma,
No one is disputing the fact that she gave a lot to the troop, they are only saying that she took money that belonged to the troop that could have been used toward expenses for the girls, or the "big trip" that she had always promised them. A lot of the girls wanted to do horse camp and some of the council-operated camps which were quite costly and their families couldn't afford to send them. It would have been nice if perhaps they could have received some help with those expenses from the troop fund. They all worked hard to raise the money, right?

The only expenses that I could recall as being paid for with troop funds over at least 5 years in the troop were a ticket to Kings Island, and 1/2 an overnight hotel stay on that outing. A ticket to Hersheypark in 2004 and another in 2005 for the annual "Camporee", however, parents paid for food, travel and hotel expenses. And I believe she paid for the COSI overnight which I think was around $30 one time.

As an outsider, and not really knowing Tammy and her personality, you probably would be pretty amazed at what all she did. Then again, that's how she is able to work her way into positions of trust. Who would ever think anything was wrong?

And I can't believe you could compare not getting caught with some minor thing to someone who stole as much as $18,000, and probably more, from children! And the sad thing is, she doesn't think she's done anything wrong.

I also have been very upset thinking about her children, but she didn't think ahead at what problems she could cause for them. I truly believe she never thought she would get caught. And if you think those kids benefitted from their parents actions, think again. I am sure that there is irreparable harm to them. Her teenage daughter needs to be placed in another school to save her the embarassment and shame you speak of. High school kids can be very cruel.

She needs to pay for her actions. And only then, some forgiveness and healing can begin.
Mom of two

Miamisburg, OH

#5 Aug 1, 2008
Stay Strong Girls, Justice will be Served
Troop Leader

United States

#6 Aug 2, 2008
Girl Scout troops, service units and other special committees with bank accounts are required to submit financial records to council every 6 months. These records and the detail records to support the reports can be viewed by any scout parent at any time. Just ask. We don't always bring the detail reports to meetings. Stay in contact with your troop leaders and ask for the contact names and numbers on the service team that supports your area. The more information we, as leaders, pass to our parents, the better to keep situations like this from happening again.
Cookie selling Mom

Cincinnati, OH

#7 Aug 3, 2008
As another former 2162 Girl Scout Mom, I just want Tammy to try to acknowledge the absolute anguish (for lack of a better expression of emotion) that she has caused many girls and their families by betraying their trust.

Dayton, OH

#8 Aug 3, 2008
I do not know her. But anyway you want to look at it she is a thief, and should face the music of the laws that make our country what it is; if she wants to redeem herself.
Scout Mom

United States

#9 Aug 16, 2008
Tammy knew very well what she was doing when shen had private funds set aside for HER vacations! I hope she resignes from all Northmont positios because she is no longer trusted in the community. As for her children, they learn from their parent. What example did Tammy and Doug set for them?
Scout Mom

Cincinnati, OH

#10 Aug 20, 2008
Angie Daddy

Cincinnati, OH

#11 Aug 20, 2008
Tammy was trusted but not monitored and the Other Mothers in the troop should be embarrassed they must have be sitting on their cans while all this was going on....
Lazy Parents using the Girl Scout program as a babysitter instead of being a part of their kids lives. Englewood has a bunch of worthless parents 5% of the parents do 100% of the work to make your kids better people.

the real shame is in the other parents in the troop. who did nothing those 5 years.
Abused Scout Parent

Columbus, OH

#12 Aug 21, 2008
Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth than the post by Angie Daddy. Tammy had several loyal, hard-working parents in the troop who considered her their "friend", little did we know how much she was taking advantage of us and our children and abusing our trust. And the parents who weren't involved as much were the parents she didn't like and didn't want around. I can't tell you how many times she complained, "I can't stand that woman!!!" when speaking of a parent she disliked or who dared to question her about anything. She deliberately turned down offers of help from those individuals.
The only embarrassment or shame I feel is that I allowed this woman into my life as a trusted friend, only to feel completely deceived and betrayed by her.
You are incorrect in saying the parents in the troop were worthless or lazy, or using the Scouting program as a babysitter. Over the years several nice families came and went as they tired of her and her abuse.
While it is true that in most groups a small percentage of the parents do the most of the work, in this group that definitely was not true. More often, lack of parental involvement has a direct relation with families in which both parents are working due to hard economic times, or single parents dealing with multiple children and their activities who just don't have the time to give.
Englewood is a nice place to live and raise a family, it's just a shame that something of this magnitude has to spoil our reputation.
Cookie selling Mom

Cincinnati, OH

#13 Aug 21, 2008
Angie Daddy, I was not sitting on my can for five years--my daughter and I spent every weekend for about 3 months every year freezing our "cans" off outside of Walmarts selling cookies for the benefit of the troop and the great trips we were led to believe would happen. I also was working a full time job on third shift so that I was available for my children and their activities. Many,many Moms helped Tammy while she was helping herself to the Girl Scout funds. You try monitoring Tammy and her sociopathic tendendencies! I was duped by my own trusting nature. I am not embarrased by that!
Part of the 5 percent

Cincinnati, OH

#14 Aug 22, 2008
Angie Daddy wrote:
Tammy was trusted but not monitored and the Other Mothers in the troop should be embarrassed they must have be sitting on their cans while all this was going on....
Lazy Parents using the Girl Scout program as a babysitter instead of being a part of their kids lives. Englewood has a bunch of worthless parents 5% of the parents do 100% of the work to make your kids better people.
the real shame is in the other parents in the troop. who did nothing those 5 years.
Yes, in any town or organization only a small percentage of the people actually do the work. I am one of those workers and feel privledged to do something good for the kids in our community. If one losses site of the reasons why they "do" the work, bitterness and resentment enter the picture, as it is in your case, or in Tammy's case, justification for stealing from kids. What is shameful is that she used the Girl Scout organization as her forum, abusing the trust and reputation of an orgaanization which has notoriously helped to shape and guide young girls into strong, civic minded young women. She abused the trust of the girls and their parents alike, who by no means used her troop as a babysitting service. In fact, it was rare for the mom's of every girl not to be there for all activities and meetings. Tammy had offers of more help than any other troop leader I have ever encountered, but was unwillig to relinquish control. Now we know why! She would rather complain about the work and do it herself to distract and intimidate all of us otherwise trusting parents. We are only guilty of giving her the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunatley, some self serving individuals can not be trusted, as we now know! It helps if you know the facts before you make uneducated comments!
Doug and Tammys Neighbor

Cincinnati, OH

#15 Nov 28, 2008
i heard tammy and doug were trying to sell her story to 20/20 or dateline.

Since: Mar 09

Milford, OH

#16 Mar 3, 2009
You. Know. Nothing. None of you have the slightest idea what is going on. My family has to choose between paying bills or having something to eat, and it has been that way even before all this happened. We went to Disney ONE time, and that was by using our tax money to do it. The girls in troop 2162 never asked to do ANYTHING and now my mom is being punished for their laziness. My mother had a trip to disney scheduled for all of the girls for their "Big Trip" and all the ungrateful parents were complaining about not being able to go on the trip themselves. The purpose of the trip was to benefit the GIRLS, not the lazy parents. I was out selling cookies EVERY weekend to get the troop where we were, and as you will soon found out, all that raised money is still in the girl scout account. It's thanks to those disgusting, greedy parents that all of this has happened. You have never appreciated my mom, and soon you will see just how wrong you are in thinking that my mom is a theif. I will never switch schools and I will never feel shame, because I am sticking with my mom forever and will face everything myself. Don't try to baby me, or feel sorry for me, because I pity YOU for having to go so far as to press charges on my mom, just to try and get some money out of it. I always thought I would remember Girl Scouts as a wonderful learning experience, but thanks to the moms, I will remember it as a place where I thought I had best friends, but instead had awful liars. I hope you enjoyed your fun, because I find you all despicable and will be laughing in your faces when my mom is proven innocent.
GS mom

Middletown, OH

#20 Apr 29, 2009
Tammy's daughter:
I know how hard you and your mom worked and you all are in our prayers.
Keep your head up, not everyone is against you.
left for a reason

Cincinnati, OH

#21 May 30, 2009
i also was on troop 2162 for many years. It wasn't the best experience for me. It WASNT waht girl scouts should be. But this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. People think they know what is going on. They don't. And as for Tammy's Daughter, i do regret people treating you like this because you had no part in it. All and all, i find her punishment appropriate and look forward to moving on, as all of us should.
A victim too

Phoenix, AZ

#22 Jun 6, 2009
Same thing just happened to us in Scottsdale AZ. I can't wait for our "leader" to fry. She used OUR GIRL'S money for furniture, tattoos and drugs most likely. Our girl didn't do any activities. The money we gave her SHE took, and said the activites were cancelled for some reason. We trusted her!! She stole money from KIDS! Freaking low! What could be worse?

I can't wait for her day in court.

Our biggest mistake? Trusting.

West Liberty, KY

#23 Aug 20, 2009
Doug and Tammys Neighbor wrote:
i heard tammy and doug were trying to sell her story to 20/20 or dateline.
Will they use the money to pay the girls back??

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